Tis the Season

Tis the Season

November 29, 2010


Haunted Bureau

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Haunted Bureau
Haunted Bureau
Montague Cooper
This early 20th Century photo of a beautiful Queen Anne style bureau was taken at the request of a furniture dealer by Montague Cooper, a well-known and respected photographer of the day. Cooper was at a loss, however, to explain the transparent hand that appears to rest near the top of the bureau. Is it the ghost of a previous owner who was reluctant to let it go?



A New York City Policeman told me a strange story recently. We know each other for many years and I will tell you this man is a skeptic on most things paranormal. His view is simple, if it didn’t happen to him he doesn’t believe it!

A few years ago this policeman  went on a camping trip out West in the wilderness of Montana. He was going with a group of his friends for a week of bonding with nature away from the big city.

The group consisted of five other policemen and a local man from the area where they were going to spend the week. 

After they arrived in  Montana they made their way out in to the wilderness area where they met up with the local man who was going to be their guide for the trip. The group hiked deep in to the forest. They arrived at their site to set up camp just before night fall. All was well as the men  enjoyed their  break from city life.

 About two days in to their camping adventure the men decided to hike to a near by deserted mine area to have a look around. 

The local man knew the area  took and had the group hike along an old abandoned road. The men were  walking along the road when they noticed a figure walking towards them from the direction of the old mine area. 

The men  could see that the person coming towards them was an older man carrying a sack like bag over his shoulder. As he grew closer they noticed the man was dressed in old style overalls,  wearing a worn out hat  that hung low down to his long unkempt gray beard. He looked as if he just stepped out of a hundred year old photo album.

The group of policemen stopped and stood silently as this old man walked past them on the opposite side of the road. They were rather shocked to see this old gent out here alone with only an old sack of items throw over his shoulder. They stood and looked at him as he walked by. The old man simply tipped his dirty old hat to the groups and muttered “Good day to you boys” and kept on walking.

The local man who was  guiding the men stood perfectly still watching the policemen as they encountered the old man  walking  by. 

Quickly the old man made his way past the group of men and around a bend in the road. They watched as he walked out of their sight still surprised to find him up here alone.

My friend turned toward the local man and asked “So, does that old timer live out here alone?” The local guide started to smile and threw his nap sack down on the ground. He looked at the men and told them to do the same. 

The men all dropped their gear and sat down to rest. The local man looked at each of the policemen and said, “Well boys, you just got your first look at ole Joe the ghost of the mine road.” They all laughed until they realized he was serious. One by one they stopped laughing. The guide continued- “Seriously guys -that was ole Joe”.

The local man then went about telling the group that the old miner has been walking the road for about one hundred years greeting all he passes with the same tip of the hat. No one knows why Joe walks the road and why he makes himself so clearly visible.   The fact of the matter is that old Joe does this and they  just saw him with their own eyes.

The group of skeptical policemen did not know how to process what they had just been told and had a hard time considering the old man who walked by them was a ghost. They mostly felt uncomfortable with the entire encounter.

The trip ended and the Cops returned home to their normal New York life and routines. They talked about the ghost of old Joe for many years after. It was an experience they could not forget.

My friend told me the story more than once over the years. He never admitted that old Joe was a ghost. He just said he did not know who the old man was or where he had come from or where he was headed along that deserted road in the middle of the wilderness. He also told me the old man had the oddest bright green eyes he had ever seen.

Skip ahead about ten years to the  October of 2008.  My policeman friend and I went to a dinner party hosted by mutual friends. While at the party the policeman told me about a experience he had that really confused and upset him.

He told me he was at work one night. He was patrolling  an old building  site on the upper west side of NYC that was part of his patrol area. He was  making his rounds which took him past  an ally between two buildings. He decided to walk down the alley to take a look around. 

It is a bad area and it was unusual for him to this while alone.  He told me he rarely wanders off without telling his partner but thought he  would only be gone  for a few minute. 

He was walking along the ally when all of a sudden out of nowhere a  man rushed at him. He  knew his attacker  wanted his weapon and cash and realized at once his attacker was trying to stab him.  He was able to  push the man off of him but he immediately  came  back at him. His attacker was strong and fast and my policeman friend was alone in the battle with him.

All of a sudden out of nowhere the policeman sees a old homeless guy pushing a shopping cart coming at him and his attacker as they are struggling. He told me the old mas  was right there-  just instantly there!

The old  man quickly shoved the over loaded shopping cart between the fighting men.  The old man was loudly mumbling something as he pushed the cart between them with a hard shove.

The sudden appearance of this old man and his assault with his cart at the fighting men shocked the man attacking the policeman . The cart being shoved between the fighting men placed enough distance between the cop and his attacker to break apart the shuffle.

By the time the old man passed between the fighting men the policeman was  able to right myself enough to subdue the guy and cuff him. 

The policeman looked at the old man as he passed between him and his attacker. The old man looked right at policeman  The old man was only a few feet away from the cops face. 

This is where the story gets crazy. The policeman swears this is true. He is sure  that the old man who saved him with the shopping cart  was the same old man he saw years ago on that mining road. He is sure it  was old Joe.

