Tis the Season

Tis the Season

December 22, 2012




In the past I would ask other people connected with the paranormal to send me their predictions for the New Year ahead.  Last year as we entered the dreaded year of 2012 no one replied to my request to what the year ahead would hold. I can understand their reluctance as 2012 has had a heavy black cloud hanging over it for a very long time.

Here we are coming to the end of this notorious year with the infamous galactic alignment just days away.  I believe December 21st  will come and go like every other day and we will all be forced to face the fact we need to finish preparing for the Holiday and finish that last minute shopping and tackle the chore of wrapping gifts and making ready for our family traditions.  I know I will be busy with all of those things with little or no thought to the world coming to an end.  I simply think this alignment happens every 26000 years. The fact the earth survived all the other galactic alignments before it tells us that it is not an earth ending event. The facts clearly tell us this event just does not stop our old planet from chugging along. With that said I have no excuse not to do all I always do at this special time of the year.

I do think 2012 was a difficult year filled with stress and difficulties. My prediction for 2013 is pretty much more of the same stresses and difficulties as our past year.

I think the world scene will continue to cling to the brink of disaster with war looming even closer than the previous years.  It is not possible for me to predict the amount of death connected to the war conflicts that hang over this planet but I think we all know we will see these things happening in our future.

I think the world economy and financial outlook for our new year will hang hard or at best be flat and stressful for many. I do not think the year ahead will be more than a holding cycle for most of the large issues facing us during this time in history.  I do feel that as we reach the half way mark of this year the world will start to bend in new directions. Although I personally never thought 2012 would be the end of the world I do think it is a mark in time we have come to understand as a period when life changes for those living on this planet in many drastic ways. This era I have been referring to for years in past articles as the ERA of 2012 started years ago and will continue for years to come.

  It will not be our finest moments nor will it be the safest of times to live on earth. We are at a point in history when many natural cycles are due to occur that will bring hard times and ciaos to those living upon this planet. As these cycles of events that are now timed to occur fall upon us we must remember that these things have all happened before and they will happen again.  As in the past the planet will survive and life will continue. This does not mean we are going to all live happily ever after and do not have to prepare to face enormous difficulties ahead.  Surely we will have natural disasters, world conflicts of war and financial issues including the possibility of life ending or life changing events.  I am simply saying the earth will continue on as well as life on it while this stressful time cycles through and the planet passes along the hard road ahead until it finds its way to a calmer cycle of time. For those of us alive during this time in history the experiences ahead may be trying and difficult. There does not seem to be any choice for the human race upon this planet to do anything but prepare the best they can for what is ahead and buckle up for what may be a bit of a wild ride.  

Those of us who have prepared for or find we are lucky to living in places that do not have a high rate of extreme events like volcanoes , tornados, earthquakes or life threatening storms will have a far greater chance of riding the wave of this Era of time when so many natural disasters are due to occur. Those of us who are lucky enough to have the economic means to see our way through extremely difficult financial times will survive the days ahead as well. Sadly there are others who are not prepared for the hard times due on this earth and we may see loss of life and broken lives cross our path as we move forward along a time full of unknowns that are due and waiting to erupt across this planet. Some of us will live and see it all while others may not. Although difficult these are the facts of life for the human race living on earth at this time in the history of our planet.

2013 will continue to bring increased sightings of strange things going on in our skies as well as everywhere else on earth. I know we will continue to see a rise in the amount of ORB crafts in our skies as well as unidentified objects we cannot explain.  We are moving across a delicate line of passage in our galaxy which will increase the activity involving entities being seen that are not human or known. We seem to be more open to easy passage of strange visitors from unknown places which I am sure will follow us during the New Year.

2013 will be a year where we begin our journey on the other side of the alignment which will start us on our way to a different type of living and thinking. I do think this will be a hard year however I also think it will be a year when we begin to clear our heads and hearts towards thinking of better ways of living with each other and upon the surface of planet earth.

Most of all I think we are turning a corner concerning a huge part of being human.  For all walking and living on this planet I think 2013 will be a year in which we all will have to face our personal battles and decisions with good and evil. This will be a time we will all be tested on our strengths and stance of being a good verse evil human. Our choices and behavior towards one another will come strongly in to play especially after the first of this year on exactly what course we have chosen and which path we will follow. The outcome of this will all play out over the days and years ahead however our final core actions will determine our soul’s destiny and this I believe strongly with all my heart. Starting 2013 all our decisions and actions will in group decide the fate of mankind. I only pray we all will decide to do the right things at the right times and not ever give over to darkness hate or evil in any shape or form. That will be for all humans the final statement about our journeys lived on planet earth.

