Tis the Season

Tis the Season

February 20, 2015

Strange Creatures Encountered by Ordinary People

Many of those who have had a strange happening occur in their life are uncertain if their experience was truly odd or if other people have been reporting similar  events  happening to them as well?

I know the number of strange creatures being seen  all over the world is growing yearly. I do not think people all over the globe are making up stories of odd looking beasts or creatures. I think people all over the earth are seeing things they do not understand and have been reporting them more openly.

I often receive emails and phone calls from people who tell me about the odd things they have seen.

One of my readers wrote to me about a frightening experience that happened to him somewhere in the Idaho wilderness while on a camping trip.

It seems the man and his friend were hiking on the trails around the camping site where they were staying when they became disoriented and became lost in the woods.

The two  men took a wrong path and ended up miles away from their campsite. They knew enough to find and stay on the hiking trail but were stranded in the woods for the night.

The two men set up a make shift campsite right on the trail for the night. They started a fire however they  were without any extra clothing or sleeping gear. The two men sat close to the fire trying to rest until morning.

The one  man laid close to the fire on his side facing the woods he noticed what looked like glowing yellow eyes peering at him from the wooded area next to the trail.

He watched the eyes as they were looking directly at him. In his mind he was trying to figure out what the animal could be. He realized that the eyes were too high and far too large to be the typical small forest animals that are normally found in the woods. They were high enough in the woods to belong to an animal as tall as a human if not taller.

If it were sitting in a tree it had to have an enormous head as the eyes were very large . He thought of an owl but quickly ruled that idea out as these eyes were slanted and far too oblong to belong to an owl.

He asked his friend to look at the strange set of eyes. As his friend turned towards the eyes they closed or moved or disappeared. His friend only got a very quick glance at them . His friend thought they may be fire fly's . The man knew that fire fly's were not native to the area. He also recalled his father telling him that fire fly's flickered on and off and were green. What he saw were clearly two slanted large yellow glowing eyes.

The man continued to watch the woods. Within a few minutes the two glowing eyes once again glowed from the wood side without flickering or blinking. They simply looked at him for a few seconds and once again disappeared.

The  man felt he was being watched all night and knew that the eyes looking at him were not the typical thing one sees at night in the camping park.

As soon as day break arrived the two searched the area next to the trail where they saw the eyes the night before watching them. They found broken twigs and three huge impressions of large foot pprints around the tree they thought was closet to where they spotted the watching eyes. The  men quickly found their way back to the regular camp site. They told the others at the campsite of the eyes however no one at the campsite had any idea what they may have encountered. The men ended the camping trip and never returned to that camping area again.

The two men were very confused at what had been watching them the night before. They have no idea what it could have been and have no desire to meet up with those eyes again while lost in the woods at night.

I have no idea what animal could have been watching them from the wood side that would be large and have yellow slanted glowing eyes. I think the two  men may have been lucky that night as the creature watching them seemed to want to keep a distance between them. That is not the case however in this next report.

While I was visiting an old friend he told me a story that has haunted him for over 40 years.

He told me that shortly after he returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 he had a encounter in the woods surrounding a lake located in upstate New York. This event has haunted him his entire life.

He and his girlfriend where double dating with another couple. The date was winding down and the two couples decided to end the night by spending a little time parking at the local lovers lane that surrounded a nearby lake.

The two couples were sitting in the car with the radio playing . It was summer time and they had the windows rolled down in my friends pride and joy which was his 1959 Chevy Impala. The foursome had split a six pack of beer. My friend decided to leave the car to relieve himself in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. The other young man with him decided to do the same.

My friend told me he and his friend walked over to the edge of the woods to take care of what they needed to do. He could hear the girls laughing in the car and remembers what he thinks was 'Jumpin Jack Flash' by the Rolling Stones playing on the radio.

Suddenly, as he faced the woods ,he thought he heard movement very close to where he and his friend were standing. He stood absolutely still and just listened. Having just returned from fighting in the jungle this man knew the sounds of the night and could recognize the difference in how animals and humans move in the wild. He knew instinctively something was there and something was watching them.

His friend was oblivious and continued to go about his business talking endlessly without a clue anything was wrong. My friend punched him in the arm and signaled him to be quiet and listen. Both young men stood motionless listening to the night.

Without warning something large and fast started crashing through the woods towards the two friends. It was large and it was coming straight at them. The ground under them vibrated as this large heavy thing came slamming through the woods towards them.

The two friends ran to the car yelling for the girls to roll up the windows. The young men frantically locked the doors and rolled up the windows. The girls helped as well.

They barely got the last window up and all the doors locked when the thing from the woods hit the car. My friend had started his car with the intention of speeding away from the area. As he gunned his tires he realized they were spinning and he was not moving. The thing was holding on to the car.

Whatever it was that had chased them was now on the back of the car pounding on the trunk of the 59 Chevy. The car rocked up and down as it pounded on the rear of the car. All four inside the car where screaming in terror as the vehicle shook and heaved up and down.

My friend kept gunning the motor . He thought if it hit the ground while in gear it would surge forward away from whatever was attacking them.

As the car bounced my friend realized the thing was lifting the rear end of the car off of the ground enough to prevent the car tires from being able to grab the ground enough to pull away.

Suddenly my friend stopped spinning his tires and threw the car in reverse. The car snapped backwards enough to loosen the grip of the thing holding the car from moving. As soon as he did this my friend immediately threw the car into drive and nailed it.

The grip was broken and the car took off like a bullet down the old road of the lovers lane. The foursome in the car kept screaming as they could both hear and feel the heavy pounding footsteps of this thing chasing them as they sped down the road.

My friend hit the gas without looking back and placed as much distance as he could between the car and the thing from the lakes woods.

My friend told me he will never forget that night nor can he stop from hearing the 'Mama's and Papa's song 'Dedicated to the one I love' - in his head when he thinks of that day. That song was playing on the radio the entire time he was having the tug of war with the thing attacking his car.

They did not stop until they were back in town near a populated area. When they pulled over they got out to look at the back of his car. The Chevy had large V like wings as part of the 1959 Impala design. One of the wings had been bent or folded over. The trunk had been pushed in where the thing was pounding the car. The foursome also recovered long strands of hair that appeared to be caught on the wing of the car as the thing bent it.

The two couples searched the Main Street of the town until they found one of the local policemen. The two young men tried to report the incident to the policeman. The cop was rude and laughed at the report of the lovers lane creature . He told them to find another story to explain the damage to the car.

The policeman decided instead of taking the report to cross question the young returning veteran about his tour of duty in Vietnam. This dog of a law officer then decided to accuse my friend of horrific crimes while serving his country . The cop and my friend nearly came to blows with the other young man and the two girls managing to end the episode .

The two couples decided to leave the event alone with the promise that none of them would never go near that lake or wooded area again.

