Tis the Season

Tis the Season

September 28, 2008

It's Coming, are You Ready?

image A new beginning or an end to all?

I just finished reading that the solar winds are now blowing at a 50-year low. We all are aware that the earth has been enduring severe weather including earthquakes, floods and tidal waves. I spend my days writing about the epidemic of UFO sightings that are seen all over the world. It is clear things are not business as usual.

The people on earth seem out of sorts as well. The economies are in upheaval, wars are being fought, and people seem lost to extremes. Along with these things there seems to be a new way of thinking emerging. Some are convinced a new dawn is coming. People are becoming more aware everyday that the balance of our reality has fallen away. We are rocking around out of whack seeking a new base, a new harmony, or balance, a steady of the rolling ship we call our earth.

Many think the arrival of the year 2012 is a significant date that will bring on everything from the end of time, or a birth of a new way of thinking. Others view it as a time of disclosure or even alien invasion. Still others think it will be a time of earth changes so severe that the world will become completely different and our way of things lost forever.

My feelings are more moderate. I think we are due for and could now be in the throws of a pole flip. I think this flip might cause storms, problems with communications, collapse of some of our infrastructure and more. I think we are in a time that is pushing mankind towards the realization that how we have been living cannot remain the way it is and change must happen for us to continue living.

I believe we are at the dawn of a new earth and civilization. We all need to decide how we will continue on. Will we continue to be materialistic savages who live to kill, devour and sacrifice our own kind or will we begin to climb the ladder of universal evolution to creatures smarter, kinder and less savage?

The one thing I know is that - that which was , will not return. I also think what is to come will be completely different. I think those who have open minds and understand this concept will have a far better time handling what may be our new tomorrows. Sadly I also think that those holding on to the way it has been will be lost in the new turning tide.

I wish you all the ability to understand the future is upon us. I know you alone have the choice to meet it with knowledge head on or grasping to days gone by fighting for the comfort of your old reality in a time of raging change.

I take the path of logic. On that path I find it impossible to deny the changing earth, sun, sky and universe around me. I find it my duty to keep my family supplied with what we may need to weather an earth-changing storm, or event of the unknown or pole flip. If I can keep my family alive in the safety of my home long enough for what ever is coming to happen, I then feel we would survive into the new days ahead. I know in time we will sort out any dilemma handed to us, as we are strong, we humans, - if prepared!

I try to take the path of logic and listen and question those with knowledge and intelligence who try to warn us about the new dawn ahead. I keep my mind open for all that may be about to happen. I understand, by way of all I have already lived through, that the unknown is near, and it is real.

I hope all of you take heart and pay attention to sites like The Alien Seeker and read the articles and ideas of all the wonderful bright writers who try so hard to wake up what seems to be a deaf and blind audience. It is time we all look at the reality of things with ideas of others and stop refusing to see or consider them because they are unknown or uncomfortable.

I hope you listen to Colin Knights- Knight Zone and Kevin Smiths radio shows. Allow the thoughts, ideas, and facts presented by the interesting intelligent guests to enter into the possibility of consideration for your reality. Who knows maybe something one of them will say will one day save your life.

Remember knowledge is the key to life. Educating yourself about things you do not understand is fundamental in a time of obvious earth, life and cosmos changes. What you know may be the very key to your survival.

I do not expect you to believe every single thing presented to you. I fully understand the world of the paranormal and unknown is full of silly people full of nonsense. I have listened to ridiculous people claim ridiculous things and know how frustrating it is to have our time wasted by those who demand attention. However, my friends, I have also listened with care to those who do know what they are talking about. I pay attention to those who try to warn and help us prepare for what may soon be upon us. I am grateful they care enough to try to arm us with what we will need to become part of the new arriving dawn.

I will return to writing my usual articles about the paranormal experiences of my own lifetime as well as those who share their stories with me. I do hope we all continue to realize the fact our fates ultimately are in our minds and our own hands. My hope for you all is a good trip to our next dawn!

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September 20, 2008

My Cousin Bonnie and the Alien in the Parking Lot!

About five or six years ago I was spending the day looking at houses with my cousin Bonnie. Bonnie was looking to locate near to where I live and we had been searching the real estate market for just the perfect place.

Bonnie is an unusual person. She was born with the gift of sight as she calls it. I call it having psychic abilities. She can suddenly look at a person and blurt out a detail of their past or future that can be very startling and always right or close to it!

Bonnie has incredible insight yet seems to keep it at bay. She has had a few horrid experiences of seeing dreadful events that came to pass that left her with guilt and pain. Those experiences haunt Bonnie and she tries not to use or increase her abilities in any way. Most of the time she will simply look at a person, and whatever pops into her head will pop out of her mouth leaving everyone around shocked. This day was just one of those days.

We finished looking at two houses this particular afternoon and decided to stop for a dounut and cup of coffee at the local Dunkin Donut Shop. We were parked in a large parking lot adjacent to a food market sipping our coffee, nibbling our donuts and discussing the houses we had just looked at.

I was enjoying the day and my chocolate glazed donut when my cousin suddenly said, “ look at the Alien.” She said this mid chew of her snack as lightly as if she were telling me to look at that puppy or flower. I first looked at her thinking what the heck and then followed her gaze towards a huge low sleek car that had just parked about 30 feet in front of us.

My first reaction was towards the car. I love cars and was familiar with most out there; however, I had never seen anything like this one before. It was just spectacular. A long low sleek machine that glistened in the sun. It had the most incredible wheels I had ever seen that sparkled as if they were still in motion even when parked. I was in awe of this vehicle. I wondered if this car had been custom made, as I do not recall ever seeing anything like it.

My eyes then rolled over to the man getting out of the vehicle. He was the most unusual looking person I had ever seen. He was about 7 feet tall with white thick groomed hair, extremely fair skin with a very square strong jaw. He wore dark sunglasses so I could not see his eyes. He was dressed to perfection without a wrinkle or crease to be found. He had on beautiful leather shoes and was overly neat. He was dressed in shades of ivory and looked as if he just stepped out of a magazine.

