Tis the Season

Tis the Season

February 28, 2013

below find Lost time Events in the life of Diane

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I have spent a great deal of time talking to a woman named Diane who has an extraordinary life of odd lost time experiences. Starting in her early childhood this woman has had lost time events in which she believes she has been taken by nonhuman beings who would experiment, or examine her for reasons none of us understand. She feels that sharing her lifelong encounters and extreme experiences will help bring others like her to the forefront in hopes of finding answers and closure to these events.  

Diane’s life is not glamorous or filled with elaborate adventures of aliens who leave her with meaningful messages that will benefit mankind. This woman’s story is simple and startling. It is a straightforward account of how her life has been interfered with. She does not seek glory or fame and does not want or need attention. She has a full life and love in spite of these intrusions.
I have known Diane for many years. It took her a very long time to come to the conclusion she wanted to tell her story. I agreed to write about her story as she tells it to me without any long colorful added fluff. With that said let’s start at the beginning

Diane knew her life was a bit different from a very early age. She explains that she does not have a smooth linked recall of her childhood. She does know it was not like other children’s.  The earliest event she recalls were when she was age three or four. It was a memory of being placed back. Diane explained to me what she could recall:

“That is the best way I can explain it. I was very young under age 5 when I recall being placed back on the ground. I had been playing in my yard.. All I can remember is the sensation of being placed down. I can remember looking up at a funnel or tunnel but do not know what I was looking at  I recall the pounding if my heart and being very frightened.”

Diane continued to tell me about her childhood

“The memories of my life that I am fully aware of began when I was about five or six years old. My family lived in a big old house located in Huntington, New York on Long Island. I was on a street of big old houses filled with lots of children. I was a happy little kid. I played all day, went to kindergarten and lived the typical life of a little kid until nighttime.

Bedtime during this time in my life was hell. My parents talked about it being night terrors, and were determined to simply wait it out until I out grew it. I knew it was a far bigger problem, but at age five, all you have is your family to depend on. If they think nothing is wrong, there is little a small child can do, but wait it out!

It would start once the house was silent and my family asleep. I would wake up to bright neon ticket tape symbols crossing the border of my room where the ceiling and wall meet. This display would play bright colored letters, numbers and images of toys and childlike interests, bikes, games etc. After a few minutes the symbols would start. Odd shaped lines and writing which looked very ancient. I did not know what they were or why I was seeing them. This would go on, around all four walls of my room, until it changed over to events. I would then see war like scenes, pictures of the earth, frightening things. At this point I would jump out of my bed and go screaming in terror in to my parent’s room.

I would chalk all of this up to child hood nightmares or night terrors except for one thing. It went on every single night, until I was seven. This went on for years with the same exact events  the same images, in the  same exact way night after night.

My parents took me to a doctor. He told them I was fine and just a bright child with an active imagination. I was becoming exhausted from lack of sleep and confused at this bizarre nightly routine. My parents decided I would sooner or later outgrow it.

By the time I was in second grade I was able to express myself a great deal better. A change in my nightly horror was developing as well. Now, when I went to sleep at night I would only see a few recurring images on my walls however I now had weekly recurring dreams of many people I loved dying along with a display of world events that later during my life would come to pass. It was better than before but still very disturbing as my nights continued to be a time of turmoil, exhaustion and screaming for my family during the long terrifying hours of my bedtime. In time as I aged the dreams did decrease.

The next few years must have been uneventful, as I do not remember much about them. The only thing I can recall is this is the time period  when I started to understand if a person was good or evil by one glance. I would tell my mother daily who the good and bad people were around us. My mother found this odd on one hand but later I found out she also paid close attention to the warnings of her strange little girl.

I was 10 when things picked up for me paranormal wise. I was older and allowed more freedom. The kids in my neighborhood would go out and play every chance they could. Sometimes they would play for hours only returning when their mothers called them for dinner. Often my friends and I would pack a lunch on a summer’s day and leave in the morning on our bikes and not return till dinnertime. We rowed our small rowboats in the nearby bay, fished, swam, played ball in the fields, or explored the woods. It was a great life. I was just a regular kid having a wonderful time except for the lost time issues and pain problems.

