Tis the Season

Tis the Season

July 24, 2010

are ufo's alive

We have all heard the idea that UFO crafts may be both machine and living creations. I have heard theories that talk about the crafts we see in our skies being not only alien made but of living material. The theory is that UFO's may be a combination of machine or part machine and part organic. Others think some forms of alien crafts are 100% living creatures .

The idea becomes more realistic to me as I watch our own advances in science cross over to applying man made parts into our own organic bodies. We long ago passed over into the world of fake body parts. Hip replacements, knee replacements, pace makers, even breast enhancements are all man made parts inter graded into our human bodies.

We have been manipulating our food source with engineered food grown from genetically altered seeds which is on the rise and looks to be our future. We talk about genetically engineered humans or designer babies. It is obvious we are on a rapid path to becoming a species of humans inter graded with machines.

Time will tell us how far we take this hybrid road in the future. We have choices of course to use these advances for the good of humanity or to use them to wipe out humanity to something else- something more cold and steal rather than warm and human. I fear this outcome but realize that the human race does not always take the right course of action and understand almost anything is possible as far as our future is concerned.

Knowing we are on this road of human , machine technology combination I understand societies far more advanced than we are may also have crossed this path long before us. With that said I do not find it unreasonable to believe the creatures that visit us may be combination's of living material and intelligently designed machine. Those who are far more advanced than we are may have found a way to send living machinery out to do the investigating of the universe.

Living machines that may have been developed to use the matter of space as an energy source or food yet intelligent enough to carry out a universal mission .

There may be degrees of such machines that travel with large alien inhabited crafts that are able to be released into different atmospheres with ease to gather information or investigate planets closely.

It may be the alien equivalent of our guard dogs , security cameras and unmanned planes we send in for spy maneuvers.

I received a extremely interesting report from one of my readers concerning an event she experienced that may have been part of this theory in real action.

" I live in a small town in West Virginia and was on my way to Huntington WV for a craft show. I was traveling with a friend who was driving. I was in the front passenger seat. We were driving south on old Rt.. 2 along the Ohio River. It was after 6 pm and already dark. Traffic headlights were on.

We passed through the area of Apple Grove passing over the railroad tracks . This took us to a long straight stretch of road . We were the only car on this portion of the road and did not notice any cars behind us. The oncoming traffic was quite a distance away .

It was a clear day. We were driving with the radio on and the windows up. We were discussing the logistics and setup of our craft booth as we drove.

Suddenly from the right side of the car over the river from the corner of my eye I noticed a shape in the air.

A smooth grey winged shape swooped in a large figure 8's over the road in front of the windshield of the car. It happened as fast as you could blink your eyes 3 times.

It looked like it was going to smash into the windshield. It was grey, smooth and translucent. The only light directly on it was from the oncoming headlights of the traffic coming towards us.

As the lights hit it the creature seemed almost translucent like a jellyfish. I could not tell if it was the oncoming head lights reflecting off of it or if it had an actual shine to it.

Its wings were very long- stretched out and pointed on the ends. I was not aware of a head, tail or feet . I could not see what the surface texture was like. It happened so fast we were left more with that first impression rather than deep detail.

There were no apparent lights on it. I would guess that its length was at least 15 feet from wing tip to wing tip. We were on a two-lane road and it was wider than the road.

It was not a bird, not a kite, and did not look like a machine because it seemed flexible and more alive than a machine somehow.

The shape had very little thickness like a bat it had a flattened shape. I did not notice any type of ribs or spokes or bone structure on the wings.

This creature thing flew ahead of us while it banked in swoops of figure 8 loop formations. I could see the different angles of the wings as it turned. They did not flap, but seemed to stretch wider as it swooped in front of the car. When it turned it looked transparent at times. It would dive low only about 5 feet above the road surface. We watched as this creature continued its flight path and dives until suddenly it was just not there.

I got a better look at it than my friend as he was driving. He saw that it was grey and transparent. He noticed the underside of the wings and said they looked raggedy like pieces were coming off the edges. He did not notice a head, tail or eyes.

I have drawn what I saw and recall of this incident. This event occurred on Dec. 3, 2004."