My cousin Bonnie said, never missing a bite of her donut, “see he is a alien.” I looked at her and back at him and could not decide what was more bizarre, this being or my cousin!

The man, alien, being was just the strangest looking person I had ever seen. He looked human and not human at the same time. His size stood out and his hair but once he started to walk and move it became clear to me he was not human at all. He had a very barrel like chest. Far more rounded then a normal human. His arms were set almost behind his shoulder area rather than at his sides making his arms strangely bent at the elbow area. His arms flared out almost like a grasshoppers legs when he moved. His legs were jointed differently so when he walked they looked a bit as if his knees were reversed. His stride was stiff and jolting. I knew he was not human yet had no idea what he was. I do know I felt sick and frightened as he walked past our car. I wanted to scream and flee and had all I could do to compose myself as he passed in front of us. He must have felt my fear as he removed his sunglasses as he passed our car and looked back over his shoulder directly into my eyes and I knew I was being warned. When he did this, his head turned just a bit to far behind his shoulder making his alien appearance clearly defined.

My cousin just kept sipping her coffee. The second he was a few car lengths away from us; I started my car and flew out of that parking lot. Bonnie cupping her coffee laughed as I peeled away and sped off horrified by the bug like feeling I got from this alien being.

As I drove away Bonnie started to laugh and said “ Lords sake girl you act like you never saw an Alien before.” I just looked at her and shook my head. She then sat back in her seat and said. “ He was not going to hurt anyone, he just has some business to take car of. He looks like one of those tall white aliens, don’t you think?“ I looked at my cousin and yelled in confusion and fear “That was the creepiest creature I have ever seen. He was like a bug man. You know I hate bugs!”

Bonnie just laughed at me as we went speeding towards home. I was upset about seeing this being for weeks. Every time I recalled his body movements my skin would crawl. I cannot tolerate bugs and this thing moved and was connected like a combination giant size human bug man. I just could not shake the sight of him from my mind. Bonnie thought little of it. As I have said, she isn’t like other people.

I understand others in my area also spotted some odd looking people around the village who had similar descriptions. Word has it a tall blond albino looking woman with a strange walk was seen shopping a few weeks later in the local hardware store. The entire experience and how calmly those who have seen these odd beings react, with out more than a slight notice, has remained extremely odd to me , on many levels.

Bonnie claims they are harmless if we simply leave them alone. I had to say that the message that thing sent to me that day was more leave me alone or else!

I have not seen anything or anyone like that being again. However the next time Bonnie happily announces to me “Hey, look at the Alien!” I am not going to hesitate or look or do anything else but get the heck out of there!

I have seen and encountered enough of the unknown in my life to not want to meet up with any other Aliens at my local Donut shop. Bonnie, well she is a whole other story!

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September 18, 2008

UFO sightings at Gilliland's Ranch ...

The Gillilands Ranch in Wa state has been known to be a center of paranormal activity. I will be post the you tubes found on the ongoing investigation of this area.

Worst Case: Collider Spawns Planet-Devouring Black Hole

With the Large Hadron Collider firing up for the first time Wednesday, some critics have speculated that the world's biggest atom smasher could spawn a black hole that would devour Earth. Most physicists respond that the collider is safe and even necessary for the advancement of humankind.

But what if they're wrong?

What exactly would happen if the 17-mile (27-kilometer) circular tunnel under pastoral France and Switzerland opened up a black hole—or black holes?

The Planet Eater

Physicists across the globe are on the edges of their seats, but not because they're worried about a Franco-Swiss black hole.

In recreating the conditions present a trillionth of a second after the big bang, the collider could reveal the nature of dark matter, thought to provide structure throughout the universe, scientists say.

The machine could also unmask a theoretical but as yet unseen particle, called Higgs boson—or the "God particle"—that is believed to give other particles their mass.

There's also a very, very remote chance that the process will spawn black holes—any one of which could assume an odd orbit within Earth, devouring microscopic chunks of matter until the entire planet is gone, physicists say.

This and other harrowing—and equally unlikely—scenarios prompted a couple of independent scientists to sue this past spring to stop the atom smasher. So far they haven't succeeded, and the vast majority of the world's physicists are on board with the project.

To read the rest of this article see:

Australian Peter's Close Encounter


I met Peter by way of another friend. Peter lives in Australia and heard that I write about the paranormal. My friend told Peter that I am determined to tell people of other peoples experiences so that they are not alone or unprepared if they find themselves in the middle of a Paranormal event. That appealed to Peter and so I was lucky enough to interview this interesting down to earth man.

Peter and I talked awhile so I could get a good sense of his background and history. Peter is what I would consider a mans man. He is a man of the earth. He hunts and is a fisherman. Peter is the kind of man who could survive in the wild if need be and is use to the outdoors and comfortable with his relationship to nature. Peter is also a straight shooter type man who tells you how it is and without lots of fan fare. He is without question not the type for fanciful stories or a man that seeks attention. Peter is a strong man who knows his place in this world and is happy with it. He is in no manner or fashion a fool or attention seeker. I tell you these things as Peter also had an extreme experience that I feel is without question not only a abduction, but one many others may have experienced as well. The difference is that Peter has come to terms with this mystery and is willing to share it in hopes it will someday help one of you!

Years ago, in fact 30 odd years or more Peter went hunting out in the wilderness of Australia with two friends Frank and Dan. Frank was a good friend of Peters, Dan a fellow they worked with. The three of them went hunting late one night after work, which was a common event at the time. It is called spotlight hunting. They would go out at night, one man would drive a pickup, one would aim a big flood or spotlight and the third would do the shooting of what the spotlight could find.

The three men were out in an area between a group of mountains on one side and a huge valley on the other. They were positioned sort of on the side of the mountains with the truck looking over and down into this valley. Of course at night the only thing clearly visible to them was what they caught on the road with the truck headlights and of course the areas they were flashing the large spotlight.