The cop told me he knows it sounds crazy but he told me he  never forget that old mans face, or his bright green eyes. The homeless guy who pushed that man off of him with his cart was the same man he saw on that road years ago. He is absolutely positive of it. 

My friend told me that after he was able to subdue the man he found a knife and knew he came close to being stabbed in the fight with the man. It clearly was the old man and his cart that gave him the advantage to take control of what could have ended in a deadly confrontation.

My friend looked that night and many nights to follow around that area for the old man. He told me that the night this took place he searched for hours the streets and alleys but could not find the old man or his cart. He told me that there was no one else in that alley that day besides him and his attacker until that old man appeared out of thin air. He told me the old guy seemed to disappear exactly as he appeared- miraculously!

My friend had no explanation for what occurred in that alley. He is positive it was the same old man he witnessed on that road years before on the camping trip along that deserted  mining road. The policeman knows  there was no reason for that man and his cart to be there that day in that alley. Certainly there was no reason for an old homeless man to walk into a dangerous fight.

My friend has no idea who that old man  is, or why he turned up on that deserted road years ago and again that day in the alley. He does know something extraordinary did happen.

I listened to the story of old Joe and how he helped my friend that day in the alley. It seems old Joe has decided to  look out for  my friend. I have no idea who he is or why he was there for him I am just happy he was.

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Stonehenge 'was built by rolling stones using giant wicker baskets'

It is one of the abiding mysteries of Britain’s Neolithic past.
For all the awe-inspiring wonder of the standing stones at Stonehenge no one has ever worked out how our ancient ancestors were able to heave boulders weighing many tonnes over such huge distances.
But now an engineer and former BBC presenter believes he has come up with a theory which explains how the giant stones were moved.
Garry Lavin believes that the engineers who built Stonehenge used wicker basket-work to ‘roll’ the huge boulders all the way from Wales to their present location.
Engineer Garry Lavin
Engineer Garry Lavin, back red T-shirt, enlists friends to help him push one of his prototype willow 'cradles' for moving a large stone
‘I always thought that dragging these huge stones was physically impossible because of the friction on the surface. The key thing is the technology was always there around them,’ he said.
It is the movement of the 60 famous Bluestones which causes historians such problems. Each stone weighs up to 4 tons and they originally came from the Preseli Mountains in Wales – some 200 miles away.
Mr Lavin has come up with a cylinder ‘basket’ to roll the massive and irregularly-shaped stones.
The basket is created by weaving willow and alder saplings to form a lightweight structure that can be easily moved by 4 or 5 men. To complete the rig and to ensure the best rolling and floatation conditions, the gaps between the basketwork cylinder and the irregular stone are packed with thin branches.
This spreads the load as the basket flexes in transit, much like a modern tyre, and creates buoyancy when transported down rivers and across the sea.
One of Mr Lavin’s key discoveries during his earlier experiments was that the wicker cages that contained the stones were able to float. This would have enabled Neolithic man were able to get the huge stones across rivers on their journey, as well as making it easier to transport them over long distances without having to carry them the entire way.
One of Mr Lavin's sketches showing how groups of men could have enlisted the help of oxen to roll the huge boulders
One of Mr Lavin's sketches showing how groups of men could have enlisted the help of oxen to roll the huge boulders

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November 26, 2010


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Ghostly Grip
Ghostly Grip

This interesting photo was taken sometime around the year 2000 in Manilla, Republic of the Philippines. According to The Ghost Research Society, two girlfriends were out for a walk one warm night. One of them entreated a passing stranger to photograph them using her cell phone's camera (hence the low-resolution picture). The result is shown here, with a transparent figure seeming to tug on the girl's arm with a firm if friendly grip. Without further information on this photo, we have to admit that the ghost could have been added with image processing software. But if it's genuine and untouched, it certainly qualifies as one of the best ghost photos.

And they claim aliens were seen creating the crop design!*************************************************************************

Years ago I was surfing around the net and found myself in a chat room that was full of adults discussing UFO’s and aliens. I listened for a long time as a strange woman talked in a monotone slow soft voice intentionally trying to control the people listening to her in this chat room. The woman speaking tried her best to portray a mysterious air of one knowing all the secrets of the universe.

Of course this was a silly lost soul seeking attention for agenda’s of her own strange needs. Her knowledge of space and science was extremely limited. Her claim of flying around the universe was closer to a Disney ride then anything closely related to reality.

She also claimed to have about 50 odd aliens whom she visited by way of a portal in her bedroom closet. She had adorable drawings of the cutest little cuddly little alien fellows of all different kinds on her profile. She added a lovely touch of having them dressed in cute little monk style robes or sweet little outfits that really tied her ridiculous story together with a true flare.

The thing that caught my attention the most was not the silliness of this lost woman but the group of adults who sat listening to her hanging on every single childish word as fact.

I wondered why it never occurred to any of them that it was highly unlikely that 50 different alien species would all be visiting her by way of her bedroom closet . I found it strange that not one person questioned the idea that the aliens were able to walk around our planet’s atmosphere and survive much less be dressed in robes and overall jeans! I think about my visit to that chat room with a shake of my head and a smile.

