Tis the Season

Tis the Season

January 2, 2012

They are Speaking We Need to Listen- UFO's New Years Eve 2011 entering 2012

 Below find my initial report on the massive sighting that occurred during New Years Eve all over the world. Today I want to give you something to think about. Without question we just had a huge world wide sighting of unidentified objects. There are videos and photos of this event all over the internet. Obviously millions of people cannot be delusional or reporting this event for the heck of it.  The question I want you to ask yourself is why is this world event  NOT being reported in our media?  Have any of you heard a word about this on your local news?  Do not find comfort in the fact it is being swept away quickly and think this event is not  sensational. It is enormous and it is like so many other major events being controlled so you can continue to live in blindness to what really goes on around and above us each and every day!


A reader called me today from the state of Florida  to tell me he and the entire party he attended on New Years Eve witnessed a red orb UFO flying and  hovering  above their town until it took off at an incredible speed straight up in to space. The man who called me was a skeptic who was confused on how UFO's could not exist if he stood there and watched one with his own eyes. I tried to explain to him they do exist and he was now one of those who first hand with his own eyes looked directly in to the unknown.

The reports of the same exact type of red orb UFO was spotted across the planet on New Years Eve. Different time zones - different places all over the globe were visited by red orbs or groups of unknown orbs.

I think this was a message to us . I believe it is time we start to realize that mass sightings like those on New Years Eve need our attention and concern. I am uncomfortable with what I viewed on You Tube concerning this massive sighting. I do not know what it means. I do know it is time for us to pay attention with our best and brightest minds . The days of UFO 's being a fantasy subject has to stop and  REAL research and with our best minds needs to start immediately.  If we do not do this I can only hold fear in my heart for us all.

Below see a handful of the many videos available  of what was seen all over the world this New Years Eve.  It is time we pay attention.


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If  you are interested in the subject of unidentified flying objects  you definitely will want to read this book.

I rarely suggest books  concerning the UFO topic as I cannot find ones I feel will benefit the subject on a level needed to break through the wall of denial and delusion that has built around this subject. 

It seems we long ago lost our way with subjects considered unknown riding a  abstract  road  mixed  of fact and fiction .  It seems impossible to find material that gets to the point and is filled with data we need to digest and decide on the issue of flying unknowns.  

UFOs in Wartime-  written by Mack Maloney is one of the best books in my mind written concerning the  Unidentified Flying Object subject out there. 
Mack Maloney does not waste our time with fluff or filler.  He gets right to the getting  leaving the readers head spinning with one  report, encounter or  sighting after the other .  This book  is  filled from first page to last with information  collected from  first rate sources and witnesses .  Mack left  no stone unturned in his research of  UFO's  during our worlds history  of  War. 

Not only is the book fascinating in its first rate accounts  it  explains  reports of what took place in our skies during our  war conflicts going back  to AD 312.

How many times have we  had to listen to naysayers  whine  how they deny what they hear or read concerning the UFO issue  due to the lack of credible witnesses?  How many times have we had to listen to the complaints of those who feel only  crazy people or money grabbers are those pushing the UFO agenda?  Mack Maloney has given us all the ammunition to  give those clinging to that line of reasoning something to think about.  His book  UFOS in Wartime  will give the most hard core skeptic something to chew on for a very long time. 

This book is filled with unexplained hard to dispute accounts of unknown objects that were encountered by the world's  best and  brightest   pilots , military people and other high ranking government officials.  This is not a book written about the dream state  imaginary encounter of a lost lonely soul- this is a book filled with event after event of those  I feel are impossible to dismiss.

The best thing about this book for me is that I now have a handy  reference book to help me combat the  hardest skeptic with facts and exact events  that are hard to deny.  To tell someone you have  stood  before a huge UFO and dealt with it first hand is like walking around with a huge sign tattooed on my head   that reads
" Insane lady here"  .  With Mack Maloney's book at hand I can  recite case after case of  Unidentified Flying Object reports  that  back up  my  own  experiences with the unknown.

If  you  find you are often caught frustrated  because  your ability to reference  incredible  information quickly of undeniable  quality  UFO reports this is the book for you. 

I could not possibly list the information found in this book as it is filled from cover to cover  with  incredible  accounts  all of us should  be aware of concerning this issue.  You need to  read it  if you are at all confused or interested in the subject of UFOs.