They were hunting away this night when all of a sudden Peter recalls standing beside the truck he had been driving, and looking down into the valley with his friends standing along side him. Peter and his friends were stunned as the entire valley in an instant went from the depth of night to a fully lit day. The entire valley became fully lighted exactly like daytime. Not by lights or flares, nothing like that. The valley became daytime right before their eyes. They could not figure it out, as it was 1:00 a.m. in the morning and should be as dark as coal. The three men stood there confused looking around as they tried to reason out why night instantly turned to day. Peter also recalls that the daylight had a very gentle blue tint to it, but otherwise, was simply daytime.

Peter does not recall anything else other than lighting up a cigarette while they looked around at the valley. He thinked he finished his smoke and then jumped into the truck and decided to drive back home. Peter and his friends were about two hours out from where they lived in this valley-mountain area. Peter recalls arriving home and going to bed, which is all he remembered at the time.

The next day Peter saw his friends and they began to question what had happened the night before. Peter asked them if they remembered the strange light of the valley. They both clearly did recall the valley all bright and lit like daylight. Peter then asked both his friends if they recalled the long drive home. They all looked at each other with confused expressions. They could not recall the drive home, or which one drove, if they stopped for gas, or what they talked about.

The three felt others must have also seen the valley turn to day since people did live in that area, so they switched on the television and waited for a report on the news, but no report was found. They bought the daily newspaper, but again, nothing. They were confused and did not know what to make of the ordeal. They even phoned the local police and asked them. However their question only brought on questions in return to what they were drinking at the time of their hunting excursion!

The three men were left with a mystery and no answers. They also had full lives, which they needed to attend to. The mystery of the valley had to be placed away for the time being.

Time went on, life happened, jobs changed and Peter lost touch with both of his friends.

Fast-forward about ten years and we find Peter now living in a different area with different friends. Peter and his wife were invited to a BBQ by one of his buddies at work. When at this party Peter found himself being introduced to a rather well known UFO investigator in the area. They started to talk and Peter mentioned his odd experience in that valley years ago. To Peters absolute shock this UFO investigator told Peter he was aware of that event as years ago Peters friend went to this man and told him all about the event. Peter felt oddly offended that his friend would do this without informing him. It also made him realize his friend felt that night was as unusual as Peter had. The UFO expert told Peter he had no other reports of that night other then his friend Frank, but he felt something strange did in fact happen to them. Peter had lost contact with Frank and could do little but wonder about the entire night.

Again we fast forward about another ten years bringing us up to a few years ago. Frank called Peter up one day out of the blue. He said, when he rang Peter, some silly thing about pinching that rabbit I shot that night that Peter did not really understand. They laughed and Frank told Peter he was going to be in his part of the world and would like to get together for a visit if possible. The two men set up a meeting at Peter's home for the following day.

The visit was going well when Peter recalled the odd comment his friend had made on the phone the day before. He asked Frank what he meant about "pinching his rabbit" Frank began right off, "The night of the light years back, don't you remember mate? I shot a rabbit just before the valley went to day. I threw it on the top of the truck, when we started off for home my rabbit was gone. I figured you pinched (took) my rabbit.." Peter looked at his friend stunned. "I did not take you rabbit, I don't even remember you killing one!" The two men started to then get, as Peter told it, a bit cranky with the other over this mysterious rabbit. The subject of time then somehow came up. Frank was convinced the valley turned to light at exactly 10:30P.M. Peter swears he also checked his timepiece at that moment and it happened at 1am in the morning. The men just looked at each other. The truth was that neither one of them could recall the same thing, the same time, or what happened during all the hours in question, including the ride home. Stranger yet is that both men had a different memory of which friend was with them and what happened to him after that night. The entire event was turning into a bleak dark mystery they did not understand.

Peter's friend left that night with both men more confused then ever before on those hours involved, the daylight of that night and the friend they think was with them.

I talked awhile with Peter about this event. He admitted to me that this strange night of the unknown light and missing time has haunted him all of his life. Peter told me that no matter when he goes to bed or falls asleep he always fully awakes at 1am each and every night of his life. He finally arranges his nights to not even try to head to bed until after 1am. That way he can stay asleep for the rest of the night.

I think it is likely Peter had an encounter that night with the Unknown. I also think it may be best that Peter and his friend never find out the answers to those missing hours. I think it's better that Peter and Frank never know what strangeness lurks below the lost memory and hours of that night. Anything that can turn a huge valley from night to day, take hours away from you and erase the experience from your conscious thoughts is best left alone.

Talking to Peter I found him to be a logical man who realizes he had an encounter of the unknown and has made a effort to not have another and to protect his family from this type of encounter as well. Peter does take time to look at his surroundings and to provide a safe environment for those he loves. For Peter, hunting at night alone in the wild, is definitely a thing of the past.

I believe Peter's story without hesitation and hope those who take reckless risks in lonely places think twice after reading this story. Who knows what lurks below the valley light!

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September 17, 2008

NATO Helicopters Chasing UFOs Over Cervia, Italy

The Epidemic of Sightings Continues World Wide

Witness statement (translated from Italian): I do not sign my name to remain anonymous. I am sending you some incredible photographs. I have studied these for months, and they are still a mystery to me. In my area, black helicopters I see quite often, since I am located about 10 kilometers from the base of Cervia, the home base of the 5° Stormo Caccia Intercettori.

I see the helicopters and also F16s flying very low near my house, and I often film them. In other words, there is a lot of military activity here. I almost always have a camera at hand, for the times they come over.

On February 22, 2008, it was very cloudy, probably some it chemtrails. I am sending you photographs of some very strange activity in the skies. I saw a helicopter flying very low. I watched and filmed this activity through the window of my house.

I saw three luminous spheres in the sky to the left of the helicopter. I could not see what type of helicopter it was. When I first saw the three spheres and helicopter in close proximity, I felt a sense of terror.