I wish you all the best of all things and the strength needed for what may come your way. I hope with all that I can find in me that is strong and good that we all can walk along in to our New Year with the best of intentions backed by kind loving righteous hearts so we can walk ahead to our futures with heads held high and life a bright light ahead filled with hope and joy.
Goodbye 2012 Hello and welcome 2013

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Looks like the New Year will continue to bring us reports of strange things flying in our sky. See two new reports sent to me the past week:

I read your reports about UFO’s over Long Island and I just want to tell you it’s real. They are out there.  I was driving to Manhattan last Friday, December 14, with my 3 girls and we all saw this strange object flying over us. It was flying in the sky very smoothly not too far above us. It was going back and forth from north to south. Looked to me very comfortable up there, like it didn't even care if it was being seen. I don't know how many people saw it that day. We did and let me tell this has been a very important experience for us. I don't feel afraid anymore. I think they have always been there, perhaps they might be living among us. Who knows?

Have a good night

Long Island New York

Chris Holly
I was driving home on sunrise highway around exit 50 around 7pm this evening going eastbound. I had been looking in the sky because I noticed how clear it was out. I distinctly remember being able to see Orion's Belt very clearly. All of a sudden I saw this bright bright white light, I have never seen such a true white light. It was similar to a very powerful hid headlight times a million. It was pretty bright but then it got a lot brighter as if it was powering up.  It just took off. It took off so fast from where it was and then I only saw a partial trail and it and in a flash it was gone. It was so fast I had to question even if I saw something but I know I did. I have seen shooting stars before and other anomalies but I could tell that this was in our atmosphere and it was located clearly over on the east end of Long Island. Could you tell me if anyone else reported something like this? I am prior military and I have never seen anything like this
Long Island New York


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The first thing I want to do before you read this article on Orbs is to be sure you understand the definition I am referring to when I use the term Orb to describe what I talking about in this article.

When I use the term Orb I am referring to large  objects the size of an automobile or small airplane. I am not talking about the orbs that those who talk about ghosts, spiritual encounters or other entities describe. The Orbs I discuss in this article are large flying un identified objects seen in the sky. They are completely different and not connected to the small balls of light seen in houses or yards etc.

I want it perfectly clear this article concerns something far different which is connected to the UFO anomalies of our time of an alien nature and not of those connected to ghostly or spiritual unknowns.

With that said let me begin my journey of explaining my experience with this growing concern of Orb shaped flying crafts.

During this past summer I wrote a few articles about the constant on going reports of Orb sightings that  filled my email box , was left as voice messages or were called in to me from the people living on Long Island here in New York. At first I found it interesting. As the reports continued to come in I started to recognize something very odd was happening, by the end of the summer I could not get away from the continuous reports that Long Islanders were having of large Orbs flying across the Long Island sky.

The reports were all basically the same. Orbs about the size of a small airplane, others compared it to the size of a Volkswagen bug- was being seen mostly along the south shore coast of Long Island. They were silent no noise at all.  They were all very bright with no blinking lights or definition. The objects were solid in color with a plasma type swirl at times to its interior. The Orbs would change in color from white to orange and red and repeat this pattern or stay locked in one of those colors.

The Orbs flew in formations of two or three up to five at a time and would change direction and formation while flying. They also would stop and hover silently in the air as if watching something before deciding to continue on their journey. One group of men reported a sighting that took place as they stood in fear in a large deserted dark parking lot in Islip New York. While the group of men stood there talking two Orbs circled them above the tree line that surrounded the parking lot. The Orbs stopped circling the men and one Orb hovered over the trees as the other hovered over the men. My guess is that this group of men was very lucky as I think they were in real danger when these Orbs obviously were deciding to have more contact or even take this group of men. Instead after hovering above them the Orbs decided to continue on and gained altitude and continued on their flying course towards the Atlantic Ocean. They were very lucky men.

Reports kept coming in and I tried to continue to post them on my site in an effort to inform the public this odd activity was going on over Long Island. I was aware that similar sightings were being reported as well in other parts of the country including a great many over the Pacific Ocean coast line.