At age ten I started to realize that I would get home at days end much later than I thought. I kept arriving home at dinnertime at 6P.M.  when I thought it was only about 3P.M. in the afternoon. I would be off by hours to what time of day I thought it was. I had a watch, which really confused me as often, not always, but a few times a month; I would head home in early afternoon but arrive home at 6pm. I kept telling my mother that I would head towards home earlier  but she would only accuse me of being irresponsible, playing too long and yell at me. I knew I left for home, a 5-minute bike ride, much earlier yet not get there till dinnertime. I had no explanation other than the fact I was 10 years old!

Having raised children of my own, I now know the next memory I have of this time in my life is extremely odd. I would notice during the days I got home late, that I would also end up laying on the living room floor, after dinner, crying about the severe pain in my back and legs. I can recall the pain like it was yesterday. It was just awful. I would beg my mother to do something. She would give me a aspirin and fix me a hot tub to soak in. I would go through this until I was about 12. My parents told me it was growing pains. I remember asking my best pal George one day how he tolerated those growing pains? He looked at me blankly and said, “What are growing pains?” When I reported this response to my parents they responded by giving me more milk and cheese and making me go to bed earlier. The leg and back pain continued along with my coming home late  and confused about the missing time lasted until I was 11.

I wonder about those years and wish I understood more of what was happening around and to me. I know my 12th year was calm and rather pain free. I was becoming a young woman and things would soon change on many levels as I entered into a new phase of life. This also was a turning point for me not only from child to young woman but also an increase with my lifetime involvement with odd lost time events.”

Diane told me that now as an adult woman who raised a family of her own she realizes that whenever a child tells you something is happening it is imperative to listen to and investigate what the child is telling you  and to never simply disregard it .If a child complains of pain or has strange marks or bruises do not dismiss or ignore them. Mostly and foremost if anyone you love, especially a child, loses time do not dismiss it. Do all you can to find out what is happening to them during those lost hours? It may be the most important thing you could ever do for that person.

Diane’s life continued as any other normal teen with the exception of four or five episodes of lost time experiences followed by illness and physical signs of harm to her body occurring during the events. She told me she would know when a lost time event was going to take place as she would see either a ray of light or become surrounded in bright blinding light. Diane’s lost time events always took place when she was alone and outdoors. She was never taken from her house or a building or interior structure. She would become extremely dizzy and blackout shortly after the light or ray of light hit her.

Diane married in her 20’s and had three children all in a row. After her last child was born she had an increase in the number of lost time events that continued throughout her life until she was about 40 years old. Each time she would be taken while out in the world by first seeing the strange light or ray followed by blacking out and then becoming conscious hours later usually in an unfamiliar place.

Diane’s physical damaged was increasing now after each lost time event as well. She was becoming ill for weeks not days with flu like attacks that included rashes and high fevers. She was developing severe allergies to foods she had always eaten before. Diane was no longer able to spend but a few minutes, without being covered, in the sun or she would end up with blistering sunburn. For a woman who loved the beach and being outdoors with her family this was a devastating change. Diane developed problems with her sight that included not being able to see during the daytime when outdoors without very dark sunglasses. Driving at night become impossible for her as she could not see at all when the head lights of other vehicles hit her eyes. The strangest thing about Diane’s physical changes over the years was the way after each lost time event her body mass or structure started to completely change.

 After Diane had her three children she stood about 5 foot 5 and weighed about 140 pounds. She was as curvy dark haired beauty with dark blue eyes. Diane’s body changes started after the lost time event that took place after her children had been born. She began to lose not only body fat but body mass. Her once firm legs and arms started to lose muscle and tone leaving her with long thin arms and legs. Diane also noticed her fingers becoming long and bony which they were never like before and she was far too young for them to change in this manner by age. The changes slowly increased after each lost time experience until the age of 45. At this point in time Diane found she was a stick thin woman who not only could not tolerate the sun who now had reddish hair and very light blue eyes. These changes took place slowly after each event but did eventually end up completely changing her appearance. The strangest of strange things about Diane that now at age 45 she stood 5 foot 7 inches tall  which was 2 inches taller than she was in her 20s and 30s. 

