Tis the Season

Tis the Season

January 25, 2015

The Orb Reports Continue plus a message to my Readers

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During the last few months I have had about four emails from people all over North America describing  sightings of strange Orbs . The reports were sent in by those who watched large round solid lights streak across the sky at enormous speed during clear winter nights, The sighting one from California and one from Kansas were similar in detail.  The objects were large round and bright white traveling at incredible speed.  The other reports came from Maine and Connecticut and both of those reports were from people who claimed they witnessed large round objects hovering over wooded areas. The two hovering reports both told me the Orbs were red in color and both told me they watched the Orbs hover high above the trees before simply disappearing with the blink of the eye.

None of the people who emailed me the above reports were able to take any photos of the objects yet they all claim that the sightings were clear and that they felt fearful of the objects.

I thought the reports were interesting and pointed out  the fact that Orbs are still visiting and flying our skies  from coast to coast. 

I have a friend who lives on Long Island on a hill that overlooks the Long Island Sound. His house is on a cliff making his view of the water and the sky a clear view without trees or any objects to muddy his view of the water or sky.  He first called me about three weeks ago and told me he watched a fleet of round white to light pink objects shoot across the sky over the Long Island sound with such incredible speed that he did not have time to run to his phone to click a few photos of the event, He told me that the fleet of about 7 objects moved so quickly that it was like watching lightning flash across the sky however it was distinct objects of different colors arranged in a formation of a uneven V with four objects on one leg of the V and two or three on the shorter side or leg of the V.

My friend called my home again about three days ago about 8PM at night and told my husband that one of those large pink Orbs was moving quickly over the water but when he tried to video it he could not catch the image.

I was aware that the Orbs were back or more likely still here . With the busy holiday season people were preoccupied with family and traditional parties and obligations keeping their eyes close to the earth and centered on the happenings directly around them. Now that the season is over and the cold clear nights of winter have taken hold people are more likely to take a break and look up at the sky making the new sightings possible. I think they have been flying over us without interruption for years now and we are the ones who look away with the busyness of life and now will once again start to spot and report the strange and unexplained unknowns that fly our skies as our daily routines slow.

I did receive a more disturbing report from a couple in Canada yesterday and did urge them to call in to the authorities that  they have someone in their yard and continue to do so until they can get a government agent to show up during the time they have the reoccurring objects hovering over the back woods behind their home. I felt this couple may be in a more dangerous scenario as the objects keep returning to their yard.  I will attach her report below:

"Hello Chris,
I came across your very interesting website, and I’m wondering your thoughts on this.  However, please don’t print my name.
I live in Ontario, and since Tuesday, January 14th I’ve seen a white orb above the tallest tree in our backyard 4 times.  This week it appeared at approximately 6:30 a.m., and leaves around 7:30 a.m. when it starts to brighten up outside.  Last week it appeared and left a little later, but our mornings are now getting brighter.   A couple of times I’ve actually seen it arrive and position itself in that same spot, then it moves over between two tree tops.  It can move quite quickly.  This morning I noticed two very faint lights in the distance, and it seems like they are waiting on it.  When it leaves it stays just above the trees tops and backs up until I can’t see it any longer.
The 2nd time I saw was a week ago Friday I could have sworn that there were two, and I saw an orange one land in our trees.  Afterwards, I could see a light there.  Then later, I saw two leave and back up together.
Tuesday, the 3rd time I saw it my husband hadn’t left for work yet so was able to see it also.  (He took the attached two pictures.  The first one he actually took last, and isn’t sure why it appears like a line.  He isn’t sure whether it was moving at the time, or whether he moved his hand.)
When it’s dark they look like a very bright moving star, but through the binoculars and camera look like an orb.
We usually just leave our blinds up in our bedroom window, as we live in a small town and just have trees in our backyard.  However, Thursday I woke up a 1 a.m., and looked out the window and the orb was positioned in the sky so that I could see it with my head on my pillow.  It was strange because I usually see it from our TV room window, and not our bedroom.  I immediately closed the blinds.
After my husband left for work this Thursday, I was surprised to see it arrive again to above the big tree top in our backyard.
Should we be concerned about this?
Thank you for your time."
 ( I have removed the name and address by request )