Mack Maloney has presented an intelligent well thought out  book  that for me was a huge surprise and   now  dictionary type  addition to my desk top.  The next time a skeptic decides to catch me  off guard demanding  expert witnesses or reports with a  out of  side of their mouth snarl-  I will whip this book and just start reading it to them!

Do yourself a favor and buy this book.  In fact buy one for all those side snarling skeptics in your life as well.  Unlike many paranormal books that are rather expensive  this book  is well priced and for a few dollars the best thing you can own if  you are interested in the subject of  UFO's .  I plan  on buying a handful of copies to give to those  who help me in my own UFO research as well as a few for those who have been biting at my back for years who live in full denial of that which flies about right over their heads.

My advice.  Buy this book!

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image by Ed Fleming UFOII

There are many reasons we have  writers involved with the paranormal.
Some  find the subjects considered unknown  interesting  because we have no set answers to so many questions.  Many people are  very curious about  what is reported  by those who  have seen or experienced  the unknown.

Others write about or become  involved in the subjects of the paranormal as it is a  open field with  few boundaries allowing both fact and fiction to be presented without questions or controls.  

A few write from experience .  It is not uncommon for someone who has had a extreme experience to feel compelled to  write or talk about it.  Having a life changing event occur in your life can leave people feeling confused and alone. 

Seeking others who have also had similar experiences can make those who have looked in to the eyes of the unknown feel once again connected to their own humanity. 

 It is a difficult road to be alone with something as powerful as having dealt with the  unknown .  How does one cope with knowing they have  lived through and  experienced  something others have not.  Far worse  is the difficulty of knowing if you do talk about it you will be laughed at or snubbed from those you depend on in life.  

Most who  encounter  these events keep silent and deal alone with the pain, fear and knowledge that they have faced a strange experience  and will have to handle it alone .  That is a horrible feeling.  I know it close up and understand it fully.

I write about the unknown as I am one of those who had it thrust in to my life  without warning or desire .  I am one of those people others  write about and talk about  who have never seen a UFO or alien yet  become  the ones who  are listened to as the experts.

That did not sit well with me for many years.  I would read the books, watch the movies, listen to the radio shows  and feel frustrated and even more alone.

Those telling me what  they thought with strong conviction were not even close to the things I knew or experienced.  The  information was close to what I knew to be real but always  off  in certain areas or embellished  to the point the reality was lost as I knew it.

I  had a life , a family and obligations . Those things came first for me. Holding on to and building a strong base  was paramount to  me.  Like many others like me holding on to that base of  a  normal life is what kept me going, alive and able to handle the other part of my life I did not want yet could not control or stop.

My frustration with the rest of the worlds views and  the information and way it was presented about the things I was actually dealing  with as part of life  became over powering as I aged.  

Once my real  life obligations were  easier,  my family grown, my work finished and a slower pace at hand I knew it was time.

Upon retiring from a successful  long career I  decided  it was now or never the time to try to have my say about the things I knew firsthand  concerning the strange and unknown events of my life.  I began to write .

Before I knew it others were seeking me out and asking me to help them with the events that they too had endured  in their lives.  I  wrote about them too.  I try hard to only write about that which I feel is true  as well as protect those who come to me  with the events they have experienced.

Over the years   I have written about many subjects considered paranormal  however my real interest remains with that of  UFO's , aliens and abduction. 

I have had strange events evade my life since I have been a small child.  One event took place  in  1965 when I was 14 years old while living on the south shore of  Long Island, New  York.

This event was one that was a life changing experience that has stayed with me my entire life.  There was no confusion as with lost time events or mistake at what we saw and endured .  This was the one night that will live with me daily right to my grave.  I  cannot forget it , understand it or forgive it.

At the time the small town I lived in was surrounded  with lots of open wooded land , a large state park and of course the  Great Sound Bay  which met  the  shore .  

The town was a lovely community  with a  Main Street  full of stores, a library,  churches and a  Jr. High School.  It was a nice place to grow up and I was a happy average  teenage kid.

Behind the Jr.  High School  that was located on Main Street   a large  football field  backed up to  open woods. on  one side and  farm land on the other.   

The Main Street of this town where the school was located was only about  one mile from the  coast  which faced the  Great South Bay which headed directly out to the Atlantic Ocean.

The  date was Oct 30th which was the Saturday before  Halloween.  There were lots of parties going on in town as well as  tons of  teens out running wild with eggs and shaving cream.  Since  Halloween  fell on Sunday that year  everyone  planned to celebrate Saturday night instead  as  Sunday  everyone had to be home early for school  Monday morning.

