Tis the Season

Tis the Season

October 31, 2011

Jumping to Extremes


During my last conversation with the  real time abductee group I found the abductees  were all in  agreement   concerning   a few  big problems they feel stunt the growth of  finding truth in the subjects of the unknown.

The  six members of this group have all spent time during their life searching for information, help or some kind of community where  truth and facts could be found about many areas of the unknown.

Of course the main area of interest for these people surround the subjects  of  UFO's,  aliens,   abduction  and  lost time events.  Since they all have dealt with these things personally  they  all searched for what they could find in an effort to help them deal with their own ordeals.

Before the internet the search for material or help was limited  to books ,  a few magazines as well a handful of radio shows  or  a few  Hollywood  movies.  A few found small  paranormal groups  locally . 

None of the above options proved to be helpful to those who were enduring lifelong  lost time  or abduction events.   Those seeing  strange crafts or  being swept into a paranormal experience  soon found no help and without question did not  want to  deal with the attitudes of a society hell bent on  abusing those who endure things unexplained.

With the internet came the  open door  for  growth ,  shared  news and information on all  the  odd and strange  occurrences  people were having all over the planet.  Soon  groups,  sites,  internet radio shows, forums and chats were exploding all over the  net. 
With hope - all the abductees in this group did the same thing and started to search for a place to find truth ,  information ,  research and help for the people all over  the globe that were living through life changing strange events.

Sadly,  in time , the group members  shared the same reaction to what they found on the internet-  huge disappointment.

A great deal of material found was a mixture of nonsense, silly fiction being passed off as real events, fake photo's as well as many fraudulent videos.  The  chats and radio shows were a mixture of  the insane, the bored, the attention seekers with a very low margin  through it all of truth.

There were those  out there who were trying to report or talk about real events. However,  they  were lost  as the real reports would be bundled next to  ridiculous made up scenarios  plowing the truth six feet under before it is ever could be  seriously looked at.

Even so the abductees tried to plow along looking for others like them . After years of things becoming more theatrical and silly they gave up the search for using the internet as a tool of advancement for the cause of truth in matters unknown.

As the abductees discussed this mess they all brought up the  fact that a main spoiler in the paranormal world is the need for  bling!

It soon was discovered to us all that  society would  NOT settle for a straight forward approach to what people were seeing and experiencing. 

Many unknown events are short ,  severe  , confusing and over before the witness can digest what it going on.   Being told  a person was standing in front of their house when a huge brightly lit  unknown craft appeared  in the night sky right in front of them for  20 seconds and then was gone... is not enough for the Hollywood fed brainwashed  TV addicted  society we live in. 

Two things happened that soon  constructed  the road of destruction for serious advancement for the paranormal via the internet or media .

First all  things are thrown together in one  big pot . There are no levels or separation of  reports or material .  The silliest story stands right next to a truthful report . This goes for reported sightings,  descriptions of  unknown events, and all else that floats wildly among the roads and highways of the paranormal.

The other thing that abductees feel   killed  most all attempts of truth especially in the subjects of  UFO's  and  abduction and lost time events is embellishment. 

Because society is so addicted to the  big Hollywood versions of all things  real events seem dull and lack luster to those wanting a big story rather than a bit of truth.

 Soon not only anyone who felt like making up a tale of  aliens and space adventure   where adding tons of  bling to keep an audience -  those who truly did witness something extreme  also  started to  add embellishments too.

It became almost necessary to add tons of  made up  bling to their report to try and capture an audience long  trained to want  neon  colored  entertainment.  Real curiosity,  understanding and fact  was being lost along the way.

Someone seeing a unknown craft for  a few seconds would add a long adjusted detailed  report  to increase the  odds of people listening to what they had seen or experienced.  It is like living in a world of tall beautiful blonds and being a short plain  brunette.   Soon the brunette is adding lots of makeup and bleaching her hair to  find the attention of those who only want to look at the fancy blonds!

Before we knew it the embellishments  and  bling was hanging all over everything in the paranormal.  Trying to  sort  through the mess to find the few   real events became the same as looking for a needle in a haystack.

Sadly for the world we have lost time , information and the minds of those who do take this subject matter seriously .

  It appears by way of our own hand it will remain an area that stays suffocated by societies need for the extreme only with fact or truth  left in a disinterested pile . 

Many paranormal  experiences are fast ,  as well as  being adjusted in our memory by the  beings  who  are behind  the event ,  so only small fragments can be recalled.

That fact and our need for fancy over the top jaw dropping  Hollywood  special effects have stunted our  ability to focus on the real and strange.  We   continue  passing  by what we need to know   for the flash and fad we have been brain washed to  consume without questions or  curiosity.

In the mean time  people like the real time abductees have lived the  real unknown. What they have lived   could be extreme in the knowledge they hold however  they are not flash  or fantasy, not  dressed in star war costume  nor do they sport pointed ears.  They simply are those who have  been taken, abused, changed and thrown back by strange unknowns.   The fact  they go unnoticed and ignored by the mass while the ridiculous and theatric  are sort after by millions is a very telling fact about who we are as a species and where we are heading as a civilization.

The abductees ended this conversation with laughter about something  how people need to understand you can put lipstick on a pig but it still a pig and a few other  comments .  The deep sorrow for me is that so much is being lost as we go nowhere with what is happening  in subjects considered  unexplained. 

It exhausts and disgusts those who have looked in to the cold black eyes of the unknown as we know those around us remain confused and lost to the real events that happen to real people each and every day.

For those who do not know what a real time abductee is please see read description below this article.

Until then understand  UFO.s  may be a black outline  in the night sky with no detail at all.   Not a craft flashing like the  lights on Broadway on a  Saturday night.  Aliens can be a wisp of light or  a  blank looking  form without features. Not all aliens are dressed in wonderful  space looking  fashion  suits with fire flashing from their eyes and fireworks shooting out of their butts.

A paranormal event can happen in minutes leaving the person involved confused and unable to recall exactly what took place.  Detailed long descriptive tales always leave me  skeptical.

 Always place safety and logic  before all else when walking in to the world of things considered unknown.

Real Time Abductee

** A real time abductee is someone who during  an active everyday life was taken by that which is unknown,  abused,  used and returned without the permission of or want of the victim .  It happens  during the light of day or the cover of darkness while the person is following their  normal daily routine .

 Opportunity is  all that seems to be needed by the abductors when snatching up their victims.  These actions are no different from any other kidnapping and abuse case except we as a species   abuse the victims  again if they dare speak out or reach for help concerning the events they endure.   

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October 26, 2011

Two Suns plus A Halloween Horror Story and more found below


The  Curious  Sight  of  Two Suns

For some time now the  internet has  been  full of  reports , videos and photos of  two suns  shining  in our sky.  