This is a very unusual report. It is however not the only one I have come across of people seeing orbs or odd shaped objects or creatures that seemed more alive than piloted in the sky. I have to wonder if we are overlooking the possibility that many sightings we are reporting are of living or part living objects?

Watching as we enter into a era that may be a huge shift in our own evolution as a species I can only consider the idea that others before us already have walked this road and we are seeing the result of this in many UFO sightings . Can we be looking at our future ? If so I am not sure I like what I see.

This is all part of the unknown we do not understand. I can only hope one day we advance enough to understand the universe around us and the creatures and life forms we share that space with. With so much going on I have to wonder why we are so happy to stay stunted in the dark with most things paranormal while holding so tightly to a past and life style that will move ahead and quickly change like it or not.

We would all be far more better off if we understood the unknown however I know humans do not handle change well or the unknown. I think things paranormal will be held off and kept in full denial as long as possible by a fearful close minded society.

I do know one day we will all have to understand that the future will march on and society is going to have to walk with it or be left behind.

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July 23, 2010

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I found the video below to be a good one made by someone who seems to be trying to simply show you what is flying in our skies dumping who knows what over our heads. I viewed this video the same day I was sent a very interesting email by one of my readers.

The reader told me she has been watching the strange cloud making planes over her house for some time. She decided to take photo's of some of them as they were dumping such huge amounts of cloud /chemical material over her home she wanted to start to have photo's to show her family and friends who she was trying to make aware of what goes on weekly over their heads.

The reader watched the planes clearly spraying over her house . She saw the planes and watched as the exhaust turned into large long lasting clouds.

Later that day she decided to look at her photos and said she was absolutely stunned to find that the planes did not appear in the photos as they did when she was taking the pictures. She told me they were clearly there as she took the shots but not there on the photos. This upset and confused her.

I do not know what is going on but I do know daily I am being sent reports like hers with many of you now aware and understanding something is just not right over our heads in our sky.

Keep looking up and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Below some of the photos the woman took that day.

Video worth time and consideration. Sometimes the paranormal is not all fun and games but eyes and ears to the truth of life in our time.



________________________________________________ - Mothership spawns multiple UFOs over Pennsylvania Video - HAARP A DESTROYER OF WORLDS. Video


Aliens are often thought of as cute little cuddly guys in sweet little soft hooded cloaks or sweet gray human like beings with open arms and nothing but the best of intentions. I think aliens come in all shapes sizes and forms. I think humans have to stop trying to make everything everywhere in this universe mimic our life form. Aliens are aliens because they are not human. Stop thinking of them as we look , think, and react to life- they are not human! - Strange Paranormal Ufo Sightings & Nasa Contact! Video



alien drama by dick o' tater.


The Angry Abductee- The Last member of the Abductee Group

By now many of you are aware I have been writing about the four real time abductees that I was fortunate enough to spend time with this summer. By real time I am referring to lost time abduction cases that take place when the people being abducted are fully awake. The real time abductions take place while they are going about their daily life when without permission they are taken against their will.

I do not interview or write about abductions that take place in a sleep state or while in a trance or encounters that involve telepathic communications.

My main interest concerns the real time abduction cases.

The four real time abductees I recently spent time with consisted of three women and one man. They ranged in age from 44 to the mid 60's. The four people are from the eastern coastal area of the United States. All of them have had multiple events of lost time abduction spanning over their life time.

I have previously written articles about three of the abductees . This article will be about the last of the four, a woman abductee.

This woman is in her late 50's. She is a typical woman of her age with a family and life similar to many women of her generation. To meet this woman you would not notice anything different about her- not at first glance.

She appears normal in most every way. She has learned how to blend in to a crowd.

She has long blond curly hair that never seems to find a comb , loves her jeans and tee shirts and walks around lost in her own daily routine like everyone else.

You may notice that in public no matter how hot it may be she will be wearing her jeans or long pants . If the heat is extreme you will find her in gauze pants or long flowing sundresses but never shorts. Only those close to her have seen her as she exists. Shorts and swimsuits are reserved for the privacy of her home only.

The reason for her choice of fashion is due to the abnormal skin condition on her legs from the knee down. She long ago learned to forgo the stare of strangers at her odd appearance. She is careful of the sun as well as she can only tolerate it for about 20 minutes at a time before burning or feeling pain all over her skin. Like the other abductees' she suffers from the sunlight and is blinded by it. She cannot be outside without dark sunglasses. She has tinted windows in her vehicles and lives on a heavily shaded property filled with huge trees and large shade umbrella's .