Maybe we all have gotten our brains dummy juiced by way of Hollywood concerning our concept of what aliens would look like. Typically most people think of them as the grays with large dark almond shaped eyes, or little green men. There are other forms that seem to be popular including reptilians, bug looking aliens and tall blond fair skinned visitors.

The truth is the possibilities in this universe are endless as to what other life forms may look like. I know there are billions and billions of galaxies in our universe each with millions of stars. Each star may have planets or solar systems which may contain millions of civilizations of all kinds of living beings.

There might be other intelligent life forms that may be like us. This of course would require many things to be like our chemical and DNA makeup. We are a carbon based life system. Chances are there may be others.

This is where we seem to lose our thinking. Chances are they are not carbon based but something else and are not DNA by design but QNA or something completely unknown to our structure.

Let’s think about a solar system like Sirius which a very hot star making it impossible for humans to exist. It would however be a place that maybe silicon based beings could evolve and advance. They could survive in an environment we could not.

They also would be beings made from the same material our computers have developed from. Could beings like that be more machine like with less biological material to worry about in their harsh chemical life base? Could those who visit us be closer to our computers then to us? Could that be why we are being walked towards an era of technology where we constantly have cell phones to our heads or walk mindlessly texting throughout our days? Maybe it is no accident we are addicted to our gadgets, our computers and our Televisions. It does give me pause and reason to turn off from the technology grid and tune in to my own humanity. I am not ready to become a walking living programmed machine.

What if our universal neighbors live on a gaseous planet? Could they be large cloud like thinking floating jelly fish type creatures absorbing what they need from their atmosphere and communicating via telepathy?

I can imagine beings of other planets being fish like, bug like or even pure energy without any specific form. I would imagine most beings would have some type of form to hold a brain type structure and many with appendages to build or function. I also realize that they may have two or more brains and many appendages. There also could be those who have mastered the ability to use their brains or thought to move objects and have no need for any type of arms or legs at all. They may be floating brains of energy that simply think life and it happens.

The point is that we need to include science and be realistic when thinking about and preparing for other life forms in our universe. To constantly think they have to resemble us to some degree is just typical egotistical human thinking. They may look somewhat like us and they may not look like us at all.

Aliens most likely would not be able to cope with our climate and planet’s atmosphere just as we cannot simply walk out on Mars surface or for that matter our own Moon. I would think that protective suits or covering would most likely be needed by visiting alien species. I would not be surprised if the grays are exactly that- aliens in protective suits.

Someday we will understand much more about the universe we live in. I think the best thing we can do is keep our minds open and our options wide concerning whom or what shares this universe with us.

Along with the difference in structure, chemical makeup and body design of other life forms we must understand that they also will have different life views. Things we consider important may not be of any consideration to an alien. Things we find offensive or cruel may be common place and normal to a life form with little or no knowledge of the ways of humans.

It would be foolish for us to make our assumptions of life out there by way of life here. The only thing we can be sure of is that we have no idea what is past our own backyard. Once we grasp that fact and understand it is impossible for us to be alone we can begin to slowly reach towards the stars and all those who share this big amazing universe with us.

Be careful out there and keep looking up.