I had typical  14 year old plans to meet up with my friends behind the Jr. High School  so we could  throw things at boys and maybe  find our way to a party in the neighborhood . 

I  was to meet up with two other  girls my age as well as a group of other school friends at  6: 30 PM behind the school in the football field.  It was often the place the kids in town used to group up or hang out in town.

I met my two girl pals on time behind the school.  We were waiting  for the rest of our school  friends to gather before we took off after  the other kids wandering around the town that night.  Egg fights and shaving creaming the boys in town was our mission for the night.

It was a cool clear crisp fall night.  My two friends and I stood waiting behind the dark school in the foot ball field.  We noticed small groups of  older  kids gathering down the end of the field.  We did not recognize them and  we  were younger so we stayed  a distance away at the other end of the field waiting for our friends . 

While standing there giggling and laughing we heard a  male voice from down the field where the other kids were hanging around yell out " What the hell is that!"

We heard the group start to  shout  and turned   in their direction to see what was going on.

Down at the opposite side of the football field a large brightly lit craft was slowly descending down over the field.

The craft was a large oval  . It was  silver in color with many small bright neon colored lights around the mid section of the craft. It had a bank of windows along the  length of the craft that you could see a white lit interior behind the windows.

The  cigar shaped oval had a low dome on top of  it.  Inside  there was a moving mechanical thing that looked  similar to a gyroscope .  It would spin as the craft moved.

This strange looking craft  flew low over the field until  it  slowed to a complete stop and simply hovered  in the night sky  about   3 or so telephone pole lengths over our heads.

The craft hung there as we all looked up at this thing.  I was awe struck and terrified.  I remember trying not to wet my pants as the fear over took every inch of my body.  I  have never been as frightened as I was that night looking at this odd craft  hanging over me in the sky.

My friends started to cry.  One dropped to her knees and started to pray.  I could not move at all and just stood there.  I  thought maybe they did not see me and if I did not move they would not notice us .

As I looked up at this thing  a  human form,  head arms  type of body came over to the window and looked down  at us.   It held out his hand as if to wave or greet us.

All I could make out was  the shape ,  I could not see any details.  It did look somewhat like a mummy.  As if it was all wrapped  up  like a mummy is .

I could hear a clicking.  Just a clicking sound.  I  thought my heart was going to explode the fear was so over whelming.  This is where my memory ends of  what happened on the football field.

The next thing I knew  my  two friends and  I were  running as if  from a funnel shape  shadow behind  us  out  of the back of the  Jr. High School  towards  the Main Street of my town.  

I looked around as I ran and notice other people running too.  I did not recognize them  and we all ran out of this funnel  shadow  in different directions.   

My friends and I were confused, dazed and frightened.  My one friend ran directly to the  Church  a few blocks away on Main Street.  My other friend  ran  away yelling - "I am going home."

 Standing alone  and disoriented  I also started to run at full speed  the  8 blocks to my  house.  I do not think I ever ran as fast before or since that night.

I burst into my house  as if  I were on fire.  My mother was sitting waiting for me watching TV in the living room.  I flew thru our  front door  and ran in to the living room.  My mother stood up and started to tell me she was very angry as I was supposed to be   by  9:00 PM.   I looked at my mother and asked her what she was talking about?  I could not have been gone more than a  hour.  I figured it was about 7:30  at night.   My mother looked at me and simply said.  "It is 10:30 at night.  Where have you been all these hours?"

I was stunned and started to cry as well as feel very ill.  I started to turn all red on my face and arms and legs.  I began throwing up with  such force  I thought I would  crash  through the wall behind me I would heave in  such  violent  agony.  

My mother woke up my father who had gone to bed to help  take care of me. My parents were very concerned and  were questioning me about where I had been.

I told my  parents what had happened in the football field.  To my amazement my father simply  said  " I believe you"   He told my mother to call the parents of the other girls to make sure they made it home.  Both my parents talked for a long time to the parents of my friends. 

As the night wore on I  remained ill.  I had a fever and my eyes really hurt.   The lights on in my room were  causing me pain so my parents sat with me in the dark as I weathered the  results of  what had happened to me that night.