This woman has learned to adapt her life to fit her conditions. Her house is securely hidden from her neighbors. Her pool is tucked beneath heavy shade trees and her deck is covered . She manages to live a normal life despite her special needs. She is surrounded by family and friends and does not live alone.

This woman is grateful she has the ability to provide this life and is fully aware others are not as lucky. She lives in a secluded area with lots of land around her home. She keeps to herself living her life with her family and a selected handful of friends.

She is friendly and happy and hides her secrets well. She is careful who she spends time with which limits her relationships.

This woman has endured strange events since she was three years old. She has diluted memories from her childhood but can recall being returned down from a long funnel of neon green light as early as age three.

She has had lost time events all of her life . She remembers little of her childhood events other than strange rays of light or suddenly feeling light headed with little recall of what took place until she would find hours had passed and she was late to dinner without a reason why or a explanation of where she had been.

She recalls often feeling confused on what took place during her day as a child.

Her family considered the events a willful child who simply did not want to stop what she was doing and would often return home late for dinner. When she could not explain cuts and bruises on her body she would be punished for not telling the truth about where she had been. She had a difficult childhood.

She remembers complaining about dreadful pains in her legs as a child. The pain would be so severe she would lay on the floor and cry . Her parents gave her an aspirin and a hot bath and thought little of it.

Her encounters changed at age 13 when she and a group of teens had a clear sighting of a UFO that flew over the town where she lived on Long Island . The year was 1964 and the UFO sighting was seen by others as well as the group of teens who lived in her town.

This sighting was also a abduction case as the group of teens who reported the event had a time loss of three hours that they could not explain.

This woman continued having strange encounters with odd bright colored orbs and strange lost time events her entire life. She considers her life one filled with strangeness she cannot explain .

The events continued until her late 40's. At that point she became determined to stop the events and went about changing her life style making it difficult to be taken.

She avoids the type of situation that makes abduction encounters possible as well as demanding that her abductors leave her alone.

She recalls one event in the early 90's when she found she was alone in a wooded area. She was on her way to join a group of friends and needed to cross a open field to the picnic area where they were waiting for her. As she was going about her business she could feel the strange dizzy sensation coming over her that she knew well and became furious. She threw her belongings on the ground and started to scream out to the empty woods around her

" Enough , enough- You cannot take me, I do not want to be hurt - you have no right to take me, no more- no more. "

She became angry and kept yelling in a rage "no no no ".

To her amazement her rage seemed to stop this abduction . It was the last time she had a lost time abduction experience however not the last of other strange events that continue in her life.

This woman has spent her life trying to avoid the interference of others in her life. She has found strange objects placed in her pocket book, home, car and yard. She learned long ago to be aware of the things around her and if she or a family member come across odd objects in their environment that does not belong to anyone in the home they quickly remove them, destroy or bury them.

Once they offered an object to the authorities to investigate and were treated with insult and such ridicule that they simply bury most items far away where they can do no harm.

They remain confused on who or why they have been tagged with these items over the years. They fear they may have more than one paranormal problem at hand involving the unknown.

The woman and her family know that if they do not get rid of the items they find they will begin to feel ill until they do get rid of the item.

This strangeness has been going on for over 35 years.

This abductee shares the ability to absorb knowledge quickly and has a large appetite for learning and reading which is a common trait with the real time abductees.

She also suffers from numerous health problems that cannot be explained .

She too has surgery scarring and has been told she has damage to her internal organs yet has never had an operation. She too has exhibited the body of a woman who has had numerous pregnancies yet only has had one child.

She has had a eye color change from a gray to a very vivid bright blue as well as other odd physical oddities she is not able to explain.

As the other abductees all attempts for help or understanding in the medical community have failed leaving her to deal with her problems without mentioning her lifelong lost time events .

Most of the encounters she has endured have all started with her remembering when they begin, and when they end with little recall of the lost time in-between.

She has total recall of clearly seeing the UFO craft when she was a teen and another of watching a large red orb next to her house just above the trees when she was in her 20's.