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November 14, 2010

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Have any of you seen the episode on the History's Channel under the title 'That's Impossible - Weather Warfare'. The History Channel is replaying this episode that originally aired last year.
I missed this program the first time it played . I made sure I watched it this time as the weather has been heavily on my mind these days.
I live on Long Island in the state of New York. Long Island is a long thin island that sticks out in to the Atlantic Ocean.
We have been spared from being hit by a large hurricane on Long Island for many years. We are overdue for one but always seem to luck out!
We fear hurricanes as a category 3 can be devastating for this long thin Island. A category 4 or 5 could wipe us out equally if not worse than Katrina did to the gulf states.
On top of the fear of large storms and the damage to our communities we have the added concern of being trapped on Long Island by way of a large population with limited roads and bridges to evacuate in a timely manner if we were told to do so. We would be trapped on the Island unable to escape.
Knowing these things Long Islanders are happy we have avoided being hit by a hurricane for such a long period of time.
The past few weeks have been extraordinary as we watched storm after storm head straight towards us only to be pushed dramatically away from the coast line to gingerly miss our island.
It seems incredulous that we have not a bad storm for so long especially with so many spinning at us with what looked to be a direct hit.
Do not get me wrong I am thrilled beyond words the storms missed hitting Long Island.
I also am happy that the storms have miraculously missed the gulf of Mexico region which would have been especially problematic .
Chem trails have been a way of life here on Long Island for years now.
At least half of the days each month would find our skies covered in long large lingering white clouds that were being sprayed over our heads.
They would last all day growing as they spread across the sky.
In the past year we have had strange rain storms here that we have not had before.
The storms have been severe causing lots of damage and power outages . We have had tornado's touching which is extremely odd as Long Island simply does not have tornado's. Well, we never did before but we sure seem to be having them now!
It seems obvious to me that our weather is being manipulated and has been for some time now.
I believe the huge storms coming across the Atlantic Ocean are being being pushed up the coast and away from the United States .
It would be devastating for the country to recover from another life ending- region destroying storm.
I also wonder if the number and size of the storms are not being made by those who may not wish us well.
I know mankind has the ability to do all of these things. I imagine this is the case with all the strange weather changes we now find happening all over the world.
Long ago I questioned the practice of weather manipulation as a tool in a new global cold war. Machines like the three Haarp machines we have in the United States can be found all over the world. I know we have two in Alaska and one in Puerto Rico . Many other nations around the planet also have and use the haarp design machines to manipulate weather all over the world.
It is a frightening idea to know that we are all the victims of those who have the power to manipulate the weather of our planet.
You need to think about the fact that whomever controls the worlds weather patterns controls the world.
Who can grow food or who has a massive flood or years of drought are all possible with this new powerful weather technology that is being used to change jet streams, change the weather in large regions and cause or hopefully prevent horrible disasters .
I consider this ability and those using it the most dangerous people of our time.
I fear the thought of what mother nature may do to correct this new interference . I do not think we can survive what this planet will do to us if it has had enough of our manipulation and decides to clean the slate and start anew.
A chem trail attachment to this seems to be a large possibility as well.
It is as clear as a sunny day that if the spraying we have been watching over the years were simple air traffic contrails we would see it every day.
That is not the case as we have days when the spraying is so intense that it eventually covers the blue of the visible sky and other days you do not see any trails at all. I am sorry skeptics of the world, it just cannot work that way.
I noticed that during the time the last huge storms were heading dead for Long Island that our sky over head was clear and blue and extremely normal.
However, I was sent you tubes and photo's from Boston Massachusetts that displayed heavy spraying during the same days. I would guess the technology used to guide the hurricanes conveniently out to sea involved heavy spraying in that region of the country.
I am now as I have always been very suspicious and concerned about what is going on with our weather.
I realize whoever controls the weather will control the world.
Knowing that this seems to be playing out as we sit oblivious to the sky above us is a sad state of affairs.
Please watch the video's I was able to find concerning the History Channel show on this subject on my site with this article.
I tried to find the episode to run in full but it has been taken down in most places on the Internet.
Like so many things going on around us we remain firmly in the dark lost to the facts concerning our very survival.
I wish I could be more reassuring however it appears we may have many strange days ahead.
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Recently I was a guest on the blog talk radio show Nocturnal Frequency. The hosts of the show Steve and Alex were talking about different odd creatures being reported around the world. At the very end of the show Steve told me he had an odd experience with a strange creature on a Bridge. The show ended before I could find out exactly what happened to Steve. My curiosity got the better of me and I called Steve to find out what he had seen while crossing a bridge in Canada.

First let me say that I have known Steve for a while now and have done a few shows with him. I have talked with him long enough to know he is a bright , logical man who looks at the subjects of the paranormal with an eye for understanding not fantasy . Steve is a level headed guy which is why I found his experience intriguing .

Steve told me that during the year 2002 he was working a night shift job that had different shift hours during the week. Steve is also a hiker who takes advantage of every opportunity to be out in the world walking . During his work weeks he would have nights where his shift ended about 2:00 a.m. Steve would use these work shifts as a chance to walk home late at night when the world was asleep and the night his to enjoy.

During one of these star bright lovely nights Steve's shift ended and Steve started his hour plus walk home. He listened to his music, enjoyed the beautiful clear quiet night and started his journey home.

Steve's route took him across a river located near Mississauga in Ontario Canada. One night Steve set out for his long walk home after finishing his shift that ended at 2 in the morning which took him straight over the river.

The river had a two lane bridge over it that Steve walked across on his trek home. The bridge had a grassy knoll down the middle of it that separated the lanes of the bridge.

Steve was starting his way across the bridge when he noticed something ahead of him in the dark. He clearly saw some kind of large animal run from one side of the bridge into the middle of the grassy knoll.

Steve stopped dead in his tracks and instinctively did not move at the sight of something in front of him that he could not identify. Steve stood motionless as he looked at the large silhouette in front of him. At this point the only thing he could distinguish was that the thing was very large.

Steve stood perfectly still trying to see what stood about 30 feet in front of him in the dark . As he stood there peering into the night the thing in front of him began to rise from its four legged stance until it stood straight up as a human does on two legs.

The thing before him was large , at least 6 feet 5 inches when standing fully erect on two legs. It did not take the stance of a bear or any other animal Steve had ever seen. It looked almost human when standing fully up and still. Steve could make out the semi human form of this thing as they stood there in the night peering into the dark at each other.

Steve did not move . The thing did not move either. They stood still for what seemed a very long time to Steve but was only a minute or so. There alone on the bridge Steve stood with this thing peering back at him in the night watching and waiting to see what the other would do next.

Steve could not make out if it had fur or hair or any features on this creatures head. The night would only silhouette the creature by way of the natural light that the stars gave off. It was Canada , near a wooded area over a very dark river in the middle of the night. Only Steve and this thing were to be found out at this time of night. All Steve could see was the dark strange shape of something he had never seen before.

Finally the thing dropped down to all fours without a sound and took off to continue on its way across the grassy knoll to the wooded area across the other side of the bridge.