The next day was Sunday and Halloween.  I stayed in bed and slept the entire day.  The next day  I was taken to the  town doctor.  He was extremely mean and very nasty about the entire thing and did not believe a word of what I told him had happened .  When my parents questioned him as to what could have caused the red sore rash on my body and other ailments I was suffering he became rude and threw a  antibiotic at my mother and sent us on our way.

My father called the police  the day after the event who told him that there were many calls about people seeing things the night before however it was  Halloween time and he was  sure it was some kind of joke.  He did tell my father that a small plane called in a strange report and  my father could call the Air Force, but  the policeman did think it was a waste of time.

At the time there was an active Air Force Base on the end of Long Island also  near the south shore and Atlantic  Ocean.

My  father had to return to work  leaving it up to my mother to call the Air Force Base.

My mother was told by the Base they would suggest she did not discuss this with anyone  and  told her they would send someone for a statement.  

In the meantime my one friends parents called to tell my parents that they would not be continuing the ridiculous story we were telling and to leave them out of it.

My other friends mother also had called the Air Force Base.

Still  ill and in shock  I stayed home from school.  About mid week an Air Force officer  came knocking at our door .  He  questioned me  over and over  about what took place and what I had seen.  He was cold and direct.  I did my best to describe what I had seen.  He had me draw it as well.  He  looked at my  eyes, rashes and took my temperature with a thermometer he had in his pocket.  He stood behind me  and looked at the rash on the back of my arm and neck . I think he scrapped my skin or  rubbed it hard with something as it stung a little bit after he let go of it.  

When he was done  talking to me he asked to speak to my mother alone.  He told my mother we would be best to not bring this up or pursue it any further.  He told her it was most likely my imagination.  He  told  my mom it would the best thing for our  safety  would be to not speak of this again or reporting it to anyone.  It would be best for us all to just forget it.  My mother felt it was a threat.

My mother called my friends parents who also called the base. My friends parents told my parents not to call them again and to do as they were told and forget it.

My parents believed me  and knew that we had been taken.  They also knew that I had been used in some way and harmed.  They just did not know what to do about it.

I was kept home for about a week before I returned to school.  My friends did not want to discuss it.  It placed a  strain between us and soon we found other friends and  sort of avoided each other.

I  did not go out alone at night again for many years. I was always with friends or family.  I suffered from that point on with rashes that would come and go as well as fevers for no reason at all.  I had to wear dark glasses when I was out in the sun as my eyes now hurt when I am  out in the sunlight.

My life continued on.  The difference was that I lived a normal life filled with normal activates however also endured many other strange events and lost time experiences along the way.  

This is the first time I have ever written about this experience in my life. It was an incredible event  that changed my life forever.  

My writing about this subject is  in  no way by chance.  I am compelled to do so. I find it very difficult to say what I have to say on this subject matter as my  experiences have been different than most of  what you find in this area written by others.

With that said I still feel alone and frustrated when dealing with the events of my life . I have found and formed a group of people who have had similar things happen to them . I often write about the real time abductee group  I have been blessed to be part of  the  group.

I will continue to write until  what I need to say is exhausted.   I will know when that day arrives and will follow that road in life too.

Be careful out there. You never know when you will the next to meet your football field  only to return hours later from a trip with  the unknown. 
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Many of you know I have been spending the last year having conversations with a group of six people who are Real Time Abductees.  They are ordinary people who while going about the business of their normal daily routines where taken, abused and  thrown back.

These people were fully awake at the time and taken against their  will.  This has been a life time  ongoing  problem for four of  the six  people in the group.

I have written other articles about my conversations with this group.  I will now  be concentrating on the messages the abductees singularly and  as a group  wish  to   offer  for those  who may be interested in what they have to say via  my articles about them.

I will tell you  the people in this abductee  group  are not like the average people we live with or encounter during our everyday life.   They also are not like the average  abduction  reporting  people found across the internet.

  They do not tell fanciful colorful reports of reptile like or grey looking beings with big eyes  zipping  them  through the night in large spaceships where all can breathe the same air  while conveniently communicating telepathically.  They are never asleep when they are taken and always returned ill and suffering.  Not one of the Real Time Abductees have ever felt love, light or happiness after being kidnapped against their will, and returned as if a sack of wheat thrown back without concern  .  They are different.

The abductees are very bright and very serious about this horrific problem that has followed them for most of their lifetimes.  They have been changed by what has happened to them both mentally and physically.

In this article I will write about the thinking of one abductee  and her ideas on many things she sees that she finds extremely dark and dangerous for mankind.