Diane’s doctors could not explain the drastic changes in Diane’s body and found her to otherwise be a healthy adult. She had a full life raising her family and spent time working with her husband in a family business they owned. Diane, who is now entering the stage of life known as ‘the change of life’, has not had a lost time event in about four years. She hopes they may now be over and she can enter a time when she is not frightened of being out in the world alone or if she does go out no longer need a chaperone to protect her from being taken.

I have not included Diane as one of my real time abductee cases as her life has been different from that of the other abductees. Although Diane does share very similar childhood experiences with the real time abductees I found the overall sum of their experiences very different to Diane's   The harm done physically to Diane is different from that of the real time abductees as is her physical appearance. Diane has never seen a craft of any type nor can remember anything at all to what happens to her once she is hit by the light or ray that begins her lost time events. She does not have any recall or flash backs of what happens while she is gone nor does she recall any beings, creatures or people of any kind. Diane seems to be in a class all of her own.

I have no idea at all what or who has been intruding in this woman’s life or what or why they have been doing this to her over the years. I do know these events happened as she has had witnesses to her abductions by people who have seen the light or ray hit her that would simply remove her from where she stood right in front of their eyes. The question of who it is that is doing this and what they want will remain unfortunately for now another mysterious unknown. I am glad that the events seem to be over for this woman and thank her for sharing them with us. She does not want her life interrupted nor does she seek fame or attention she simply hopes the information she has shared will somehow someday help another who may be dealing with similar events.       

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Recently we issued a warning for those who plan on spending time outdoors this summer. It was a warning about what can happen when someone sights a UFO, especially one in close proximity. Since that warning, Chris Holly has received a new report from one of the Real Time Abductees that should reinforce our warnings about close encounters with UFOs. Chris has written extensively about the Real Time Abductees, people who have suffered a lifetime of abductions. 
The term real time refers to the fact the abductions of these people take place during real time while they are going about the business and routines of their everyday life . They do not involve sleep events or dreams or telepathic messages. They are encounters that invade their life while they are fully awake and functioning .
 The Real Time Abductees have suffered abductions while going about their daily routines, often within shouting distance of other people. Recently, the son of one of the oldest of the Real Time Abductees surprised his mother with the admission that he has experienced abductions. He had never told her because of the distress he knew it would cause. The son has recently suffered another incident in the California desert that we will write about in a future report. But today we turn our attention to another Real Time Abductee who had her last abduction experience twenty years ago. That is, it was her last abduction experience before an incident a few weeks ago that, coupled with the information from the Real Time Abductee's son, has the Real Time Abductees in turmoil.
Chris Holly put me in email contact with the Real Time Abductee who suffered this latest episode, and in keeping with Chris's longstanding rules, the lady in question remains anonymous. I do not know her name, address, phone number or email address. She is known to Chris, but not to me. This is to protect the Real Time Abductees, of which Chris Holly is a member, and anyone else who contacts Chris reporting their abduction experience or experiences. The same anonymity is offered to anyone reporting other incidents of unexplainable occurrences, from UFO sightings to ghost encounters.
All I know about this Real Time Abductee is that she resides on property that is oceanfront or near the ocean. That factors into the incident which took place about two weeks ago. And, like the other Real Time Abductees, she knows to never go anywhere, day or night, by herself. She surrounds herself with family and other people she trusts in hopes her abductors will be wary of attempting another abduction. For twenty years, that arrangement seems to have worked. In fact, the arrangement would probably have still worked if the abductee hadn't broken a key rule: Never go anywhere alone.