Steve watched as this large creature continued on its way running in form somewhat like a dog would run. It ran into the woods back into the night.
Steve stood there motionless for a few moments waiting and listening to see if the thing left the bridge area. He could not see it or hear any movement and carefully continued on his way across the bridge and away from this strange encounter.

Steve felt he was being watched as he made his way as quickly as possible over that bridge and away from the area.

Steve had no idea what he had just seen. He knew there were no bears in the area. The animal was far too large to be a dog or cat type of animal. He did not know of any animal that size that was able to stand erect like a human yet drop to all fours and run like an animal. Steve was also haunted by how this thing looked when it stood up on two legs. Its body was proportioned more like a human form than an animal form. The thing did not have shorter thin looking legs with a longer body like a deer. The thing did not have the silhouette of a bear. It was far too big and looked nothing like a large dog or cat. Steve knew he has just seen an unknown creature and felt shaken to his core.

Steve has never forgotten this encounter . He has considered over the years trying to form an investigative team to find out what exactly it is that may be living in the woods in that part of Ontario Canada.

Steve also would like to know if anyone else has ever had an encounter with a creature that fit the description of the thing he saw on the bridge that night.

Steve and Alex host the blog talk radio show Nocturnal Frequency which can be easily accessed on the blog talk radio site. If you have any information concerning the thing Steve came across that night please log into the show and contact Steve.

I have been receiving more reports than usual lately of strange creatures over the last year. I am presently trying to talk with a woman who sent me an image she drew for a group of people near where she lives. The people claim they are seeing a strange large creature in their pastures. The report comes from those living in middle America who are seeing a large vicious terrifying beast in cow pastures stalking the animals. They refer to this creature as the 'cow pasture monster'.

I am trying to find out more about these sightings however to date find the people involved reluctant to discuss it.

It appears to be obvious that we are seeing many things that can only be categorized as unexplained not to mention very strange.

I know I often tell my readers to be careful out there as well as paying attention to their surroundings. I think now more than ever it is especially important to be alert and aware that there are many unknowns out there and it is only a matter of time we may all find we are the ones looking into the eyes of something we do not understand.
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Half Cat Mutilations a Continued Horror

Since I wrote my last article concerning the horrible on going half cat mutilations that have been happening across North America I have received weekly mail from readers who have had this disturbing ordeal happen to their pets or in their neighborhoods.

It seems that many people are finding their beloved pets dead with only one half left for them to find. In all case only half of the cat is found cut cleanly from the other half. No mess or blood are found with the half left. In most cases the part or half of the cat left to be found is left in an area close to or easily found by the owners or people to find. The remains seem to be clearly left to be discovered.

This adds to the horror of this awful killing of animals for reasons only known to those killing them. If it were a natural predator the remains would be messy and scattered. They certainly would not be neatly placed for them to be found.  It seems that those murdering the poor cats go out of their way to leave the remains of their deadly deed for the owners to find.

This disturbing fact added to the strange actions taken of neatly slicing the cats in half makes this an odd dark mystery.

I felt compelled to write another warning to all who may read my articles concerning this on going horror after receiving this email from a reader this morning.

 "  Dear Chris-   I found your article online and found it extremely interesting as I thought it was only my cat that this had happened to.

Scruffy was an indoor cat that accidentally got out  one day when our door blew open.  We did all the usual lost kitty things including trapping and posters.  It  took almost a week to find his remains

A neighbor called and said she saw cat remains just off the road behind a big tree stump.   When we found him there.  Actually we found just his rear half behind the tree stump.

  It was hard to identify him.  He was an orange short hair with just a little white on his chest and de-clawed.  I had no front half to check and all orange tabby's look the same from the middle back.  But in my heart I knew it was him. 

 Anyway he was as you said evenly divided in half and I didn't realize until I read your article that there was no blood around and no mess either....just a clean cut half cat.

We thought it was a coyote although they are rare in my part of Pennsylvania.   My husband said he heard a horrible animal noise  overnight when Scruffy disappeared.

  The thought of cult mutilations did cross my mind but it's something you don't want to think about.   I looked all around for Scruffy's front half but found no sign of it.  I wondered why would an animal take the head part when the better eating  I'm sure would be the back half of any animal.  I know that sounds gruesome...but your mind gets more clinical when the shock of finding your much loved cat wears off.  

 Thank you for your article.  I have four  inside cats that I know watch like a mother hen.

 It was good in a strange way to know that what happened to us was not a lone event.
 We are sad however to learn others have experienced the same thing with their pets.

 It's a horrible sad thing to happen to a pet owner and something that stays with you. "

I think the above first hand experience sent to me by a pet owner gives us a clear understanding that this half cat mutilation is a malicious  on going problem we all need to be aware of. It seems obvious the cats are captured and taken to a location where they are slaughtered. After this hideous deed is done the monsters doing this make sure they return the half cat corpse close to where they took the cat in order for the remains to be found by the cat owners or people in the neighborhood who knew the cat. It is a cruel and ugly thing to do.

I do not know if this is a widely practiced sick ritual of a strange cult or something more alien . I do know it is on going and needs to be addressed and stopped.

I was asked recently if this event was strictly being done to cats. I can only answer that by what people are reporting to me. In my findings all but one half animals found were cats. One small dog however was reported found in the same condition.