Since the ocean seemed to be involved as a destination with the sightings here in New York I could not help assume that the Orbs were connected to the open sea as either a sort of highway for their travels or maybe a landing area under the water’s surface. The fact is since I have no idea what these large Orb objects are I can only make guesses about who what or where they come from or why they exist much less why they are flying over Long Island.

The summer ended however the Orbs reports continued. I was going to address the issue again in yet another article when life as I knew it was completely changed  by the Super Storm of the Century Hurricane Sandy.

Long Island along with the eastern part of the United States was hit with a strange huge deadly destroying storm and matters of the paranormal were side stepped while matters of daily survival filled my time. 
The days that followed were filled with worrying about gas lines, hot water and staying warm not to mention the huge live power line that was lying across my lawn. We had to put out one fire that started to burn across the side of my house due to the live wire. My energy and time was directed to day to day living. I did not think about or care about the Orbs or for that matter anything at all other than my family and staying alive during the difficult days following the devastating destroying storm.

All that quickly changed as life intended yet another path for me to travel which was to focus me once and for all on the matter of the Orb invasion.

About a week, maybe a little longer , after the storm hit my area was stable enough for us to have a few areas with power where stores were up and running and we were able to shop once again for food and supplies.

I had a few family members who lived in areas located along the south shore coast line of Long Island who were told to leave their homes living with me during the storm. My brother and his son as well as a nephew his wife and three children all were with us. We all decided to go to the large Stop and Shop Food Market in Northport to fill up on food and other supplies not to mention get away from the house and fallen trees that now filled our days. We took two vehicles and all headed off to the Stop and Shop. 

It was just after dark when we pulled in to the large parking lot of the large Stop and Shop store. The night was clear and very dark. It was a typical lovely fall night here on Long Island. We parked in the middle of the parking lot and my family and I  were walking towards the store. About 20 or so other people were milling around with carts full of food when my brother stopped dead in his tracks while walking in front of me and pointed towards the sky and yelled to the rest of us :  “ What is that? “
We all looked up towards where he was pointing and that is where this story for me gets very strange. There right in front of our eyes above the trees at an altitude where a small plane or low flying helicopter would be- slowly flew three large Orbs. 

I have seen UFO’s before in my life. I had one incident where I had a large craft hover right over my head. That sighting changed my life. This one was also remarkable and has become carved clearly into my brain as something I will never forget. 

There above the heads of my family and the other people in the parking lot flew three large Orbs. They were flying in a V formation. Flying is not the proper term I would use to describe how these objects moved. The three Orbs glided as if on ice. They had a smooth flawless movement. . They did not have the motion actions of a plane at all. They did not float like a balloon or have the wind driven action of a Chinese lantern. The Orbs moved as if they were sliding on flat mirrored ice. I cannot explain it as I think it is something you need to see to understand. They were moving fast and quickly changed their position from a V formation to a straight line. As soon as they did this they made a hard left turn without changing speed and headed south towards the Atlantic Ocean. They were coming from the north or the Long Island Sound. The three Orbs were pure white. Once again unless you saw them you cannot easily explain the brightness or color. It was similar to the new LED Christmas lights that are far brighter than the old ones. They were just so bright that they stood out against the dark night like glistening diamonds. They were solid white. Nothing blinked or moved on the objects and I could not see any details other than a large white Orb. The color or light seemed to have a slight movement maybe plasma or liquid. It was barely detectable but you could see a slight slow flow inside the light. It was simply amazing. We all stood frozen mouths dropped as the large Orbs glided overhead.

It took maybe 30 seconds for the three Orbs to pass above us and turn and head towards the Atlantic Ocean. I could not believe what I was seeing. During the summer I spent many nights sitting on my deck or on the beach at night with my family and friends watching the sky looking for Orbs as so many were being reported. We would  sit with cameras and video equipment but never had any luck and did not find anything but the moon and stars as they should be all summer long. Now without anything at hand and with Orbs being the last thing on my mind I stood in the Stop and Shop Super Market seeing something I could never imagine I would see.

I must tell you that the Orbs are spectacular to see with your own eyes. The movement and color and brightness of the objects are unlike anything any of us who witnessed the Orbs had ever seen before. Standing there I knew I should be more fearful and take cover from what I do not understand however I stood frozen unable to move or take my eyes off the three incredible objects.  We watched as they flew south towards the Atlantic Ocean when we spotted anther Orb moving in the same odd fashion of gliding as if on ice heading towards the first three that already passed over us. This large Orb was moving faster than the first three. It seemed to be bigger in size then the other three as well. This Orb was without question the Big Daddy of the group. It was so bright yet you could look directly at it, the others were the same way. They were a brilliant bright light but you could look directly into it unlike the sun. 