I must keep my anonymity, because I have a wife and children, and I cannot get involved in an investigation. So, I send you the photographs and tell you what I saw. You can make what you will from it. I feel that the people must know about this. More I cannot say.

found on phantoms and monsters

September 16, 2008

UFOs Captured In Kentucky - MUFON Official On Hand

These photos were captured in an undisclosed location in Kentucky while a MUFON area director was present.

found @ Phantoms and Monsters

September 15, 2008

Springfield Paranormal Research Group

The Springfield Paranormal Research Group is based out of the great state of Missouri. The group also has branches in Oklahoma City and Nova Scotia Canada.

They have been researching paranormal events starting in 2000 with the research group started in 2005. They respond to calls from all over the country and have had many interesting experiences during their research.

I spoke with the owner of the group John about a few of his past research projects recently. John told me of a case he is now in the process of winding up where they visited a home site in Villisca Iowa. The house was the site of a brutal murder in 1912 of a mother and father and all six children. The case remains unsolved. John and his crew visited this site and spent many hours recording, videotaping and investigating the home.

John said he uncovered a few things considered odd that were simply drafty closets and uneven floorboards causing the so-called paranormal events. This does not explain however the fact that while John, who is handicapped and in a wheelchair, experienced something grab him and try to pull and lift him from his chair! The team was sitting around a table on the first floor of the house when this occurred. A very unusual and odd event without question. The research team also clearly heard and documented the sound of footsteps along with the sound of a rocking chair rocking on the second floor of this home. The noises on the second level repeated multiple times while the team was there.

I questioned John on his opinion of both those experiences. He told me that the noise they heard on the second floor were most likely something caught in time that simply keeps repeating, like a rewind of videotape. John however felt the event on the first floor of the energy grabbing him and trying to force him from his wheelchair to the floor was something else, something far more sinister, something related to the horrid ordeal of the mass murder that took place so many years before.

The group has many interesting stories about past research cases and John is working on a few new ones for the future. The group intends to visit the Gettysburg area, which is rich in history and reported haunting s and paranormal events. I will be looking forward to that case and hope to be able to write about all that they find.

This is a very level headed organization that clearly looks for all obvious reasons for the paranormal happenings they research before reporting they are of a nature that is unknown. John told me that the group often discovers natural normal reasons for what seems to be paranormal or unknown. He also told me they find many events that they cannot explain and they are the experiences they try to document and explain, if possible!

I enjoyed my time with this group and plan to cover their upcoming and ongoing cases so we all can follow along with the findings of the Springfield Paranormal Research Group.

I asked John if he had any rules or advice for those who may be dealing with this type of Paranormal and John told me the following things to do:

  1. Never investigate any event alone
  2. Always tell others where you are going and who you are with
  3. Always have a cell phone with you
  4. Always enter a area or investigation in teams of two
  5. And last but not least if you find yourself in a place you feel uncomfortable in any way…. LEAVE

My thoughts are if any of you are experiencing paranormal events of this nature to simply leave them alone and contact this group for help rather than dealing with that which is not known. I would head to this site as my first rule and contact the group.

You can find this group by google search or this link:

For now I wish you all only happy hauntings!

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September 13, 2008

Conversations With the Minds of Our Times- Reasons for Our Existence

I have been blessed to have a wealth of people in my life who are gifted in many different areas. Educated on many levels and filled with knowledge I do not have. I have been graced in this world many times by having these people around me during many hours of outstanding conversations. I am the person I am today because of my involvement with all the gifted people around me. I am a lucky woman to have been able to listen to some of the great minds of our times discuss some huge issues of our day.

Many weekends of my life I have been able to listen to these great minds of our times discuss all kinds of subjects. This weekend they hit on an area of great interest to me. While sitting in my sisters screened room on her deck looking over the Atlantic Ocean during a star-studded night they discussed the reasons for our existence.

The discussion started with the suggestion that we are not living the actual reality of our true existence. The idea was stated that life as we think we are living it is not the truth of our reality and we are something else controlled by the will of someone or thing else. Our free will and the lives we think we build for ourselves are a false reality in a world where we are the playing pieces and our daily lives a big cosmic monopoly game!

I listened for hours while this group of scientists discussed this

very strange subject. By the time the night had ended I was left with some sobering suggestions to the reality of our reality. The ideas were not those of the average thought on our typical days but views of our existence in ways not thought of as our daily reality.

One idea that was spoken of was the idea that other creatures far more technically advanced may be emotionally barren. The human species being an emotional creature may be the perfect biological structure for others to view, experience even control the experience of emotion. From anger to love and all between, we could be the living co

ntainers for the adventure of emotion for emotionless beings from afar.

With that said the idea took off in different directions. Could we be but a Disney Land type planet where others watch us like you tubes and movies for entertainment as we struggle through our emotion filled lives?

Or, can it be they can enter our feelings and actually feel what we feel? Can it be that the turmoil, love, success and failures of our lives have been all plotted? Are we entertainment? I find this idea so repulsive I can barely wrap my mind around it.

Another idea was talked about. The logic of so many levels of humanity on one planet at the same time seems to be one that brings forth many questions. I admit it is difficult to find solid logic on a planet that contains both the richest life styles taking place filled with material wealth and pleasure to the poorest of poor with children dying in the streets of hunger and disease. The logic of this so lopsided seems odd to even the most liberal thinker of odds and reason. Could we be vehicles of experience for others? Could our souls be a piece of something much greater that needs to experience every level of the human experience from the youngest to the oldest human and the richest to the poorest?

Can the reason that some are born to wealth and beauty and others to poverty and despair be for the need of something greater to know all they can about the life forms we have been designed to be? Can we be the school of souls much greater heading for things much bigger? Can all of this simply be a path to the next level of all souls and all experiences lessons for that, which is bigger than all things?

I feel confused at these ideas and tiny compared to the greatness of this thinking. I wonder if we are all just small pieces of a large consciousness that is split into billions of souls to experience billions of lives on the way to other levels and other learning. I think of all of this and feel little and lost while at the same time important and mighty. If I am a part of something so mighty, regardless of my exact mission, I am then part of the almighty and greatness known as the meaning of our existence.

That is an enormous task for every living being to consider. Being a part of the over all greatness of all things. It also makes the misery of so much come together with a bit more logic and understanding. How can we know if we do not experience?