photos taken by couple below

It is obvious that Orbs as well as many other strange unknown crafts continue to visit and fly above us all over the world. They may be simply passing by or part of large bases on the moon. There are numerous reasons and possible answers to these unknowns however we continue also on our hard nose refusal to demand answers, or to laugh these things off or insult those who have seen them. I have given up looking for help, logical real research or any organization to finding out what is going on as society simply does not want to know. My true sorrow is for the harsh way we  treat those who have had to handle being taken and abused by these unknowns only to be abused and tormented by the human race when they look for help or answers.
I can only warn you all that these things are out there and it will only be time , if you are aware of your surroundings, that you will see one or have to deal with on up front and alone. Keep your eyes open and your gadgets and devices ready to catch a photo or film of what flies freely in our skies. Years ago I had to deal with a strange red Orb and it was a life changing event and not something I would wish on anyone else . I do not think of Orbs as friendly or caring to the human species . 
Be careful out there and keep looking up
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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-

To my readers and friends ,
 I became ill with a nasty flu at the end of December, During my illness I found I had a few health issues I need to attend to right away. I hope all of this will not take me away from my articles for long as I have many ones lined up to write including my updates on the Real Time Abductees and their very serious warnings for the future ahead for us all.
I will post older articles about the abductees during the time I will be recovering and wish you all a save and happy winter

December 23, 2014

The New Year 2015 and the Meaning of Life below

What do you think of this? *********************************************************

The New Year 2015 and the Meaning of Life

Often at this time of year I think of the meaning of being here in this human form living this human life. I am grateful for a season to reflect and realign with the reasons for life or as many describe it, “the meaning of life".  I believe in the soul and think each of us as spirits walking this earth in human form to learn and experience life in order for our souls energy to learn what it is to have free will and to live life making choices each day that involve using that free will to do good or bad with whatever decisions are placed in our path.

I also believe that we have lives that we are given to us that include tests or ordeals that we need to live in order to understand what life is from all aspects and all levels.

We are here to experience the good, the bad, the easy and the hard elements of being human. The energy that is our life soul is here in order to understand what it is to love or be unloved, to give or be the one who is in need , to help   or  to intentionally do harm during this human experience

 How else can we truly grasp what it is to be loved or alone, to be happy or sad or live a good life of comfort and ease as well as one of pain and struggle? We have to experience human life in order for the energy that is our soul or our spirit to grow and one day move on to another level of existence that is not the school room of human life on planet earth. 

With this kind of thinking the involvement of having guidance or help from those who we spent time with on this earth continuing to connect with us from their spirit form makes sense. Knowing our trips to this earth is and has been to learn the lesson of good and evil makes me realize and rationalize why there are so many people living all kinds of different levels of human existence all together on this confusing planet. We are all here to experience the many levels and forms of being human. It leaves us with a combination of people from the rich and spoiled to being born in to terrible poverty all living on one chaotic planet. How else can we explain the severe extremes of those living the human experience all together on one planet at the same time? You can find those living like Kings and others in the worst conditions at the bottom of the human existence. We live it here on this earth and may return many times until we taste it all as well as  until we understand and make the right choices rather than the selfish ones that we encounter each and every moment we are on earth in a human form living the human experience.

Our loved ones may stay watching from their spirit form or they may now be in a form of a guide to our spirit as the cycle of our energy follows the endless journey of growth that we are given by creation as a soul that is part of something far bigger and far greater and enormous that we can only begin to grasp it

We are only now just beginning to grasp our place in space, in this solar system, in this galaxy that exists in this universe. I find it impossible for me to believe that the incredible energy of each of us is something that is meaningless or not part of something bigger.

 The moment of conception is one that starts with a jolt of energy that occurs as the sperm connects with the egg, It may happen a day or so after the sexual act but when the egg and sperm do connect it sets off the miracle of life with what appears to me to be a tiny jolt of energy that explodes with the connection of sperm and egg beginning the process of cells dividing and forming a new life.  For me this is an incredible moment.