The other events she has endured she knew were coming as something odd would occur like hearing an odd loud voice talking in a language she could not identify followed by becoming very dizzy. The next thing she would recall would be waking up in a different location sick and frightened.

As far as what took place during her time being taken she has only limited flashes of recall.

From this limited memory she knows that those taking her had a human form but seemed to be wrapped in very tight skin like protective suits that were a white blue gray in color.

She knows that they memory wiped her as she also has many events that occurred around the time of her abductions that were going on in her life wiped as well.

If she had visited her grandmother the day before a incident she would not be able to recall the visit either.

After one particular lost time event she endured at age 18 she seemed to have lost memory of most of her 15th year of life as well. She can clearly remember her life up until hitting the 15 year mark. After that there is a large gap of memory to what took place in her life until about the end of her 15th year.

This has been a ongoing problem following most of her lost time events.

This woman abductee feels very strongly about the direction that has been taken with the subjects concerning the UFO alien agenda.

She is disgusted with the 'free- for- all' surrounding these issues and refuses to join in with those who combine the fantasy crowd with those having real lost time encounters.

She feels angry at the large number of people who spend their time making up ridiculous claims about events that may fill a lonely gap in their life while doing great harm to those who are enduring difficult kidnappings, being harmed and in turn have no place to go to for help because of the fools and frauds who have made this subject a huge joke.

Of all the abductee lost time event people I have talked to this woman is by far the most angry at society and the treatment she has endured due to ignorance, fear and denial concerning this serious subject.

This woman thinks we are completely off base on most of our thinking about the alien UFO subject. She hopes by telling what she and the others have gone through a new spark may ignite in the public to grasp what is real from the fantasy bringing a new light to this subject that is presently lost in darkness .

Her hope is that someday we can replace giggles for answers . She has hope one day those who have had to go it alone and suffer in silence will find compassion and help in place of disrespect and denial concerning what they have had to endure.

This woman feels those who have taken her in the past and who have interfered in her life are alien however she believes they work hand in hand with some fraction of the human race.

This woman feels her government betrayed her and has always known what was going on and why.

I will be writing more about the topics discussed by this group of aductees in articles to come. I will continue my contact with the group of abductees. If you have a question you wish to ask this group you can send them to my email address at the end of this article. They have agreed to answer questions they feel are reasonable and logical. They do not respond to questions that do not relate to real time abductions.

I found this experience to be more than I anticipated and hope what they are sharing with us can bring logic and reality to this subject.

Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.

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The College Professor- Abductee

My recent interviews with the group of Real Time Abductees has been incredible. I have been talking with the abductee group of four and have decided to write about each abductee separately before writing about what they had to say as a group.

The group of people I refer to as real time abductees are people who were going along their normal day fully awake and aware of their surrounding when they were over taken against their will . The people in this group all remember the start of their abductions and being returned. They all have little or no recall of the lost time while they were taken. They do have flashes of recall concerning what took place during the encounters.

The group of real time abductees I was able to join together consisted of three women and one man. I recently wrote an article about the man's experiences. I will be writing about one of the three women today.

While living on the east coast of the United States the woman I will be writing about in this article had her first lost time experience as a young professor at a local New England College.

It took place in the late 70's when she was teaching a night course . She lived about ten minutes from the campus where she taught. She followed the same schedule each week. She finished her night class at the same time . She was newly married and made it a habit to quickly leave once the class ended so she could make it home quickly to have some time with her new husband before the day ended.

It was her routine to leave the campus making it home between 8:45 and 9P.M. after her night class. She did not stop along the way home and always took the exact same route.

The night of her first lost time abduction she finished her class on time and walked to her car like she did every other night . She remembers walking to her car with another professor. All at this point was completely normal. She started her car and headed towards the parkway she traveled to drive home. She remembers the highway having the usual light traffic. Nothing seemed unusual up to that point.

That is all she remembers.

Her young husband however was at home waiting for her to return. Her usual time had come and gone and she did not return home. Once she was an hour late he called the school. They told him she left on time . He waited another half an hour and called the police to see if there had been any accidents. None were reported.

Once she was two hours late he started to call family members and friends. He called his brother and asked him to come over to man the phone so he could follow her normal route in case she was broken down on the road.

The woman's husband traced her route but could not find her. He searched the campus as well as every place he could think of that she may have stopped on the way home.