I sat alone for a long time after that evening at my sisters listening to my friends and family ponder the existence of our being. I look at the stars and think about the journey of my life so far. I realize that the one truth for me is to continue to walk my road until the day I full fill my destiny. I also think our fate is given to you in the manner you show you can handle it. I hope I can continue to follow my fate to the best of all I can be.

And that is the summary of the conversations about the reasons for our existence by some of the best minds of our times!

I would like to dedicate this essay to my good friend Dr P.

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September 12, 2008

UFO Matt’s Encounters Continue

My interview with Matt from England turned out to be a very unique experience. I have learned during my life investigating and writing about the paranormal that it is not uncommon for those who have had sightings, visitations, abductions or sixth sense events to have more than one paranormal event or happening in their lifetime.

I have written about Matt’s encounter when he was 14 and 19 in my story ‘Matt’s Close Encounters’. Matt explained his visitation by creatures during a family vacation at age 14 and abduction from his home in England at age 19. I had the pleasure to continue my interview with Matt after writing that first story and thought his experiences a must to continue to share with my readers.

Matt told me that his encounters with the unknown continued on as his life progressed. He told me that he had a recent event occur at work that he had no explanation other then the fact it happened.

Matt was at work following his typical work day, performing his regular work duties when he heard a voice say to him “ Why is your light so bright” Matt replied before looking in the direction of the voice “What do you mean?” When Matt did look he saw five beings standing in front of him. One of the creatures told Matt, by way of a telepathic communication that they wanted Matt to go to Argentina with them. He told Matt they had something to show him. As Matt was trying to reply “ What, now?” to them, he already found he was no longer at work but somewhere else.

Matt thought he was in Argentina. He found himself standing in a mountain region looking at what appeared to be a huge white limestone type mountain. Matt was taken in the hollow of this white mountain where he found a room with banks of panel boards all around being manned by grey alien type beings. Matt reached out to one of these beings as it passed in front of him. The second Matt touched the creature he felt a huge electrical type jolt. In an instant Matt found himself back at work.

As he stood there he could feel his work area around him shaking. The last thing Matt recalls is an Alien who was trying to take a human like appearance with an unkempt white beard, holding a pipe. This being simply said to Matt,

“You know your not suppose to do that”. With that the experience ended.

Matt is not clear what this event was or was not. He is not sure if it all takes place in his mind or if it takes place as it appears to him. He does know that reality as he lives it day to day returned. Matt also is aware that during all his visitations or abductions there is the common event of his being corrected when ever he makes physical contact with one of the beings. Matt feels that his touching them somehow leads to their illness or death.

These experiences of Matt’s are extreme and strange. Matt is the first to make that clear. All we can do is listen and realize that there are many unknowns out there and try to learn all we can from those like Matt that experience places and events truly of the unknown.

Matt’s Sightings

While interviewing Matt we discussed UFO sightings in England. I mentioned that they seem to have a epidemic of people seeing crafts that they can not explain in the UK and asked Matt to allow me to include in this article the two Matt witnessed along with others in his country.

One sighting Matt encountered happened during an outing with friends to a water park. Matt and his pals were out in his friends van for a day of fishing and fun at a popular park in his area. The four friends were having a good day.

At the end of the day the friends were in the van and decided to try out his friends big light that hooked into the van and could be used to shine a bright spotlight. They were using it over the water when one of them spotted a thing over the water. Matt described it as a tee shape defined by dim square lights on the bottom side. He said the thing intrigued them, as they never saw such square lights before on any craft. The craft was huge; Matt felt it was the size of two houses floating over the water and without color but for the square lights in the form of a big tee.

The thing floated silently over the river, would hover, and then continued on its course over the water. The four friends tried to follow it in the van but the thing simply just took off and vanished. To this day they have no idea what it was they saw.

Matt shared another sighting with friends, and many others in the UK. It was on New Years Eve of 2006. Matt was at a family party with his then girlfriend. It came upon midnight and along with many other countrymen Matt and his party went outside to shoot off fire works to bring in the New Year.

While Matt was setting up the area to best set off his fire works he noticed a very high very bright light in the sky. It appeared different then what he was use to seeing in the sky so Matt called for the rest of the people at the party to come outside and take a look.

While the people attending the party and Matt stood outside this light did an incredible thing. At first it simply hovered high in the night sky in a huge round orb, silent in the night. Then without any warning this huge ball of light burst into thousands of pieces breaking away and spinning out into the night. What happened next startled Matt and all who witnessed this event that night. The ball, the huge orb craft immediately reappeared in the exact same place and right in front of their eyes broke apart again in the same exact manner! The people were in awe as they watched what seemed to be the impossible.

They did not know if they just witnessed two different crafts break apart and fly apart or an instant reply of the first? They did know it was a display meant to be seen, shown at a time many humans would be out looking up at the night sky.

I found Matt to be a wonderful man full of many opinions and ideas worth time listening to and thinking about. I am glad Matt has crossed my life’s path. If you wish to meet Matt you can find him in Pal talk chat system, search out his room UFOs Above Top Secret, tell him Chris Holly sent you!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey

September 10, 2008

Space Age hieroglyphs

The official patch for STS-38 (left) and the secret patch (right) for this Defense Department mission.
The Space Review: Space Age hieroglyphs (page 1)

Space Age hieroglyphs

On November 15, 1990, the space shuttle Atlantis roared into the dark Florida sky on STS-38, the seventh dedicated mission for the Department of Defense. Of the ten classified shuttle missions conducted at the height of the program, STS-38 has been the subject of much speculation due to its secret cargo of two very unusual payloads. Tucked inside the shuttle’s payload bay was a classified National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) communications satellite—known as Quasar—that would be used to relay data between intelligence spacecraft in low Earth orbit. But the Quasar payload, although highly classified, also served as a cover story for an even more exotic payload—a stealthy satellite inspection spacecraft, often referred to as “Prowler”, designed to sneak up on other satellites undetected, photographing and measuring them in various ways.