Watch your animals and be aware that strange things are going on out there to our beloved pets.

I am far more careful now with my own pets and understand I need to be aware of this new strange half cat killing.

 Be careful out there and keep an extra eye open for your little pets.

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About five years ago I talked to a very frightened young woman who was a North American Indian. Her family lived in a isolated part of the West in the United States on a reservation.

She belonged to a tight knit family who were very protective of one another. She was very shy and very nervous about talking to me. It took some time but I finally convinced her I would never use her name or location and would not write anything that would cause her family harm.

She then told me the story of what happened to her grandparents while they were on their weekly outing to do their shopping and errands in the town closet to their reservation and home.

She told me they were both in their late 70's. The couple had a weekly ritual of going to town to shop and do their errands making sure they were back home well before dark . They were nervous being out at night as age made driving and the long dark deserted roads from town to the reservation frightening for the couple.

This one particular trip to town was like most all other trips to town. They started off early with their beloved dog in tow. They took care of their errands and stopped for lunch at their favorite spot before packing up their truck for the trip home.

The older couple and their dog were happily driving back home along the winding deserted roads common to their part of the country. It was only 3 in the afternoon leaving them plenty of time to make it back home before nightfall.

Suddenly a small deer came bounding out of the woods and clipped the side of the old couples truck. The couple , dog and deer bounced around before the old man managed to pull off the road.

They got out to inspect the damage and found the truck was incredibly barely touched however the deer was dead. The old man his wife and dog all stood on the side of the road next to the wide open wilderness that surrounded them.

The elderly couple decided to pull out their tool box to try to butcher whatever they could of the deer so the meat would not be wasted.

The old man was busy pulling out what he needed as the woman tugged and dragged the deer off of the road . Their dog was busy sniffing around and wagging his tail rather happy with the entire event.

As he wondered about the edge of the woods the dog suddenly began barking and growling almost in a rage. Both the man and woman stopped what they were doing and called the dog over to them behind the truck on the side of the road.

The dog came running to them with his tail tucked tightly beneath him. The old couple comforted the dog . The woman heard it first , a strange noise like a low hum coming from the woods.

As the couple stood by their truck with their dog they could see what appeared to be a bright white light coming up from the ground making its way towards them and the road.

At once the couple decided to leave the deer and threw their tools in to the back of their truck. They pushed the dog into the cab of the truck between them and took off down the road. All three of them were terrified at what was coming towards them from the woods.

The next thing the couple remembers is driving into the reservation and pulling up in front of their daughters house. It was 10 P.M at night.

The family had been out looking for them and were frantic about where they may have gone. They always were home before dark and never went anywhere the family did not know about.

The family heard the old couple pull into the driveway and went running out to greet them and to find out where they had been.

The old couple seemed dazed. The old man was completely disoriented and confused. He felt weak and needed help getting out of the truck. When questioned to where they had been he seemed confused and could not answer. The old woman had been asleep. When they woke her she said her head hurt and did not know where she was. Laying across the old woman was the couples beloved pet. He was dead.

The couple had no idea where they had been or why they had lost hours of time. They were crushed to find their dog had died and had no idea what had happened to him.

The old couple told their family about the deer and the strange light coming from the woods towards the road. The old man described it as if the sun was rising from the earth and streaking across the woods towards him. The old couple were heartbroken that their dog had died and had no idea why the perfectly healthy pet died on the way home.

The couple felt ill for a few days after this event. The man had a decline in his health after this encounter .
They do not understand what happened or where they were during this lost time event.

The family does not want this made public or for the old couple to endure any discomfort due to this story becoming known in their area.

I do not know why I never wrote about this incident before. I have thought about it often but kept it on my list of things to get to until now.
I recently received a phone call and the story of this elderly couple came clearly back to my mind.

The phone call came a few weeks ago from long time acquaintance who wanted to tell me about a very odd experience that happened to her parents while they were on vacation.

It seems her parents both in their late 70's decided to go on a last minute trip to Maryland to visit old friends who were living there.
They packed up their minivan and their little dog and took off for a visit with their friends. They were leaving from New Jersey and planned to travel down the east coast via the long scenic route with less traffic and less large trucks to deal with .

They were driving along when they decided to stop for lunch around noon.
Nothing unusual took place . They ate lunch and continued on their way. The elderly pair and their little dog drove for a bit longer when they realized they needed to stop for gas.
They were now driving along roads that were lightly traveled and no longer saw many other cars.

The couple stopped for gas . Both the woman and the man and dog got out while filling up to stretch their legs and take the dog for a short walk. As they walked along the side of the gas station with the dog both of them mentioned to the other how odd and bright the sun had become.
They could barely see even though both of them had on sunglasses.

They got back into their car with the dog sitting on the woman's lap and started off down the deserted highway towards their destination. They had just entered Delaware.

They recall taking off in the car and driving along the road away from the gas station.

Hours later the couple's first memory is of pulling over to the side of the road . The man who had been driving was confused and disoriented . The woman was slumped over her seat in a deep sleep.