The next day my friend and the young man that was with him the night before tried to lift the back of the Chevy off the ground enough so that the tires were off the ground as had been done by the creature the night before. They could not do it. They had two other strong healthy young men join them in trying to lift the car just enough for the tires not to spin. It took five men to lift the car for a split second off the ground just so the tires were not in contact with the ground.

My friend has no idea who or what he encountered in the woods that night. He does know it was terrifying and unexplained.

I have to wonder what it is that we are experiencing all over this planet with so many unknown creatures causing so many unknown encounters with so many ordinary people.

I think now with the resources of the Internet we are realizing that these events are taking place all over the world with many different people with many odd creatures.

It is time we understand that we are completely lost when it comes to many areas of the paranormal due to our own lack of interest or knowledge to what others are enduring.

When I hear about the experiences of the ones I have written about here it becomes clear that we all need to pay attention to these reports and acknowledge that there are just too many things we are letting slip by without demanding serious investigations of so many unknowns.

I for one would like to know what lies beyond the wooded edge as well as what is flying around over my head. I am tired of being told it is all nonsense and living forever in the dark ages concerning that which we simply do not yet understand.

All I can say is please be careful where you go and what you do as none of us ever know when it will be our day to look straight into the eyes of the unknown!

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January 31, 2015

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This is one question my readers have asked me  since I have been writing about the Real  Time Abductee Group I am part of.

I decided the best thing for me to do is simply describe a few abductions experiences as told to me by the real time abductees .  I am not going to color it up or  fluff the event with fictitious details to make it more appealing .  I am going to simply describe what I have been told   concerning  lost time or abduction events by those who were minding their business going along a typical day until that day was invaded.

Let me start with an event that happened to a lifelong abductee . She  was about 15 years old when this event took place during the mid 1960s

 She was shopping after school along her small towns Main Street.. This  event happened in the month of  November .  She remembers that it was about 5PM and already dark outside by the time she finished shopping .  She had a 15 minute walk home from town.  Not wanting to be out alone too long in the park she hurried on her way   with her package of  magazines,  nail polish and school supplies  in our arms.

She was dressed in  the style of the times which included a short skirt,  high boots and  fishnet stockings.  She laughs as she recalls clearly that she had on a hat  all the kids wore at the time  which was a  cap styled after ones the Beatles  were wearing.  She  was a typical kid Beatles cap and all.

She  tried not to be out late as she had  a  history of strange events including lost time events and was frightened to be out alone in the dark.  Now with the night coming earlier with the change in daylight saving time she was caught walking home  by herself  this dark evening.  There were lots of people around town  so she thought she would be OK as she  quickly headed back towards her home.  She knew she would be home right on time  for dinner as she briskly walked along Main Street towards her neighborhood.

She turned off the main road heading down the side streets  lined with the houses of those who lived in her town.  Her house was  located  at the end of  two long streets that  were  sparsely lit and which made her a bit anxious as she picked up her pace towards her house.  

She was only about a block away from her front door when it started. The young abductee first felt a strong sensation  of  blacking out. She remembers dropping her shopping bags on the ground as she stumbled thinking she was going to fall.  The next sensation she can recall is being bathed in a strong white light.  

Without  explanation the  teen abductee next found she was only a few hundred feet from her house  walking with her bags in her arms.  She felt sick and was very cold.  

She entered her house by way of the front door to find her parents frantic. It seems they had  been out looking for her as she was two hours late and they did not like the fact she was out so late in the dark alone.

Her parents realized at once that something was wrong with their daughter. They took the packages from her hands and  pulled off her coat to get a good look at her.
She was shaking and complaining of being very cold.  When they asked her what time she thought it was she told them  it could only be about ten minutes after 5PM.

Her parents were concerned as it was 7:30 PM and their daughter looked pale and ill.  As they  looked more closely at her they realized she had thrown up as her shirt and skirt were covered  with the mess.  Her mother took her in to her room to help her out of her soiled clothes so she could be cleaned up. 

As the mother helped to undress the abductee she became distressed to find that the young girls fishnet stockings seemed to be burned to a crisp leaving them brittle and  crumbling to the touch.  She  pulled the destroyed hosiery from her daughters legs to find they seemed to have left a pattern on her legs as if she had been out in the sun and been sunburned.  She had the X pattern of the fishnets clearly sunburned on her legs.

The young abductee did not remember anything but the light and walking up to her house. She had no idea where she had  been for the missing hours.  Her parents were upset as they had been searching for her along the route she claimed she had been walking but could not find her. They were getting ready to call the police when she  came walking from the dark street up to the house. 

The abductee felt weak and ill as if she had a bad flu. Her legs hurt and she had a terrible headache.  Her parents put her to bed and kept a close watch on her. She stayed home from school for a few days before returning to her previous good health.  Her legs  healed from the slight burn . 

Since this was not the first and sadly for this abductee not the last event of this type the only thing her parents  knew to do was  insure their daughter never be out alone again at night.  That was the last time she ever  went out after dark alone.  In fact it was one of the last times she ever went anywhere completely alone.  Without question a hard way to live a long life.

The next abduction  is also typical of what takes place in the life or a real time abductee.  Ordinary people going about the business of their regular day when something  uninvited  invades their life and kidnaps them unwillingly. 

The abductee in this instance is a man.  He  has been struggling with lost time events since he was about 19 years old.  

This abduction took place when he was 30 years old.  The man  usually returned home from work  by 6PM  .  On the night of the event he had worked a few hours overtime and  which brought him home closer to  9PM.  

He  worked about 10 minutes away from his house and followed the exact same route each day.  He would leave work return to   his home town and then  would   follow a few residential side streets to his street.  

On this night he followed his usual route arriving  on his street  around  9:15 PM.

He had made the last turn through the neighborhood  onto his street and was about 1000 feet from his driveway.  As he headed towards his house he confronted a dense white fog in the middle of the street .  He  brought his car to a stop as he tried to figure out what the haze was that was blocking him from his home. 

As he looked ahead into this  fog or haze he realized that forms of people where walking towards him from the haze.  He remembers seeing the shape of  beings with heads , arms and legs walking from the fog towards him and then-  he remembers nothing at all.

The next thing the man knew  he was laying across his front seat of his car waking up.  He felt awful . His head ached and he was sick to his stomach.   He looked at his watch to find it was just before midnight.  

He got out of his car and looked around to find he was parked at  the edge of a dock  by  a River a few towns away from where he lived.  

The man got in his car and drove home.  He had no idea where he had been or what had happened to him.   His back and  legs hurt him  and he felt like he had a bad flu. The next morning he called in sick to work as he was throwing up and too ill to leave his home.  He checked his car and found the hood covered with a dust and the paint  on his car  having  a  sanded effect in areas.  His car also had a foul smell  that lasted a few days even after being washed inside and out.

This event was like others this man has had .  Although he does recall small portions of the lost time events he is not willing or wanting to share them .  He is a typical example of a real time abduction.

