September 18, 2014

The Crimes Against Mankind and Nicola Tesla's Genius Continue

I have been a huge fan of the super genius Nicola Tesla for many years. He was a man far beyond his time who could have advanced society far beyond where we are today
If he had been backed by our government as well as private investors  and allowed to develop the huge amount of incredible inventions he designed the world would be far more advanced as well as a better place to live.

One of the  most important inventions that Tesla developed  for mankind was his free energy system which he not only invented but had nearly finished building on Long Island New York when the greedy and power criminals Thomas Edison and the banker J P Morgan not only stopped him but dismantled and destroyed the tower and machine which would have been the start of fee energy for the entire world

If Nicola Tesla had been allowed, funded and aided in his pursuit of creating a free energy power system this world would now be a far more advanced better planet. Instead for personal reasons of wanting wealth and power Thomas Edison and JP Morgan not only stopped this from happening they drove this incredible genius in to poverty and black balled him by being bullies keeping the world dark and set back hundreds of years.

People laugh when I say this yet I remain faithful to the statement if there were ever two men who I would have punched over and over in the face it would be Edison and Morgan. They should have been thrown in jail to rot for life for crimes against humanity -  for what they did to this world for private wealth and power.

I cannot give an exact number to the death toll of those who have died over the last one hundred years or so due to the search for energy to keep the world moving, lights glowing and winters where homes are warm and dinners cooking on stoves all over the world.  I do know  most of those deaths  can be directed  towards those who stopped the genius Nicola Tesla from finishing his work. Our government of course is also directly responsible for this crime against mankind and still continue to this day in continuing to keep Tesla’s free energy knowledge hidden and this world in terrible turmoil.

The number of people who have died in mining for coal, digging for oil, or simply dying from extreme cold without the ability to heat their homes over the last century is enormous.

Let us not forget all the wars fought over the need for oil. Add the fact terrorism is at least partly if not completely funded by way of the profits from the worlds urgent needs for energy and we have lists of millions of dead bodies covering this world all due to need for energy . Now would anyone like to join me while I punch Edison and Morgan’s nasty noses across their selfish greedy faces?

That is only part of my anger which brings me to the main question that I just do not understand. That question is why  are we still fighting for oil and where is Tesla's free energy system and why are we not building and using it ? How can that question contine to  remains without answer to this very day.?Wars continue people die however we still remain without Nicola Tessa’s free energy system. I do not believe for a moment it is still hidden or lost. I do not believe for a second that with the knowledge known about this system that our scientists today could not finish Tesla’s free energy system which would free the world.

Yes I know the story that it is a big mystery to who it was that entered Nicola Tesla's small dwelling in New York City on the day he died ,alone and penniless,  and supposedly removed all his papers and invention details to never be seen again. Of course I do not buy this at all and feel if we are able to explore space we should be able to find the plans for the free energy system  he built on Long Island and try to continue along with Tessa’s pursuits of free energy.

If we can give a private company millions if not billions of dollars to poke around in space why not do the same and give a chunk of that money to those who could continue with Tessa’s free energy system.  I truly feel our needs during these trying times here on earth now out way our need to explore space. The amount of life saved as well as a knife in the heart of the flow of money that funds terrorism would be huge with Tesla’s free energy system in place.

I watch as we push off planet reaching for the stars but must say that I know I am right in saying the condition of this planet and the human race needs to be our first concern. I also know that until we can maintain and provide for our planet and the earthlings upon it we are not going to be welcomed in to the universal neighborhood. We need to stop being a planet or killing, destroying primitive beings before those far more advanced want anything to do with us. It is why they keep us at arm’s length. They watch. They visit and even have interaction with us but past that they leave us be as we continue our savage ways.

I refuse to be pushed aside with how ridiculous I am to think his machine would work or that no one knows what he was doing or that his years of hard work are all missing.  I think the need for greed and power still dominates us all and withholding free energy from the world continues for the benefit of the few instead of moving towards and forward for the benefit of the many.

 It is the continuing case of a few select who want all the toys and feel you do not deserve any. This is the problem of life and the very tests our souls are handed as we live our human lives on planet earth.  In this class room of life  Edison and Morgan’s souls I assure you will not be found with the many, the good or the kind, the energy of their souls surely are helping keep hell fully burning.

My wish is for Nicola Tesla’s inventions to be developed and used for the benefit of mankind and the advancement of humanity.  Nicola Tesla was without question one of this planets greatest minds. Tesla was a super genius who invented technology that we still have not mastered. The least we can do for the gifts he tried to give to us is to build and use and hopefully in the end give thanks to him for his work and his genius.

Nicola Tesla also was a man who was beaten down, abused and ignored by the greedy and powerful. Tesla was a threat to those who stood to make large sums of money from old technology they were involved with or funding. Thomas Edison was an enemy of Nicola Tesla because Tesla had advancements that would have made Edison's endeavors obsolete. Stopping Tesla from continuing with his inventions gave Edison his road to power, money and fame. The real price of Edison's greed was that we all paid the price for being without the advancements of Tesla's genius.