The man got out of the car and began to walk around the front of the car confused and disoriented. He started to call out for his wife. She heard him calling and started to wake up. When she finally was able to shake herself awake she saw that her husband was pacing back and forth in front of their van calling her name. She looked down into her lap to find her little dog limp and gasping for air.
She opened her door and called to her husband. He seemed to snap out of his pacing and ran over to her door.

The woman and the old man tried to figure out where they were. They were at a loss to what had happened to them . They both felt ill and weak. The couple was very concerned about their now extremely ill pet.

They had no idea where they were and decided to get back on the road and drive to find a sign or town .
They drove a few miles to find a sign telling them they were somewhere in North Carolina.

The couple knew that was impossible as their watches told them only three hours had passed yet they had traveled a huge distance to a place they had never been before. The little dog was barely alive.

The old couple found the next town and first veterinarian they could to try to get help for their little dog.
The vet was kind and took the old people right in to see if she could help the little dog. The vet told the old couple the little dogs lungs were filled with liquid and his little heart was failing. She could do no more but make the little guy comfortable as he was dying. The old couple was devastated.
They stayed with the dog until he passed away. They were overcome with the sorrow of losing their little pal in such a strange way.
The old couple found a motel and stayed overnight in this North Carolina town they did not know.

In the morning they still felt ill and confused. They had the body of their little dog in the back of their van and wanted only to return home where they could bury him in their own backyard.

The elderly couple knew something horrible had happened to them as they had lost a period of three hours and traveled miles of distance in an impossible amount of time ending with the death of their beloved little dog unexplained .

The trip home was long and difficult for this old couple. It took them 13 hours to cover the same distance they did the day before in 3 . They just wanted to go home.

The old couple took turns driving only stopping for gas on the way home. When they returned home late that night they called their daughter and told her of their bizarre trip.

The man in this story had a turn in his health after this trip and has been weak with many different health issues since. The woman remains frightened and confused to what could have happened to them during this strange day of events that seem to be impossible yet happened.
The old couple is mourning the loss of their little dog and do not understand at all what caused the animal to go from perfectly happy, active and wagging to limp and dying in a few hours time.

I found the similarities in both of these cases chilling. I find the accounts of both these older couples to be strange lost time events that certainly lean towards abduction.

Both couples talked of strange bright light and both couples have no memory at all where they had been or what happened to them during the missing hours.

It is not the first time I have had the death of a pet reported to me as a result of a lost time or abduction case. It may be that the transition that takes place during these events are simply something a dog or cat cannot survive. I tend to think it is lucky that both of these senior couples were returned alive and basically in one piece.

The experiences of the older couples years apart , miles apart are remarkably alike. I have not heard nor could I find any other reports as similar as these reports were to each other.
I realize that there may be many other cases like the two of these that just have not been reported . I also realize the longer I do this work that we are very limited in our knowledge to what really is going on all over the world to people on every part of our planet.

I cannot help but wonder if odd lost time events like the two I reported here are happening to the senior citizens of the world . I realize that many elderly people are careful not to report a strange event in fear that family members or society in general will consider them unable to handle being alone or continuing on as productive citizens.
They fear the reaction of the rest of the world making them more inclined to keep an incident like the ones in this article to themselves.

I feel a deep sadness knowing that there may be older people all over the world dealing with lost time or abduction without feeling they can look for help in fear of losing their freedom or facing unkind ridicule .
That is the nature of our society and we are all to blame for it. We have made these subjects a joke. We clearly decided as a society not to deal with it .
This decision has left us alone if we find we are the one looking in to the eyes of the unknown. Trust me nothing on earth can make one feel more alone.

I have only heard of two other events where pets where involved in possible abduction cases and in all of the cases the pets did not survive. I have no idea what goes on during the encounters with the unknown. I do know not everyone or everything taken is returned or survives. A sad side of the reality of the unknown but one we need to understand.

One day if we change our thinking and approach to these subjects we may understand what the truth is concerning our place in this universe. For now all I can do is report to you the encounters of those who are good enough to share what happened to them as they alone faced the terror of the unknown.

Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.

Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Now you think something funny was going on at Montauk Point? Where were you years ago?

Have you noticed the new sudden interest in the Montauk Point area of Long Island New York ? It seems part of this new interest involves the old closed military base Camp Hero located in the Montauk Point area.

Personally this new found interest does one thing for me. It makes me want to walk to the end of my deck in my yard and scream in frustration.

I tried for years to get articles published concerning the activities that took place on the Hero Military base that was once open on Long Island and Plum Island a secret government lab that is now a dead zone area off of Long Island as well as a few other choice dangerous areas located in my neck of the woods.

I have been convinced for a very long time that many sightings, lost time events and abductions on Long Island as well as the coast of New England were all connected to or in part involved with those secret sinister locations on Long Island.

I suspected for a long time that many of the rural country folk living on the east end of Long Island have been used as lab rats by many unknown activities or experiments that routed from those locations on Long Island.

In many of my articles I have written about odd events that have happened on Long Island . I mentioned in those articles that I suspected humans were working in connection with Aliens based out of these deadly facilities.

Located sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean with quick and easy access to the open sea and sky miles away from large populations yet a few hours away from one of the biggest cities around Long Island was and is the perfect place to carry out sinister experiments and get away with it without any questions.