At first I admit I chalked it all up to CGI and the work of those who spend  their good time  and efforts  in producing tons of useless  childish fake  garbage that is a waste of  time for all involved.  I will never understand with so many unknowns out there why people waste  valuable time and energy on this junk  but sadly they do.  I guess real  answers to real  unknown strangeness is beyond their  grasp  or concerns.

With that said  I really did not pay much attention to this subject until now.

I recently started to watch  groupings of videos on this subject.  I have to be honest and say I find it hard to sift  through the assorted  ciaos involving the two suns issue as  the subject has without question been tainted by those who go off on tangents that bare little logic just so they can connect this two sun issue to whatever  fantasy is filling their heads.   That is what happens to most unknown  events without solid solutions or answers.  It seems the way  humans   handle high strangeness they  do not understand  is to immediately make it in to a scary  sci fi movie line!

I continued to sort through  the information on the two sun subject and  can honestly  say am intrigued  by what is being seen and recorded.

I do not agree with the instant knee jerk reaction to tie the two sun sightings to the old and tired scare topics that have been  afloat far too long.   I do think something very strange is being witnessed by many people all over the world with these double  sun   sightings.

  I knew  the first reaction  of  the  typical  internet  channels would be to  use this subject to frighten people to death with the  idea of  a huge planet  or comet heading this way to destroy our world.  I knew that the pole shift would be  immediately tied to this as well.   I can  only say  that since we do not know what is being seen  we must realize that many factors  or causes could be producing the sighting of two suns.  I think it unwise to immediately jump to any conclusion with any unknown without weighing all the options.

After watching many videos and looking at photos and reading as much as I could on this subject  I do believe something very unexplained it going on.  

 I am not one who feels the end of the world is at hand.   I do think we are already fully in the era of 2012 where many catastrophic events have and will continue to happen as the  earth  surrenders to its natural cycles.

  I think this planet has endured these things before which  have been devastating however it  was not the end of the world then and will not be this time either. In fact I am sure this old planet  has  traveled many earth changing cycles in its lifetime . I said life changing not life ending.

 I think we  are now caught in a time when  our planet is going to rock and roll and all of us have to be prepared to the best of our ability to hold on and ride the wild  times the best we can.  I do not think we will all survive.  I do not think we will all die.  All I do know is this has happened before and our being here, life being here - tells  me  some of us made it then and will again. 

I do think the phenomenon  being witnessed now of the two suns  may be part of all the strange things that seem to be unexplained  or unknown to us that have been happening  for  a  long time.  

I do not connect it to the pole shift directly as in the poles will flip and the world will  fall apart.  It has been known for awhile  now that the poles shift has been slowly happening for some time now. 

 We have been slowly moving on that front now  as the poles slowly make their way to shift or flip  as they do  and have many times before.  It seems to be the way of our planet to rotate our poles and it is in the process of doing that as we  sit here  this very moment. 

  I think it very likely that our constant  change in what was  our normal climate  to  increased   rain, or  extreme drought,  severe  storms,  earthquakes  or just unusual  weather  could be tied to the fact the earth is sliding its poles .  I think this will continue for a very long time until the shift is complete.

Now with that all off my chest I have to say that as I have been sorting through the videos and photos of the two sun subject I realized that I may be  seeing something very  significant that we have not  known about or seen before.  

I have  been looking at what is being recorded by people all over the world and have to admit I do not know what I am looking at.  

Obviously the people are seeing and capturing something odd going on  next to our sun.
All the videos show our sun  with either a small  round object  next to it which appears to  be  approaching the sun  .  Other  reports and sightings are of a larger glowing object of much greater size rising and appearing  adjacent to the sun . 

The larger sighting looks like a miniature sun shining brightly next to our normal sun.

Both versions  of the second sun phenomenon  are truly strange and unknown as far as I can determine.

Besides the theories I have already mentioned  and personally do not  agree with  I have read that it could be a mirage similar to those seen in China with the city over the lake  or even a hologram.

I  have no idea what is going on but I do now believe this is something we all need to be aware of and  looking for . If something new is out there I think we all  need to understand what it is.

It also crossed my mind that maybe  our atmosphere or ability to see more of our cosmos due to a change in space may be involved.   Could this object have  been there all of  this time and only now  it is in our line of vision ?  Maybe a shift in the orbit of things over time has this object now in our line of vision.  

I  must admit I did have another idea brought to my attention by a fellow investigator on this object.  It does seem to take a few different  paths when being seen by us on earth. Of course I know we move  in our own obit which would change how we view this object however I wonder if we are seeing a new   lane of travel   that is now being used by those who traverse our universe. 

It is not impossible that extremely large mother ships  pass by our way often . I believe there are crafts as big as moons or small planets that contain  a large population of travelers  that  cross our universe.  Could we be now seeing  these crafts as they travel a lane near our sun and our planet on their way to another space and time?  Maybe we are seeing the reflection of these objects that hit the sun's rays as they pass leaving us with the image of a second sun.

This may be a new path they are using or one they may have previously cloaked and have decided to allow us to now watch them  as they cross our skies . Could this be a way of  asking us to open our eyes and watch what is going in directly in front of us  in the full light of day?  Could this be a form of disclosure?

I am stumped by the two suns subject.  I am sure there are thousands of hard core science skeptics who will tell us it is ice and we are fools.  I am sure there are  an equal   amount of  those who will insist it is of the nature of  one of the long term paranormal  theories that  are  constantly floating about.  I  am not sure what it is however I am sure we need to pay attention to this so we can figure it out.

The things that  intrigue me about  this phenomenon  is  not only are people reporting seeing the two suns - they are videoing and taking photos of them.

This tells us that the event is happening however  it does not seem to be happening to us all at the same time.  I have to wonder why people in one area clearly see this happen while on the same day in the same area of the world others do  not see it ?

Could this be a huge mirage like the one seen over the lake in China?  If so how is it happening ?  Can something be reflecting   off of the sun producing the second sun image ?  Could an outside force from another area in the cosmos be sending us this image or is it coming from our own planet?

I cannot rule out the objects being huge crafts or reflections of  objects made by alien life forms that we are able to see for only short periods of time at certain angles as they cross over a travel route near out sun.  We may be  simply be seeing a reflection off of some type of object from the sun as it travels past our neck  of the woods.

I cannot discount the deeds of those who may be using some type of massive technology to produce these sightings as to cause alarm,  fear as a way of control.  I would hate to think some deadly group be it human or non human would be using this as  way to convince us a new god is arriving or worse evil force is on the way. I consider all of these  things as our world spins  in so many ways in such delicate balances at this point in history.

I am left completely confused by the two sun subject.  I do think something very odd is going on and wish some serious investigation should be done to figure  out why so many are seeing this odd  sighting. 

I learned long ago not to dismiss what I do not understand or believe it is something  formed  from fantasy simply to discuss it and explain it.  I think the two sun mystery is something very unusual and odd and hope we can soon  find the answer to what it is so many are seeing. Real answers.