The disclosure of the “secret” STS-38 patch raises the interesting possibility that other classified shuttle mission patches may also exist.

Although STS-38’s operational secrets were cloaked at great effort and expense, subtler clues hinted at the mission’s clandestine nature. The official mission patch for the flight (Figure 1) featured two nose-on images of a shuttle orbiter, with a white version on top and a dark version below. According to NASA’s image description, “the top orbiter …symbolizes the continuing dynamic nature of the Space Shuttle Program. The bottom orbiter, a black and white mirror image, acknowledges the thousands of unheralded individuals who work behind the scenes …this mirror image symbolizes the importance of their contributions.”

But NASA has never disclosed that there was also a secret patch designed for this mission: an emblem that had a darker border (Figure 2). Most notably, the shuttles were inverted, with the black orbiter—the classified mission—on top, and the white orbiter on the bottom. It was an inside joke by the all-military crew about the true nature of their mission.

Many shuttle crews have created unofficial humorous patches for their missions over the years. But the disclosure of the “secret” STS-38 patch raises the interesting possibility that other classified shuttle mission patches may also exist.

read entire article @
thanks to Dr.P for this information

September 8, 2008

Triangle Shaped UFO Sightings, Field Impressions - Greenville, Tennessee

Witness statement: We were driving toward home after getting an early breakfast in Greeneville. Ty was driving and I (Jennifer) was in the passenger seat. I look over in the sky toward sunrise (the sky had just lit up and turned to daylight) and saw what appeared to be a white streak of a light. I didn't say anything, but Ty turned and looked at it too. He said, "look, the space station..." a long pause and then... "or a UFO." I said I had been watching it too. We pulled onto the main highway (highway 107) from Greeneville and at this time of morning traffic is picking up a bit, so we had cars both behind us and coming in the opposite direction. All of a sudden the object dropped altitude and flew in our direction (not following the highway, but crossing it) and it dropped so low I was able to see the outline of the UFO. It was either black or gray in color, clearly a triangle shape, and had three large white or yellow lights underneath. I remember seeing two or three smaller lights of the same color between those three lights that made up the triangle. I was able to see it so clearly because it flew right over our car and it was broad daylight by this time. I estimate it to have been as low as four or five power line poles high (my husband judged 1,000 feet high but he couldn't see it at the point when it passed over us because he was driving). It was flying relatively slow by smoothly with no noise and went in the opposite direction of sunrise, toward the mountains. Friday night we saw something else. My husband was alone getting gas nearby our home when he spotted a strange amber/orange colored light in the sky over a mountain toward Greeneville. Even though he was driving back home he could see it in certain places over the course of about 10 minutes. When he got home he asked me to come outside, and I did. From our yard (we live in a very rural area) we have a good view of the Greeneville city lights in the distance. This light appeared to be hovering over the mountain. We have plenty of cell tower blinking lights and flood lights, etc. but this was none of those. I told Ty to run in and get his telescope. As soon as he went inside the light disappeared. I yelled back in the house, "nevermind, it's gone!" and as soon as I said that it reappeared in the same spot. Ty brought his telescope out and started to try and get it in view. The light was slowly moving behind the mountain by this time. As soon as he got it in view with the telescope, the light disappeared. It was no star because it had been moving in the opposite direction of the way moon comes up, and it had disappeared and reappeared. Neither of us were scared during either sighting, just more amazed. We felt it necessary to contact MUFON because, while this was my first UFO sighting, it was not my husband's first. For three mornings in a row back in June of this year (the month is estimated, we didn't write it down at the time) he was driving to work and saw these things around 4:30AM. The first time scared him to death. The first morning a triangle was extremely close to the ground (so close it could have been touching, but he doesn't think it was touching the ground) right beside the road in a pre-season tomato field. As he drove closer the object rose up slightly and tilted so he saw the lights underneath. He said they were yellowish in color. When he got even closer it disappeared. That afternoon, on his way back home he noticed grass depressions in the (what is now) tomato field. The next morning he saw another one further away in a different field, and yet again the next morning he saw an object in the sky. After discovering the grass depressions in the tomato field we took a camera out to take pictures. While driving by snapping shots we found other fields with similar grass depressions, all along about a three mile stretch of highway 107 (the opposite end of the 107 highway from Greeneville). We have those pictures on our computer. This does appear to be a hot spot for UFO activity and MUFON should be aware of this. I am attaching the evidence from my husband's first encounter a few months ago.

Sept 8th phantoms and monsters

September 7, 2008

Photo: Green / White UFO Captured Over Purley Cross Tesco, Croydon

Maybe they were looking to make their weekly shop or perhaps they just ran out of milk?

Whatever their reason, the extra terrestrial presence above Purley Cross Tesco prompted a call by UFO experts for a public inquiry.

Sid O'Driscoll spotted the supposed spacecraft on August 28 at 2am.

He said: "It was very weird. It was the most beautiful green and white light, moving quite fast, then stopping.

"It had to be mechanical, like a spaceship, because it slowed down and stopped.

"It wasn't making any noise. It disappeared in a flash.

"I went home and told my girlfriend. She didn't believe me, but the pictures speak for themselves."

The 35-year-old former non-believer swore he did not dabble in drugs and had no idea what the aircraft could have been.

UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence, examined the pictures.
He said: "Green lights are unusual.

"It rules out the so-called Chinese lanterns that accounted for some recent UFO sightings in the UK.

"The images and description of the movement don't fit a list of things frequently reported as UFOs – aircraft lights, meteors, satellites.

"This is a genuine mystery."

He added: "Given the sheer number of sightings we've seen this summer and the unprecedented number of photos and videos, it's time for a full public inquiry."

The last reported sighting in Croydon was in April, when a foreign student snapped a mysterious object speeding through the sky

found @ Phantoms and Monsters

September 5, 2008

Matt’s Close Encounters!

I recently interviewed a fascinating man from England. His name is Matt, he is in his mid 30’s and he has had a very unusual life filled with very unusual experiences.