I was told years ago when Camp Hero was a working base that it was a dangerous place that was connected to the main town by long winding tunnels that were deep under ground . I know there is at least one building in the main area of town where the base is located that does have long winding tunnels without any explanation why they exist.

The infamous Plum Island is located close to Camp Hero. Plum Island is known worldwide for being an extremely dangerous place where top secret activities were conducted for years.

Now closed it is still thought of as a hell hole by local Long Islanders. The only way that island could be considered safe would be to burn it to the ground and blow what was left out into space. I doubt they will ever be able to truly consider that Island a place for humans or animals to work or live.

I know they have been trying to decontaminate it since 2000 in order to sell the place. Only a madman would consider having anything to do with it. Madmen were the ones who ran it and left it a slice of hell on earth.

So many paranormal, abductions, strange sightings and lost time events have taken place on Long Island that it is ridiculous to consider these dangerous places did not have something to do with at least some of them.

Who knows what or who was living in those underground quarters built deep underground at Camp Hero. Who knows what was going on at Plum Island.
Who knows what flew in and out of that area in the dead of night from the open Sea?

I do know that many of us who lived here during the hay day of these places saw crafts, strange beings or were taken and abused.

I blame those locations and the interaction of our own kind with beings that were not human. The poor people in the area were simply close at hand and easy to use. I know , I was one of them.

Long ago I wrote an article about the giant fire ball that flew across Long Island during the 1965 blackout on the east coast of the United States.

Not too much was said at the time of the blackout about the strange sighting of a huge fire ball that streaked across the sky that night. It was seen from Canada all the way down the East Coast of the United States.
I could not find reports of sightings of UFO's during the 65 blackout either. I did however receive many emails from people all over the world who lived on the east coast during the 1965 blackout telling me that they did see a strange craft or group of UFO's the night of the blackout.

I stopped counting the emails from those who saw the fire ball in the sky that night. The incredible thing is that all the people who wrote to me remarked how they could not understand why it was not reported at the time or why everyone was not talking about it.

I do not know what the answer is to any of these questions. I do not know why after years of talking about the odd events that have occurred on Long Island including those that took place on Montauk Point and the Hero Military base no one was interested until now.

Now over 40 years later a few people who do not live here and were not here at the time are making movies and writing books about all of these issues.

Now those who have no idea what has been going on here on Long Island suddenly pop up with a video camera and become famous over night for the same data we Islanders have tried to tell people for years.
The fickle behavior of the paranormal world can be maddening to those who have been trying to shed light on many of these issues for years .

The entire scenario is frustrating and confusing to those who lived it and tried to talk about it only to be ignored or laughed at.
What is it about society that makes them ignore or ridicule something unknown until it becomes the 'IN' thing to talk about and then they are all in to it. It seems to be especially appealing if it is being told to them by someone second hand who really has no idea what they are talking about.

I dropped in on a chat platform type internet group not long ago and listened to one of the new self proclaimed experts talk about Montauk Point and the Hero Military Base now long closed.

He was talking about things that were old news to the locals. He also was a bit off on his information. Curious to the reaction of the group of about 70 people listening to him I joined in the conversation by explaining I lived right there and have been to the Point and that base many times. Not one person reacted. No one had a question for a person living right smack in the area they were discussing. It was similar to being in a discussion with a group about the Amityville Horror House and informing the group you now lived in the Amityville Horror House yet being ignored by the group discussing the house!

I tried to join in on the conversation about Montauk and the odd activities of the area . I was ignored . I was insulted about four times but not one person considered asking a local of the Montauk area any questions.
I went as far as informing the group that some of the information being reported by the self appointed expert talking on the subject was simply incorrect. I was ignored.

I decided to see how determined this group was against anything that did not completely agree with the new experts opinions and asked the young man claiming to be the authority a few questions concerning the base and Montauk Point. He would not answer me. What the group did do was ask me to leave.

That is what is wrong with the paranormal and why so many things that should be understood , investigated or known stay polluted and lost in the confusion and ciaos known as the paranormal.

So much time has been wasted and so much has been kept in the shadows due to our own behavior concerning the unknown.
Until we grow up and stop acting like high school kids all wanting the attention of the cool kids we will remain locked in ignorance to what really happens out there in the world of paranormal activity and unknown science.

Maybe someday it will change. However I am on the verge of giving up hope it will in my life time.
Instead I watch those who are considered the cool kids attract the full attention of those wanting to be cool and watch those with the real scope left on the sidelines ignored and alone. It is really funny as they are the ones with all the information.

Until we stop asking people who are trying to clean up and advance the paranormal to leave the room in favor for those who have no idea what they are talking about the subjects of the unknown will remain in the dark and we will remain the dopes of the universe. Cool maybe , stupid definitely.

For now I simply shake my head in total bewilderment at my fellow humans actions and continue to wonder what drives them to want to remain in the dark about so many subjects we really should understand.

I will not stop looking for answers. I just know but for only a few others I am mostly on my own.

I think that as it stands in our society with the paranormal it is safe to say that Montauk Point and that old creepy military base have nothing to fear. I am sure their secrets will remain safe for a long time to come.

♥ Copyright © 2008-2010 Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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