I know I will be spending time everyday from now on viewing the sun as many times a day as possible to see if I can witness this event.  If any of you have a solid theory what is going on please  let the rest of us know. 

For now continue each and every day to pay close attention to the world around you. You never know when it will be your day to  see the unexplained and unknown.  

I have placed on my site a very videos on the two sun subject .   I  hope it is not long  before we better understand what is happening with the two sun sightings. 

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 Explanations come in:

 I have been sent a few emails telling me that the two sun sightings is a simple case of what is known as Sun Dogs  a optic image formed by ( as I predicted )  ice crystals.

    A common misconception about the North is that it's dark and dreary all winter. While the days do get short, and above the Arctic Circle the sun actually does stay below the horizon for a while, the extremely low humidity commonly produces bright, exhilarating days. The winter sun throws little warmth, but one of the fairly common bonuses to its appearance are parhelia, usually called sun dogs, mock suns or sub suns.

Sun dogs in Whitehorse, Yukon, brightening up a winter day
Sun dogs near Whitehorse, Yukon.
A Nikon 24mm super-wide-angle lens was used, with no filters.
Photographed 2 stops under-exposed so the sun dogs would show up better.
    Sun dogs are formed by the refraction of the sun's rays through a very specific type of ice crystal in the air. These crystals, called plates, are hexagonal (they have six sides), are quite flat, and slowly settle to the ground in a similar manner to maple leaves, wobbling back and forth somewhat, with the flat sides horizontal. These crystals grow in temperatures between -9° and -20° C. (15-25° F.). Temperature inversions, though, often allow sun dogs to be visible when it's much colder than that at ground level.

File:Bataan sundog.jpg
A crimson sun dog in Camaya Coast, Mariveles, Bataan at the left side of the setting sun. Note that the other sundog (at the right side) is obstructed from view.

I also have been sent emails claiming this cannot be the case because of the conditions needed at the time for the videos shown to be Sun Dogs.  It seems Sun Dogs are very rare and not often captured.

I must say some of the Sun Dogs do look to be what people are seeing as well as some do not.  I wish we could find the definite answer to this question.  Maybe the atmospheric conditions are changing which is why we are now seeing so many of these rare sightings all over the world.  Keep your ideas or knowledge coming in so we can  figure out if they are Sun Dogs or something else!


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image by Ed Fleming UFOII

There are many reasons we have  writers involved with the paranormal.
Some  find the subjects considered unknown  interesting  because we have no set answers to so many questions.  Many people are  very curious about  what is reported  by those who  have seen or experienced  the unknown.

Others write about or become  involved in the subjects of the paranormal as it is a  open field with  few boundaries allowing both fact and fiction to be presented without questions or controls.  

A few write from experience .  It is not uncommon for someone who has had a extreme experience to feel compelled to  write or talk about it.  Having a life changing event occur in your life can leave people feeling confused and alone. 

Seeking others who have also had similar experiences can make those who have looked in to the eyes of the unknown feel once again connected to their own humanity. 

 It is a difficult road to be alone with something as powerful as having dealt with the  unknown .  How does one cope with knowing they have  lived through and  experienced  something others have not.  Far worse  is the difficulty of knowing if you do talk about it you will be laughed at or snubbed from those you depend on in life.  

Most who  encounter  these events keep silent and deal alone with the pain, fear and knowledge that they have faced a strange experience  and will have to handle it alone .  That is a horrible feeling.  I know it close up and understand it fully.

I write about the unknown as I am one of those who had it thrust in to my life  without warning or desire .  I am one of those people others  write about and talk about  who have never seen a UFO or alien yet  become  the ones who  are listened to as the experts.

That did not sit well with me for many years.  I would read the books, watch the movies, listen to the radio shows  and feel frustrated and even more alone.

Those telling me what  they thought with strong conviction were not even close to the things I knew or experienced.  The  information was close to what I knew to be real but always  off  in certain areas or embellished  to the point the reality was lost as I knew it.

I  had a life , a family and obligations . Those things came first for me. Holding on to and building a strong base  was paramount to  me.  Like many others like me holding on to that base of  a  normal life is what kept me going, alive and able to handle the other part of my life I did not want yet could not control or stop.

My frustration with the rest of the worlds views and  the information and way it was presented about the things I was actually dealing  with as part of life  became over powering as I aged.  

Once my real  life obligations were  easier,  my family grown, my work finished and a slower pace at hand I knew it was time.

Upon retiring from a successful  long career I  decided  it was now or never the time to try to have my say about the things I knew firsthand  concerning the strange and unknown events of my life.  I began to write .

Before I knew it others were seeking me out and asking me to help them with the events that they too had endured  in their lives.  I  wrote about them too.  I try hard to only write about that which I feel is true  as well as protect those who come to me  with the events they have experienced.

Over the years   I have written about many subjects considered paranormal  however my real interest remains with that of  UFO's , aliens and abduction. 

I have had strange events evade my life since I have been a small child.  One event took place  in  1965 when I was 14 years old while living on the south shore of  Long Island, New  York.

This event was one that was a life changing experience that has stayed with me my entire life.  There was no confusion as with lost time events or mistake at what we saw and endured .  This was the one night that will live with me daily right to my grave.  I  cannot forget it , understand it or forgive it.

At the time the small town I lived in was surrounded  with lots of open wooded land , a large state park and of course the  Great Sound Bay  which met  the  shore .  

The town was a lovely community  with a  Main Street  full of stores, a library,  churches and a  Jr. High School.  It was a nice place to grow up and I was a happy average  teenage kid.

Behind the Jr.  High School  that was located on Main Street   a large  football field  backed up to  open woods. on  one side and  farm land on the other.   

The Main Street of this town where the school was located was only about  one mile from the  coast  which faced the  Great South Bay which headed directly out to the Atlantic Ocean.

The  date was Oct 30th which was the Saturday before  Halloween.  There were lots of parties going on in town as well as  tons of  teens out running wild with eggs and shaving cream.  Since  Halloween  fell on Sunday that year  everyone  planned to celebrate Saturday night instead  as  Sunday  everyone had to be home early for school  Monday morning.

I had typical  14 year old plans to meet up with my friends behind the Jr. High School  so we could  throw things at boys and maybe  find our way to a party in the neighborhood . 

I  was to meet up with two other  girls my age as well as a group of other school friends at  6: 30 PM behind the school in the football field.  It was often the place the kids in town used to group up or hang out in town.

I met my two girl pals on time behind the school.  We were waiting  for the rest of our school  friends to gather before we took off after  the other kids wandering around the town that night.  Egg fights and shaving creaming the boys in town was our mission for the night.

It was a cool clear crisp fall night.  My two friends and I stood waiting behind the dark school in the foot ball field.  We noticed small groups of  older  kids gathering down the end of the field.  We did not recognize them and  we  were younger so we stayed  a distance away at the other end of the field waiting for our friends . 