This Orb was a deep magnificent red in color. The plasma effect was much more noticeable in the interior of this Orb then it was in the white Orbs. The interior of this large red Orb seemed to have a slow swirling movement of something. I cannot explain. It was not a gas or a solid substance; I do not know how to describe it. Once again you have to observe these incredible objects in order to understand what we witnessed.

This red Orb moved at a very fast pace following the course and making the same turn without any change in speed towards the first three white Orbs. Quickly this Orb crossed over our heads and followed the first three out towards the Ocean. The entire sighting took less than a minute and was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I was grateful so many people I know and love were there to witness this event with me.

Of course this sighting has been a main topic of conversation at my house over the days since we saw them. My family and I have talked endlessly about what they could possibly be along with the many other questions we have concerning these unearthly looking objects. We have no clue at all who is controlling these objects, where they come from, where they are going and what their purpose might be. I am not going to pretend to know or try to impress you with all kinds of scenarios about them. All I can tell you is that they exist. People are seeing them and they are unlike anything else in the sky now or in the past. I did not feel they were human in nature meaning that they did not seem to be products of mankind but that is just my gut feeling. 

I will tell you that these objects were in your face not caring or trying not to be seen. They obviously want to or do not care if they are seen. They seem, from the reports I have been given,  to be based or travel mostly  around the Atlantic Ocean. Of course I live on a large Island which makes it nearly impossible not to be near the Ocean however these objects never seem to be spotted heading west or east which would take them towards land, they always seem to be heading out to sea.
Lastly I have to comment that I once wrote in one of my articles that this past summer seemed to be the ‘summer of the Orb for Long Island’.  I must admit I find the fact that so many of these Orbs were seen right before being hit with the storm of the century to be a bit of an odd coincidence, if you believe in coincidences that is.

Hurricane Sandy was a strange odd storm enormous in size and bizarre in its behavior. I have already written about the strangeness of the storm. Now having witnessed these incredible large odd  Orb objects I cannot help think there is something very strange going on that we are not paying attention to that is somehow in some way connected to all the strange things that are happening around us.

I think we are in for some very rough roads ahead.  Something is not right. This storm was abnormal; these Orbs are without question unearthly or at least not common to the exterior of this planet as we understand it. This is an era of time that will change our path as humans forever.  I have lived through and tasted some of what is heading our way and let me tell you – It was a bitter harsh bite of what may be what is ahead for us all and frankly I did not like any of it.

I hope you all start to pay attention to what is going on around you. Stop explaining away things you cannot explain. I know it is easier to just think it is all just nothing or something you do not want to deal with so shoo it away. I understand that is easier to keeps your head hidden in a hole where you do not have to deal with things. It is also the best way to be the one who does not survive what seems to be what is sure to come. We all need to start taking a new approach to our thinking about things we do not understand.

Without question life is getting harder and more difficult on this planet every single day. You need to keep your eyes on your surroundings, your focus clear and your mind open. We are in a new era of time and things will continue to flow as more and more unusual things and sightings happen around us. It is not the time to hide or deny, it is time for you to be aware and alert. All I can do is report to you what I see and what others tell me they are seeing. It is up to you to either toss this information away as foolishness or use it to be ready for whatever may come your way.

I will admit I did the wrong thing when I witnessed these incredible Orbs. I should have had my family take cover in the store and moved away from the dark parking lot. I was among a group of about 30 or so people and it was unlikely that the Orbs would attempt to hurt or take that many people with so many other people nearby. However, if you have an experience like mine, please try to remember to protect yourself and those with you first and foremost. It is always best to be safe instead of sorry. We do not know what these things are that we witness in our sky. They are unknown and with that said we need to realize they could be good and helpful objects driven by kind intelligent life. They could also be dangerous killing machines that are evil and not care about mankind at all. You have a 50/50 chance with the unknown and that odd is just not enough to risk my life or the ones I love. Try to always focus on safety first.

For now keep your eyes open and your mind focused as we move forward in a future of unknowns and adventure that is ahead for us all. We now are up to our eyeballs in a new era of life on planet earth along with whom or whatever else may share our space in this universe.