Now nearly three hours late the husband decided to return home and to call the police. He decided to call the local hospitals before calling the police to see if she had run off the road or become ill on the way home.

As he was on the phone with one of the local hospitals he heard her pull in to the driveway.

The young college professor was ill and confused. She was shaking and upset. Her car was burned on the hood . trunk and roof. The inside of the car had a horrible odor of sulfur, mold and chemicals. She was bent over in stomach pain and vomiting. She had a fever.

She remembered driving home on the parkway. The next thing she recalls is waking up in a dark parking lot on the passenger side of her front seat. Her keys were in the ignition however the car was cold dark and not running. She told her husband she was the only car in the lot of what appeared to be a large factory of some kind.

She was dizzy and had a terrible headache. Her eyes burned and she felt ill all over as if she had the flu. She did not know how she got there. She had no memory of driving to this place. She had no idea what this place was . She did not recall falling asleep or feeling ill when she left the campus. She was frightened and confused.

Alone and terrified she started her car and started to drive looking for a way out of the large empty parking lot. She found an exit and could see lights ahead and drove towards them. She did not recognize her surroundings and still had no idea where she was. She kept driving until she found a large sign for a main expressway she knew ahead. She followed the signs and entered the ramp to the expressway. She drove for a few miles before finding signs along the expressway that indicated she was far from her home. She stayed on the expressway for two hours in the direction of her home town .Finally she f found her way back to the highway that took her home. It took her nearly three hours to get home.

When she arrived home her husband had to help wash the awful smell off of her and get her to bed. She was covered with the same smell from the interior of the car. She had a red rash similar to hives on her back . She was weak. sick to her stomach and terrified.

She did not know how she was taken to that parking lot and how she was able to cover what should have been a six hour car round trip car ride in three hours. She had no idea what happened . The ordeal left her so frightened she was not able to stay alone or return to work for about two weeks after the incident.

The burns on her car could not be explained. The smell took days of washing to remove from inside the car. The young professor refused to drive alone at night from that point on. Her husband knew something horrible happened to her yet could not explain what. He drove her to and from work during her night class's and still does to this day.

Over the years this abductee and her husband have both experienced lost time events . They were both taken twice while on vacation . The ordeals were so traumatic it forever ended car trips or visiting locations that are not fully populated .

Their shared encounters were very much like that of the first one she had driving home from the college campus. They would be driving to a destination and could remember when they started out and what they were talking about as they were on their way when without warning they would find themselves in their car miles away from their destination in places they did not know feeling ill and disoriented.

The time they last recall before the encounters begin and the time they wake up in a strange location usually is about three hours of lost time. The distance away from their original starting point also has been further than it would have been possible for them to have driven in the time that was lost.

The college professor and her husband decided to end all car trips after their last lost time event which occurred in 2003. They refuse to make it easy for these frightening disturbing events to take place.

This couple is very concerned about their privacy concerning these events. They both hold positions that could be damaged seriously if they were labeled as people believing they were having abduction encounters.

The few times this couple tried to discuss their abduction events with family or friends were met with rejection, insult and warnings for them to stop mentioning ridiculous things. Without any support at all this couple has had to keep this part of their life hidden.

Both of them fear being known in connection with the lost time events as much as they fear the actural events . It is sad that those being taken must live this way without help due to the public and media's reaction and abuse to those suffering the ordeals. We have a great deal to learn on this earth.

This woman is the most traumatized of all the abductees I have spoken to concerning her encounters. She is so fearful of what has happened to her and her husband that she becomes extremely upset and emotional when discussing their experiences.

She is terrified someone will try to hypnotize her against her will and is determined to never recall any of what happened during her lost time events. Her terror is so over whelming that she lives in constant fear that she may recall what took place.

She is angry at those involved with researching or reporting the paranormal as the first thing they try to do is expose the privacy of those enduring the events followed by wanting to hypnotize the abductees to fully recall the abduction. She feels that the selfish motives of those in the paranormal field is based first and foremost on personal gain or fame with the last consideration being discovery or truth of what is happening to so many who are taken. She also fears being thrown in to one box with those who report false experiences. She knows that they are a main reason she has been laughed at and warned not to discuss her experiences.