I hope one day we understand more about space and can travel beyond our own planet and solar system but we are not there yet as a society. We continue to allow the elite to use our money to explore space and ignore what is happening to each of us here on the surface of the earth. We should not allow another Edison or Morgan to keep us living in war and hardship so the few can explore space or take trips to space stations for vacations only designed for the rich or elite few. We need to use our money and our brain power to develop free energy and concentrate on the advancement of mankind here on earth before we reach for the stars. When we have finally become a civil working society I am sure our universal neighbors will decide to become more openly forth coming with us but until then my bet is as long as we stay as we are, they will stay as they are, at arms length - in fact I know it.

 I can only hope for these things to happen and try to reach out to others who may feel the same way. Maybe if we pull together for a new way of things in this world we might actually one day get there.

Below find my original article about Nicola Tesla and a few videos concerning what I discussed in this article

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 This article was first published in 2010

Nicola Tesla was without question one of this planets greatest minds. Tesla was a super genius who invented technology that we still have not mastered

Nicola Tesla invented; a telephone repeater, rotating magnetic field principle, polyphase alternating-current system, induction motor, alternating-current power transmission, Tesla coil transformer, wireless communication, radio, fluorescent lights, and more than 700 other patents including a free energy system. This man was the main force in bringing mankind into the world of technology.

Nicola Tesla was a man who was stopped and ridiculed instead of backed and helped by those who only had self-agenda interests in the world around them.

The very people who had the ability to make the world a better more advanced civilization instead held back Nicola Tesla from developing the technology that would have pushed us far ahead. I cannot help wonder how many wars and deaths could have been prevented if Tesla had not been stopped.

J.P. Morgan was a very rich banker who agreed to fund Nicola Tesla's work. As long as Tesla was working on projects that Morgan could profit from.  JP Morgan funded one of Tesla's large projects. Nicola Tesla built a large tower on Long Island which he represented as his part in the radio transmission race going on at the time with Marconi. What Tesla did not tell Morgan was that his building not only could be used in his radio quest but was a device to work with the atmosphere to develop Free Energy.

As soon as Morgan found out about the Free Energy aspect of Tesla's work Morgan pulled away his funding and had the tower taken down. This was a major step in the down fall of this great genius and his work which would have transformed the world.
I understand fully Morgan was a man of greed when a enormous need for power and control. I consider his stopping this project over his need to profit from energy being a paid service a crime against all mankind.

What was done to Nicola Tesla was nothing short of criminal and we are the ones who have suffered from the deeds of men like Edison and Morgan who placed self-greed and importance over the needs of the entire human race.

It is sad that Edison and Morgan were not smart enough to figure out how to both profit from the development of Free Energy while also advancing the entire world. I must say I have a very low opinion of these men and people like them.

Along with Nicola Tesla I have to wonder if the same type of things that took place to stop Tesla did not also happen to John Searl.

John Searl was a man like Nicola Tesla who was a genius. This man invented the Searl Effect Generator which is a free energy generator that has the potential to be used to run anything that runs from electricity.

John Searl like Tesla was an unusual man who developed some of his technology from dreams. He told of having dreams that would come two at a time that started when he was 4 years old. He collected the information from his dreams and built his first generator by the age 14.

Nicola Tesla interestingly enough also built many of his inventions from his dreams. He was noted as saying that he would dream of a device in its complete form along with the instructions how to build them. He would keep records of what he saw in his dreams and build them from his dream notes.

I find this similarity in both of these incredible men fascinating and a bit strange. One has to consider the possibility that both of these men were not ordinary in their thinking or methods. I find the fact that they developed their incredible inventions and leaps in technology while in a dream state extremely bizarre. In my thinking it comes straight from the paranormal that these methods were part of both of the creative processes of these men. It just does not seem logical that you can go to sleep and wake up knowing the science and blueprint with instructions to create the type of technology that both Tesla and Searl did. I think more was at hand here.

John Searl figured out how to use his invention to develop a UFO looking craft that could run on his free energy work. He could have pushed us into another level of existence if his work had been funded and aided.

Both of these men had the genius to bring us to a world without air pollution or harm to the earth. War over energy resources would have ended and travel would be cheap and clean. Energy that runs our lives would be clean and extremely cheap if not free. The fact that society sat back while the rich and greedy powers of the time kept these men from succeeding is beyond terrible it is criminal.

I understand that both men had a great deal of work to do before many of their inventions became reality. I also fully understand that if those who could have funded and backed them would have done so it would now have a very different world around us.

If other great minds had decided to work alone side of these men instead of taking the jealous greedy view there is no way of knowing what a great planet we would now have. Instead we continue to pollute, fight and stay stunted in a going nowhere fast civilization. We seem to be stuck taking twenty steps ahead with new technology followed by ten steps back due to fighting, power and greed.

I have to wonder how many other men and women are out there that still are forced out of making major changes for this world by way of greed and power.

I do know we are a violent civilization who love to fight and kill and follow what we are told like a good little herd of sheep. If this was not true and we as a group had a real need for change and advancement it would happen. The fact that we sit in ignorance silently doing as we are told proves we are indeed a society controlled and willing to be commanded by the few, the powerful and the greedy.