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Originally, years ago,   I wrote an article about a long time friend and her family who had been living with a ghost in their  home. The story of this family always interested me .  This ghost story has a bitter sweet end.  I will explain the story first following it with the ghostly conclusion.

My friend and her family are a average American family living here on Long Island  in New York.  They live in a  average neighborhood in a  modest comfortable home on a friendly street. All is well and normal in their world except for one small annoying intrusion.

Since they have lived in the house , especially around the holidays, the family has been dealing with a ghost in their house. This  has been going on for over 40 years.

The  house was originally built by a young couple who had two  little  kids and a grandfather  who lived with them. The grandfather lived on the second floor and loved his  home. He had a sitting room on the second floor with a bedroom and private bath. Outside he kept roses and flowers that he loved and tended with care.

Both the young husband and wife worked full time jobs. The grandfather watched over the children until the couple returned home at night. The family seemed typical to the other families in the neighborhood. The granddad was happy to be with his family and tend his roses. He was content with his life. Often you could find him smoking his pipe waiting in his rocking chair on the front porch for the children to return from school. Life seemed to be working and happy for this family.

It started during one hot summer. The young couple began to fight. The young man started to drink heavily. Often you could hear yelling and loud arguing erupting from the house. The neighbors began to talk. Eventually  the  people on the street had to call the police when the fighting became too loud or violent.

Often the neighbors  could hear doors slamming and furniture being thrown against walls. By the fall of that year gunshots were heard a few times and the police were a constant fixture at the home.  The  family was dissolving. The old  grandfather was caught in the middle of a terrible situation. It was a difficult time.

The couple divorced. The wife took the children and moved away. The young husband sold the house. The grandfather had to be placed in an old folks home. Word had it his heart was broken.

My friend and her family bought this house from the young couple and have lived in the house since that time over 40 years ago.

 My friend and her family are a happy group of people who have loved and taken care of this house since they purchased .   My friend and her husband raised their children in the house and have kept it in good condition, including trying to tend to the large rose garden that came with the house. This family also has put up with the grandfathers ghost all of this time!

It is said that the old man did not make out too well once he left his once happy home. He hated the old folks home and only lasted a few years before he passed away.

My friend and her family who now own the house  started to notice odd activities around the home from the time they moved in to it. . It would increase  around the holidays.

Often when the family would be sitting in the dining room eating  they would hear the front door open and someone walk up the stair case to the second floor. The family would call out to see who was there without any reply. They would  search the house to find it empty but for the family members who were  sitting at the table. This odd activity would often increase around Christmas time.

The family would hear someone slamming doors or footsteps overhead on the second floor of the house often when they were in  the family room on the first floor. Again. they would search only to  find an empty house.

The worst of it  was the ongoing  smell of someone smoking a pipe. Each time this would occur the house would fill with the smell of a freshly lit pipe.. At times the odor of the pipe would be so overpowering the family needed to open windows and doors
The ghost of the grandfather lived with my friend and her family all these years. I was  amazed at how matter of fact my friend was  about sharing her home with this ghostly invasion. I wondered if she ever feared the ghost or if she ever thought about bringing in a ghost hunter?

This is what my friend told me:

“No, we are not fearful at all. After 40 years of  having him walk around the house we  feel he is harmless. For some reason he likes to be in the house during the holidays. He also refuses to move on. We think he still is tending his roses and smoking his pipe. It doesn’t interfere with our lives so we just let it be. Anyway we  rarely need to touch our rose garden. No matter what we plant there grows and gets more beautiful each and every year for the last 40 years. Why spoil a good thing? . We don’t mind, we are use to him.”

I remember the day she told me that. I  had bumped in to her while we were both Christmas shopping in town.   I could not help notice in her basket a bunch of red stockings with the names of her family written on top of them . I had to smile as I looked at the pile of stockings as right on top  was a stocking with the name Grandpa written across it. I had to envy how easily this family  handled  the strange encounters of their live in ghost.

 I lost touch with my friend for a few years. We again met  by chance while shopping t in town . We  shared some time together over a cup of hot chocolate to catch up with what was going on in each others life..

My friend told me that since we had last seen each other  she and her husband did a large addition and renovation to their house. She told me they demolished the front of the house adding new rooms and a new entrance to the house. They moved the stair case to the back of the house and enlarged the bedrooms on the second floor. They also added a large deck and pool to the back yard and had to pull out the old roses and plant new ones in another area.