Matt’s close encounters with the unknown started when he was 14 years old. He was on vacation with his parents and 16-year-old sister on the Canary Islands. They were enjoying a lovely family holiday until the night Matt had a visitation.

He was in a resort suite unit with his family. They had sleeping quarters on either side of the main living area. Matt and his sister were sharing the room with the twin beds on either side of the room; their parents were on the other side of the suite area. The family was asleep when all of a sudden Matt’s sister started screaming. It woke up the entire family. Matt and his parents found his sister completely hysterical. She wanted to be away from Matt. She was terrified. Matt’s parents whisked her from the room to sort out what had her so upset. Matt thought she had a nightmare and went back to sleep.

The next day Matt found his family acting oddly and unwilling to talk about what had happened the night before. His sister was acting strange and wanted little or nothing to do with him. The more he questioned his family the more they resisted any conversation about the matter.

Finally Matt cornered his sister alone and coaxed her into telling him what had happened that night to cause her hysteria. His sister told him his parents did not want her to ever speak of it to him but she broke down and told Matt what she had seen.

His sister heard something in the room that night. She heard it from the direction of the large window in the room and turned to see what the noise could be. When she looked at the window she could not believe what her eyes were seeing. Squatting upon the windowsill was a strange creature. Its skin appeared to be a dark tone. It had long spindly arms and legs. It had very strange eyes that had the brilliance and color of stars. It sat starring with those starlight eyes at her. She glanced over at Matt in the other bed and to her horror she saw four other creatures, different than the one on the windowsill, on top of Matt. They were stumpy and short. She thought they were a dark brown in color. They were horrible creatures. That is when she realized she could not move her arms or legs. She could not jump to run or to help Matt. The four in the bed on top of Matt seemed to be working on him somehow. The ordeal nearly frightened her to death. She was able to start screaming, which apparently ended the visit by the five creatures. Matt recalled nothing of this experience. His sister and Matt’s parents however have never forgotten it. What happened that night is not known. What is known is that is was not the only odd experience for Matt. They have continued on through out his life.

A few years later at age 19 Matt had another very odd experience. He came home one day. It was about dinnertime, not yet night, still light outside, that dusk time of day. He felt rather strange and went upstairs for a reason he still cannot figure out and laid on his bed. He was fully dressed right down to his shoes and jacket. Within a short time of lying on his bed Matt felt overcome by this weird sensation he was sinking, sinking right into the floor, bed and all. He said he felt as if he and the floor and bed were all becoming one big meshed together thing. During this sinking event he felt more than heard a deep vibrating sensation like feeling a base speaker hum right next to your head. This shaking feeling went on as he felt himself sinking into the floor.

The next thing Matt knew he was on the downside of a large grassy hill. As he looked about he could see rows and rows of thousands of people. They all were still and looking towards the place the sky would be. This sky was void of anything but a large bright light, which seemed to be the focus of their attention. Matt never saw a sky like it before. Not a word was said, no one seemed to notice Matt was there. Matt had no idea where he was or how he got there. Matt reached over to a man sitting next to him on the hill. The man had a long beard and was dusty and dirty. It was if the man had been sitting there forever aging with neglect. Matt tried to talk to him. The man did not respond. Matt tried to shake him by the shoulders to get him to respond. Still the man remained silent and acted as if Matt simply was not there. Matt was confused and feeling anxious.

Suddenly Matt heard a voice calling out “ What are you doing here?” Matt looked towards the place on the hill the voice was coming from to see a four and a half foot Alien type creature standing there. It was gray with large eyes. Matt realized he was talking to this creature through his mind. He started to question the creature so quickly by this method that Matt said it was like thinking, the speed of the exchange was incredible.

Without knowing how, Matt suddenly found himself in a room; he wanted to say craft as he felt it was a craft, but actually only saw a room. He described the room as perfectly smooth and all one color, the same color as the Aliens. Matt told me the creatures were gray with a plastic looking skin, long thin arms and dark large eyes. He said he was sitting on a table surrounded by these Aliens. The only noise Matt heard was a bug like clicking sound. He noticed sulfur like odor lingering in the room.

Matt did not feel threatened at this point in the encounter. The Aliens seemed friendly. He could hear them in his mind communicating. One asked Matt a question by way of this telepathy communication. He asked Matt “ Why do you eat those?” before Matt could respond another Alien replied to the other “He doesn’t know about any of that.”

During this exchange with the creatures Matt felt he was in no harm and reached out to touch the Alien directly in front of him with a friendly pat. At once the creature pulled away and the emotion of the room changed immediately. It was without question a hostile turn and Matt was quickly scolded. “That is what is wrong with you humans, you never think.” The Alien Matt touched quickly backed away as if he was now going to slink away to die. Matt felt terrible and now concerned as he could feel how emotionless and cold the Aliens were.

Before he knew it Matt was standing in yet another room. The same as the other but this one had a huge long tube from the top of the room almost to the bottom of the room. In this suspended long glass like tube was what looked to be a brain and various body parts. He could see a spinal cord type thing and what appeared to be a tongue. It was a dreadful sight. Matt looked at this horrible mess and asked the Alien, “What am I looking at?” The Alien said, “It is alive, you can communicate with it.” Matt shook his head no, and replied “ That cannot be alive, it isn’t possible.” With that Matt heard this thing say “Hello” stunned Matt said to it “ How are you doing that, you are only a brain and spine in a jar?” The thing replied, “No I’m not” Matt said to it, “Use my eyes, look at yourself.” There was some silence and then Matt said, “ The thing began to scream in horror and panic. The screams were of such horror and terror I will never forget them.” Matt knew the thing has used his eyes.

Matt was once again found himself in the original smooth room with the Alien creatures. Matt asked them what they wanted from or thought about humans? He said they answered in cold emotionless logic that we were no more than worms, blindly crawling around following our own genetics.

Matt said he felt overwhelmed with the sensation that these creatures were in disguise. He asked one if he could see what they really looked like. The creature told Matt the humans could not handle their true appearance and this way was better. Matt requested again to see what they really looked like. Matt was then shown a bodiless creature. Matt described the creature as a ball with snakes coming out all over it. It was a round sphere without a mouth or eyes just long snake like extremities sticking out all around its surface.