Lastly  I will describe the abduction of an elderly couple who were on a vacation  traveling through the state of  Maryland during their ordeal. The couple had reservations at a  motel   they were due to arrive at  within the hour to rest for the night.  They never traveled  in the dark and always plotted their routes so they were safely snug in a motel before sunset. 

The couple were driving happily along when suddenly things just went blank for them.   The next thing the couple remembers is waking  sitting in the front seat of their car.  It was two hours later yet they had no recall at all of driving or had any idea where they were.  They were parked on the grass along side of the highway.

The couple was confused and feeling faint .  They decided to  get back on the road to drive to the next exit so they could figure out where they were and what had happened.

The couple quickly found a rest stop and were amazed to find they were  in Florida!  The old couple could not believe what they were finding. How could they have traveled over 800 miles or so in 2 hours time and not have any recall of it?  

It was impossible to travel that distance in their minivan in that time yet that is exactly what had occurred. 

The elderly couple felt drained and knew they needed to find shelter for the night. They also knew what had happened as the woman had been abducted many times before in her long life. This was however the first time her husband had been involved.

She knew the best thing for them to do was to find a safe place near lots of people where they could rest until morning.  They found a large well populated  chain hotel  where they stayed until the next morning.  The following day they started early in the morning sun and finished their trip to their destination arriving a day early.

The senior couple paid to have their van driven home after their vacation and opted to fly home .  

The couple thought that the abduction events had stopped for the woman as it had been years since she had been taken. Obviously this was not the case and they realized they had to go back to being extremely careful about where they went and what they did  to try to prevent any future events from happening.

The abduction events I wrote about here today are very similar to what many real time abductees go through.  Real time abductions are events that take place  while the abductee is fully awake going about the regular routines of their life when suddenly against their will , without their consent , they are taken by beings of the unknown.  They  are  returned without fanfare often sick, hurt and frightened.  Sometimes they are replaced back in the same areas they are taken sometimes they are returned in unfamiliar spots  leaving them on their own to find their way home.

The real time abductees are very similar in other ways also. They do recall parts of the lost time they suffer but never have full recall of any event. Many times the memory of what took place returns in flashes but not right away with many finding the pieces coming back to them after weeks or months of the event.

All the abductees are reluctant or refuse completely to discuss this strange part of their lives.  All the abductees seem as suspicious and fearful of their fellow humans as they are of those who abduct them.

About half of the real time abductee people I have talked  to  agree that humans have some type of connection to their abductions.

 As far as similarities I have found Real time abductees by large percent  have   RH negative blood type .  They also  by percent have blue or light eyes, fair skin   and seem to be above average in intelligence.  I am not sure if they started out this way or if their  intelligence is somehow related to their abduction experiences.

 The only message from the group for mankind is to be careful of your surroundings.  They warn against making yourself an easy target and suggest you stay away from places where you can be easily taken especially if you are alone.

I understand how awful it is to be taken against your will, abused and thrown back without regard only to find you are alone  and rejected by your own kind after the event has happened.  Maybe one day this will be different .  For now those who live this nightmare do so on their own and defensive against a world  where they walk unlike others with one hand  in real time daily life and the other defending against the unknown.
The real time abductees do not  want to discuss this subject as they do not trust or care about a society that has often turned its back on them.  I am fortunate they have talked with me on many subjects and can only hope that my articles about this group can bring a new view of this subject to those who are looking for truth.

Please be careful out there. You never know when it will be your day to find you are alone looking in to the cold dark eyes of the unknown!

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January 25, 2015

The Orb Reports Continue plus a message to my Readers

 photo 271d0de3-1e4d-43e7-9fb9-5707834a8afb_zpsxcz2mo4l.jpg

During the last few months I have had about four emails from people all over North America describing  sightings of strange Orbs . The reports were sent in by those who watched large round solid lights streak across the sky at enormous speed during clear winter nights, The sighting one from California and one from Kansas were similar in detail.  The objects were large round and bright white traveling at incredible speed.  The other reports came from Maine and Connecticut and both of those reports were from people who claimed they witnessed large round objects hovering over wooded areas. The two hovering reports both told me the Orbs were red in color and both told me they watched the Orbs hover high above the trees before simply disappearing with the blink of the eye.

None of the people who emailed me the above reports were able to take any photos of the objects yet they all claim that the sightings were clear and that they felt fearful of the objects.

I thought the reports were interesting and pointed out  the fact that Orbs are still visiting and flying our skies  from coast to coast. 

I have a friend who lives on Long Island on a hill that overlooks the Long Island Sound. His house is on a cliff making his view of the water and the sky a clear view without trees or any objects to muddy his view of the water or sky.  He first called me about three weeks ago and told me he watched a fleet of round white to light pink objects shoot across the sky over the Long Island sound with such incredible speed that he did not have time to run to his phone to click a few photos of the event, He told me that the fleet of about 7 objects moved so quickly that it was like watching lightning flash across the sky however it was distinct objects of different colors arranged in a formation of a uneven V with four objects on one leg of the V and two or three on the shorter side or leg of the V.

My friend called my home again about three days ago about 8PM at night and told my husband that one of those large pink Orbs was moving quickly over the water but when he tried to video it he could not catch the image.

I was aware that the Orbs were back or more likely still here . With the busy holiday season people were preoccupied with family and traditional parties and obligations keeping their eyes close to the earth and centered on the happenings directly around them. Now that the season is over and the cold clear nights of winter have taken hold people are more likely to take a break and look up at the sky making the new sightings possible. I think they have been flying over us without interruption for years now and we are the ones who look away with the busyness of life and now will once again start to spot and report the strange and unexplained unknowns that fly our skies as our daily routines slow.

I did receive a more disturbing report from a couple in Canada yesterday and did urge them to call in to the authorities that  they have someone in their yard and continue to do so until they can get a government agent to show up during the time they have the reoccurring objects hovering over the back woods behind their home. I felt this couple may be in a more dangerous scenario as the objects keep returning to their yard.  I will attach her report below:

"Hello Chris,
I came across your very interesting website, and I’m wondering your thoughts on this.  However, please don’t print my name.
I live in Ontario, and since Tuesday, January 14th I’ve seen a white orb above the tallest tree in our backyard 4 times.  This week it appeared at approximately 6:30 a.m., and leaves around 7:30 a.m. when it starts to brighten up outside.  Last week it appeared and left a little later, but our mornings are now getting brighter.   A couple of times I’ve actually seen it arrive and position itself in that same spot, then it moves over between two tree tops.  It can move quite quickly.  This morning I noticed two very faint lights in the distance, and it seems like they are waiting on it.  When it leaves it stays just above the trees tops and backs up until I can’t see it any longer.
The 2nd time I saw was a week ago Friday I could have sworn that there were two, and I saw an orange one land in our trees.  Afterwards, I could see a light there.  Then later, I saw two leave and back up together.
Tuesday, the 3rd time I saw it my husband hadn’t left for work yet so was able to see it also.  (He took the attached two pictures.  The first one he actually took last, and isn’t sure why it appears like a line.  He isn’t sure whether it was moving at the time, or whether he moved his hand.)
When it’s dark they look like a very bright moving star, but through the binoculars and camera look like an orb.
We usually just leave our blinds up in our bedroom window, as we live in a small town and just have trees in our backyard.  However, Thursday I woke up a 1 a.m., and looked out the window and the orb was positioned in the sky so that I could see it with my head on my pillow.  It was strange because I usually see it from our TV room window, and not our bedroom.  I immediately closed the blinds.
After my husband left for work this Thursday, I was surprised to see it arrive again to above the big tree top in our backyard.
Should we be concerned about this?
Thank you for your time."
 ( I have removed the name and address by request )

photos taken by couple below

It is obvious that Orbs as well as many other strange unknown crafts continue to visit and fly above us all over the world. They may be simply passing by or part of large bases on the moon. There are numerous reasons and possible answers to these unknowns however we continue also on our hard nose refusal to demand answers, or to laugh these things off or insult those who have seen them. I have given up looking for help, logical real research or any organization to finding out what is going on as society simply does not want to know. My true sorrow is for the harsh way we  treat those who have had to handle being taken and abused by these unknowns only to be abused and tormented by the human race when they look for help or answers.
I can only warn you all that these things are out there and it will only be time , if you are aware of your surroundings, that you will see one or have to deal with on up front and alone. Keep your eyes open and your gadgets and devices ready to catch a photo or film of what flies freely in our skies. Years ago I had to deal with a strange red Orb and it was a life changing event and not something I would wish on anyone else . I do not think of Orbs as friendly or caring to the human species . 
Be careful out there and keep looking up
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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-

To my readers and friends ,
 I became ill with a nasty flu at the end of December, During my illness I found I had a few health issues I need to attend to right away. I hope all of this will not take me away from my articles for long as I have many ones lined up to write including my updates on the Real Time Abductees and their very serious warnings for the future ahead for us all.
I will post older articles about the abductees during the time I will be recovering and wish you all a save and happy winter

December 23, 2014

The New Year 2015 and the Meaning of Life below

What do you think of this? *********************************************************

The New Year 2015 and the Meaning of Life

Often at this time of year I think of the meaning of being here in this human form living this human life. I am grateful for a season to reflect and realign with the reasons for life or as many describe it, “the meaning of life".  I believe in the soul and think each of us as spirits walking this earth in human form to learn and experience life in order for our souls energy to learn what it is to have free will and to live life making choices each day that involve using that free will to do good or bad with whatever decisions are placed in our path.

I also believe that we have lives that we are given to us that include tests or ordeals that we need to live in order to understand what life is from all aspects and all levels.

We are here to experience the good, the bad, the easy and the hard elements of being human. The energy that is our life soul is here in order to understand what it is to love or be unloved, to give or be the one who is in need , to help   or  to intentionally do harm during this human experience

 How else can we truly grasp what it is to be loved or alone, to be happy or sad or live a good life of comfort and ease as well as one of pain and struggle? We have to experience human life in order for the energy that is our soul or our spirit to grow and one day move on to another level of existence that is not the school room of human life on planet earth. 

With this kind of thinking the involvement of having guidance or help from those who we spent time with on this earth continuing to connect with us from their spirit form makes sense. Knowing our trips to this earth is and has been to learn the lesson of good and evil makes me realize and rationalize why there are so many people living all kinds of different levels of human existence all together on this confusing planet. We are all here to experience the many levels and forms of being human. It leaves us with a combination of people from the rich and spoiled to being born in to terrible poverty all living on one chaotic planet. How else can we explain the severe extremes of those living the human experience all together on one planet at the same time? You can find those living like Kings and others in the worst conditions at the bottom of the human existence. We live it here on this earth and may return many times until we taste it all as well as  until we understand and make the right choices rather than the selfish ones that we encounter each and every moment we are on earth in a human form living the human experience.

Our loved ones may stay watching from their spirit form or they may now be in a form of a guide to our spirit as the cycle of our energy follows the endless journey of growth that we are given by creation as a soul that is part of something far bigger and far greater and enormous that we can only begin to grasp it

We are only now just beginning to grasp our place in space, in this solar system, in this galaxy that exists in this universe. I find it impossible for me to believe that the incredible energy of each of us is something that is meaningless or not part of something bigger.

 The moment of conception is one that starts with a jolt of energy that occurs as the sperm connects with the egg, It may happen a day or so after the sexual act but when the egg and sperm do connect it sets off the miracle of life with what appears to me to be a tiny jolt of energy that explodes with the connection of sperm and egg beginning the process of cells dividing and forming a new life.  For me this is an incredible moment.

We now can watch and know that this energy of life does happen and is what begins the start of or possibly the entrance of the soul that begins the creation of another soul and another human life form. That spark of energy continues with us as we grow and keeps us alive until it is time for that energy or electric of life to leave the human body allowing that energy to move on and our human experience  to end,

Since energy never dissipates instead only changes form the miracle of life seems logical and reasonable to me to be all about our soul, our spirits journey which is as large and diversified as this universe.

I do not believe the energy that is human life leaves our bodies and stays earth bound to sink in to the earth to grow plants or any other similar ideas I have heard by those who cannot grasp or believe in more or larger purposes for our souls. We are spirits of the energy of all things created and our journey is endless and part of a huge system called creation. 

I intend to do my best while living my human life to understand and absorb everything thrown at me or shown to me during the time I live my life. I try my best to do the right things and stand up to and against evil. I believe in family and love and growth and despise hatred jealousy and selfishness. I love traditions that keep family connected and feel sad for those who do not and cause pain to others and cause family problems or simply are self-centered and cold in their hearts.

The Holiday Season now upon us should be used for us all to come together in family and friend groups to celebrate the blessings we do have and to be thankful for those who love us and the good they do find in their lives. It is also a time to look for ways to improve our lives with the New Year ahead and to make an effort to help others not hurt them especially the ones we love and live our lives with each and every day. Success is wonderful however once you have all you need and want for nothing use that time and success to be the one who does not just keep buying more but the one who buys one for that person you know who has none and may be suffering . Be the one who buys them that warm coat or a refrigerator full of food.

I am sure many of you will think me the fool however I know that I have guardians, spirits and family souls who have passed on  watching over me and I am grateful and happy to know that the energy of my spirit will  one day continue on.
I wish you all a wonderful life. I know that life will be full of hard choices and hope we all meet them with the right roads taken and right decision made.

We are all about to enter a New Year filled with new roads, May peace and love fill your paths and choices ahead..

Happy New Year 2015

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


Often I have listened to those who believe in the power of angels, guides and spiritual powers giving us signs when we ask for help, answers or guidance.

I have heard stories of people seeing certain birds or flowers, words or hearing sounds as a sign that those they are speaking to in different realms or dimensions hear them. I know that people exchange certain words with loved ones to use with mediums to those who have passed over to the other side.