She told me the ghost reacted when the work started by throwing tools of the men working on the house  across the floor. Often the workmen would find their supplies moved  other things simply vanished completely. He would push the men who worked alone hard enough to make them lose their balance and fall over. The carpenters were frightened which often caused delays and problems for all involved. She told me he would pull down sheet rock and bang on the floors and walls frightening the men trying to work on the remodel.

My friend told me that this went on until the day the roses were removed. She told me that was the last day  they ever saw or heard or smelled the pipe of  the ghost of the old grandfather. Since the house  remodel was completed they never again were visited by the ghost .

My friend feels that the grandfather  ghost  finally  moved on . Once the house was no longer the one he knew he did not seem to want to stay. Once the roses he loved were removed and replaced with the deck and pool the ghost seemed to lose interest in staying on and simply moved on.

I guess we changed the house  to the point he did not feel he belonged here any longer. She added that she and the other family members felt it was a good thing for their ghost to move  on to a better place and hope  he has finally found his peace.

I could not help wonder if she kept that stocking with his name on it. When I asked her about it she laughed and told me the stocking goes up every year. She told me that after 40 years of sharing the house with him they want him to know he is always welcome- especially during the holidays!

I do not know if I could be as easily going with a ghost in my house . I do know I did learn a new way at looking at something that I once considered extreme with new eyes and realize sometimes we just need to relax and let things be.

I truly wish my friends and all of you the love and happiness of the  Season.…and Happy Holidays to you too Grandpa!

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Most readers who follow the "alien abduction" phenomenon online are familiar with reports of ordinary people snatched from their workaday lives, often during broad daylight during the performance of some unremarkable daily activity, reported by my colleague Chris Holly as the misfortunes of the Real Time Abductees.  What follows is one of the latest cases in which the unknown abductors have reached into our world and grabbed an unsuspecting businessman whose only mistake was something he could never have prevented under any circumstances. 

 Was his fate somehow sealed the moment he was born to a Real Time Abductee mother?  Have the circumstances of his birth led to his joining the ranks of those who end up walking in fear, knowing there are creatures of unknown origin waiting to interrupt their lives and subject them to ordeals of physical and mental tampering that scar them for life?

The case in point is that of a son of one of the Real Time Abductees Chris Holly has reported about over the past few years. The man worked as an antique dealer who saw his existence slip into another zone, a place where all the familiar rules of our humdrum lives are turned upside down and terror takes center stage.  It all began a few short months ago when this businessman was gathering antiques in the Desert Southwest of the United States.

On this particular day his destination was Los Angeles International Airport, known to millions of travelers as LAX.  He was wrapping up a successful trip to the California community of Palm Springs, driving a large SUV he had rented in Los Angeles, packed with the merchandise that would declare his mission a success. 

 As his Real Time Abductee mother  related to Chris Holly her antique dealer son was proceeding toward LAX, planning on dropping off the antiques he had collected at a United Parcel Service location to be shipped back to his Connecticut office before turning in the rental SUV at LAX and flying home via New York City.  

But other plans, conceived by intelligences unknown and sinister, terrifying in appearance and power, would cross paths with this 47-year-old as he proceeded across the California desert.  His life would change forever before the journey's end, and he would be dragged into the confusing and frightening life led by those we know as the Real Time Abductees.

The background on this new abductee reveals a family man, happily married and supporting his college student children.  He has a successful antique business in the well-heeled corridor of Connecticut.  And he was born to a mother who has become what we must consider the matriarch of the Real Time Abductees.  The keen intellect of his mother appears to have been passed along to the son, and a concern for the fate of the Real Time Abductees must have been included in the deal, for, as we shall see, the son's ordeal in the desert was not his first collision with the world of alien abduction.

  Since his desert experience, he has confided in his mother that there have been other strange instances of missing time, one of the hallmarks of the abduction phenomenon.  He does not drink in fact has been a lifelong health nut not given over ever to alcohol or drugs.  In short, he's an individual with the sort of lifestyle that indicates an interest in doing things the right way, living for his family, all of whom are now concerned that his desert encounter with the unknown has changed his life and may indicate he's now fully involved in the terrors of his mother's lifelong abduction problems.