What follows is the Real Time Abductee's tale :
The Abduction
“My brother-in-law lives down the road from me and called on the day of the incident to ask if his dog wandered over to my house. His golden retriever, a male dog, does that from time to time. I looked around and didn't spot his dog anywhere on my property. While I was looking around I walked past my son's truck parked next to the barn. I saw the key was in the ignition and made the  foolish split second decision to jump in the truck and take a fast drive down an old beach road that ends at an area where I've found the dog before. He seems to love this isolated area of the beach, only about a minute's drive from my barn. 
“I guess twenty years without an abduction incident had made me complacent. So I took off to look for the dog.
“My instincts about the whereabouts of my brother-in-law's pet were better than my instincts about abduction prevention, because I discovered the dog happily chewing on something he found along the shoreline. He was soaked, covered with sand and having a great time. I got out of the truck, opened the tailgate and called him. I tried to let him know by the way I spoke that he had misbehaved. I guess he got the message, because he just looked at me with that wide-eyed 'just got caught with my pants down look' some dogs get when they know they've messed up. I walked to the front of the truck and about 10 feet onto the beach itself and called him again without that 'bad dog' tone to my voice. This time he jumped up, wagging his tail happily, and came running toward me. 
“As best I can recall, this is when the abduction event  began, for suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a funny feeling came over me, and I heard what sounded like a huge Harley Davidson motorcycle revving up right next to my head. It was deafeningly loud. There was no one on the road. Nothing had approached me while I stood there calling the dog. But there in my ear, as if it was right next to me, a thunderous noise commenced as quickly as you could snap your fingers.
“I was filled with a paralyzing fear, knowing I had made a terrible mistake. I started to turn my head and shoulders slowly away from the approaching dog towards the sound...and that's all I can remember of how the incident began.
[Editors' note: Here are some further descriptions of what happened at the beach recalled by the abductee in a follow-up contact:
“I also recall a strange creature running toward me on the beach. It looked like a big triangle about the size of a trash can lid. It had a mouth and eyes at the pointed end, four stick-like legs and hair or fur that looked like long beach grass on its back. I think it was greenish in color and had neon green eyes. I have no idea if it was a living creature or a machine. I recall trying to get away from it and the dog barking at it. It's all pieces of memory that are disjointed and confusing. I also just know somehow this was the last of it for me. I don't think I will be taken again. I also feel these beings want me to try to make people understand they exist and our viewpoint on all of these things is going in a wrong direction. My feeling is these beings, whatever they may be or wherever they may come from, don't approve of the ridiculous sideshow our civilization has made of their attempts to slowly indoctrinate us about them and others like them.”
End editors note.] 
“The next thing I knew I was laying on my back  on the sand with the dog lying next to me. My first thought was that I had fainted, and the dog had fallen asleep next to me. I thought I was all right. One of my shoes had fallen off. I stuck it back on and got up. As soon as I did I vomited. I felt very weak and dizzy. Then I realized the dog was just lying there looking at me. He appeared to be dazed and was glassy-eyed. 
“When the vomiting stopped I tried to get the dog to stand up. But he just remained lying on the sand like a limp rag. He's a big dog, and I wasn't able to lift him. I desperately wanted to get myself and this poor pet to the truck and get us out of there as fast as possible. I was feeling really sick, so I decided to drag the dog over the sand to the truck. Fortunately I was able to drag him to the back of the truck where the tailgate was already open. I gave it all I had and half lifted, half dragged the poor animal onto the bed of the truck. He just landed in the truck bed with a thump, bewildered and confused looking, and lay staring at me.
“Despite being disoriented and nauseated, I was able to drive home. There I found my frantic family madly searching the area for me and the truck I borrowed. I quickly told them about the beach and the noise while they helped me shakily navigate from the driveway back into my house. My brother-in-law kept the dog in my son's truck, driving him immediately to the vet because he was acting so weird. 
“Once my family got me inside, I was able to inspect myself a little better. I found my sneakers had been left untied and my socks turned around so the heel of each sock was over each instep. The rest of my clothes seemed to be on properly; however, I had a gemstone ring on my right hand and a charm bracelet on my right wrist when I went looking for the dog. Both were now missing. But I also had a large diamond ring and a very expensive watch on my left hand and wrist. Neither one of these items appeared to have been touched.
