Tis the Season

Tis the Season

April 30, 2010

Crop Circle’s – The Ongoing Mystery We Need to Solve

Crop Circles are part of the unknown that takes place all over this planet. Although extremely interesting crop circle designs or art are completely ignored by most people.

I find the incredible designs and numbers of circles formed each year to be fascinating. I find the fact people ignore, yawn or just do not care they are being formed also fascinating. It brings me back to my considering the global spraying going on worldwide in our skies to be huge doses of dummy juice!

It seems there are about 250 circles or designs formed every year. There seems to be some debate to when the crop circles first were discovered. Most seem to feel it is a modern day event starting within the last 30 or so years. Others claim they have been going on since the 1800’s. Knowing how many are discovered each year and the time they started to be noticed are for me important parts of trying to rationalize out what exactly is going on with the crop designs.

Since the real time line of this subject seems to remain in debate I will say that if there were some kind of evidence that crop circles were being made worldwide dating before the 1900’s I would consider alien intelligence rather than mankind the most logical source.

If however they are a modern happening the only logical conclusion would be to include our fellow humans as part if not entirely responsible for these incredible designs.

I personally feel that the crop circles being made today are computer generated works of art. I would consider hanging many as framed photos. The question is who is generating them?

I do not think a bunch of local boys are hooking up to boards in the middle of the night and forming these intricate designs. I am sure there have been circles made in this manner but there simply is no way that the fantastic designs found all over the world is being done by a pack of bored good ole boys.

The fact that the circles are found all over the planet at a rate of 250 per year also rules out the idea any earth bound group is doing this. It would be expensive, time consuming and next to impossible to pull off that many designs in that amount of time.

It seems to be common for the people that live near crop designs to share a mutual response of not seeing or being aware of when they are made.. There have been reports of light or orbs being seen in the areas but rare are those who have been on hand when they are being formed.

Frustrating as this may be I do believe we need to do more than ignore the fact these extreme designs are being left in fields across the world. The fact we do not know what is forming them is rather bizarre. The fact we do not as a species seem to be interested or care is equally as bizarre.

Logic rules out the idea that all crop circles are man made by people with boards strapped to their feet. I understand there are a few fools out there making a circle now and then however the elaborate circles by number and location around the world allow us to fully realize more is at hand here.

Like everyone else who has looked at this phenomenon I have tried to figure out how this is being done. I wonder what is being used to produce the intricate designs being found all over the world. I understand many feel they are computer generated in design. I agree they most likely have been done by an artful hand and a computer program. That however does not explain how they are being formed silently without detection all over the world.

I also have researched those who have been present when crop designs are being formed to find a recurring description of light rays, bright light or light orbs being seen.

It is obvious they are being created above the crops by way of some type of force. Knowing that our planet is now full of orbiting satellites makes space a logical place to look for an explanation. I wonder if the ability to form the crop designs is not being done by way of sound, light or a form of electromagnetism we are not yet privy to. I know that sound and light are being developed in the area of weapons. I know electromagnetism is able to do many actions we are only beginning to understand. It may be the crop designs be a test of this new technology or simply a way of killing boredom by some mad group of science freaks who fully enjoy messing with the public by way of sculpting out a crop circle design on a dull satellite control shift? It is not impossible.

Another area to consider is the ongoing development and use of the HAARP weather manipulation machines that are located across the planet. Many countries now own and use these horrible machines. I would think anything capable of controlling and changing the weather across the planet from space is also capable of tossing down a few computer designs on a few farmer's fields along the way.

Last but far from least I must include the idea that beings who easily could possess the ability to form crop circles are the ones from a orbit around earth who are blasting down the crop circle designs as a wakeup call for mankind to start looking up!

Nancy Talbot who is a crop circle expert had an experience when visiting a farmer with crop circle problems in his fields where she witnessed a circle being made.

Nancy and the farmer watched as bright light covered one of the farmer’s fields while large rays of light blasted down from the night sky. They both watched this event take place and both found a new crop circle formed right before their eyes. They did not see a craft only this light display coming straight down from the night sky.

I believe they are being made via that which orbits our planet by intelligent beings via computer designs. I just have no idea at all whom what or where these intelligent beings are or why they are doing this.

I do find this to be a great mystery. I also find our apathy concerning this mystery strange and concerning.

We have incredible designs being forced on the crops of our farmers all over the world. There is no reason for them or explanation for them. No one knows how they are being done or by who. They are ongoing and average about 5 new ones each and every week. The biggest mystery here is that no one seems to care and no one seems concerned. Now that is as mysterious as the phenomenon.

If it is the misuse of our space projects, I think we should be aware of it. If it a big expensive joke by a bunch of bored science geeks I think it should be stopped. If it is a tactic to frighten us by those operating the weather manipulation machines I want to be able to ignore them – and if they are messages from another life form I think we need to begin to pay attention. The one thing I do believe strongly is that that the crop circle design mystery needs to be solved.

Be careful out there, pay attention to your surroundings and always keep your eyes on the sky.

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