I have known all my life that those who pray often ask to be shown a sign that they are heard or that things will be OK. I can recall my own family members asking to be given a sign that we would survive a family crisis or for a loved one to make it past a serious health issue.

I realize that this goes on all the time with people all over the world but I really did not see it happen first hand until just recently. I am beginning to think if you live long enough and pay attention to the world and people around you -eventually you will experience many things that others seem to miss. I am grateful for all my experiences and will now add this one to those I can only categorize as unknown.

I belong to a large Irish family. One of my relatives is a very spiritual woman who spends a great deal of time talking to and praying to her creator and her angels. She is strong in her relationship with those who guide her and truly feels heard and helped when she reaches out for the help of her spiritual guides.

Another member of our family was seriously ill and due to have a dangerous difficult operation. Everyone was concerned for this family member. .

A day or so before the surgery was to take place a few of my brothers and sisters along with three cousins and two aunts all went to lunch together. We were in the habit of doing this often as it was a easy way to keep the family news flowing with so many of us spread out with large families of our own.

During this lunch visit my spiritual relative told us she had been praying for our family member who was about to have his extremely dangerous operation. She told us we all had to join hands and ask those who help and guide us to look out for him as he was still needed by his family and losing him would be a tremendous tragedy. We joined hands and prayed as a family. Just before ending the request for help given out to the universe and those who look over us our spiritual relative added “ And please give us a sign today that you have heard our request and that you are there looking over our family”.

We all whispered amen and began to look over our menus to order lunch. As we sat talking about what to eat one of my brothers was nagging at another one to move out of his way from the table, as he wanted to get something out of his car. We all shoved around to let my one brother make his way from the table. He had been sitting against a wall. When he finally got free of the table and walked away his chair was left empty exposing the wall behind him. The rest of us remained glued to our menus until a cousin sitting facing the spot my brother had just moved from blurted out “Oh good God – I don’t believe it”. We all looked at her and followed her eyes, which were round stunned and looking at the spot where my brother had been sitting against the wall. There on the wall behind where my brother had been sitting was an 8x10 photo stuck on the wall of two people sitting at a picnic table. As soon as I looked at it I also murmured a loud “Oh my God!”

The rest of my family all looked closely at what we were looking at and the Oh my Gods followed around the table. We all sort of sat there a bit stunned for a few seconds. With that my brother who had gone out to his car returned and stood looking at us looking at the wall. He took a look and gave a startled loud “OH MY GOD”, of his own.

There on the wall was a picture of two people sitting at a picnic table who looked exactly like our grandparents. At first we were sure it was them. We took down the picture to examine it. It took us a few minutes to figure out if it was or wasn’t our grandmother and grandfather. The people looked exactly like our grandparents. It was simply incredible.

My spiritual relative then stood up and said “ That’s our sign- everything is going to be OK for us all for awhile” She took the photo in her hands and said to the couple in the picture “Thanks Nana and Pop- we knew you were watching over us” She then looked at us all and said, “Any questions from any of you doubting Thomas’s? We all just sort of sat there a bit shocked at the entire scenario.

Our grandparents had doubles. Exact doubles that happened to also be married to each other as our grandparents were. They also somehow just so happened to have a photo of them stuck on the wall where we were just praying to those who looked over us.

We searched the rest of the walls in the restaurant and did not find one other photo of anyone anywhere. Only that one photo was stuck on the wall behind my brother’s chair.

We took the photo with us and went back to my oldest siblings house that kept all the family photos in her attic. We wanted to check our own memories and find some old photos of our grandparents to compare to the one we found on the wall in the restaurant.

This is the really incredible part of the story in my eyes. Not only did we find a box filled with photo’s of our grandparents. We found an 8x10 of our grandparents sitting at a picnic table exactly like the couple from the restaurant. When we held both pictures side by side- they were almost identical. The people in the picture found at our table in the restaurant were doubles of our grandparents without question.

Now I know many will simply mark this up to coincidence. For me, well I gave up on chalking up lots of things to coincidence and lean more towards reason. I believe things happen as they are suppose to and that this event happened so we would know things for our family at this point in time were going to be OK.

Our sick relative recovered from his delicate surgery and he is doing well. In fact the entire family is doing well right now. I think about my grandparents and know that they were kind loving caring people who were a gift to us all. I think they heard us that day and maybe even had lunch with us at our table leaving us a sign- things would be OK.

Take from our encounter with this strange event what you will. For this woman and her family it gave us comfort, love and the knowledge that praying or asking the universe to help you or look over those you love in life works. I often talk to those who may guide me and look over me. I will also never doubt those who tell me they were given a sign or dismiss the fact that they were heard.

Remember; although our loved ones have crossed over they also may be watching us finish our tour of duty here on the big blue ball of life! I have given up my doubting Thomas status and will admit- I am a believer!

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


'Seeing is believing.' 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' 'I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.' I'm sure you've heard quotes like these all of your life. I'm also sure you've felt you needed to experience certain things for yourself before believing they were true. The people I've written about here felt that way about many subjects listed under the paranormal heading. They knew people talked about, wrote about and made movies about such things, but they really never believed any of it to be true – until, of course, they came face-to-face with such phenomena and saw the enigma up front and clearly - with their own eyes.
The first encounter that forced mostly skeptical eyes wide open happened to a young couple I know through a friend of a friend. I met the couple a few times briefly and could tell they felt I was that wacko who writes about all the crazy paranormal stuff! They look at me differently now - in fact, they look at lots of things differently now. This couple and their six-year-old son had what you would call a “life changing experience” one weekend late in the summer of 2011 while on a camping trip  in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.

The three of them would often pack up their camping gear and take long weekends in different forested locations around the state. One spot they always enjoyed visiting was one of the many wooded areas of the Catskill Mountains. It was an easy drive from their home outside of New York City and a beautiful place to find nature and adventure for their little boy.

Late in September of 2011 the small family decided to spend a long weekend while the weather remained warm hiking among the Catskills. The would drive to an area where they could pull their large, older model van off the road and set up a small campsite close to where they wanted to explore the wooded mountainside. Their campsite consisted of a few folding chairs and a portable grill they placed on the ground as a small fire pit. For safety and comfort the three of them slept in sleeping bags inside the back of their van. The family would investigate the hiking paths during the day, returning to their makeshift camping to cook a dinner of hotdogs and toasted marshmallows over their small campfire at day's end. At night they would sit and watch the sky until their little fire died away. Then, exhausted from a day of exploring, the family usually crawled into their van before 9 P.M., slipping into warm sleeping bags. The next day, dawn would start the pleasant routine all over again.

The weekend at the center of our story was like many others they'd enjoyed over that summer - hiking along the mountainside, sitting around the campfire and sleeping in the van. Then came the day the six-year-old grew tired and hungry about 5 P.M., sending the three back to their small campsite. The parents set about building a small fire in the portable grill and pulling out the cooler full of food for the night. The little  boy played nearby with a handful of toys he brought along. With the fire crackling, the young wife poured enough water in a small pot to make some hot chocolate for the family to help with the colder air slowly beginning to make its way across the Catskills. It was still daylight, but the family was tired and their day was winding down.