While standing there giggling and laughing we heard a  male voice from down the field where the other kids were hanging around yell out " What the hell is that!"

We heard the group start to  shout  and turned   in their direction to see what was going on.

Down at the opposite side of the football field a large brightly lit craft was slowly descending down over the field.

The craft was a large oval  . It was  silver in color with many small bright neon colored lights around the mid section of the craft. It had a bank of windows along the  length of the craft that you could see a white lit interior behind the windows.

The  cigar shaped oval had a low dome on top of  it.  Inside  there was a moving mechanical thing that looked  similar to a gyroscope .  It would spin as the craft moved.

This strange looking craft  flew low over the field until  it  slowed to a complete stop and simply hovered  in the night sky  about   3 or so telephone pole lengths over our heads.

The craft hung there as we all looked up at this thing.  I was awe struck and terrified.  I remember trying not to wet my pants as the fear over took every inch of my body.  I  have never been as frightened as I was that night looking at this odd craft  hanging over me in the sky.

My friends started to cry.  One dropped to her knees and started to pray.  I could not move at all and just stood there.  I  thought maybe they did not see me and if I did not move they would not notice us .

As I looked up at this thing  a  human form,  head arms  type of body came over to the window and looked down  at us.   It held out his hand as if to wave or greet us.

All I could make out was  the shape ,  I could not see any details.  It did look somewhat like a mummy.  As if it was all wrapped  up  like a mummy is .

I could hear a clicking.  Just a clicking sound.  I  thought my heart was going to explode the fear was so over whelming.  This is where my memory ends of  what happened on the football field.

The next thing I knew  my  two friends and  I were  running as if  from a funnel shape  shadow behind  us  out  of the back of the  Jr. High School  towards  the Main Street of my town.  

I looked around as I ran and notice other people running too.  I did not recognize them  and we all ran out of this funnel  shadow  in different directions.   

My friends and I were confused, dazed and frightened.  My one friend ran directly to the  Church  a few blocks away on Main Street.  My other friend  ran  away yelling - "I am going home."

 Standing alone  and disoriented  I also started to run at full speed  the  8 blocks to my  house.  I do not think I ever ran as fast before or since that night.

I burst into my house  as if  I were on fire.  My mother was sitting waiting for me watching TV in the living room.  I flew thru our  front door  and ran in to the living room.  My mother stood up and started to tell me she was very angry as I was supposed to be   by  9:00 PM.   I looked at my mother and asked her what she was talking about?  I could not have been gone more than a  hour.  I figured it was about 7:30  at night.   My mother looked at me and simply said.  "It is 10:30 at night.  Where have you been all these hours?"

I was stunned and started to cry as well as feel very ill.  I started to turn all red on my face and arms and legs.  I began throwing up with  such force  I thought I would  crash  through the wall behind me I would heave in  such  violent  agony.  

My mother woke up my father who had gone to bed to help  take care of me. My parents were very concerned and  were questioning me about where I had been.

I told my  parents what had happened in the football field.  To my amazement my father simply  said  " I believe you"   He told my mother to call the parents of the other girls to make sure they made it home.  Both my parents talked for a long time to the parents of my friends. 

As the night wore on I  remained ill.  I had a fever and my eyes really hurt.   The lights on in my room were  causing me pain so my parents sat with me in the dark as I weathered the  results of  what had happened to me that night.

The next day was Sunday and Halloween.  I stayed in bed and slept the entire day.  The next day  I was taken to the  town doctor.  He was extremely mean and very nasty about the entire thing and did not believe a word of what I told him had happened .  When my parents questioned him as to what could have caused the red sore rash on my body and other ailments I was suffering he became rude and threw a  antibiotic at my mother and sent us on our way.

My father called the police  the day after the event who told him that there were many calls about people seeing things the night before however it was  Halloween time and he was  sure it was some kind of joke.  He did tell my father that a small plane called in a strange report and  my father could call the Air Force, but  the policeman did think it was a waste of time.

At the time there was an active Air Force Base on the end of Long Island also  near the south shore and Atlantic  Ocean.

My  father had to return to work  leaving it up to my mother to call the Air Force Base.

My mother was told by the Base they would suggest she did not discuss this with anyone  and  told her they would send someone for a statement.  

In the meantime my one friends parents called to tell my parents that they would not be continuing the ridiculous story we were telling and to leave them out of it.

My other friends mother also had called the Air Force Base.

Still  ill and in shock  I stayed home from school.  About mid week an Air Force officer  came knocking at our door .  He  questioned me  over and over  about what took place and what I had seen.  He was cold and direct.  I did my best to describe what I had seen.  He had me draw it as well.  He  looked at my  eyes, rashes and took my temperature with a thermometer he had in his pocket.  He stood behind me  and looked at the rash on the back of my arm and neck . I think he scrapped my skin or  rubbed it hard with something as it stung a little bit after he let go of it.  

When he was done  talking to me he asked to speak to my mother alone.  He told my mother we would be best to not bring this up or pursue it any further.  He told her it was most likely my imagination.  He  told  my mom it would the best thing for our  safety  would be to not speak of this again or reporting it to anyone.  It would be best for us all to just forget it.  My mother felt it was a threat.

My mother called my friends parents who also called the base. My friends parents told my parents not to call them again and to do as they were told and forget it.

My parents believed me  and knew that we had been taken.  They also knew that I had been used in some way and harmed.  They just did not know what to do about it.

I was kept home for about a week before I returned to school.  My friends did not want to discuss it.  It placed a  strain between us and soon we found other friends and  sort of avoided each other.

I  did not go out alone at night again for many years. I was always with friends or family.  I suffered from that point on with rashes that would come and go as well as fevers for no reason at all.  I had to wear dark glasses when I was out in the sun as my eyes now hurt when I am  out in the sunlight.

My life continued on.  The difference was that I lived a normal life filled with normal activates however also endured many other strange events and lost time experiences along the way.  

This is the first time I have ever written about this experience in my life. It was an incredible event  that changed my life forever.  

My writing about this subject is  in  no way by chance.  I am compelled to do so. I find it very difficult to say what I have to say on this subject matter as my  experiences have been different than most of  what you find in this area written by others.

With that said I still feel alone and frustrated when dealing with the events of my life . I have found and formed a group of people who have had similar things happen to them . I often write about the real time abductee group  I have been blessed to be part of  the  group.

I will continue to write until  what I need to say is exhausted.   I will know when that day arrives and will follow that road in life too.

Be careful out there. You never know when you will the next to meet your football field  only to return hours later from a trip with  the unknown. 
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Incoming "New Players In The Game". Or Are They?

How Far Back in Time Does the UFO Phenomenon Go?

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image by Ed Fleming UFOII

During my time spent with the  Real Time Abductee group this past year I was lucky enough to sit with each of the six members for one on one conversations.  It was a time for me to find out what each member of this rare group of people wanted me to pass on to my readers.  