I think actions like those against men like Tesla and Searl that kept them from succeeding in area's that would have saved this world from horrific things are actions of people who commit crimes against humanity. We humans just sit and let it happen.
Until we break away from the controls of the few over the many we will continue down this dumb ed down road. As long as we let the TV control our lives, listen without question to whatever jackass is talking on the boob tube without questioning his words, until we place down our cell phones we are all doomed.

Until we as a society learn to listen without opinion already formed, usually by way of some TV show or radio host, we are doomed. Unless we can figure out how to form our thinking by way of searching all sides to important issues we are doomed. Until we learn to think and read without sound bites and dazzle of technology pulling us around by our noses we will stay a civilization doomed and sliding quickly to our end.

We can no longer allow the few to fill our minds without questioning their words or thinking. We cannot sit in front of a screen be it TV or computer and believe whatever media beast is feeding us. We cannot believe everything we hear in chat rooms or read by those who have lots to say but no answers for the questions we ask. We must stop being bullied by the few and become thinking, working, competent people.

I am sad when I watch and read the stories of men like Tesla and Searl. I cannot help but wonder how many more have been blocked and stopped by the hand of the few. I watch this world spin and wonder how it so many is can be so blind while the few eat us up and spit us out all for personal gain.

The longer I live the more convinced I am that the purpose of earth is to be a battle field for good and evil. It seems we have been in this war from the start of time.
The acts of mankind towards one another can best be understood if you realize that the battle of good and evil is in constant play in the human species. We seem torn between saving mankind with one hand while raging war with the other. We develop and advance with huge steps forward yet suffer at the hands like the ones written about in this article

We are beings that slaughter and destroy with one swipe of a hand yet understand the beauty found in art, music, a new born baby or a puppy. How we continue on being so contrary is something I will never figure out.

If only we could tilt the balance to the good and demand more of ourselves we would be  incredible beings. For now we need to think long and hard about our actions and our places in the ongoing battle of good and evil. Do we want to treasure fellow humans like Tesla and Searl or settle for being pulled around by our noses by the evil of greed and power by the few.

Those are personal questions we all need to examine and decide upon in life . I will not suggest I have any right to suggest anyone should try to be a better human. I do feel we have miles to go and lots to improve upon before we are considered anything but savages by those who share our universe. I pray one day the way of things on earth change.

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September 12, 2014

Half Cat Horror Continues 2014

 It has been brought to my attention that the public is under the impression that this article is about strange people who torture cats for insane reasons which is something that has been going on for many years.This is not an article about some crazy teen  who  kills cats in the woods.

This  is about something very different and very dark and strange. It is the odd practice of someone or something that enters the private  property of a pet owner, kidnapping the cat and killing the pet.

Whatever or whoever is doing this is doing so all over the world and to the horror of the pet owner they return to the private property of the cat owners to return the cat in the form of a hand puppet corpse . The half corpse is clean and shows no signs of being attacked other than being dead and cut in half with only the one half returned.  This is strange and important for all pet owners to be ware of. It has been going on world wide for decades and we all need to know why and who is able to do this and if it  is in human in origin


Half Cats the Horror Continues in to 2014

I had an extremely interesting summer off and wanted to return to writing about my experiences as soon as I returned to my blog.

Sadly I feel as an animal lover and pet owner to once again do the right thing and report that I have had two more half cat reports during the last few weeks and feel it more important to start off my  new fall season with this news in hopes it may somehow prevent this from continuing. I will bring my other articles on board soon. First let me deal with this disturbing issue.

One report was told to me by a friend who lives on the end of Long Island New York who explained to me that her neighbor found her cat bloodless, gutless with only the top half looking like a hand puppet thrown on her large open back porch.

 Her house is waterfront making the Atlantic Ocean about 400 feet from her back porch. The woman was very upset and confused as why anyone would do such a cruel thing to her sweet pet. She also was fully aware the grusume attack on the cat took place somewhere else as they could not find any signs of this horrible event taking place anywhere on their property. The woman was frightened as the most upsetting part of this crime was that someone took the time to approach and return the half dead cats body after slaughtering it  neatly at the back of her home obviously to be discovered by the owners of the poor little cat. 

I realize I have written about this many times before and will be sure to provide some of that material on my blog with this article. Half cat bodies found clean and neat sliced in half across the center of the cats body leaving the head and front paws or bottom part and back paws has been going on now well over 20 years all over the world. They are not a result of an attack by another animal and left clean without signs of blood or internal organs cut without chewing or claw marks.

It is a strange unexplained mutalilation of the cats that goes on without explanation or reason.

A few weeks ago another woman from California sent me a note that she too along with her friend who owned the cat found the beloved pet in the same condition. Her report reads as follows:

I asked the woman if the animal control gave any reasons why they gave their reasoning for this awful slaughter of the womans cat and the woman sent me back the following response:
"None of us can figure out why animal control made the decision they did. The neighbor put the 2 parts together and they fit perfectly. No bite marks, no tares in the skin. There was no blood around or any other pieces. We're all questing that decision.”

I find this on going slaughter of innocent pets extremely disturbing and really have no answers to why this continues to go on.
I do think we need to give our time and try to somehow make an effort to figure out why this horrible crime continues to go on all over the world.

I will be including other information and a new article by Richard Bonenfant on my blog along with this article about animal mutilation. I do have images of the half cats that I will also post on my blog however feel they are too upsetting to publish out with this article before warning they exist.