This woman is by far the most unusual person I have ever met. She is a genius who has been given the ability to use her brain in a way that has changed her over the years.  She has also  benefited  by this change  as it has  aided in her success which helps her live a secure lifestyle reducing her abductions.   This advanced intelligence  is the only good thing that has come from her life time of  abductions.

She thinks differently than your average  person  which obviously is a result of what she has endured or been changed   via her abductions.

Her main warning to mankind  is to stop being so  backwards and stunted when it comes to the unknown.  She told me  she is  disgusted with what she sees and reads concerning the subjects of  UFO's ,  aliens and abduction to the point  she feels there is little hope for our advancement or learning in these areas due to our childish actions and thinking    She told me it is the main reason she keeps what she knows within her  protected  family . 
She  often discusses with the abduction group that she feels the   aliens find humans  extremely stupid and view us mainly as sub standard beings with miles to go before we develop in to thinking beings.

I realize some of you  may take offense  to  that remark .  I also warned you this group will not tell you sugar coated nonsense you want to hear . They will share what they think by way of what they experienced .

 The  fact you may not like  what they have to say is of little concern to them.  They feel  people  can  listen or not listen, believe them or not believe them. It is of no consequence to them.

  They have very little interest in sharing with anyone.  It took me a very long time to get them to agree on meeting and talking to me .  The only reason I was able to convince them to do so is because  I also am a real time abductee.

 As far as this group is concerned they all would be very happy taking what they have seen, lived and know with them to their graves.  They do not see  any benefit for them  in  sharing  their private hells  with a vicious society that has no real interest in what really goes on to  many helpless people all over the world. The fact society has rejected these people  and prefer fantasy to truth is clear to this group of abductees.

  They have no interest in people knowing who they are .   They do not want to be famous or have their privacy invaded.  Their lives  have been invaded enough .

The only leverage I had in getting them to agree to let me write about them was that it may one day help some poor terrified  good person who one day alone finds they too are looking into the eyes of the unknown.  I was able to convince them that what they say  may  somehow one day may  keep others alive.

Understand that past that this group of people could not care less what anyone has to say  who has not been abducted  in real time as they have .   They are not out to win you over nor do they want you in their life in any shape or form.  They will say what they have to say and that is the limit of it.
Having been able to successfully  talk to this group gave me the ability to understand a great deal more about this subject then I did when handling it alone . I definitely  see things differently now that I have spent time with them.

"Humans are just too stupid!."    That is this woman abductees  comment about the alien - UFO subject  and mankind  in a nutshell.  She  will tell whoever asks that the garbage she reads and sees concerning the UFO  alien agenda is mostly pure nonsense produced by ridiculous people who have no clue at all what is what .  

She realizes that fiction can be fun and entertainment is a big part and need of the human condition .  She  however is very concerned how lacking we are in understanding what is real from what is fiction.  She feels  we are not only far from knowing  the truth of the universe  - we are far from deserving to know.  

 In her thinking  the aliens are  delighted we are so ignorant as it makes it extremely easy for them to do what they do , when they want to do it , to whoever they want to do it to.  She feels we are little more than loud smelly stupid animals to the  extremely advanced species that pass by and use us at will.

This abductee understands we are being adjusted,  used for biological material and altered for purposes of pure experiment  that have nothing to do with our benefit. The aliens  are not  bothering with us for our benefit.  It is strictly for their own.

Perhaps the way we test new medical techniques or drugs on mice  and pigs  is how we are used to test new things that will benefit their species.  Exactly as we use part of a pigs heart for our benefit  they may be using our DNA or our physical makeup . Maybe we are close enough in design to them to  be used  for these purposes.  She feels sure some of us are  tagged and used over and over . She simply chalks it up to the fact once they have us categorized as an animal they can use over and over just as we track and tag animals here on earth.  She feels  they do exactly the same thing using some of us  over and over.  It might be some of us are closer to them in makeup, chemistry or in some way we do not understand   and more useful than other humans to them.  Some humans are tagged and reused others are not.

This abductee also thinks the implant issue  is not fully correct.  She feels it may be possible but clearly feels that those abducted over and over no matter where they may be are walking  markers.  She feels the very cells and atoms that makeup those who are repeatedly taken  make them easily to follow and pick up at will. They do not have implants their entire body cell by cell atom by atom is the marker they follow.  It is built in to them .   She feels they alter the people so every cell in their body is the marker making them extremely easy to trace and  collect when needed by their abductors.

