Tis the Season

Tis the Season

June 14, 2013

Half Cat Mystery Continues

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Sadly I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat was left for people to find by whatever it is that is killing the cats.

The cats are gutted, drained of blood and returned with mostly only the top half of the cat with their two front legs and paws  in tact found while the bottom legs and body of the cat are missing. The cats look like little dead hand puppets however they were once living healthy cats.  

Unfortunately some of the cats are found by their owners on their property.Others are found by neighbors or those living near where the cat lived. It is hard to find ones pet mutilated and purposely placed where you could not help but find it. The poor cats are always staged for  those who knew and for some loved  the cat- to find it.

I have no idea at all what  or who is behind this and can only try to continue to bring it to the attention of the public in hopes somehow we will be able to place a reason for these cruel killings and mutilations. The sick mean spirited methods of leaving the corpse for those who loved the animal to find is not something we should consider lightly. It is the work of twisted thinking.
This half cat killing has been going on all over the world for more than 20 years that I have been able to track. Somewhere someone has to know a reason for this ongoing slaughter. It is time for us all to start to pay closer attention to what is going on around us so we can stop senseless cruel things like this from continuing.

Here is the latest report of a half cat killing that I have recently received:


We found this cat in our neighborhood in Southern California; we did a web search and found you. Do you have any more recent info on what the cause of this was...cult? Random acts? It was found with no blood perfectly severed and no bottom half anywhere in sight. If you have any info we are concerned and would like to know what info you have on this....? Thanks for anything you can share...” 

I wrote back to this person and told them I did not have any answers but would once again place it in the public’s eye in hopes one day we can understand these vicious long on going half cat mutilations
Below find photo of what this person found. I am sorry it is graphic and hard to see.

Since I  wrote this article I have spoken to a veterinarian I know who suggested many places I should send my article to try to spark some type of action and help on this matter. I immediately did so. I will post if anything comes of it. Until then protect your pets and know evil lurks everywhere.

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 photo be333cd1-063a-4bd7-8e50-0164987339c6_zps6c0e0be1.jpg

 It is rather well known thanks to the internet and the paranormal circles that Nazi scientists were brought to the United States after World War II ended. It is also well known that a large group of these extreme scientists were set up with a secret lab where they worked on their notorious dangerous many times immoral experiments on Plum Island located on the end of Long Island in the state of New York. This secret government lab operated for many years..

 This infamous dangerous Island was known by those living on Long Island as something to stay away from and fear.. The Island is about 3 miles long and 1 mile wide which is frightening considering the dangerous horrors that took place over the years in the lab build on the Island. It is only a short boat ride form the tip of Long Island.

Plum Island has been called Monster Island as well as killer Island- due to the work that was done in the lab concerning animal diseases as well as many other horrible experiments. As a local Long Islander I can only say I believe Plum Island was as close to a living hell as we can get. It was closed a few years ago however it may never be decontaminated enough to use for any purpose. It is and will remain a stain on humanity.

Besides Plum Island being located at the end of Long Island New York we had the very strange military base known as Camp Hero, located only a few miles from Plum Island, which thankfully also is closed. 

For as long as I can remember, which would cover the last 60 years at least, long Island has been a hotspot of reported UFO sightings which continue until this day. Long Island also has its share of those who have experienced lost time and abduction events during its history as well. It may be coincidental and easily fluffed off however I am not a fan of coincidental events and believe it far more likely to be tied to the fact that Plum Island and Camp Hero were located on the end of Long Island. 

I think that Long Island may be an area on this planet that is easy access for space travelers to enter and exit our planet as well as a land mass that is close to a large city yet located in an area of land at the end of Long Island that was  sparsely populated and floating in the Atlantic Ocean making access to the open sea immediate and easy. Years ago the area had a very low population making the nefarious activities of Plum Island and Camp Hero possible. The local people were cautious and silent to the operations of each of these facilities as they did not want problems and did benefit financially from having the lab and military base in the area. It worked out well for all parties for many years.

I think by now we all have read or watched a TV show that discusses the subject of German scientist either back engineering or developing UFO’s for the Nazi’s during World War II. It has been said that there is information claiming that Nazi Germany had contact with an alien species and had been working with them.

It is also well known that after the war ended the United States brought many of the German scientists to America to continue their work in USA labs. Plum Island is well known to be one of the labs that employed many of the German Scientists. I find this fact extremely upsetting in its own right knowing that these were scientists that worked without any moral compass for the Nazis and were now working on American soil doing their evil deeds on our homeland. I have to add in the strange accounts of many who claim extremely dangerous awful experiments on humans were also during those years taking place at Camp Hero. 

I have no problem thinking that with the German scientists came whatever UFO technology they had conquered or captured including contact with aliens. It would certainly explain the ongoing reports of strange objects flying over Long Island, especially in the 1960’s when both Camp Hero and Plum Island were in their hay day of activity. It was not uncommon to hear a report of someone being taken or having contact with beings by Long Islanders that included human looking aliens. It very well could be that these poor people were being used by the insane experiments of the once Nazi scientists who not only may have had contact but were working with an alien species. Using the innocent locals for their needs or to experiment on is as likely as any other explanation to why so many events happened at that time on Long Island. It also could explain many events of this nature that occurred along the New England coast line opposite Long Islands shore line. 

Now year’s later Long Island is free of both Camp Hero and Plum Island however it now is said to house a HAARP machine only a few miles away from where both of those facilities once operated. Reports of large flying Orbs have been reported across Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean coast line as well plus of course all of our recent extreme strange weather. It just seems too coincidental to me for all of these things to have anything to do with coincidence!

 I have not researched other locations around the world to see if there are places where both secret government labs and high security military bases are located near each other that also have HAARP machines in the area. If we do have areas that coincidentally, like Long Island, house these things together, are they also areas of frequent UFO sightings too? 

So many things that go on seem outrageous and ridiculous to think as true however I will tell you from firsthand experience that strange things happen every day and our closed minds and refusal to accept the extreme is exactly what allows the events to occur and continue. Consider that some things are as clear and black and white as they appear. Understand strange and dangerous dark events take place every day in

many places. Sometimes they happen right in front of your face in your home town to those you know and love. Decide to start to look hard at the truth of the reality around you and brace yourself for what you may discover. Know the more you learn and the more we understand the less time we will spend living in the dark ages of the unknown

  ♥ Copyright © 2013 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-
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