I do hope you all had a wonderful summer and will now be spending my time forming new articles concerning the interesting experiences of my summer as I continue to walk along my endless journey with the unknown.
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Below find past articles I have written over the past years  concerning this issue and a new article with Richard Bonenfant and Agent D concerning animal mutilation

Summer's Over by The Lonely Heart Show


 photo c227f3bc-e1cb-4ce8-936f-93265f281dfd_zps444eb6fe.jpg

Sadly I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat was left for people to find by whatever it is that is killing the cats.

The cats are gutted, drained of blood and returned with mostly only the top half of the cat with their two front legs and paws  in tact found while the bottom legs and body of the cat are missing. The cats look like little dead hand puppets however they were once living healthy cats.  

Unfortunately some of the cats are found by their owners on their property. Others are found by neighbors or those living near where the cat lived. It is hard to find ones pet mutilated and purposely placed where you could not help but find it. The poor cats are always staged for  those who knew and for some loved  the cat- to find it.

I have no idea at all what  or who is behind this and can only try to continue to bring it to the attention of the public in hopes somehow we will be able to place a reason for these cruel killings and mutilations. The sick mean spirited methods of leaving the corpse for those who loved the animal to find is not something we should consider lightly. It is the work of twisted thinking.
This half cat killing has been going on all over the world for more than 20 years that I have been able to track. Somewhere someone has to know a reason for this ongoing slaughter. It is time for us all to start to pay closer attention to what is going on around us so we can stop senseless cruel things like this from continuing.

Here is the latest report of a half cat killing that I have recently received:


We found this cat in our neighborhood in Southern California; we did a web search and found you. Do you have any more recent info on what the cause of this was...cult? Random acts? It was found with no blood perfectly severed and no bottom half anywhere in sight. If you have any info we are concerned and would like to know what info you have on this....? Thanks for anything you can share...” 

I wrote back to this person and told them I did not have any answers but would once again place it in the public’s eye in hopes one day we can understand these vicious long on going half cat mutilations
Below find photo of what this person found. I am sorry it is graphic and hard to see.

Since I  wrote this article I have spoken to a veterinarian I know who suggested many places I should send my article to try to spark some type of action and help on this matter. I immediately did so. I will post if anything comes of it. Until then protect your pets and know evil lurks everywhere.

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While being a guest on the Nocturnal Frequency Radio Show the host brought up the subject of half cat mutilations still being discovered in North America. The mystery continues as people keep discovering the remains of cats who have been cut perfectly in half with a clean cut leaving no mess, blood or signs of typical wildlife kill near by. Only the top portion of the cat is typically found with the other half missing -never to be found again. The precision of the cut is as if it were done with a laser or with surgical skill.

Half cat remains have been found this way all over North America for many years. I was told that October seems to be a popular time for the half cat mutilations to occur. I think it may be a good idea for us all to keep a extra careful eye on our pets during this time of year. Who knows who , what or why this disgraceful practice has been and still is happening to our furry friends. I do know it is strange and cruel and needs to be added to the list of things we call the unknown. Below find the original article I wrote concerning this subject

Recently a reader sent me his concerns about the ongoing mutilations of cats that are found all over North America. I am not sure if this phenomenon is world wide as I have only read reports concerning my area of the world.

I know that cats are often targets of malicious humans and slaughtered for many reasons ranging from fun to using them as a meat source and eating them. I remembered when I was a child a demented young man in my town was found to have a entire cat torture camp set up in the woods. He would catch the cats in the area and take them to this camp he built deep in the dense woods and torture the poor animals to death. When his camp was found the local police discovered hundreds of dead animals hanging from dozens of trees in this twisted bizarre camp.

Cats are eaten in many parts of the world the same as we eat chickens or pigs. I am aware that the world does not hold the same view on cats as citizens do in western cultures.

The thing about these cat mutilations that have been going on for many years now in North America is how they are done. Cats have been found cut exactly in half across the mid section of their bodies. The cats are then left as half corpses often with the missing half of the cat nowhere to be found. Some times both parts of the cat can be found but most common only one half of the cat can be located. The location of the found body half is usually clean of blood, which is odd considering the animals are cut perfectly in half which has to be a messy business.

The strangest thing about the cat mutilations is the neat skill of the incision that cuts the cats in half. It is not torn or ripped or shredded. The method of cutting the cats in half is clean and done with a surgeons skill. This has been going on for years with many pet owners finding the gruesome remains of half of their cat found often in their own yards.

I find these entire half cat mutilations extremely odd. First thing that strikes me, as being strange, is that this has been going on for many years. Secondly of course is the nature of the mutilation. Why would anyone or group of people want to cut a cat perfectly in half? The more I think about this situation the more questions I come up with. Why would anyone take the time to make a perfect incision and take the effort and time to either remove or clean up most of the blood and mess that certainly is involved with cutting an animal in half?

I realize that cow mutilations have been going on and investigated for a very long time. I also realize that the cow mutilations have similarities to what is happening with the half cats. They both seem to be useless acts with the dead animals corpse left unlike the kills of animals taken down by predators for food. Animals devour more of the kill when they take down another animal for food. They also leave a different type of kill zone area that is far from neat and blood free. The clean neat cuts involved in both the cow and cat mutilations seems to go hand and hand as well as the neatness of the area where the corpses are found. The biggest connection for me is the fact that all of the odd clean kill mutilations of both the cows and cats seem senseless without reason or meaning.