While we can't comprehend the reasoning of the abductors, this new abduction appears to raise the specter of an abductor interest in bloodlines.  Does this apparent abduction, coupled with the victim's previous missing time events, indicate the abductors are keeping track of the offspring’s of those they’ve so coldly taken?  This is only one of the questions that may come to your mind as we follow this gentleman's progress, driving through the desert landscape that fateful day last spring.

The antique dealer was probably thinking contentedly of the success of his trip west as he drove toward Los Angeles, but he did make note that traffic was sparse that day.  It was mid afternoon on what was an unremarkable California desert day as he tried to make it to the UPS center to ship his collection and head to LAX to turn in the rental vehicle and catch his flight.  He had traveled the area on many occasions before, and he says nothing was out of the ordinary that afternoon until the engine of the late model SUV suddenly died.

With the sudden loss of power, he was forced to glide to a stop on the roadside.  Nothing seemed to be wrong with the nearly new vehicle, and the gas tank was full.  He tried to restart the engine and got no response from the ignition.  The vehicle was totally unresponsive, as though the electrical system no longer had any juice flowing through its conduits.  Immediately concerned about becoming stranded on a deserted highway in an unpopulated area, with no traffic flowing by, he grabbed for his cell phone.  It, too, was dead.

That's all he can recall of what occurred when the suddenly powerless SUV forced him to pull off to the side of the road.

The Real Time Abductees are very protective of their identities, and rightly so.  They don't relish being treated like the media treat anyone who reports an incident we would all consider weird.  My writing partner, Chris Holly, is part of the Real Time Abductee group and is trusted by them to pass their message along to her readers.  After speaking with the Real Time Abductee who is the mother of this latest abductee, Chris picks up the narrative of this apparent abduction event:

The next thing the abductee’s son remembers is walking towards a general store from the desert and a man from the store rushing forward to greet him.

The man who owns that store was sitting in the front of his out-of-the-way business as he does most days killing time between his few usual customers when he noticed a man across the road walking towards his store from the desert. He could see the man was not walking a steady course and ran into the store to grab a bottle of water before heading out to meet the man and help him to the store. He walked out and found the abductee’s son confused and lost. He gave him the water and helped him make his way to the store's front porch seating area where there was a bit of shade. The storekeeper got the man to sit down and drink two bottles of water before asking why he was walking alone out in the desert.

The abductee’s son told him he had broken down and was looking for help. The store owner knew that something was not right about this man wandering around the desert alone and could tell the man seemed disoriented and confused. The store owner called the local police to help deal with the lost man.

When a deputy arrived he questioned the man about what had happened and how he came to be wandering around in the desert during mid afternoon alone and confused.  The man explained that his rented vehicle had broken down and his cell phone did not work so he went looking for help. The policeman talked with the abductee’s son and found him to be extremely disoriented. He did not know exactly where he was or how he got there. He did not know what time it was and was shocked to find that hours had passed since the time he had pulled off the road. His pockets were filled with odd rocks and fossils he thought he had picked up while walking in the desert. He did not appear to be sunburned even though he had supposedly been walking in the midday desert sun for hours. The incident was becoming stranger by the moment.

The deputy decided to try to find the man’s SUV and called in a search for all area law enforcement to look for it along the highways in the vicinity. Nothing was found until a call arrived that an SUV fitting its description was located about an hour and a half drive, or a day or more walk, from where the man was found at the isolated general store.

The police now were confused, wondering how he managed to cover the distance he did in the time stated without any signs of having made such a difficult journey. Things were not adding up, but the police did not have any cause to feel anything illegal had taken place. They decided to return him to his vehicle. They took him on the long hour and a half drive back to find his SUV parked on the side of the road exactly where he had abandoned it. It was not locked and still had all the expensive antiques intact exactly as he had left them. The keys were on the floor of the front passenger seat. The vehicle started immediately without hesitation. The abductee’s son’s cell phone was also on the floor of the front passenger seat and it worked as well. The situation, however, still remained extremely strange.

The police determined the man was not telling them the truth about his ordeal yet had no reason to hold him as he did not do anything they could consider illegal. They felt it best to simply allow the abductee's son to continue on his way.

Still confused and shaken by what had happened to him, the man was grateful to be back on the road heading towards Los Angeles.  Although he was hours off his schedule he was able to complete his journey. He finished his trip as planned, sent back his cargo via UPS and returned his rented vehicle. He was beginning to feel a bit ill but was happy to find he would be able to fly home that night.

On the flight home the abductee’s son started to feel as if he had the flu. He was running a fever and suffering severe chills. He was exhausted and could not stay awake. He slept the entire trip home.