Some of the time I spent alone with them involved discussing  the events they had experienced  as well as opinions and warnings they had for those of us who have not encountered  the things they have.  I was curious to find out how their experiences influenced their thinking on some of the subjects I write about.

As I spent time with this unique group of people I quickly learned that they do not think like the average  person and have very strong opinions on many subjects.   What  I was told during these chats has changed the way I think about many things.

The female abductee I will be writing about in this article has focused in on what she describes as the  " Spoon Full of Sugar "  method  of dealing with life by many of her fellow human beings.  

She told me she has become fascinated with how society has be taught and uses the sugar method to deal with reality to the point that  most reality seems to be long lost concerning many subjects.

By sugar method this woman is referring to how many people seem unable to deal with life on a   'as is'  level and go about their thinking and lives by locking away the things that are too harsh or hard with a coating of  fake  surroundings or thinking in order to NOT deal with real life.  

She feels far too many people sugar coat or ignore real truth for a far easier digestible  yet  false  bubble of denial on many subjects and issues they encounter in their lives.

Living in fake bubbles  is a  safe  and simple way of  blocking out the hard truths of   life allowing for a far sweetie existence  .  She points out it is a far more dangerous method as well.  Living with blinders can  bring  devastation  when  real life comes knocking at those living in selective bubbles .

This lady feels that  many people spend their lives blocking out the difficult issues by simply ignoring they exist.  She told me she has watched   many people   walk around with  blinders  on  carefully living in  serious  bubbles of   denial  securing them from all things they do not want to hear, see or deal with.

Ultimately those living in this method  become  destroyed when a real truth enters their  spoon full of sugar false existence.  She  told me this  false way of  living  is  going to have devastating  backlashes  now as the world sinks  into  deep trouble on many levels. 

 Those who have traveled life in a sugar coated bubble do not seem to be able to conceive of or deal with the harsh realities they are now facing.  People losing their homes and jobs or those who are no longer able to afford the life style they once had seem blindsided by what she feels should have been obvious due to the course the world was traveling.  

Living in a world of denial is a strange creation by those  living in our time that she chalks up to a society fed  fantasy and  controlled by  media ,   television ,  and  Hollywood .  We are a brain washed society.   We have all been told to look over here at this lovely view of the world as we ignore  a great deal of  the real world and real  happenings around us.

This  lifelong real time  abductee feels this  Spoon  Full of  Sugar  thinking or non- thinking  is  clearly seen in societies view of the paranormal.

She reminded me how I once told her about the emails I received over  the years from  people   complaining that my articles were too harsh.  

One woman in particular comes to mind who sent me a long email years ago demanding that I stop writing the kind of articles I do as they frighten her . She scolded me and told me that if  I cannot write  about things like vampires and aliens as good beings like us that are here to help us she was not going to read my stories any longer.  I was a bit stunned that a grown adult  felt this way  and  replied by telling her I was sorry she did not like my articles and that I was not a fiction story writer but someone reporting  events  I felt were true by real people who experienced them.  I told her  I wrote about the events as they were reported  which were  often far from  lovely stories.  

The Abductee  reminded me of another  incident that occurred during this past summer when I was spending time with the real time abductee group.  

I was sitting at my desk  writing  about my  conversations with the abductee group when I received a  phone call from a woman who wanted to set me straight about the world of aliens and UFO's. 

The woman sounded as if she  was  an average middle aged lady with a large opinion on this subject.  The  purpose of her call was to tell me that I need to get a grip and  watch a few of the  Star Wars  movies so I can understand the UFO and alien subject.

At first I thought she was joking  but quickly learned this adult woman  was serious as she went about  blasting me on the phone for writing about aliens as I do .  She yelled that  I was  trying to frighten everyone by writing that we should fear other beings when it is a fact they are all neighborly and friendly which is  well known and I am  sick to think people need to fear them or  the crafts they fly around in.

 Not only was she upset about my stating that we should be careful and not try to approach a craft or being that is unknown - she was  furious that my articles were not full of love and sometimes terrified readers about things considered paranormal.  She told me that many of her internet friends have been taken on lovely journeys in UFO's and that aliens are here to only help us and show us the ways of the universe.

I asked her if she considered the fact her friends may be the ones not being truthful and that the reports I write about may be what is true and happening to people all over the world. 

The woman burst in to a rage screaming at me things that made no sense at all and slammed down her phone.

Obviously I placed a big pin in the  fantasy  bubble of  her ideas concerning  the subjects of the paranormal.  

The abductee reminded me of these events and how  extreme the woman  reacted when I shook her little  bubble with a  injection of possible reality.  

Not only  did she react strongly she became frantic  with  the idea  that  the real world had a different view of things she obviously could not deal with.

The  real time   abductee  pointed out that  far too many people,  due to the brain numbing , brain washing  effect  of  the internet,  Hollywood  and  slew of  paranormal  based television shows ,  have  far too many people locked in Sci- Fi fantasy  bubbles when it comes to things we consider unknown . 

 She fears we have allowed our  thinking to be shut down and tarnished by what is fun and easy to  digest when it comes to subjects that may be  too difficult to handle.   She considers the idea of  strange beings taking us at will  without any available help or understanding easier to handle if we simply toss it in the box with a great Star Wars scene they loved in one of their favorite   Star Wars flicks. 

The problem this abductee has with this way of handling things is that she is afraid it can or is being used as a control device  by  others who may benefit of want us detached and void of real truth when it comes to subjects like UFO's and aliens  or alien abduction.

She  feels it could  be an intentional  push  by something greater and more in power than we realize to keep us detached and distracted  via the fantasy that fills our lives and keeps us in  safe bubbles with sugar fed views of things that are serious and potentially dangerous for the human race.  

Her fear is that by our living our lives in sugar coated selective bubbles we see no evil , hear no evil and  speak no evil about some very evil things that  many poor humans do endure  at the hands of  some unknown power . 

Years ago  before we were  force fed by way of a  large volume  mixed bag of a small amount of truth  covered over by mounds of  fantasy via  technology we had to deal with the world  as it truly was.

We had to  work with nature and the land to feed and shelter us in order to survive. We could not look the other way  when  things became unpleasant  or we would starve. 

Today  we know our food markets will  be fully stocked when we get there.  Whatever harshness  went on  for  others to provide it  means little to those  floating in their  sugar filled bubbles pushing filled  food carts .  

Before we took this road of fantasy we needed our families, neighbors and friends to survive and thrive.  We had to look in to their eyes , touch their hands and talk to them one on one to keep going day in and day out.  

The fear is and message to all of you from this abductee is that living in a selective bubble of how you want life to be instead of living life truthfully as it exists may be the downfall of  humanity. 

Even  more  this lady fears we  have not become this way on our own accord or by the circumstance of  modern living.  She fears that this has been a road we have all been herded down purposely by others that find it a easy simple way to control us.