I have thought about this and talked about this to everyone in my path since having this ongoing situation brought to my attention. What is going on here? Why is this happening to these animals? What on earth can be the reason to cut a cat in half leaving it obviously so it can be found?
So many things run through your mind that trying to sort out one scenario seems to be impossible over others. What could be thee reason for these horrid mutilations?

I doubt it is one person as the half cats are found all over North America and have been for at least 15 or 20 years. Could these hideous actions belong to a group or cult? Could this be the work of some type of initiation to a strange club or gang or cult? Could be the killing of innocent animals be some kind of badge of honor or request for entry to a cult or gang to prove some kind of twisted act of violence by way of attacking kitty cats and kittens?

It was suggested to me that this could be some sort of need by private companies or secret projects to provide them with organic material for biological programs they are working on. I have my doubts about that as wouldn’t it be far easier to simply catch and keep the cats or empty the over crowded animal shelters as a source for live animals. Also I would think they would keep the animals and not leave half to be found by the poor pet owners.

It is clear that those doing this want animals that are living and actively part of the communities around them. The cattle are also part of a community that are being attacked and mutilated. I cannot understand why this is the case all I can do is recognize the fact that it IS the case with both mutilation scenarios.

Can the half cat mutilation be some sort of step in some kind of large underground game being played out in secret by its players? Could this be some sorted thrill found in the deviant side of the erotic pleasure spectrum only a few partake in? I have had all of these things suggested but can not figure out if any of these ideas are correct or even close to the base of why the cats are being slaughtered without reason- and left cut in half.

Of course more then one person has brought UFO and alien involvement to my attention as those who are mutilating and leaving the half cats. I would question the reasons they would leave the cat half’s to be found yet realize that we understand very little about visiting beings or why they abduct humans so must leave this as a open possibility with the cat half mutilations.

My entire opinion with this subject is one of confusion and questions. I know that this is going on. I know it has been going on for a very long time and I know there are countless explanations concerning who, what and why it is happening.

Interestingly the person who brought this subject to my attention wanted to remain anonymous. This is not unusual in fact most people who tell me their stories wish to protect their identity from the public due to the negative way we treat those who talk about subjects of the unknown. This request for privacy was a bit different. It seems this person tried to bring the subject of half cats to the attention of the people by way of the Internet. Each time the material he wanted brought to light was dismissed, rejected and even at times removed. Being exhausted by attempts to make the public aware and to be careful with their own beloved pets this person came to a dead end as where to go to make us all aware of this half cat problem.

After searching the subject of the half cat mutilations and being a pet owner and animal lover I decided to see if I could at least bring this odd situation to the minds of those who read my articles.
I have no answers to this mystery of cats being murdered, carefully sliced in half and left to be found as half cat corpses. The entire situation is sad sick and extremely strange. I wonder how many other people are finding this happening in their area unaware it is an ongoing long-term problem spread over an entire continent?

I will have to chalk this terrible half cat mutilation problem up to another subject of the unknown for now. I hope this can be figured out and stopped. It is an ugly situation that is needless and without reason. The only thing I can suggest at this point concerning this problem is for us all to be aware of our surroundings. There are so many unknowns out there we all need to be in tune with our natural habitants and aware when they change or are invaded. The most basic natural ability to survive is to understand and know your surroundings. It also seems to be one of the natural skills we seem to be quickly giving over to technology and neglect. Take the cell phone away from your ear and learn the normal sounds of your daily surroundings. Stop texting and look around your surroundings and learn when they change or seem uncomfortable. Step back to your natural abilities to survive and regain these skills before you lose them completely. It may one day be the difference of surviving or being oblivious to something deadly you could have easily avoided if you had been paying attention.

As far as my pets- I am going to pay closer attention to what they are doing and where they go. I like my cats whole and alive.

For now I think I will leave this subject on the shelf with the thousands of others we consider the unknown!
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Aliens and Animal Mutilations

We have the unique opportunity to speak with Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D. a retired research scientist and lecturer who is now dedicated to the investigation of phenomena that lie on the fringes of scientific understandingPrior to his interest in cattle and animal mutilations, Dr. Bonenfant's research career at Albany Medical Center Hospital and the New York State Department of Health was centered on the study of birth defects in newborn children. With advanced degrees in anthropology and psychology, Dr. Bonenfant served as an adjunct professor at Siena College in Loudonville, NY and City College in Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Bonenfant most recently retired from the Veterans' Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, and Richard is likewise credited with publishing several professional articles on near-death experiences. 

Agent D - Richard, I just finished listening to a podcast with Randy Maugan's Off Planet Radio on Animal mutilations and was impressed with the depth of the discussion on the topic in that interview. We will assume the readers here on The Object Report blog have a basic awareness of animal or cattle mutilations and likewise are aware that an ET angle might be involved here. 