His wife was waiting for him at the airport. She was shocked to see he was barely able to walk, weak and lightheaded. She had to locate a wheelchair to get him to their car which was in the airport parking garage. He told his wife what had happened to him out in the desert. 

The man remained ill overnight. The next day his wife took him to their family doctor. He told the doctor about his odd experience in the desert. The family doctor examined the man and found his blood pressure to be low and his temperature high. He discovered a raised red rash under his arms and along his spine. He also noted his right ankle was swollen. The doctor spoke to the abductee’s son’s wife while the man was dressing and told her he thought her husband seemed to still be a bit disoriented.  Just like the police determined, the doctor also felt the man was not telling the complete truth about what occurred to him in the desert and was withholding the information for private reasons. The doctor felt his ailments were not serious and that he would be fully recovered after a few days of rest and lots of water to rehydrate him. He sent him home to basically eat, sleep and drink a lot of fluids.

The man’s wife knew about her husband’s mother having strange experiences during her lifetime and unlike the police and doctor felt her husband may have also experienced something odd out there in the desert. She knew her husband well and did not think he was hiding anything. However, she did think he was acting frightened and confused.  The abductee’s son was extremely exhausted and returned to his bed to sleep after the doctor’s visit. His wife used this opportunity to call her husband’s mother and family to tell them what had happened to him during his desert journey.

The Real Time Abductee was alarmed and fearful for her son when she was told of his experience in the desert and immediately made arrangements to visit him. She and her husband who is the man’s father arrived the next day. After spending time with her son, the Real Time Abductee felt he had been taken, and she knew he would now have to live his life differently. 

The Real Time Abductee and her husband are still living with their son and his wife and children. The son is not doing well and has not been able to return to work. It has been months now since this incident happened and his rashes and exhaustion continue. About two weeks after the abductee's son arrived home he started to develop severe back pain. His doctors are not able to pinpoint the cause of it but do see problems developing along his spine.

The man has become withdrawn and easily agitated.  He has developed moments of flashback that come on him at all times of day or night that send him into a screaming hysteria. The flashes of memory are brief and do not make sense to him. They are also horrific which causes him moments of extreme fear. He will not discuss them and becomes angry if pushed to do so.  His family has taken the same tactics with him that they have with his mother. They protect him and have built a security system where he is never alone and their home is fully lit and watched so the chances of his being taken are at least limited by their actions. It is not known at this time if he will ever be able to return to  work as it consisted of a great deal of travel to places that would not be wise for him to venture to alone. If he recovers physically and emotionally enough to return to his career, his family will have to arrange new ways of handling the travel aspects of his work and reduce the chances of him being abducted again. The last time I spoke with this family they were still struggling with this new abduction case involving their son, and he remains ill and disoriented months after the event took place.

Over the years it has been an observation of the Real Time Abductees group that men do not survive the lost time events of being taken as well as women do.   Why this seems to be the case is a mystery.

I feel badly for this family as the last thing anyone who has been a victim to these things wants is for a loved one to suffer them, too.  These events are an invasive, unexplained intrusion of lost time and abduction by unknown entities which abuse the abductees and toss them back without concern. It is horrible to think someone you love may be forced to endure these inhuman encounters.

The Real Time Abductees have a long history of family ties to these strange unknown events, and all fear their families will someday become the ones to experience these nightmare events as their bloodlines appear to attract whatever is committing these mysterious kidnappings. It is the feeling of the Real Time Abductees that they are pinpointed because of their biological makeup. They feel it is their blood type, DNA, or some other biological marker that makes them the targets of these random lost time events and abductions. They feel this way because they know they have been physically altered during these events themselves. Not one of the people I have been able to talk with ever had any type of interest at all in things considered paranormal until they became the target of continued unknown events. The only reason they have banded together or allowed me to discuss their cases is in hopes it will help others who may be having the exact same things happen to them and, of course, in hopes making these encounters of everyday people known may one day help end them. For us all I wish for both these things.

That concludes Chris Holly's report on the encounter in the California desert that appears to have added a new member to the growing list of people who have experienced lost time and dim memories of terrible activities in which they were the unwilling victims.  So, it's a good time to remind readers, as Chris always does, be aware of your surroundings at all times when you venture outside your home.  You never know when it may become your frightening turn to look into the uncaring eyes of the unknown.  

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