The abductee thinks  they may be trying to develop us  to be more like them so we too can travel the cosmos.  It may be the human body is not suited well for this and they are trying to manipulate us to withstand space travel  as well as they can.

There are thousands of reasons they take and use us, a thousand more why they have physically altered some of us.  The one thing she is positive of  is that it has nothing at all to do with any respect for the human race.  We are  just animals on a primitive planet in the early stages of our development.

 This abductee along with the other abductees in this group all agree that they feel a few different species of aliens are involved in taking humans . It is not just one alien group it may be many . This would explain why abductees have slightly different experiences . It also would explain why the people in this group feel  humans are taken by a certain type of visitor that does not return them . What happens to those taken in this way can only be  harsh  and should be a concern to all  of mankind.  Again,  it is just washed away from our minds by a good movie or ridiculous paranormal TV show and life for earthlings goes blindly by.

This woman finds in particular  the material she finds in the media or on the net concerning our fighting, taking over,  or having control in any shape or form of our alien visitors extremely distressing.

She feels it very dangerous for humans to be so childish that they comfort themselves by writing ridiculous scenarios where humans fought, or will fight , or have taken over aliens.  She thinks of this as a perfect example of our delusional thinking concerning the alien subject that cements our ignorance concerning  our alien visitors.

We as a civilization are no match, none, not a chance, not a speck of a shot at ever going against those who look at us ,  use us,  and go about their business when done  .  The idea we have conquered any alien  in any way is strictly a big figment of our human minds. This abductee  laughs  when she comes across this thinking as she knows they could rid the cosmos of us in a snap of a finger. They could destroy us with a blink of an eye.  As far as this woman is concerned  but for the grace of god go all of us in this relationship of humans and our universal neighbors.  We go as we are allowed to go,  nothing more.

 We  are dealing with others who know what the fabric of space is, who know what dark matter and energy is, who understand the energy or the universe as well as all the physics of the cosmos and use them to travel and control  what we have yet to come close to understanding .   We are no match, not anywhere close to their level and as it presently stands  seem to insist on  staying that way.

She points out the way we limit our thinking  and growth as a civilization by the hate, killing, war ,  and chaos  of our world.  We cannot find peace or stability on our own planet. We cannot figure out our energy needs or how to efficiently use our planet to sustain our  population.   We are good at panic, ignorant conclusions and refusal to educate and expand.  We seem to be a slow moving  slow witted group of beings that are  really not that appealing to other beings sharing the cosmos.  If we were they would have long ago become more involved with us.  Face it , they are just not that  in to us- why would they be?

The fact we are so destructive  of  not only our own planet but our own species can only be viewed with the same eyes we watch two wild animals fight it out on the  African Plains.   

The abductee talked about how she thinks the aliens may simply be waiting until we completely destroy our own species by way of our own ignorance.  It seems to be the way of our kind. 

She also remarked about our thinking and how sad it is that our civilization is so lacking that we are not able to  figure out how to use our planet or grow our species.   Instead she finds articles about the horror of our reaching the 7 billion mark in population.  What cements our primitive views is finding reference to dealing with this  population mark  by discussing  destroying or removing humans to a lower amount  of population.  She finds this very thinking the very animal level  that keeps our visitors and abductors at arm's length  when dealing with us.

She explained it this way to me: 

" New York City is a place where the population is dense . New York City is also a place where people successfully work, live, raise families, visit cultural centers, and thrive.  It is a  great place to visit and for many a wonderful place to live and work.

If you took the world's population  of  7  billion and placed them in the same density of  those living  and working in New York City they would  fit into and fill the state of Texas. 

Now Texas is a big state but  hardly  a  major  portion of the United States- not to mention the entire world.  

Add to this the fact we have huge amounts of open land closed down to farming , or producing life giving products all over the world due to ridiculous political and economical  stupidity and add in war and hate and you have a planet too dumb to find its way out of a paper bag.

Once we figure out how to handle our planet, our needs and energy requirements as  intelligent beings we will figure out how to  carry a far bigger population without the need to KILL off anyone !  These are  the reasons we  are  seen as the primitive  beings we  actually are by our visitors  "

She reminds me that our planet is only now entering  its middle age years and is in the prime of its life with what is behind it in life span still ahead of it.  It is not our planet  that  is to blame for our inability to handle our growing population it is our small minded lack of intelligence that is the problem. Once we start to think in place of jumping to stupid conclusions and work at solutions instead of fighting we  may then   be considered more than the  savage beings we seem to presently  be.