Richard - Thank you for your gracious introduction Agent D. Hearing it makes me seem larger-than-life. Actually I come to the subject at hand with only limited knowledge of the phenomenon of animal mutilations. Therefore, my interpretations may appear naive to those more experienced with this ongoing mystery. I plead for patience as research leads me into deeper levels of entanglement with various aspects of this complex phenomenon. My hope is that previous experience as a medical research scientist can add some understanding as to the purpose and method behind these mutilations. Okay, I guess we can now proceed to chip away at the problem.

Agent D - Cattle mutilations and half cat mutilations have been going on for quite some time, and there is an incredible consistency spanning decades where cattle tissue around the mouth and anus is removed very precisely and at times without any traces of blood. Do we have a theory why these two areas of the cow are consistently the focus of tissue removal? 

Richard -That's an interesting observation Agent D. Like most organisms, human beings are consumption machines. We take in food, digest it to sustain ourselves, and remove waste matter that serves no purpose in this process. Of course this is but one functional aspect of existence but a very fundamental one. Without absorbing the nutrition of food, we would soon become extinct. The mouth initiates this ingestion process, the digestive tract sorts out what can and can't be used, and the final segment of this tract discharges waste that is toxic to our bodies. This leads back to your initial question. The organs you mentioned, the mouth and the anus, are the alpha and omega points of the process. Therefore, as an environmental epidemiologist, I would say that whatever agency is responsible for animal mutilations has an interest in what is eaten, absorbed, and discarded by cattle and other animals from the environment in which they live. In other words, it suggests to me a kind of environmental monitoring less the moral implications of the methodology being used.

The techniques and instrumentation used in these mutilations imply a technological sophistication far in advance of current technology. This is immediately evident in what is medically termed exsanguination or the removal of blood from the body. In most cases, the carcass contains little or no trace of blood. It's almost as if some pump-like device had been inserted into the circulatory system in a way that would completely drain the animal of its blood with little or no wastage. This is no mean feat in a clinical setting, let alone in some remote natural environment without the advantage of surgical devices. Then, there is the evidence of laser-like incisions creating portals through which internal tissue and organs are removed. To do this would require some kind of device be inserted into the body cavity which could break down collagen, the main component of connective tissue, such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and guts in order to remove them from the body cavity through the small portals previously mentioned. This process would basically turn organs to mush from which it would be suctioned out from the body cavity. One example, is the creation of a small aperture in the skull through which an animal's brain are suctioned out from its skull. While I have no knowledge of what is currently being done in highly advanced medical research facilities, I seriously doubt that such capabilities were available over the past duration of animal mutilation events. Therefore, to answer your question more concisely, the only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the technology necessary to carry out these mutilations lies far in advance of our own.

Agent D - Linda Moulton Howe has been researching cattle and half cat mutilations for over three decades, having been the first reporter to cover cattle mutilations in fact, and she continues to cover these ongoing mutilations from a journalist's perspective. Your approach to cattle mutilations is from that of biological interest - do you feel your findings and theories on cattle mutilations parallel Linda’s perceptions or is there some deviation?

Richard - Let me just say at the outset that this interview probably would not be taking place were it not for the investigative journalism of Linda Moulton Howe. She almost single handedly alerted the general public to the mysterious mutilations that were taking place in the western prairies. Through her archival website, she continues to accumulate a wealth of data not only on various forms of animal mutilations but also on other strange and unexplained phenomenon that we should all pay attention to, especially those in the scientific community. For just as Stanley Prusiner, the 1997 Nobel prize laureate, once remarked, “While it is quite reasonable for scientists to be skeptical of new ideas that do not fit within the accepted realm of scientific knowledge, the best science often emerges from situations where results carefully obtained do not fit within the accepted paradigms.” With regards to your question, I would say that our views concerning animal mutilations are in very close alignment. In fact, while preparing a follow up article to “Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations,” Ms. Howe graciously provided me with a reference to an abductee’s observation from her 1989 book Strange Harvest. This abductee reported witnessing the mutilation of a young calf by aliens aboard their craft. While doing this I soon realized that Ms. Howe’s archive of abductee accounts may contain a treasure trove of data to other professional investigators who take the time to review these accounts from their various perspectives. The only variations readily evident in our views stems from differences of focus. Ms. Howe presents compelling evidence that these mutilations are the result of alien intervention while my limited research attempts to determine why these mutilations may be carried out. We concur in the sense that mutilations are being purposefully carried out with a high degree of technological precision. I suggest that a possible motive for these mutilations may be to monitor a quiet epidemic of neurological pathologies related to prion diseases. I believe Ms. Howe holds a slightly different view. It doesn't matter who’s correct, what matters is that we diligently work towards finding the reason behind these atrocities regardless of what it might be.

Agent D - I've always had the inclination that the tissue from cattle is used in an ongoing study of man made pollution and the effects of this global pollution on animals, particularly mammals. During the last decade or so the idea of an ongoing Human ET Hybrid project has gained traction - do you have any evidence or leads that would suggest the study of non-human animal tissue could in some way be connected to this ongoing ET-Human genetic program?