We now can watch and know that this energy of life does happen and is what begins the start of or possibly the entrance of the soul that begins the creation of another soul and another human life form. That spark of energy continues with us as we grow and keeps us alive until it is time for that energy or electric of life to leave the human body allowing that energy to move on and our human experience  to end,

Since energy never dissipates instead only changes form the miracle of life seems logical and reasonable to me to be all about our soul, our spirits journey which is as large and diversified as this universe.

I do not believe the energy that is human life leaves our bodies and stays earth bound to sink in to the earth to grow plants or any other similar ideas I have heard by those who cannot grasp or believe in more or larger purposes for our souls. We are spirits of the energy of all things created and our journey is endless and part of a huge system called creation. 

I intend to do my best while living my human life to understand and absorb everything thrown at me or shown to me during the time I live my life. I try my best to do the right things and stand up to and against evil. I believe in family and love and growth and despise hatred jealousy and selfishness. I love traditions that keep family connected and feel sad for those who do not and cause pain to others and cause family problems or simply are self-centered and cold in their hearts.

The Holiday Season now upon us should be used for us all to come together in family and friend groups to celebrate the blessings we do have and to be thankful for those who love us and the good they do find in their lives. It is also a time to look for ways to improve our lives with the New Year ahead and to make an effort to help others not hurt them especially the ones we love and live our lives with each and every day. Success is wonderful however once you have all you need and want for nothing use that time and success to be the one who does not just keep buying more but the one who buys one for that person you know who has none and may be suffering . Be the one who buys them that warm coat or a refrigerator full of food.

I am sure many of you will think me the fool however I know that I have guardians, spirits and family souls who have passed on  watching over me and I am grateful and happy to know that the energy of my spirit will  one day continue on.
I wish you all a wonderful life. I know that life will be full of hard choices and hope we all meet them with the right roads taken and right decision made.

We are all about to enter a New Year filled with new roads, May peace and love fill your paths and choices ahead..

Happy New Year 2015

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


Often I have listened to those who believe in the power of angels, guides and spiritual powers giving us signs when we ask for help, answers or guidance.

I have heard stories of people seeing certain birds or flowers, words or hearing sounds as a sign that those they are speaking to in different realms or dimensions hear them. I know that people exchange certain words with loved ones to use with mediums to those who have passed over to the other side.

I have known all my life that those who pray often ask to be shown a sign that they are heard or that things will be OK. I can recall my own family members asking to be given a sign that we would survive a family crisis or for a loved one to make it past a serious health issue.

I realize that this goes on all the time with people all over the world but I really did not see it happen first hand until just recently. I am beginning to think if you live long enough and pay attention to the world and people around you -eventually you will experience many things that others seem to miss. I am grateful for all my experiences and will now add this one to those I can only categorize as unknown.

I belong to a large Irish family. One of my relatives is a very spiritual woman who spends a great deal of time talking to and praying to her creator and her angels. She is strong in her relationship with those who guide her and truly feels heard and helped when she reaches out for the help of her spiritual guides.

Another member of our family was seriously ill and due to have a dangerous difficult operation. Everyone was concerned for this family member. .

A day or so before the surgery was to take place a few of my brothers and sisters along with three cousins and two aunts all went to lunch together. We were in the habit of doing this often as it was a easy way to keep the family news flowing with so many of us spread out with large families of our own.

During this lunch visit my spiritual relative told us she had been praying for our family member who was about to have his extremely dangerous operation. She told us we all had to join hands and ask those who help and guide us to look out for him as he was still needed by his family and losing him would be a tremendous tragedy. We joined hands and prayed as a family. Just before ending the request for help given out to the universe and those who look over us our spiritual relative added “ And please give us a sign today that you have heard our request and that you are there looking over our family”.