How simple it is to dumb us down from truth by throwing a good movie at us . How simple it is to break us apart  by dividing us in to little bubbles of false thinking  where we live with far less contact or closeness to  our species .

I think about her fears and realize she has a point.  Not only with the subjects of the paranormal but many major subjects that  are of extreme importance to us at this point in history.  Are we being truthful about the world around us or do we all pick and choose the  line of reason that is the easiest for us to handle that allows us to hide safely in our fake sweetened bubbles ?  

Could it be we have all been walked into a  way of thinking that will  one day destroy our  strengths and leave us alone and broken?   Far worse can this  fantasy  choice of  living in selective  reality  that makes us happy  be replacing our sound  minds with fantasy filled  brain washing that will one day destroy humanity?    

I listen  with care to the members of the real time abductee  group.  I realize that they look at our world and our  species with very different eyes. 

I know they were good people going about their normal routine of daily life when something very strange  interrupted their  life ,  took them, changed them and  threw back down  among us  once again.  

I know they  do not consciously  recall  many details of what occurred during their lost time  events.  I also know it has changed them and made them far  more  aware of  many things we never  even think about.

 I hope some of you can benefit from what these people  have  to say  as they seem to see to the center of things while the rest of us seem to remain lost  and  drifting  in  a universe full of strangeness and unknowns.

I imagine the events they endured  while looking directly  into the eyes of the unknown  has  given them a view of  life  from  experience  that only those who have known  can understand.

 Be careful out there.   I  hope one day all humans can once again live a sugar free   non bubble  life of truth ,   united , connected and strong.

Let your skies be  blue,  your  nights  filled with the kindness of others and your hearts full of love.  Stay human.

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For the past few years I have been searching to find a symbol that a lifelong abductee has been drawing since the age of three.

The abductee first remembers strange events occurring in life at  the same time this mysterious symbol entered into this person's life which was about age three.  That is when the constant scribbling of this mysterious symbol started.

As a child the abductee would be shown this symbol along the walls at night . It was not once or twice it was a nightly event that went on  for a few years.  The abductee's parents had other children and considered this simply a child's nightmare and brushed it off. 

It was also the time the abductee could recall strange events  including being taken while playing and being placed back down from a height by way of a white ray of light . This abductee 's life was never like that of other people.

The symbol is a one motion continuous line that a three year old should have a problem conquering however that was not the case with this abductee.

Along with the normal scribbling art of a typical three year old this abductee also constantly drew this symbol. This continued on  throughout  childhood  with every drawing the abductee made. When the parents questioned the young child to what it meant she would reply that is me! The entire symbol ordeal was becoming very strange for this family and the child.

The symbol continued to appear on schoolwork , art work and all things that could be used to doodle or draw. At about age 8 the school insisted that this behavior of adding this symbol to all the little abductee's work must stop. 

The Abductee told me it was a great effort that needed a huge amount of concentration and focus to not form this symbol . It had become such a part of the abductee's personality that not making the symbol took enormous work to stop.

Today now age 60 this abductee has spent a life time of carrying this symbol through life. The habit or  ritual of automatically forming it was controlled but to this day it can be found everywhere on things like bank books, calendars , note pads, anything that is laying around that is not of a business or important  nature. 

It is odd that a child would develop such a complex one motion symbol at such a young age. It is odd that the compulsion to constantly repeat it continued for a life time when the abductee showed no signs of any other compulsive character traits.

I have been asking my readers if they have ever seen or have any knowledge of this symbol for the last two years. 

I have had many good people try to help  however most suggestions were not close at all to this one line continuous motion symbol. 

Two people have given me material that may bring  some answers to this mystery . I am hopeful that by reaching out one last time to my readers and those who have an interest and  hopefully some insight or knowledge concerning this symbol we may be able to find some answers to this mystery.

I have asked the abductee to once again draw this symbol and show me how it is made with one quick stroke of the pen.  I will tell you that this symbol jumps from her pens tip with such speed that it is impossible to follow the method.  It is broken down to show you the direction used to make it in one quick move.

If you have ever seen this exact symbol before or have any information of what it means please contact me.

For now this symbol will remain as mysterious as this abductees entire life has been.
Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings

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My readers have been very active in sending me their ideas and opinions concerning the upcoming  year of dread 2012.

It is well known by now that I am not a believer that our planet will end on one day in Dec 2012 or any other one day in our near future. 

I am a believer however that we live in  a troubled era which  I have been referring to as  " The Era of 2012".

My thoughts are that we are now smack in the middle of a time in history when many natural cycles of our planet and   sun as well as the entire cosmos is due to have extreme  actions .  This will be a time that  will include  earthquakes, great storms,  volcano eruptions, along with  many other severe earth climate and  land mass  activity.  As this planet has in the past it will now once again deal with all these natural catastrophic events.

Along with the devastation of natural disasters we need to prepare for the violence of the sun and the disasters it might cause to a civilization that is built around technology that could easily be destroyed or brought to a sudden  stop if  hit by what the sun  may throw at us.  Again we are in a cycle where the sun  has and will continue to  burst huge flares out to space with us directly in the path  of what could  bring our power grids, communication abilities  and way of life to a  complete stop.

Along with these concerns  there are many other theories and speculations of passing space objects and  close encounters of all kinds thought to be coming our way not to mention the ongoing pole shift.

Add on the problems with war, terror and  major world economy problems and we are all looking at a difficult period of time ahead. With the long known doom and gloom  prophecies connected to the year 2012  I think of  our near future as an era of  disturbances that may be difficult in general for all  mankind.

I have had warnings from  so many different people including  psychics,  scientists as well as the real time abductee group I am associated  with concerning the upcoming  possible disasters of our time that I have been compelled to write about it in an effort to push people to seriously prepare for the possible  rough  road ahead . 

While writing about this subject I have received from my readers, my associates in the paranormal as well as the people who I am associated with who work in the subject of science a great deal of advice . They all believe it  will be necessary to prepare in order  to survive the different assorted  ciaos that may come our way.

I decided to simply list the items and suggestions sent to me in this article so what I am being told can be shared with those who are giving some thought to preparing for what may be a very rough patch in the road ahead of us all.

After spending over a week without power or communication abilities after hurricane Irene visited my area I fully appreciate the need for being prepared for a disaster.
Below I will list the items  necessary to survive  during a disaster along with a few things that would be considered luxury items .

Some items will be obvious.  I will list  things we can all afford as well as some  of the luxury objects.

Candles   ( buy twice what you think you will need.  I found that I was very short on my needed amount of candles during hurricane Irene and since have  doubled my supply. With long dark nights  candles are a must so make sure you stock up at your dollar store or whenever you see a sale.)