Richard - Up to very recently I would have responded that, from my limited perspective, I couldn't see any direct connection between the animal mutilations and the accepted ET-Human hybridization program. But while working on a follow up article to my Prion proposal, I came across something that has changed my mind. This article intended to demonstrate the link between UFO activity and cattle mutilations in a convincing way. When I began to investigate one particular account, that of abductee Judy Doraty, I discovered a direct connection between gray aliens, cattle mutilations and human abductions. This connection will be reviewed in great detail in my forthcoming article. So my answer to your question is yes, I believe there is indeed a connection between these two types of activities.

Agent D - The insensitive way the animal mutilations are being carried out seems to be in keeping with the M.O. of the Grays from what we have heard from other eyewitnesses, and perhaps this is in itself a small clue the Grays are involved to some degree. It has been noted before on the Off Planet Radio show - and this is quite subtle - whomever is carrying out these dissections and studies is leaving the carcass behind in an almost deliberate manner versus simply disposing of the evidence which logically might have prevented humans from being aware of animal mutilations from day one. Is there possibly a read between the lines message to us here through their choice to put the carcass back? 

Richard - The question of why aliens dump mutilated carcasses in the vicinity of where they were abducted comes up quite frequently. Certainly, the carcasses could be disposed of in a way that would not bring attention to what is being done to them. It seems to me that there could be at least two reasons why they do so. The first one is that they simply don’t care and are contemptuous of any consequences. But, that does not explain why the carcasses are discarded so near the location where the animals were captured. Assuming cattle and other animals are dissected within some surgical area within UFOs, it is highly unlikely that simply dumping their carcasses after a mutilation would result in their being deposited so close to the point of capture. Therefore, a logical argument could be made that the way carcasses are disposed is indeed intentional. In consequence, it would be just a matter of time before we humans would come to associate the presence of UFOs with the mutilation phenomenon. The question now arises; why have they chosen to do so? Our curiosity would certainly be evoked and lead us to focus greater attention on the matter. Of the two possibilities, I would lean towards the view that their actions are indeed intentional and directed towards awakening our awareness. Once again I remain cautious about attributing human motives to alien behavior. However, if it is intentional, they certainly have gotten our attention.

Agent D - Richard, do you remember the moment or circumstance when you decided to take a step forward from the silent majority and become directly involved with the study of cattle and animal mutilations?

Richard - You caught me unprepared on this one! I guess it would be fair to say that I've been interested in UFOs since first reading about them in comic books and various other magazines as a teenager. However, at the time more pressing matters prevented me from taking an active role. Even then my interest in UFOs and particularly in human abductions led me to feel that there was little I could do or contribute beyond what was already being done by such prominent investigators as John Mack, Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and a number of others who where active at the time. After retiring I made a deliberate effort to read the accounts of various individuals who had actually undergone an abduction experience. During this process I came across the account of one particular abductee that greatly impressed me. I was touched by the genuineness, intelligence, and I dare say even virtue of her testimony. Out of respect for the privacy of this person, I choose not to mention her name. Anyway, after reading even more about her experiences as well as those of other abductees, I decided to do something to get the attention and respect of the abduction community. To do so I focused on what I knew best, namely the study of environmental epidemiology to make sense of animal mutilations. What followed were several months of intensive research in which I attempted to make the case that mammals were being subjected to an silent epidemic of prion related diseases. And furthermore, that these mutilations were the result of some alien agency monitoring of the spread of these diseases. I guess that was the point were I jumped in. So here we are.

Agent D - Most people think of cats and or cows when we say animal mutilations, but these activities are not just happening to cats and cattle, they appear to be happening to other animals as well, is this correct?

Richard - Absolutely! During my initial analysis I broke the species into two categories; domestic and wild animals. For example, Domestic included family pets such as cats and dogs, farm animals such as sheep, goats, cattle and horses. Everything else fell into the wild category; some examples include elk, deer, bison, badgers and foxes. But more and more, wild mutilated animals are being found all the time. Recently, I was even alerted that mutilated seals, and dolphins have been found in the coastal regions of the northern United Kingdom, especially in Scotland and Ireland. The only common denominator was that they were all mammals. But, this may be about to change. The Director of the the U.K.’s Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) has recently told me that birds have now joined the mutilated community after a large flock of seabirds were found decapitated in this same region of the U.K. I would venture to say that as time goes on the list of mutilated species will become even larger.
Agent D - The new buzzword associated with animal mutilations on the web is Prions. Rik, can you give a "Prions 101" introduction to our readers who have never heard of this term before?

Richard - Now that’s a real challenge; in how many words or less? Let's begin by stating that prions are protein chains found in our cells. We don’t know their purpose but they are likely to serve some function. Recently, scientists discovered that these prions proteins have a rogue double. While rogue prions are similar in form to their functional counterparts, they contain a mutation in their protein chain which converts normal prions into dysfunctional ones simply by contact. So over time there is a geometric increase in the dysfunctional prions which lead to a plaque build up in the brain. This plaque destroys neurons creating dark lifeless islands giving the brain’s overall architecture a sponge-like appearance. Thus, neurologists refer to prion related diseases as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). TSEs are generally recognized by which areas of the brain they affect; the cerebral cortex in cases of classic Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, the brain stem in cases of Scrapie and Chronic Wasting Disease, the thalamus in cases of Fatal Familial Insomnia and the Cerebellum in cases of Kuru Disease. Mutated prions have been found in both humans and other mammals. Mammals also suffer from prion related diseases. The most common are known as Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and elk, Scrapie in sheep, Feline Spongiform Encephalopathy in cats, Transmissible Mink Encephalopathy in minks, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in cattle...etc. The problem is that these diverse brain diseases were always believed to be confined to the species in which they were found. However, in the late 1980s and early 90s British scientists discovered that Mad Cow Disease had somehow managed to cross this species barrier. A version of Mad Cow Disease had mutated to humans through the ingestion of infected meat. 