They sat contently around the small fire, fussing with the food and talking about things they'd seen during their hike when the child stood up from where he was playing around on the ground with his toys. With his back to his parents, he was looking out towards the sky above a small valley below them. Suddenly he interrupted his parents by whispering to his father, "Dad, what is that thing?” At first the father continued talking to his wife when his little boy called to him, sounding a bit more frightened, "Dad, that thing, what is it? It's scaring me!" With that the little boy backed up to his father and grabbed his shirt tightly.

Turning to face the small valley, the young father looked to see what was upsetting his son. His wife was now paying attention to what was happening as well..

In front of this small family, rising from the valley floor, a huge oval-shaped craft. The hulking craft had sinister glow as it loomed over the valley, changing rapidly from blues to greens to purples; however, there was no hint of the familiar lights that announce the nighttime presence of a standard aircraft. The entire surface of the ominous craft glowed with the continuously changing colors. It appeared the craft was seamlessly fashioned of a silvery metal skin with rotating luminous neon colors. It didn't seem to have any windows, doors or breaks in its smooth metallic surface and made not even a single sound. The family stood awestricken and frightened for a few seconds as the massive craft rose above the mountain scenery

Quickly conquering feelings of nausea and overpowering fear, the husband, a combat hardened military veteran, knew he had to move his family to safety. He didn't want whatever controlled the threatening craft to notice them. Slowly, he bent to empty the pot of water on the fire, dousing the flames. He slowly swept up his son, whispering to the child not to make any noise, pulling the boy close while he reached for his wife's hand. He shook his head when she started to speak. The young husband slowly withdrew his family, silently, to the van. He opened the passenger door, motioning for his wife to get in and passing her the child who was now whimpering in fear. He slowly moved to the driver's side of the van, keeping wary eyes on the craft that continued to slowly rise from the valley. He slid into the van and started the engine, slowly guiding it into the tree line for concealment. The van was a dark green, and he hoped he could hide it from the view of whatever mastered the rising craft. He was trying to maintain concealment while putting distance between the fear inducing craft and his little family

At a crawl, the van edged its way along the tree line as the husband moved carefully away from the threatening craft. He did this until he could no longer see the UFO, hoping the craft's crew couldn't see him either. He slowly increased his speed, trying not to crash into any of the trees as he distanced his family from the mysterious giant object. He continued this path along the side of the road, under the trees, until he felt it was safe to take to the road's surface to get his family out of there as fast as possible.
The young family hit the road, speeding down the mountain as fast as they could, moving rapidly away from whatever it was that was rising above the valley.

They young husband headed them for the closest area where other people would be and found a gas station at the bottom of the mountain road. The family, now shocked and still terrified, told the gas station owner what they had just seen. Strangely, the gas station owner didn't seem shocked, nor did he think they were crazy. He told them they did the right thing, getting out of there, and suggested the young man fill his tank and continue driving away from the area. The family took his advice, quickly finding their way to a heavily traveled highway and heading directly home.

When they were safely locked in far from the mountains in their own home, the young man called the sheriff's office responsible for the area where they had their ominous sighting to report what they had observed. A deputy politely took his report but showed no emotion or reaction to what the family had witnessed. The young husband couldn't tell if the lack of reaction was due to the deputy not believing him, or just the boredom that might set in for an official who had heard similar reports from a multitude of callers that night. The deputy had no response to the young man's question of whether others had reported the sighting besides him. The deputy simply thanked him and ended the call.

The couple had never thought much about things like UFOs before and never anticipated coming face-to-face with one while sitting around a campfire in the Catskills. Fortunately, the young father knew instinctively that he needed to get his family away from there as quickly and quietly as he could. He did an excellent job of keeping his focus and saving his family. The fact of the matter is that no one really knew exactly where this family was that day, and no one was near where they parked to spend the night in the woods. If the crew of the mysterious craft had noticed them and taken them, the family may have joined the ranks of the missing with no chance of anyone ever knowing what happened to them. The quick thinking that led the young father to rise above the terror of this situation was exactly the cool thinking needed to save his family from the possibility of an unknown fate.
This couple now knows these anomalous objects exist, and their able to perform in ways that can't be matched by any known terrestrial aircraft. The object they witnessed was about the size of a cruise ship. Its illumination came from glowing rather than actual lights. It was silent, and even as large as it was, it could hover in mid air, slowly gaining altitude between periods of simply hanging still in the sky. The man told me only personally seeing such an object could ever convince him these fantastic aerial enigmas and their capabilities exist.

Not only did this family experience a life changing encounter, they received a lesson in keeping an open mind when it comes to claims about UFOs and similar seemingly outlandish things that are being reported worldwide.

That leads us to a report I personally received from a formerly skeptical source a few years ago. The one thing I've learned during the years I've been writing about the paranormal is that you never can be sure who will be the next person to tell you of an extraordinary event. More than once I've had one of my most strident critics or hardened skeptics take me and tell me about something incredible that happened to them, something that challenged their beliefs and left them shaking their heads.

I'm both amused and amazed at these people who ridicule and give me a terrible time for years only to turn around and search me out to tell me of an incredible encounter of their own. The strange thing is no matter how clear and how bizarre their experience may have been, this type of individual will still hold on to the reasoning it was all explainable, or, at the most, a secret of our own government. Opening their minds to other explanations is just out of the question to this type of personality, even when the unknown is staring them directly in the face!

This sighting took place in West Haven, Connecticut. The event was experienced by a man who is a hardcore skeptic and his wife and two children. The belief challenging encounter with the unknown took place in the early 1990s.

In his own words, this is exactly what this man told me happened to him and his family:

"It was around the end of August. The family and I decided to go pick up a few burgers and take them down to the dock overlooking the water (the Long Island Sound) to eat them. By the time we picked up our food and made our way to the dock it was about 7 P.M. It was a beautiful day with a huge blue sky filled with big fluffy white clouds. We got our bag of food and drinks and parked at the dock along with about three other cars all doing the same thing as we were - eating. We were all sitting there looking out over the water enjoying our burgers looking at the water and sky when out of nowhere the water directly in front of the dock about 200 or so feet out from shore started to whirl. As the water swirled around up from the middle of it a big UFO came out of the water slowly rising right in front of us. At about 300 feet over the water it hesitated and simply hung there in the sky above the water. It was about as big as three school buses tied together. Oval or cigar shaped with a dome on top. The damn thing was big and right there in front of us. It was gunmetal gray with only two small blinking red lights on each either side of it. Otherwise no lights at all were visible. The thing just hovered there in the sky dripping. I thought it had to be a government secret craft of some type or maybe a hologram.