We all whispered amen and began to look over our menus to order lunch. As we sat talking about what to eat one of my brothers was nagging at another one to move out of his way from the table, as he wanted to get something out of his car. We all shoved around to let my one brother make his way from the table. He had been sitting against a wall. When he finally got free of the table and walked away his chair was left empty exposing the wall behind him. The rest of us remained glued to our menus until a cousin sitting facing the spot my brother had just moved from blurted out “Oh good God – I don’t believe it”. We all looked at her and followed her eyes, which were round stunned and looking at the spot where my brother had been sitting against the wall. There on the wall behind where my brother had been sitting was an 8x10 photo stuck on the wall of two people sitting at a picnic table. As soon as I looked at it I also murmured a loud “Oh my God!”

The rest of my family all looked closely at what we were looking at and the Oh my Gods followed around the table. We all sort of sat there a bit stunned for a few seconds. With that my brother who had gone out to his car returned and stood looking at us looking at the wall. He took a look and gave a startled loud “OH MY GOD”, of his own.

There on the wall was a picture of two people sitting at a picnic table who looked exactly like our grandparents. At first we were sure it was them. We took down the picture to examine it. It took us a few minutes to figure out if it was or wasn’t our grandmother and grandfather. The people looked exactly like our grandparents. It was simply incredible.

My spiritual relative then stood up and said “ That’s our sign- everything is going to be OK for us all for awhile” She took the photo in her hands and said to the couple in the picture “Thanks Nana and Pop- we knew you were watching over us” She then looked at us all and said, “Any questions from any of you doubting Thomas’s? We all just sort of sat there a bit shocked at the entire scenario.

Our grandparents had doubles. Exact doubles that happened to also be married to each other as our grandparents were. They also somehow just so happened to have a photo of them stuck on the wall where we were just praying to those who looked over us.

We searched the rest of the walls in the restaurant and did not find one other photo of anyone anywhere. Only that one photo was stuck on the wall behind my brother’s chair.

We took the photo with us and went back to my oldest siblings house that kept all the family photos in her attic. We wanted to check our own memories and find some old photos of our grandparents to compare to the one we found on the wall in the restaurant.

This is the really incredible part of the story in my eyes. Not only did we find a box filled with photo’s of our grandparents. We found an 8x10 of our grandparents sitting at a picnic table exactly like the couple from the restaurant. When we held both pictures side by side- they were almost identical. The people in the picture found at our table in the restaurant were doubles of our grandparents without question.

Now I know many will simply mark this up to coincidence. For me, well I gave up on chalking up lots of things to coincidence and lean more towards reason. I believe things happen as they are suppose to and that this event happened so we would know things for our family at this point in time were going to be OK.

Our sick relative recovered from his delicate surgery and he is doing well. In fact the entire family is doing well right now. I think about my grandparents and know that they were kind loving caring people who were a gift to us all. I think they heard us that day and maybe even had lunch with us at our table leaving us a sign- things would be OK.

Take from our encounter with this strange event what you will. For this woman and her family it gave us comfort, love and the knowledge that praying or asking the universe to help you or look over those you love in life works. I often talk to those who may guide me and look over me. I will also never doubt those who tell me they were given a sign or dismiss the fact that they were heard.

Remember; although our loved ones have crossed over they also may be watching us finish our tour of duty here on the big blue ball of life! I have given up my doubting Thomas status and will admit- I am a believer!

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


A few years ago I  talked to a  Alan  Wilks who wrote the book  Angelic Wisdom and Light. Alan's book is about  angels.   Alan  explains   that not only do angels walk  with us , he is sure   we all have them around  each and every one  of us.

This  Angel man is an inspiration. That is the best way I can describe him.  Alan is a bright man who clearly understands the world of our angel counterparts or guides in life. Alan explained to me that each of us is born with angels who help, guide and stay with us during our life on this earth.

Being a fan of the idea we all have help along the way during our experience on earth I wanted to talk with Alan about the angels during Christmas time. I think we all have encountered times in life we felt confused or lost to find a sudden knowledge come over us so we knew what to do. Some may think this just their extreme intelligence shinning through. I think that intelligence and some of the answers we need in life do come to us by way of our guiding angels.