This abductee  feels we will not  grow beyond our present state  in her life time. She also finds it very humorous that  she finds so much written on the  fact that we seem to be sitting here waiting for some fanciful event that will usher in a new human existence making all our problems vanish with the  swipe of some world event that brings us all to a new species of  human...among other similar  theories.

She feels we are masters of delusion before all else and make up whatever fantasy we  need instead of doing the hard work of growing to better beings.  She is sure from her own journey with encounters of those far more advanced that that  at best we give our visiting kidnappers a good  giggle if little more. Once they have accomplished whatever it is they take or use from  us - they pretty much treat  us as we do mice in a lab .  They throw us back until the next time they need a sample or experiment, or to see how we are doing if we are the experiment.

I listen to the abductees and see the world differently now as they talk about the unknown in a very strong  clear manner.  I understand how we all can trick our minds in believing what is easier to digest and less frightening when it comes to the unknown.  I now know that  delusional thinking and  behavior is what has us the lab rats and other life forms our  superiors.  We  stay in ignorance willingly as it is easier than advancing and changing our primitive ways.

I asked this abductee if she thought aliens were working with  any of the governments of the world. Since she seems to  feel we are  not on the same level as our visitors  I wanted to know what she thought .

She told me she did think that some  of the power bases on earth were working with or contacted by other life forms visiting our planet.  She   told me she shy's away from  talking about this subject as  humans immediately jump to the conclusion  we are working alongside of  alien species.  She  feels without exception if we are aware of and involved with another species it is under the full control of the aliens.  The aliens decide what  , where and how our involvement will take place.  We have no control over this  and have no way to change this. There are no weapons, technology,  known  tactics or understanding  in the human race that can combat,  defend or have even a equal opinion when it comes to our relationship with our advanced  visitors.  We can do one thing and one thing only. Co- operate.

This unusual abductee feels the only message she can pass on to her fellow earthlings is to be cautious about  their surroundings and try to understand that strange things happen to everyday people.

 She wishes we were not so juvenile in our handling and thinking of the UFO alien subject .  She told me she gave up hope for any true knowledge of  other species  being known any time soon after searching the  internet,  reading the books available  and sitting through a bunch of internet paranormal radio shows.  She feels we are so delusional and childish not to mention  over run by total frauds  throughout these subjects that it  is ridiculous to think we are close to or capable of   dealing with or comprehending the truth of these things. 

She also told me something I felt was a chilling statement.  This abductee who is clearly the  most unusual person I have ever known told me that the aliens watch  how we handle this subject. She  fears for the large amount of people who feel it is a free pass to do, say, write, or make huge false claims concerning this subject.  She also told me  she senses a strange feeling  that they do not like those who tell tales of abuse and abduction that  did not happen and that they are aware of  it and watching how we  handle  the subject of our visitors in such a ignorant manner .  She also told me she does fear for some who may anger the unknown for personal agendas .

I have to wonder if those busy with spending hours making fake photos , fake videos or telling long involved tales of adventures with aliens that did not happen ever considered they may be watched and not in a good way by the very beings they claim to have contact with?    More than that I wonder if any of  the people using this subject for self agenda needs ever consider the fact they may be  annoying or agitating these beings ?

 As one who has looked in to the dark cold eyes of the unknown  I will tell you this is not a good idea.  I know better as I  have  had to deal with  lost time , abduction and strange beings and the last thing on earth I would do would be to draw attention to myself  by way of annoying these creatures  by purposely not being truthful .  I can only conclude those who do these things do not believe  at all aliens exist or are lost in their own delusion .  Otherwise they would never risk what they do  in fear of angering  these beings.   I am lost to why humans do what they do.  I can only warn  not to do it.

The  bottom line  for this abductee to  society is to wise up,  stop living in fantasy and understand there  is a bottomless amount of  information we do not understand about the unknown and it is unwise to shut down to it , make fun of it or refuse to learn about it.  She also thinks everyone needs to  pay close attention to what goes on around them  as anyone at any time could be the next to be called - the abductee.       

I will be concluding my articles about this abduction group hopefully by the end of the year or shortly thereafter .  I do hope somehow somewhere someone will be helped by our sharing what has happened in our lives  while  going about the business of our everyday lives.  We pray it never happens to you.

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