Lanterns  ( both candle , oil or battery )

Candle  holders


battery operated lights

battery operated radios

ham radio

battery operated DVD player

DVD's  ( these  items are not needed however it becomes extremely boring without power  during the long dark nights.  Reading is very difficult  by candle or battery light so  having a stash of movies can be a blessing especially if you have children.)
Magazines and books
board games and cards


as much gasoline that can kept in a practical safe manner   

a heat source

a cooking source 

 ( the above heating and cooking sources can be fire places  that are either wood or gas- or a outdoor grill or fire pit  and small propane interior heating units )
filled propane tanks,  wood to burn for cooking or heat


duct tape

roll of plastic

batteries  ( like candles you will quickly wear out your batteries )

first aid kit

medicines needed for family needs

wood for repairs or boarding up areas of glass


cleaning supplies plus cleaning and personal  wet wipes


bug spray



a  weapon

clean laundry -   ( If you know a storm is coming make sure you do your laundry so you have a supply of clean clothes and towels at hand. Also change your bedding as you may not be able to wash your sheets for a few weeks if without power)
food enough for at least 2 weeks for each person

canned goods   -   that contain liquid like fruit and vegetables as well as canned goods including stews, baked beans,  chicken or tuna,  pasta meals etc. Nuts are  easy to store and a good source of protein and energy.  Food bars with nuts and fruit are also a good choice.  

dried food meals if possible

drinking water ( as much as you are able to store)

water for keeping clean separate from  water for drinking

 hint   :( stay away from food like bags of rice as they need large amounts of water to cook- keep to food that can simply be heated and eaten without adding water)
pet food  ( consider wet food as well as it contains needed liquid for your pet)

boat or raft if  possible

bicycles -      If we are hit by a large solar or gamma ray flare or blast it is likely your cars will not start  making them useless  .  Also  know that when you lose power you can not pump gas so fill your cars up and try to keep them filled whenever possible

A wagon to transport supplies or children and pets.

roller skates  

skate boards

The above items may seem ridiculous to you however walking miles to find supplies or to reach other family members is much harder than it is to jump on a bike to get there or even skate. 

I realize the above list is long and may seem overwhelming however most of us have a great deal of these items already lying around our homes. It may be a good idea to put them all together as well as making sure we replace them once we use them.

Some  things are without question luxury items.  The main idea is to read over lists like mine  and try to do whatever you can to prepare for what may come.  Picking up extra candles at the dollar store,  water or can goods when on sale is a good start.  Thinking about heating and cooking  and working out a way to have a method to do take care of  cooking and staying warm  is  crucial. 

Doing as much as you can with what you have is key . Doing nothing may be a very dangerous road to  follow.  I can tell you without question those who are prepared will have a huge advantage and higher survival rate .  Life does not always do what you want it to.  It is obvious that we are now living in very turbulent  life changing times.  Make sure you do all you can to see you and your loved ones can survive whatever may be thrown your way.  

Also develop and practice plans with your loved ones on what each person should do , where they should go, etc if a disaster hits your area.  I would urge you all to include a way in your family plans on how to  keep in  contact or  how and where to reach each other in case of a huge emergency situation. 

 Do not depend on phones .  The first thing to go usually is the ability to use  both land line or cell phones.  In New York we were not able to use our cell phones for days  after the last few big storms or on the day of  911 and a few days after that event.  You have to have alternate ways  to communicate or a plan where each person in your family has a place and plan to follow  in event your area  has a major disaster.   My entire family was spread over New York City during  911. Not knowing where my children and loved ones were  for hours that day was a chilling horror I will never forget.

 I am going to add one other piece of advice to those of you who one day find you are  looking into the face of the unknown.  If  you  find you are  alone and facing something that  you do not understand  please place caution in front of curiosity.

I would strongly suggest you never walks towards  a craft, light or  being you do not recognize or understand.  You may never be seen again.  I know we have all read many tales about those who have had delightful  experiences with  events of the unknown.  I am not one of them and I fear contact with that which I do not understand.  As much as I want to know who and what is out there I do not want to give over my life to do so.  Always caution on the side of  safety first.  Especially if you are all alone.

I hope no one has to fight for survival against mother nature or an act of violence or war however  life offers no promises other than the fact the strongest survive.

Make sure you are as prepared as possible to increase  your odds of surviving  the assorted possible events connected to the  era of   2012.

I thank all the good readers, associates and friends who added to our preparedness list  for  surviving  this  era in  history.

  Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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image by shaodius

I am going to tell you a story that I have been told is true. Since I did not experience it firsthand I am only able to repeat to you what was told to me.

This event took place in the mid 60's in a small town along the Long Island coast. This little town sits  along the coast of a River . The town looks like many small New England towns you may find along the Coast of the Eastern seaboard t of the United States.

Many of the houses and buildings in this little town  date back to the 1600's. It is a old area full of  lots of history.

One of the houses ,  an  old mansion built around the 1750s,  remained  a few hundred yards behind a little church that was built around the same time.

The church has an old graveyard filled with broken headstones and fallen grave markers next to it . The church , graveyard and old house have stood together in this old town for as long as anyone can remember.

Everyone  this little town  believed  the house to be haunted and the graveyard  known to have a ghost or two wandering its grounds supposedly seen by many in town.

The little church is still used .In fact it has been the Sunday place of worship for  as far back as anyone can remember.

The church was renovated inside in the mid  1960s. That was the time a  new young pastor took over the congregation. He  was determined to build the church back to being strong and beautiful.   Along with the  renovation of the old church a lovely little cottage was  build on the grounds for the pastor  to live in.

The old house behind the church was commonly known in the little town as being haunted  and dangerous.. Everyone  in town knew to stay far away from that house .  The only ones who went near it  were the  people hired to be  caretakers of the property.

Now and then you would hear a story floating around town that someone in town heard screams or saw strange people looking out of the windows of the old mansion. There were stories that once a very crazy doctor and his witch like wife lived there . Town legend claims the couple practiced monstrous  experiments on both animals and humans killing and burying the dead on the mansions property. Claims of seeing both ghostly figures of people and animals wandering the place have been passed for as long as anyone can remember.

. My interest in this old mansion and the church nearby came by way of my cousin who  lived in town  at the time.

My cousin was a few years older than I was . She was in her late teens at the time of the incident. It was October about a week before Halloween when the event happened.

My cousin and her boyfriend were driving around town with a few other friends when one of them brought up the old mansion and all the ghostly tales that were told about it.   They decided it would be fun to take a closer look at the old house and the graveyard on a little ghost hunt of their own. 

Being young and foolish it never occurred to them that this may be a very dangerous even deadly thing to do .  They soon found out that fun was far from what they would encounter on this cool October night.

My cousin,  her boyfriend , two other girls and one other boy all were packed into the ford mustang that belonged to my cousins boyfriend.  Slowly and silently they entered the dirt drive way of the old mansion that drove along the side of the old graveyard. They parked the car at the  back corner of the graveyard so they were  in between the house and the graveyard.
The group got out of the car and made their way in to the graveyard  to see if they could find a ghost and have a giggle. The five teens walked along under the moonlight reading the old grave markers while the wind blew the fall leaves about their feet. It was a typical fall night in the northeast and perfect for hunting ghosts.