I could hear the cars around me try to start their motors as soon as this thing started coming up out of the water. They could not turn over the car engines to start. I also tried to start my car as my first response, like the other cars, was to get away from this thing. The cars would not start.
We all had no other choice but to sit and watch. No one wanted to get out of their car at this point. We did not know what this thing was or what it would do if we got out to run. We all just sat in our cars not knowing what to do.

The UFO once again started to rise up into the sky. At this point I realized that clouds were directly over the craft and the craft seemed to moving quickly toward them. Within a few seconds the UFO had entered the cloud cover above it and silently slipped deep into the cloud cover until you could barely make out the outline of the craft.

We sat staring at this until I heard one of the other cars start. As soon as his car started all the other drivers tried and were able to start their cars too. The next thing we all heard were the squealing of tires as we all sped away from the dock as fast as possible.

We drove home still a bit shocked at what he had just seen. Once safely inside our home I realized it was now nearly dark outside and glanced at the clock. It was nearly 9 PM. I could not understand where the time had gone as the entire sighting at the dock lasted only a few minutes. How we went from 7 to 9 PM was confusing. My wife and I talked it over and decided to call the police and ask if any military operations of any kind were taking place over the Long Island Sound. When we called our questions were received with at first a long silence and then a bit of confusion. The long and the short of it was that they did not know or hear of anything unusual going on.

I know my family and I saw something unique that day. I have no idea what kind of experiment we were caught up in but feel it must have been either military or science driven. I would not even bring it up but since so many people are seeing things like we saw I thought I would throw my two cents in too."

That's what this man told me. I asked him why he ruled out the possibility this craft may have been something that didn't originate on our world. He simply laughed and said, “That's ridiculous and I'm not an idiot!" I felt it best to leave him thinking what he needed to think in order to deal with the incredible UFO sighting he and his family had while munching burgers in West Haven.

Many people see unusual things, and as you can see from the two reports I've given here, people also have their own views about what it is they witnessed.

Until we know for sure what these unidentified objects are that so many of us have reported seeing all over the world, we shouldn't discount any explanation, including the possibility they originate in a galaxy far away. For now we remain in the dark about who or what is behind the UFOs we're seeing and often recording on film. One day this phenomenon will be understood. Until then it will remain in the realm of the unknown.

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


 photo 20806ef3-042e-49d7-aaf4-4ad780df6641_zps2a26bbdb.jpg 

I have not been one to find much interest in the Big Foot issue for many reasons. I think the biggest reason was that up until now I have not come across an encounter that I felt was strong enough for me to believe that something that  strange or unusual was happening. I needed more than tree knocks and rock throwing to become really interested and concerned about what was happening with the Big  Foot subject. I did think something odd was going on but until now did not comprehend the danger or true strangeness of the Big Foot scenario that is being seen and reported all over the world. My interest became peeked considerably once I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Mike Wooley. 

 I was told about Mike Wooley by a paranormal buddy of mine who  told me about Mike Wooley’s experience with two huge unknown type Big Foot creatures that hunted Mike while he was alone on a deer hunt years ago. Mike Wooley, in my opinion , is lucky he survived this experience and without question is  lucky to be alive.

Mike lives in the small town of Keatchie, 15 minutes south of Shreveport LA. He has been a hunting enthusiast since age 6, when he tagged along with dad while he squirrel hunted. At the age of 15 his interest turned to deer hunting, and he has been tracking in the Louisiana woods ever since.

Mike is a man who knows the woods especially in his area of Louisiana and the animals who inhabitant them. This man knows the sights, sounds and smells of the woods around him and is not one to take to stories of the unknown without questioning the possible reasons first. 

That is exactly what Mike did when he found he was in a dead eye lock with a creature he could not identify that was enormous in size and strength. Mike was perched on his dear stand deep in the woods when finding he was being stalked by an animal over 7 feet tall and at least  400 pounds of pure muscle. This creature was angry and without question there for business , This animal became outraged when it found  Mike in that tree on that deer stand  in what this beast considered his hunting ground. At first Mike 's mind tried to logically figure out what it was he was dealing with. Mike knew all the animals in the woods. He considered maybe he was eye to eye with a feral human being that somehow was living wild in the forest . Mikes encounter became a life or death experience as not only was this huge creature after him but another just like it was coming at Mike from another direction.

Mikes describes the animals as huge in size yet with very human like faces, features  and eyes. They were intelligent and were able to communicate with each other as they hunted Mike as he sat on his deer stand alone in the woods that day.

Along with Randy Maugans of  'Off Planet Radio'  I was able to interview Mike Wooley and was fascinated by what took place the day two huge creatures attacked and nearly caught Mike Wooley in the woods that day in 1981. The event changed Mike’s life forever which once you hear his story is easily understood.

After hearing  Mike’s firsthand account of what he experienced  I had to accept the fact that we do have a very real unknown issue on this planet of another life form we do not understand that is living among us yet are able to stay hidden and free of human interference.

Mike feels they are intelligent creatures ,who are masters of their domains , can elude us and keep their tribes or family groups surviving. I feel there may be more to this unknown strange creature that has been reported for hundreds of years all over the earth

I question the fact that we are not able to find what we do of all the other animals that live in the wilderness .  We can catch visual glimpses of the other animals that  live in areas that surround us that are not populated by man with the aid of cameras or sightings by those who live near these locations of wild open areas. We send hunters and researchers into these areas to collect and find evidence of what lives there including nests, indications of what they are eating as well as foot prints and scat left behind by all animals. These obvious  things ,however, are not found in the areas that have reports of the mysterious Big Foot animal or  by those having encounters with them. 

I find it very odd that the only evidence we find are limited and difficult to discover. There are small things found that suggest a Big Foot may have been in the area but not what you would anticipate being left behind by two or more 7 to 10 foot animals weighting at least 400 or more pounds. An animal that size would need a huge amount of food to run a body that big and would leave equally large amounts of scat , foot prints and pathways as it made its large body’s way through the dense forest.  These things would be found if it lived in an area or as a way to track the beasts as they made their way back to the deep wilds of the forest as they retreated from mankind.

I cannot grasp the idea that these animals are never found and even when they do come close to  mankind they do not leave any  real traceable evidence of where they go or how they get there. 

After listening to Mike’s story I have to believe something more is going on with the Big Foot issue that we are not yet figuring out. How do these huge creatures come and go in areas that seasoned hunters should be able to track? Mankind may not be able to venture as deep in to the wilderness as these animals seem to however we should be able to track where it is they return to after they have close encounters with humans.

Mike explained to me that many groups who do search for them do it without knowledge of hunting or the woods. They go in with loud trucks and people who make enough noise setting up one of their camera driven Big Foots hunts to not only chase away Big Foot but every other animal living in the area. I understand that but what about the seasoned woodsmen who know how to hunt and track? Why is it they cannot find the trail of how these elusive large animal travel in our forests and wilderness?  I think if the Big Foot comes close enough to have an encounter with a human it should be able to be traced by the men who are trained how to do this without the cameras or fanfare of the average Big Foot TV hunter. Why is it no one has been able to track the direction these huge animals take when they retreat from areas in which they have had encounters with mankind?