This new infection now became internationally recognized as an entirely new TSE in humans. Its defining characteristic was an early onset, (28 instead of 68 Years) accompanied by a wide range of behavioral problems and the distortion of the senses, particularly that of touch. From that initial awakening, scientists soon came to realize that similar trans-species infections were also taking place in a wide range of other mammals such as mink, deer, elk and many more. The question then became; What’s causing this violation of the species boundaries in TSEs? There presently is no answer to that question. Epidemiologist only know that something very “scary” is taking place. What makes this silent epidemic of prion diseases so dangerous is that prions are nearly indestructible. Since they have no genetic material like RNA or DNA, they are immune to radiation and most traditional means of eradicating infectious diseases. They can even survive traditional incineration and autoclave sterilization. So we have no means of either treating or eradicating TSEs. Cattle and other mutilations could be a rather harsh means of monitoring the spread of TSEs throughout the world's mammal populations. There are a number or reasons for taking this view, the primary one being that many mutilated animals are decapitated and even when they are not, a number of cases have small holes in their skulls from which their entire brains have been removed. It’s also very likely that other organ systems and tissues are involved of which we have no knowledge. Therefore, I feel the Prion Hypothesis offers a starting point in the search for determining why the entire phenomenon of animal mutilations is taking place.

Agent D - The resistance of prions to eradication through traditional means does sound rather disturbing to say the least. Speculating here, do you have the impression we've been alerted to something that could have detrimental effects on homo sapiens down the road and we have benefited in a round about way from the cattle mutilations and the subsequent investigations? 

Richard - Yes, I do think that and you’re absolutely right in your estimate of the situation. A number of problems are nested within it. First and foremost, the medical community must become better informed about the seriousness of the matter in order to focus their attention on the nature mutated prions. It’s critical that we learn how abnormal prions are able to convert normal prions to their own mutated form. We must also investigate how prion diseases have managed to cross the species barrier in so many different types of mammals. In addition, we must do a better job of detecting TSE infected animals and containing them in a way that will prevent their spread. For example, at present we incinerate infected domestic livestock without addressing the issue of how recycled animal byproducts continue to promote the spread of TSEs. Prions have managed to survive this process. The recycled protein supplement added to cattle feed not only reinfects cattle, it also infects wild animals that scrounge left over feed from fields and feed bins. What will society do if TSEs spread to other livestock we consume like chickens, pigs, and other animals products? I suggest that our medical authorities immediately ban this practice. This is a problem of our own doing not something introduced by some alien agency. The only involvement by aliens that I see, is that they are acutely aware of the nature and extent of TSEs and may be waiting to see how we respond to the crisis. Their unwanted intervention appears to represent a kind of global environmental monitoring of something of great significance. I myself only came to understand the full extent of this potential epidemic through the investigation of animal mutilations. Early on I could only see that UFOs and aliens were the most probable cause of these mutilations. However, my research clearly suggests that such a wide range of domestic and wild animal mutilations must represent something of significance. Furthermore, the fact that aliens discard mutilated cattle so near the point where they were captured may be an indirect way of alerting us of the problem. However, what they are doing must also serve their own interests in ways we cannot currently understand. I cannot help but wonder if this potential epidemic is not part of the warning many abductees are often subjected to regarding some eminent environmental catastrophe. Let’s hope not, but there is no question that humans are indirectly responsible for the spread of prion diseases and we must find the courage to address it without further procrastination.  

Agent D - Rik, this has been a very intense, revealing discussion on animal mutilations and you've delivered a lot of new information to us. My final question to you - do you see the animal mutilations continuing into the future and more mutilations occurring as human pollution intensifies?

Richard - Like so many things in life, the spread of prion related diseases is a complicated problem that will not be quickly or easily solved. It may be but one aspect of a far more complex problem relating to how human activity has altered a long standing equilibrium in the natural world. I feel that global warming, commercial exploitation of natural resources, and our species attitude that all things on this planet are subject to the fulfillment of human needs are all involved. Advance entities must surely be aware of how we have disrupted this fragile architecture. Yet, I really don’t know if they will intervene on our behalf. I tend to doubt it. We humans have a tendency to attribute benevolence, malevolence or indifference to non-humans based on our perceptions of how “we” should be treated. But we must accept the premise that their behavior and activities may have purposes beyond our understanding. Based on logical speculation, I believe that we will witness greater numbers of animals being mutilated in the future. So far, these events have largely been limited to mammals, but I suspect that the mutilations will soon spread to birds, and sea life of all kinds. So yes, I see the mutilations continuing in a more diverse range of animals. Lets hope I’m wrong. Regardless of how things turn out, we should try to empathize with the animals being mutilated. There is extensive evidence that they too experience fear, pain and suffering

- Agent D
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