“My body was very sore, my head hurt and I was confused. I couldn't remember clearly what had happened. I've never had an experience like this one, starting with that loud motorcycle sound. I thought the entire event happened within the span of just a few minutes, but a reconstruction of the time my brother-in-law first called about the dog to when I returned home revealed it was an hour and 25 minutes since I left my house. My brother who is a medical doctor was one of the family members out looking for me when I returned and insisted he should examine me. My blood pressure was a bit high, I had a slight fever and my blood sugar was elevated. My brother thought my body was dealing with a degree of shock. He also thought I was dehydrated and started me drinking water immediately. My family decided to take me to the emergency room where I could be hooked to a heart monitor and blood work could be done. It also allowed for a more complete examination to make sure I didn't suffer previously undetected injuries, internally or externally, during whatever had happened on the beach. Two doctors tested to make certain my heart was sound and ruled out any other possible cause of what they were told was a fainting spell or blackout. It certainly wouldn't have served any purpose to tell them I had been abducted by creatures unknown! I had been down that route before. Under my brother's prompting, the physicians saw to it a complete round of blood work was conducted as well. It appeared I was all right except for some noticeable problems with my eyesight. My vision was very blurry, and the lights in the hospital were painful to my eyes.
“When my family brought me home from the emergency room, I was totally exhausted, extremely weak and badly in need of sleep. I was surrounded by my family and spent the rest of that day in my bed sleeping. My sleep was uneasy, and I tossed and turned most of the time. This experience was unlike any of the other times I suffered an abduction. I never was able to recall much from my other encounters, but this time I began having flashes of uncontrollable recall that kept flooding my mind. I could recall “people” around me who were talking to me the entire time. I was being told how disappointed they were with the human race and our failure to reach out for knowledge. I remember being told we are a species that learns more slowly than others and would still be extremely primitive if we were not constantly pushed to advance. I had a hard time keeping up with what was being said because the communication was very fast and I was overwhelmed by it. I couldn't comprehend a lot of it. I do remember these beings indicating they were frustrated by our failure to grasp their attempts to slowly indoctrinate the human race to something they are apparently trying to show us. And I felt their anger and annoyance was aimed at our constantly rejecting their attempts, as evidenced, as far they are concerned, by our movies and fake photos and videos. They projected the feeling that humanity's rejection of what they seem to have been slowly trying to introduce us to has them harboring some growing negative feelings about mankind. I can't tell if they were expressing anger, frustration, pity, confusion, or a combination of all those things. But I did get the impression their reactions were the result of what they feel is humanity's willful ignorance, like we deliberately refuse to see some universal truth they've been putting in front of us. I still don't feel like I've fully grasped what they were trying to put across during the encounter other than that it was negative toward our actions. I can recall some kind of focus on my age. I also got the feeling they were trying to impress on me that this was going to be the last experience I would have with them. And I was left with the impression I'm being allowed to recall as much as I've been able to pass along to you for the express purpose of getting their still puzzling message across. Other incidents like this have always left me with very little in the way of memory. 
“While all this was going on, I wanted to get away from them but was being physically restrained like all the other times. I kept begging them to let me leave. I recall the beings restraining me had human-like form, but I also recall a horrible looking being near me that frightened me nearly to death. I was screaming and struggling, and they gave me something to remove my fear and make me calm down. I remember being very thirsty and sick to my stomach. I had stomach cramps. The human type beings around me controlled me with an invisible strength, making it impossible for me to function physically. I only remember very brief flashes of the horrific creature that frightened me. I think my seeing it only lasted for a second or so. I'm not sure. 
“I'm worried about people thinking this is something fun and fabulous, and I hope one day we'll grow up as a civilization and begin to understand and deal with these beings that watch us, visit us and take us against our will. As it stands, it appears we're the fools for poking fun at these incidents, and they're the ones doing all the laughing.”
The Aftermath
[Editors' note: The following comments from the abductee are taken from more follow-up contacts via email.]