 As they walked along the rows of old gravestones the five teens began to feel uncomfortable and a bit frightened.  The two girls in the group started to hear noises behind them as they walked along the grave markers.. The one girl insisted she could hear someone or something following them.

The group started to feel very  uncomfortable walking among the dead and decided it may be more fun to venture on to the Mansion to have a look around.

The five teens  had no idea what a dangerous decision this would prove to be.  

They walked towards the old mansion  . They were giggling and acting silly as they continued their ghost hunt.  As they approached the old house one of the girls noticed something in the window on  the second floor  in the front of the house. She stopped dead in her tracks hushing the others to look at the window.

The five kids stood there watching the dark house when my cousins boyfriend whispered :  "Did you all just see that?"

He too saw something or someone standing at a window on the second floor. The group stood still  watching.

The other boy with them suddenly yelled out   "BOO" which sent the other four kids jumping clear off the ground. The group laughed and continued walking around to look at the side and back of the strange old house.

As they made their way to the back side of the mansion they noticed a broken down shed in the back corner of the yard of the house. The group of five walked towards it to see what the little building was used for. The shed was a small duplicate of the large main house. The teens thought it may be a elaborate playhouse and wanted to take a closer look.

The small building was about the size of a old fashion double garage. Bigger than a single garage of today but not as big as a modern double garage. The little house was exactly like the big one including a open front porch . The teenagers wandered onto the porch and tried to look in the windows. The windows were so dirty and the night dark making it impossible to see inside.

One of them twisted the front doorknob and to the shock of all the door flew open as if someone pulled it from the other side.

The teens stood there looking at each other. They decided to just take a peek in to see what was inside. The five of them walked in to find a large open room filled with walls lined with shelves . In the middle of the rooms was a large table .

The place was filled with cob webs and dirt. The group walked around looking at the shelves which were lined with bottles of different sizes.

The group was silent as they carefully looked around. Finally one of the girls picked up a bottle and held it to the moon light coming through the dirty window. She yelped in disgust and tossed the bottle back on to the shelf.

The bottle had what appeared to be a dead animal floating in it.  The group of teens began to look more carefully at the bottles lining the shelves. To their revulsion they all had what looked to be some type of fetus or partial piece of some kind of living creature. The group was stunned and quickly became frightened .

They decided it was time to leave and quickly ran back out into the yard to make their way  back to the car.  The five teens could not contain their fear and started to run towards the front of the old house towards the waiting Mustang.
That is when it happened.

The two girls and other boy were ahead of my cousin and her boyfriend. They were running full speed towards the car.

As the group ran across the yard my cousin slipped on the fallen leaves and fell hard to the ground.  Her boyfriend stopped running to help pull her to her feet . The other teens kept  running full speed towards  the car.

Quickly my cousin and her boyfriend were alone on the side of the dark old house. My cousins ankle was badly sprained and she could not walk much less run. Her boyfriend lifted her to her feet and half carried half dragged her along towards the front of the house to make way to the car.

Their friends were long gone and they were alone. Without warning , without any sense it was coming my cousin and her boyfriend were hit by a force that sent them both flying in to the air.

The two were flown in the air landing about ten feet apart on their backs on the dark side yard of the house .

Before either could react to what had just struck them my cousin started to scream as she fought with the night and her invisible attacker. Her boyfriend   watched in horror as my cousin tried to fight off something that he could not see.

He ran to her side as she punched and fought with the air. He could not believe his eyes. He tried to pull her up from the ground . Each time he would reach down to pull her up he would be shoved back to the ground  a few feet away from her. He could see her face was bleeding as she continued to scream and fight.

The boyfriend made a few more attempts to help her to only be thrown in the air away from her. My cousins face was covered with blood as were her arms. He knew he needed help and started to run and scream for the others to help him.

The teens ahead heard the struggle and started back towards them when they saw my cousins boyfriend being thrown through the air like a rag doll. Thank fully one of the girls knew immediately that they needed help and took off at a full run for the pastors cottage to get help and a phone. 

The girl made it to the pastors cottage in seconds . She pounded on his door half yelling half crying for help.

The young pastor was home and quickly opened the door stunned to find the hysterical girl at his door. She was able to tell him her friends were being attacked by something invisible at the old mansion and needed help. The young pastor did not blink or think twice. He grabbed three things,  A bat, a large wooden cross and a bible.

The girl and the pastor ran quickly back towards the old house. The scene before them was terrifying . My cousin lay on the ground covered in blood still fighting against her attacker. The other three teens  were trying to stop the attack to only be thrown all over the yard.

The pastor began to yell as he prayed as he ran to the group of teens fighting this evil invisible thing attacking them. The young pastor ran to the side of my cousin and placed the cross on her chest. It was thrown immediately into the air. The pastor yelled for the others to get it. He placed it back on her body holding it firmly in place with all his strength . He told the boys to help him and they all pressed the cross to her body. The pastor started to pray holding his bible to his heart.  The beating stopped . The pastor was cautious as he pulled my cousin to her feet.

For a few seconds it seemed as it was over.  The young pastor instructed the group to run towards the church . The pastor and boyfriend were dragging my cousin now badly beaten .

The group were nearly to the church yard edge when they all heard and felt it coming.
Behind them they could feel the ground shake as thunderous pounding footsteps  charged from behind towards them.  The pastor screamed for the group to continue running towards the church.

The corner of the old graveyard  that belonged to the little church was only a few yards ahead of them when the pounding earth coming at them stopped. The three teens entered the church owned land first and kept running towards the church at the commands of the young pastor.

The pastor , my cousin and her boyfriend were right behind them. As they  all passed the line on to the church property they  no longer felt their attacker behind them.  As the pastor and the boyfriend dragged my cousin towards the church they heard it.  From the yard of the old house came a howl of rage so horrifying all five teens broke in to tears.

The group made it to the church. The pastor brought all five teens in side of the little church and prayed over them before doing anything else. He then took them in to his little cottage where he called the police . My cousin was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where she was treated for her cuts and bruises and released.

The police wrote this incident up as teenagers assaulting each other . The hospital listed it as my cousin being in a fist fight. The young pastor was laughed at and ridiculed for playing in to the fantasies of the teens who let a haunted house trek get out of hand.

My cousin , her boy friend and the other three teens along with the young pastor all tell a different story. They tell of the night they came face to face with evil , fought it and won.

I believe my cousin of course . I know her to be a logical well balanced adult who had lived a productive good life. I will tell you she stayed in contact with that pastor her entire life.

That haunted house was fenced off at the pastors insistence shortly after this incident. The old house was finally taken down about  20 years ago. It did continue up until that time being known as the haunted house behind the church.
Who knows what evil  lurks in dark places ? My cousin will tell you only that it does exist.

Happy Halloween

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