Do they travel by way of underground tunnels or do they travel in dimensional ways or are they not animals of origin from this earth?  In my mind a great deal of this issue just does not make sense to me. I admit I may be wrong and it is possible that Big Foot is simply smarter than man and easily out wits us each and every time it deals with us. I imagine anything is possible.

For now listen to Mike Wooley tell you about his horrific encounter with two very angry creatures and decide for yourself what is going on with the Big Foot scenario on this planet. I promise listening to this man’s experience will give you pause and make you think a great deal more about what really is going on out there. As Mike tells us”
"On one cold Saturday in Dec 1981 while hunting, a doe ran under my deer stand while she was being chased by a Bigfoot. Little did I know that it would be a life changing event for me.”

I have the links to Mike’s radio broadcast and video on my blog page so you can all hear firsthand what it is like to face off with two huge creatures who are angry and out to kill you while alone in the woods

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Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-



A few years ago I  talked to a  Alan  Wilks who wrote the book  Angelic Wisdom and Light. Alan's book is about  angels.   Alan  explains   that not only do angels walk  with us , he is sure   we all have them around  each and every one  of us.

This  Angel man is an inspiration. That is the best way I can describe him.  Alan is a bright man who clearly understands the world of our angel counterparts or guides in life. Alan explained to me that each of us is born with angels who help, guide and stay with us during our life on this earth.

Being a fan of the idea we all have help along the way during our experience on earth I wanted to talk with Alan about the angels during Christmas time. I think we all have encountered times in life we felt confused or lost to find a sudden knowledge come over us so we knew what to do. Some may think this just their extreme intelligence shinning through. I think that intelligence and some of the answers we need in life do come to us by way of our guiding angels.

Alan talked with me about the laws of balance in this universe. It is known that we have in all things a positive and negative, a light and dark, a right and wrong, and a good and evil. It seems a opposite of all things is needed to provide balance. Balance seems to be a needed and natural state for life to exist yet it seems to be the very thing we struggle with the most.

Humans do not seem to be made to be perfect beings. Humans are made up of good and bad qualities. The trick to being the best human you can be is to keep those things in balance producing a being that is worthy of the spirit it hosts.

Alan explained to me that as humans with spirits we are  beings who have been given free will. We have been given the ability to choose what we do and how we do it. We have been given the free will to love or hate, to work hard or slack off, be jealous and petty or kind and thankful. We are given the freedom to make these choices each and every day. These choices are also what develops our souls and make us the people we become. If you are a human in balance you are then a soul doing the best with the experience of life. 

This is  a  part of Alan's thinking  I feel we all need to concentrate on. Do we all use the gift of life in the form of being a human being to become the best we can or do we tend to give in to  temptation,  private  wants and sink to a less admirable creature as we reach for these things?.  From what I see of the world around us I think many are sliding along the experience of life rather than working  forward to become a better man or woman.

I asked Alan if he could describe to me exactly what he meant by  an angel.  This is what Alan told me:

"Angels are celestial light created   by the source energy some have come to call God, the universe or a higher power.
 They exist in and around all of us boundless by limitations of time or space. They are eternal in their everlasting missions of running the universe, safe guarding each and every life form throughout- working with fate to bring truth and light via  savoring and encouraging hope. 

 I do believe that all ( including other life forms in our universe)  are protected and guided by the various angels within the ranks of their chosen choirs.

 Angels work with us often unseen or unheard.   Very few of us  have the ability to tune in to the  high frequency of our angels  to acknowledge their presence unless they choose to be have this happen.. However anyone of us can call upon the service or safety of an angel at any time.

There are many methods but the best is often a clear mind with some emotional content and an unwavering faith. Angels will always answer to what is needed not always what is desired. Rest assured they are forever watching over us waiting to be called upon in our hours of need.
 Angels are neither male or female, they are genderless creatures with no physical true form. It is however our chosen perceptions that allow us to choose what is most comfortable for us, they mirror what we choose to see often at a subconscious level. Through my experiences angels remain shapeless energy constant and consistent throughout.

 Angels cannot choose the fate of mankind as we were given free will. They intervene when asked or in order to assist. Ultimately it is our choice to make or break the paradise we once had on this planet. We as a race must pull together with the light of angels guiding us to salvation and unity, rather than spread apart through greed or power. Angels can all but stimulate us to motivate ourselves in our chosen paths of life.

 Angels will not leave those who reject them, they may however stand aside and allow those few to empower themselves and help unnoticed where it is needed. An angel needs no recognition in order to act, they are selfless and loving beings that exist as a lasting light of truth and hope that one day man may find his way home even in the darkest hours. 

Each of us have our own guardians that stand with us throughout our lives, but there are more and more angels out there watching over all worlds, all life and all above and beyond that which we know. "

I asked Alan if he could suggest the best  method of  communicating with our angels.  This is what he told me: 

"   I have found speaking aloud in a place of solitude is best when trying to communicate in somewhat a prayer like plea or call. 

One can also speak within their mind because it is more about the emotional content intended when searching for guidance or communication with angels. To feel deeply and be strong in faith will guarantee you will be receptive to answers given back.. Daily meditations and a sharp mind will increase an awareness of the angels around you. They may give answers through omens rather than directly..such as a billboard advertisement with a slogan appears in your day randomly, confirming your request.

 It may be another person or stranger appear with comfort you asked for. Answers are always given but very few see or hear them through lack of understanding. Direct answers may be rare but not unheard of. It is more a question of how to become receptive rather than how to ask aloud. Angels are forever listening close awaiting us to reach out for help or guidance. We  must allow ourselves to open our eyes to see signs or omens of conformation  "

Alan also reminded me that we all need to be thankful to our Angels, or guides for all the blessings and gifts like health, talents and strength. We need to understand that they are there to help us help ourselves, not provide immediate solutions to our problems. Ask your Angels to show you the way out of turmoil. Ask your Angels to give you the strength to reach your goals, but be willing to do the hard work along the way.

With all the madness in the world and the heaviness of hate building around us, It would be nice if we all had a good chat with our Angels. Who knows maybe the entire subject of 2012 has to do with our spirits being called back to balance. I sure want to be in close communication  with my  own Angelic guides. 

 I  spend  time working with many unknowns  trying to deliver  warnings and messages  by way of my articles  to better  or protect  my fellow humans.  Often  when  attacked for trying to bring truth to  the subjects that have been tainted by less than truthful  people  I wonder if I am doing the right thing.  It is then I  ask for the guidance of  those who may guide me .   I  admit each time I do this  I do receive  a reply in  some way that urges me to continue to completion my own missions in life  .  In my opinion   when in doubt-  go with the light and hope of your Angel   guides. They will always show you the way.
 Blessings from my house to yours during this  Special Season.

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