“I feel like I have the flu and my eyes really hurt. I developed large painful pimples on my face. I also found a circle of hair had been cut out of the back of my head. I have long hair and can cover the bald spot, but I can't explain why this hair sample was taken. I found out that I'm a bit anemic, too, which is very odd considering I had my yearly physical a few weeks before the incident and was normal at the time. I must have lost some blood somewhere along the way but have no memory of it. At first, a few odd marks on my skin were my only outward signs of the encounter on the beach. But now a leathery and scale-like rash has begun to appear between my breasts, rising toward my neck, and on my legs and hands, as well as in patches on my back. 
“I'm still shaken up and withdrawn. I really didn't think at my age that this would happen to me again. My family is annoyed that I broke the golden rule and took off alone to an isolated area. I feel strange. My thinking is very rapid, and my dreams are extremely odd. I'm still very weak and will need time to recover from this encounter just like I have from all the others I had forced on me ever since I was a little girl. The worst part of this is how easily they can walk into your life and take you at will. Dealing with the draining physical aftermath is exhausting. And knowing almost everyone refuses to believe this happens to people like me all the time is heart breaking. No matter how my family tries to protect and take care of me, no matter how we Real Time Abductees have offered support to each other, the truth of the matter is that each one of us is really all alone in the middle of this mess.
“I only pray people everywhere will soon rise to a new level of understanding, becoming more than what they have been, and start to wise up to how lost we are when it comes to so many things these abductors think we really should already know. When you think about the massive number of reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions from all over the world, you would think we would be smarter about all of this. Instead we match the real encounters by creating fake ones in larger numbers, leaving the real experiences swallowed up by our self created ignorance and delusion. I don't have any idea what it will take to turn us into more than the backward beings these abductors consider the stupid ones in the universe. Maybe it will remain this way, and, eventually, these beings who seem to be trying to nudge us out of our ignorance will simply give up and leave us to our own brain dead way of life. 
“The last time I had an incident I was 40 and it was in the fall. That was in 1991. I don't recall much about the beings from other incidents except that they seemed to be in human form and covered in a light colored suit. This latest incident is the only time I remember more. This time they were without question covered in a skin-like suit with lenses over their eyes. It's for protection from us and our atmosphere, I assume. They are thin, about 6ft tall and have very long, delicate hands. You can see eye movement behind the dark lenses over their eyes. I think they come in different types, like male and female in humans, but I have no idea if there are separate sexes, or anything like sex, at all. They could be some other mix. The one that I can recall the most appeared to be the boss and seemed feminine to me. It quickly got that frightening creature away from my view. I recall that thing wanted to touch me, and it was told no. I felt like I was in a UFO garage-type of thing, meaning a structure attached to something at the back of it with two sides and an open end like a garage with the door open that I could feel air and see sky when I looked that way. I was sitting on something and could not see the wall behind me but could see the wall in front of me. That is when I saw that the wall and all around it, including these people or beings, all were the same color of a light gray or off white so that when they were working along the wall they were camouflaged and you could not see them. Only when they moved around could you make out the outline of beings there. They were sort of lit, or had an aura to them. I have no recall of anything like this before. The frightening creature was disgusting with a bug like head and appendages around its body. It was huge and wide and horrible. It had a bug face with a bunch of eyes. I do not know of any Real Time Abductee who ever had as clear a look as I had this time at what these things are like. I wish I did not remember it.”

This real time abductee is spending time trying to recover from her latest encounter with these unknown beings. She is hopeful this is the last time she will be taken and feels due to her age she may now be able to finally live the rest of her life without these intrusions from those who  take her, abuse her and throw her back like a lab rat.

End of Abductee's Report

Editors' note: It shouldn't take more than this report and the constant ongoing  UFO sighting reports to make you think sensibly about what to do when you have the urge to venture out into nature's sparsely populated realms this summer. Be alert. Be careful. Always hike, hunt, camp, fish, sail or just mosey through the less populated places on the planet with a companion or two. And keep your wits about you if you come eyeball to eyeball with the unknown.

Rick Stokes 
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