She fights all attempts of recall and quickly shakes off any flash of memory she may have. This woman is absolutely horrified of what happened to her. Her fear is so powerful she has blocked all recall in order to prevent facing what happened to her during her encounters.

She has suffered many odd physical problems over the years. She has had many miscarriages including unexplainable massive bleeding as well as finding she has severe damage to her reproductive system. She also suffered strange weight changes going from being obese to thin in a short period of time without any changes in her eating habits.

She is extremely fearful of talking about her encounters. She fear that being honest will only bring her ridicule and career problems. She also feels that the medical community may turn their backs on her and refuse to help her if she ever mentioned her lost time abductions encounters.

This woman has closed down completely to who or what has been taking her. The only thing she will say is that they are so horrific she cannot allow her mind to ever go there .

This woman lives in constant fear and does not trust anyone or anything. She believes the government is not a protector of the human race and that they are powerless against those who do take us.

This woman has been deeply and seriously wounded both emotionally and physically by whatever has been taking her over the last 30 years.

I can say that her message to humanity is to brace for impact as she feels we are all in for some very difficult times. This woman has warned me that we should never feel that creatures out there are here for our benefit . She does not feel they are here to take over the world or do the planet extreme harm . She does believe they are here for self motivated reasons only. Her feelings are of fear and anger for being taken against her will and used like a lab rat.

I have no idea what or who is taking this woman but will tell you that I know fear and this woman's terror is real.

She does not seem to have any sense of communication or mission from her kidnappers. She sadly seems to be only terrified by them.

I will talk more about the thoughts of this woman as I write about my time with the abductee group.

Meeting with this woman has been difficult as I do not wish to bring her any harm or upset. She does have many opinions on the subject of UFO's and those interfering with the human race without permission . I will be writing more about that after I have completed my articles about each of the four abductees I was lucky enough to group together and spend time talking to.

For now please pay attention to your surroundings and be careful out there .

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Real Time Abductees- The Male Abductee

Real Time Abductees- The Male Abductee

I have been extremely fortunate to have the incredible experience of spending time with four Real Time Abductees. I have been writing about what they had to say concerning their encounters as well as warnings and comments concerning our society that they have derived from the years of having endured lost time abduction events.

Real Time Abductions are events that take place while the person is fully awake busy going about the normal routine of their day. This type of abduction does not take place during sleep or dreaming nor does it involve any type of contact via telepathy or when in a trance.

The four people I spend time with are normal people who were fully alert living their daily lives except for the intrusion of others taking them against their will and without their permission.

This type of abduction is most often clearly recalled as they start and end with partial or no recall of the lost time or abduction experience .

The group of people I have been in contact with consist of three women and one man. The group ranges in age from 44 to 62. I will spend time writing about each one of them.

In this article I will talk about the male member of the abductee group and what took place during his encounters .

The male abductee lives a very low profile existence and rarely discusses this part of his life. By promising complete protection of his identity as well security around our time together he agreed to take part in our group of Real Time Abduction encounter interviews and conversations.

His ordeal started when he was in his early 20's. He was in the military at the time and spent many hours alone during his service time while on guard duty. His first lost time experience took place while he was stationed on a base in the United States.

He had just been dropped off at his isolated post where his guard duty was to watch over a dark empty field. He was only on duty a short time when he noticed a fan of bluish tint light brush across the field in the way a spotlight would search from a helicopter.

He said he watched as it flicked on and off over the field sweeping the soft ray across the field. He said he tried to call it in over his radio but was unable to as the radio as well as his other equipment all were suddenly completely dead.

He recalled even his flashlight did not work. He watched as this ray sweep the field and realized there was no noise at all . He could not see any craft in the sky which was bright and clear. All he could see was the ray coming from what seemed nowhere .

He remembers becoming very frightened as he watched this ray of light search the field. He recalls becoming dizzy and weak.

The next thing this man remembers is waking up laying face down in the field with his field jacket on backwards like a straight jacket , his boots thrown about ten feet away and his weapon next to him on the ground. He pulled himself together and returned to his post.

He checked in via his radio to find his superiors questioning him about the problems they were having trying to communicate with him by way of the radio. They told him that the static was so severe they could not make out what he was saying. He realized when discussing the radio confusion that they were claiming someone was using the radio yet he knew it was not him .