With that the creatures told Matt they were going to take what they needed from him. Matt started to panic when one told him “Don’t worry you will never miss it or know it.”

Matt then remembers lying on a table and feeling incredible pain all over his entire body. He said he thought they were trying to delete the entire encounter from his memory.

The next thing Matt knew he was on his bed and a voice was telling him in his head to get up and answer his phone. Matt stood up still fully dressed jacket, shoes and all and went to answer his ringing phone. It was a friend of Matt’s. Matt made plans to stop over his friend’s house, which he directly did. When he got there his friends told him he looked a bit off. He told them he thinks he just had an Alien Encounter. Matt then told his friends the story I just told you.

Strange events continued to happen in Matt’s life. I will be writing more about Matt again as I follow along this mans strange encounters with the unknown.

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey

September 3, 2008

Playing in a Paranormal Park

I write many stories about my childhood. During that time I lived in an area that was full of strange events and unusual sightings. I lived on Long Island in New York along the shores of Great River.

During those years we endured UFO sightings, lost time events and creatures creeping around, and in our homes. To this day all of it remains unknown, yet all of it happened. I recently read of a man who claimed to have been abducted about one block away from where I lived. In fact it was directly in front of my good child hood friend George’s house. I haven’t told George what I found out yet. I guess he will find out upon reading this story. George reads all my stories!

Back to that paranormal community and the park that bordered it. A beautiful park, large in mass, covered a huge portion of the river where we lived. The river ran out to the Great South Bay and then directly into the Atlantic Ocean. We were a perfect pit stop for anything unusual as we were a direct line in from the ocean and sandwiched between two huge forested park lands. The only people around were the small community where I lived.

The kids all used the parks as our private play lands. We would picnic, play, and run wild along the paths and wooded areas of the park along the river. Rarely did you see adults, just a few kids from the neighborhood playing. I would often set up my Barbie dolls and all their outfits and play for hours under a huge willow tree in one of these parks. This willow tree was close to a small outlet branch of the River. In this outlet lived a swan family with a huge nest built upon a small sand bar in the outlet. I would play for hours; the swans would float about or sit in the nest. The world seemed to be a happy place for us all.

One hot summers day I packed up my dolls, my lunch, some comics and my friend Melinda for a long lazy afternoon under that willow in the park. We arrived about noon, had our picnic, read a few comics and then got into some serious Barbie doll play! All seemed well until it happened.

Melinda noticed it first. She stood up and looked towards the river outlet and said, “ What’s that?” She was pointing towards the swans. I looked over towards her out stretched finger to see a ray of light. I stood also. The moment I stood up the swans started to squeal in a strange frantic manner. I never saw them or heard them do anything like it before. The light was odd. It was a color I had never seen before, or since. It was a neon type green. It was very bright, so bright it hurt to look at it. I immediately felt fear. The rays were reversed. They seemed to be coming up from the river instead of down from the sky. The swans were flapping and trying to fly away but seemed so disoriented all they seemed to do was flap around and into each other.

I became terrified and dropped my dolls to the ground and whispered to Melinda, “ We have to get out of here” she backed towards me and started to reach down for our belongings. I took her hand and said “Leave them, we will get them later.” I held her hand and we both slowly started to move towards the path. We hardly breathed. We moved very slowly as not to draw any attention from that light to us. We were on the path and moving away from the tree and light when we heard a low crisp clicking sound. It was a sound I have heard again over my life but this was my first experience encountering it. It sounded like a mix of a water sprinkler that clicks across the lawn and then returns; you know that click click click-mixed with the sound of bugs on a hot summers night. That is the best I can explain it.

The sound was coming closer and closer, the ray of light fanning out larger and larger, we were heading carefully away down the path towards the bigger path and then hopefully to the exit of the park.

As the sound of that clicking moved closer towards us through the woods along the path adjacent to the water, we picked up our speed until we

were both at a full run.

The faster we ran the louder the clicking. The ray of light was expanding so I could now see it over the treetops. I ran so fast and so hard I felt as if my heart would explode. I was completely terrified. Melinda was right besides me, she was sobbing in fear as we ran.

I knew we could not make it back to the main exit and pulled Melinda towards the fenced part of the park, which lined up along a main road back into our community. We hit the fence at a full run and scaled it with the clicking right behind our every step. We flew over the fence and tumbled both onto the main road. A neighbor lady nearly ran us over as we fell into the road right in front of her car. She slammed on her brakes avoiding hitting us by only a few feet. She started to yell at us but soon realized we were crying and frightened half to death. We started to cry that something was following us in the park. She loaded us into her car and drove us to my house.

My parents and Melinda’s both called the police and told them of something or someone chasing us in the park. My father and Melinda’s Dad returned to the willow tree with the police to look around and collect our dolls and items we left behind.

Our Dads came home with some of our things but told us most of the doll items were missing or burned. It seems when they arrived at the willow tree they found a large area of the ground covered with burn marks. My Dad told us it looked as if someone had a large charcoal fire right where we were playing. A few doll dresses and items were burned and the rest were simply missing. The swans were gone as well, nest and all. The police were going to investigate this happening with the Park. The Park closed and did not reopen until the following year. It was due to close in a few weeks but they moved up the closing date.

My parents inquired many times with the police and Park about what happened that day. They brushed it off and tried to make it somehow our fault. They felt it was just silly kids causing a uproar. They even accused us of starting the fire. Thank goodness our parents never believed that for a moment. After that day our parents never let either one of us near that park again.

What happened that day in that park is anyone’s guess. I know it was an encounter with the unknown. I also know I did the right thing and ran for my life and Melinda’s life. I feel fear every time I think of that day. One day I may go back and look at that old willow tree one more time. Up until now I have not had the courage.

Always pay attention to your surrounding. If your gut feeling is that something is not quite right, heed your intuition. And always, always out run the clicking!

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