Alan talked with me about the laws of balance in this universe. It is known that we have in all things a positive and negative, a light and dark, a right and wrong, and a good and evil. It seems a opposite of all things is needed to provide balance. Balance seems to be a needed and natural state for life to exist yet it seems to be the very thing we struggle with the most.

Humans do not seem to be made to be perfect beings. Humans are made up of good and bad qualities. The trick to being the best human you can be is to keep those things in balance producing a being that is worthy of the spirit it hosts.

Alan explained to me that as humans with spirits we are  beings who have been given free will. We have been given the ability to choose what we do and how we do it. We have been given the free will to love or hate, to work hard or slack off, be jealous and petty or kind and thankful. We are given the freedom to make these choices each and every day. These choices are also what develops our souls and make us the people we become. If you are a human in balance you are then a soul doing the best with the experience of life. 

This is  a  part of Alan's thinking  I feel we all need to concentrate on. Do we all use the gift of life in the form of being a human being to become the best we can or do we tend to give in to  temptation,  private  wants and sink to a less admirable creature as we reach for these things?.  From what I see of the world around us I think many are sliding along the experience of life rather than working  forward to become a better man or woman.

I asked Alan if he could describe to me exactly what he meant by  an angel.  This is what Alan told me:

"Angels are celestial light created   by the source energy some have come to call God, the universe or a higher power.
 They exist in and around all of us boundless by limitations of time or space. They are eternal in their everlasting missions of running the universe, safe guarding each and every life form throughout- working with fate to bring truth and light via  savoring and encouraging hope. 

 I do believe that all ( including other life forms in our universe)  are protected and guided by the various angels within the ranks of their chosen choirs.

 Angels work with us often unseen or unheard.   Very few of us  have the ability to tune in to the  high frequency of our angels  to acknowledge their presence unless they choose to be have this happen.. However anyone of us can call upon the service or safety of an angel at any time.

There are many methods but the best is often a clear mind with some emotional content and an unwavering faith. Angels will always answer to what is needed not always what is desired. Rest assured they are forever watching over us waiting to be called upon in our hours of need.
 Angels are neither male or female, they are genderless creatures with no physical true form. It is however our chosen perceptions that allow us to choose what is most comfortable for us, they mirror what we choose to see often at a subconscious level. Through my experiences angels remain shapeless energy constant and consistent throughout.

 Angels cannot choose the fate of mankind as we were given free will. They intervene when asked or in order to assist. Ultimately it is our choice to make or break the paradise we once had on this planet. We as a race must pull together with the light of angels guiding us to salvation and unity, rather than spread apart through greed or power. Angels can all but stimulate us to motivate ourselves in our chosen paths of life.

 Angels will not leave those who reject them, they may however stand aside and allow those few to empower themselves and help unnoticed where it is needed. An angel needs no recognition in order to act, they are selfless and loving beings that exist as a lasting light of truth and hope that one day man may find his way home even in the darkest hours. 

Each of us have our own guardians that stand with us throughout our lives, but there are more and more angels out there watching over all worlds, all life and all above and beyond that which we know. "

I asked Alan if he could suggest the best  method of  communicating with our angels.  This is what he told me: 

"   I have found speaking aloud in a place of solitude is best when trying to communicate in somewhat a prayer like plea or call. 

One can also speak within their mind because it is more about the emotional content intended when searching for guidance or communication with angels. To feel deeply and be strong in faith will guarantee you will be receptive to answers given back.. Daily meditations and a sharp mind will increase an awareness of the angels around you. They may give answers through omens rather than directly..such as a billboard advertisement with a slogan appears in your day randomly, confirming your request.

 It may be another person or stranger appear with comfort you asked for. Answers are always given but very few see or hear them through lack of understanding. Direct answers may be rare but not unheard of. It is more a question of how to become receptive rather than how to ask aloud. Angels are forever listening close awaiting us to reach out for help or guidance. We  must allow ourselves to open our eyes to see signs or omens of conformation  "

Alan also reminded me that we all need to be thankful to our Angels, or guides for all the blessings and gifts like health, talents and strength. We need to understand that they are there to help us help ourselves, not provide immediate solutions to our problems. Ask your Angels to show you the way out of turmoil. Ask your Angels to give you the strength to reach your goals, but be willing to do the hard work along the way.