He also realized it was four hours later than he thought it was. He felt ill and started to vomit and said his head hurt so badly he could barely see or stand any noise at all.

He remained ill and confused for a few days. He reported in detail what had occurred to his superiors and was quickly removed from his post and reassigned to not only another area of the base but to another base!

This man continued to have events like that one happen to him over his adult life.

The events would start with odd lights quickly making him dizzy and weak and end with his being thrown down on the ground somewhere with little care or concern.

Over the years he suffered a huge amount of damage to his body including a surgery he does not recall having.

He did return from two lost time events in extreme pain with long red laser type lines across his stomach however had no idea what had happened to him until he was hospitalized years later and told he had been operated on in the past.

He tried once to explain his horror to the doctors caring for him to be treated immediately as a mental patient and decided to keep his life long ordeal to himself.

Today he suffers extreme problems with his intestines and stomach . These events became so devastating that this man now lives in a daily protection of family and friends who care for him .

They have developed a web of people to always be around him. He never goes anywhere alone or near a situation that may give opportunity for him to be taken again. So far this plan has succeeded and his abductions have stopped.

This man has flashes of memory about what has happened during his lost time events. His main memory is of heart stopping fear and terror .

He recalls struggling against those abducting him and trying to fight his way free. He also can remember the extreme strength of those taking him. He told me that the grasp of those who took him was so overpowering that he was not able to move at all and knew that if he continued to struggle he would hurt himself as there was no way to overcome that kind of strength.

His recall of what his abductors look like is also in flashes of memory. However the flashes are clear and he can describe them.

He told us the creatures he has seen are humanoid like in body form having a head , arms and legs. He said they are taller and heavier than the average human male with the average about a head taller than he is . The man is 6ft 2 which would make these creatures around 7ft tall.

He said they were either in some type of protective suit or reptilian as they were covered in a scale like skin. They were gray to green in color and had either helmets that looked frog like or they actually looked frog like around their heads.

Their eyes were large with what looked like a sun glass lens over them. Under the lens he could see some type of eye which made very rapid constant movements which added to the mans fear.

The man described the hands on the creatures looking more flipper like than human in form. He said they had about three or four parts to them but were very thin and long. He also mentioned the long thin flipper hands were extremely strong.

He could feel no emotion or reaction from them and noted that they seemed almost robotic like in behavior yet he knew they were living creatures.

They did not have any odor and did not make any sound he could remember.

The man felt they were enclosed in some type of protective suit which if the case means he can only describe what they look like in their protective covering

He did not remember any communication with them other than struggling at the start.

He does know they wiped his memory as he was not able to recall what took place once they subdued him. He also feels they over did the memory wipe at times as he also discovered he had days or events from his life disappear from his memory after having these abduction events.

He feels that he was handled with complete indifference however knew that they seemed determined with a specific duty with taking from him or using him for their agenda but did so without kindness, care or anything close to human emotion or connection.

This man feels anger towards those who have been doing this to him. He also feels confused as he does not know who or what they are or the reason they picked on him and kept taking him over a 25 year period of time.

He has bitter resentment towards his fellow humans for making him feel bad about the terrible things that were happening to him.

This man feels we are all being used as pawns in the control of those doing things like this to people all over the world. They get away with it, those taken have their lives destroyed and no one pays for any of it.

I understand this problem is one that has been handled very badly by society and only hope as I continue to write about those that experience these events that some type of mind set will change in those who read what others have endured.

It is unkind and uncivil for the abuse of those taken to continue by way of ridicule, insult, laughing at them, or calling them liars. We are willing helpers for our own kidnappers .

This man told me our problem as a society is that if it does not involve you directly you simply could care less.

I will continue to write about my time with the group of Real Time Abductees.

I have found that although similar there are differences in their encounters as well. I think this may be due to the fact more than one type of Alien or abductor is taking part in this kidnapping of humans.

My hope is to be able to finish this series of articles on the Real Time Abductees by the summer's end. I hope to include the reasons and opinions of our place in the Alien agenda told to me by this group of interesting people.

I will tell you that this group of four are not like other people . They are detailed in their thinking about the world and all share a trait of being extremely bright deep thinking people. I found my time with them to be a life changing event.

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