With all the madness in the world and the heaviness of hate building around us, It would be nice if we all had a good chat with our Angels. Who knows maybe the entire subject of 2012 has to do with our spirits being called back to balance. I sure want to be in close communication  with my  own Angelic guides. 

 I  spend  time working with many unknowns  trying to deliver  warnings and messages  by way of my articles  to better  or protect  my fellow humans.  Often  when  attacked for trying to bring truth to  the subjects that have been tainted by less than truthful  people  I wonder if I am doing the right thing.  It is then I  ask for the guidance of  those who may guide me .   I  admit each time I do this  I do receive  a reply in  some way that urges me to continue to completion my own missions in life  .  In my opinion   when in doubt-  go with the light and hope of your Angel   guides. They will always show you the way.
 Blessings from my house to yours during this  Special Season.

you can  contact Alan Wilks  @

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 Santa was good to my Buddy this year, finally his own piece of furniture!

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December 5, 2014

2014 Closing 2015 About to Begin The UFO Issue Remains Active – Unexplained and Unknown

Merry Christmas  Happy Holidays Seasons Greetings and a very Happy New Year

My Christmas Cactus in Bloom 

UFO Discussion with Ken Pfeifer - WORLD UFO PHOTOS AND NEWS.ORG

 The Knight Talk team continues their quest for information. Tonight Host Colin Knight along with  Co-Host Chris Holly have a great conversation with Ken Pfeifer
 If you are interested in the subjects of Giant Skeletons plus UFO's this is the show for you for you .  Click below
Check Out Politics Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Terrachat Net on BlogTalkRadio
**********************************************  photo 2d7609d7-4029-4137-a3d9-e92384f536aa_zps684026dd.jpg

The year 2014 is at its end and our New Year of 2015 sits in front of us filled with endless unknowns. Those  who are interested in the subject of UFO’s remain exactly as they started this ending year of 2014 with only confusion and that which is unexplained and unknown remaining that way.

We continue by the millions across the world to see UFO’s, report UFO’s and some of us even have close encounters with UFO’s and those who pilot them.

The one fact that remains standard is that we continue to have no ideas who or what the strange objects we see are or who or what pilot or send them  to visit us or  why they visit. Those questions remain the same  as they have for many years  and look like they will remain unanswered for a the unseeable future.
In my opinion the subject of UFO’s despite the fact that they are witnessed daily around this planet is locked in secrecy with ease by way of years of brainwashing , intimidation , confusion as well as many other forms of control that is used to keep society deaf dumb and blind to what goes on around them each and every day. 

We are easily kept in check by way of our social devices, computers, televisions, media, social media, plus many other methods that are used to keep the mass  population living in false concepts of fake reality that form bubbles around the little earthlings by way of hand held gadgets, large screen TVs and lock step needs to be a cool or part of what’s in and easily yield to what we should follow or think.

 The days of free thinking curious intelligence seems to be pretty much trash canned as we  become  a society that  seems to be extremely content following along in fantasy built bubbles living silly lives that are produced by rings in our noses that technology easily uses to keep us all in line and frankly very dumb and controlled.

I know that the UFO issue will continue and many people all over this planet will continue to see them, some will deal with them up close and sadly others will not only deal with them but never be seen again as I am sure the occupants of these unknown vehicles, ships whatever they are- take and keep a number of us each and every year.

Besides a few useless organizations without training and a few private good people who are trying to keep the reports listed the subject of UFOs are left without interest or any type of agency or help for those who view them, deal with them or end up taken by these strange unexplained objects. I think this fact is as strange as the UFO issue. How can we be so nonchalant about something so amazing and interesting as alien life flying over our heads yet we (human beings) simply do not give a damn. We do not care who they are, where they come from or what they want.  We are just too damn busy looking at our stupid phones.

I have given up with society but I do continue to want to know what, who and why these things seem to be everywhere.

For me to keep up with what is going on out there concerning the UFO issue I have been lucky to have a group of good people who like me want answers. I have had the pleasure of finding and relying on these good people who are giving their hard work and time in the hope that one day we will begin to find answers to the question of all these unexplained unknowns. One of my favorite people to follow for good information is my friend Ken Pfeifer . Ken operates two sites one called




  Ken also has a Facebook page he keeps updated  to try to bring the information that he finds about the UFO issue to those who really want to know what is happening and what people are seeing.
I find amazing reports daily by way of Kens work and found that this past year of 2014 was active and full of strange crafts flying freely across our skies all throughout the year. I understand this will continue to be ongoing and anticipate that our new year of 2015 will be jam packed with new sightings and reports from all over the world.

On December 11 @ 9:30 PM Eastern time Host Colin Knight and I will be interviewing Ken Pfeifer on Knight Talk Radio to find out what Ken thinks will be ahead for the New Year concerning the alien UFO issue  and also what he feels were the highlights concerning these topics in 2014.
Below I have included a few of the reports Ken has collected from this past year as well as the information to hear Ken on Knight Talk Radio

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-


* photo 93a43bd2-c960-42aa-afc7-17aaa6da12ee_zps8a2de116.jpg

Long Island New York has been a known hot spot for the strange and unknown for at least 150 years. I can recall family stores of the unexplained being told going back to events that took place over 150 years ago.

True to the nature of this strange long island sticking out in to the Atlantic Ocean continues to have odd things take place. The fall has always been an active time on Long Island for the strange to come alive and take hold of this island. This fall season is keeping true to this rule and I have been busy with emails and phone calls from those on Long Island reporting what they are seeing and finding.

On November 18th and 19th I received reports from people living in Deer Park and West Babylon. The two towns are only a few miles apart and are located about 5 miles from the south shore coast of Long Island.

The people who called from both towns told me the exact same thing. They all witnessed a bright light in the night sky that would stand still in the sky above the normal air traffic lanes shinning mostly a very bright white until suddenly it would start to move quickly to the left and right or shoot up in the sky or straight down much lower to the land while it changed colors to a neon pink, red or yellow and back to white.

 It would become standard again for a few minutes and suddenly once again move into action making long huge letter S shapes leaving a comet like tail behind it as it moved at incredible speeds. The object was seen and watched from dark and throughout the night on both nights. I asked if anyone reported it to the police or any type of agency. The response was sad to hear as I was told they did not know of any responsible source to report it to, did not want the ridicule of the police or media and instead looked up a fellow New Yorker on the inter net and called or emailed me. They were trying to take photos or video with their cell phones but to date I have not had anything sent to me. The people were watching this display by this object using binoculars, telescopes and rifle scopes. Using these items they say the maneuvers and speed of this object were amazing and unlike anything they had seen before.

I had a call from another older gentleman last week who reported another UFO sighting also in that area of Long Island in the town of Lindenhurst which is also located on the south shore about three miles from the coast.  This man was standing at the end of his driveway putting out the trash for pick up the next day when something in the sky caught his eye. There at about the level of normal air traffic coming from the east at incredible speed came a perfectly round orb that was a neon blue color he had never seen before. He told me the closest thing he could relate the color to would be the new bright L E D lights used at Christmas that shine especially bright and in colors not usually seen.

The object flew from the far east end of Long Island across his town and headed towards New York City at an incredible speed. The man worked for years at a Long Island airport and told me he was certain without question it was not like anything or any color he had ever seen before and traveled at a speed that would not be possible for today's aircraft's. The man also reported it was silent and perfectly round without any break in its form or color.

The last Unidentified Flying Object report occurred also on Long Island in the town of Huntington and came from my own husband. He was working outside in front of our garage last week. It had just become dark and he was standing in the middle of our very long driveway that has a clear view of the night sky. He was standing there thinking about how he was going to go about the project he was working on and glanced up to look at the stars. He realized that among the stars and normal night sights stood two very bright very round lights that looked like headlights only spread out a bit too far. As he looked at them he realized they were moving in formation but would stop and simply hover before once again in perfect alignment start moving again. They would move right and left until they seemed to pick a direction they liked and move along across the sky in that manner. My husband noticed immediately that the only light was solid and white. There were no flashing or colored lights of any type on the two objects moving across the sky. He watched for about 60 seconds and looked away to blink as his eyes started to bother him from the bright lights. He only looked away for a second however when he reopened his eyes to focus once again on the two objects they were gone. They were nowhere at all in the sky to be found.

The October / November time of year has always been a very active time on Long Island for sightings of unknown objects being seen in our skies. So far it appears this fall season is following the past with reports being seen once again of crafts, orbs and lights we cannot explain

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Large Triangle with Loud Rumbling Sound Moving Northwest in Baton Rouge.  I was on my front porch looking at my phone when I suddenly heard a low rumbling noise that began to slowly get louder. At first being near Baton Rouge with our chemical plants, I thought the noise was the plant kicking up their flame stacks to burn more chemicals.  Sometimes at night they do this and you can hear it for about 30 minutes to an hour. I walked out to get a better idea of which direction it was coming from and immediately noticed a group of flashing lights in the sky.  I knew this couldn’t be airplanes flashing in the distance because the lights were in a triangle shape and they were all the same distance from me. Also the lights were flashing in sequential order from left to right in perfect timing.  I watched as the sound got louder and then noticed they were all moving together towards northwest from original location I spotted it in. The lights lead me to believe instead of 5 different objects, this was one very large object; as large as my town and half of my town of Zachary, Louisiana.  This would make it roughly 4 miles across. As it moved away I ran and woke my mother to have a second witness. My mom does not believe in UFOs and she was also convinced it was one large triangle.  As it got further away the rumbling stopped and also the front light became solid and stayed on until no lights were visible. I would LOVE to know if anything was reported on Radar being I live near Baton Rouge airport.  This also means I am used to flashing lights from planes and also study passing satellites and orbiting rocket bodies using a sky monitoring app for satellites in the sky. Lots of cloud cover tonight but clouds were very high. I did not see any single planes tonight though.  These were the only lights. I always see strange objects because I watch the skies. I have seen more than one anomaly in the same direction from my front yard. But this was the first ever hearing anything and first triangle craft or at least formation.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.









 During a period spanning just over two weeks in early to mid-August of 2014, three UFO sightings were reported from Jasper County and adjoining areas of its neighbor to the south, Newton County.   In this column and in the near future, my intention is to inform my readers on all three of them. (My personal investigation into one incident of the trio is still in progress, and additional information on the other two may also be obtained.)  The first occurred at 5:12 a.m. on the morning of Aug. 2, and the lone witness was a Missouri State Trooper driving north on Rangeline Road in the course of routine patrol.  (Margie Kay, the Mutual UFO Network assistant state director, who had interviewed him, provided a transcript which was then posted on the UFO Casebook website, one of the best.)  The officer first observed an unusual light in the northeastern sky, not far above the horizon. His first thought was that he was seeing a helicopter, since it was obviously too low to be a fixed wing aircraft.  Then as it got closer, he was able to make out a triangular or teardrop-shaped craft with illuminated windows in the upper portion, through which he could see indistinct movement that he assumed to be passengers or crew members.  The craft was estimated to be in excess of 100-feet in width and perhaps a fourth of that in height. At its nearest point to the witness, a distance of approximately 50 feet, red and yellow lights of various sizes were noted on the underside and a low hum could be heard emanating from the UFO.  There was also evidence of a minor electromagnetic effect occurring at the moment the odd craft abruptly pivoted to fly off back to the east (at an undetermined speed) until it was no longer visible.  At the moment the UFO performed its 180-degree rotation there was an approximate 15 second burst of static from the car’s radio. Adding to the mystery was the fact that the patrol car was stationary in the roadway after the object departed, although he did not remember stopping or even intending to do so, and the encounter had not seemed to last for 15 minutes as the vehicle’s clock indicated.  (Before we take off into any wild speculation based on these seeming discrepancies, it should be noted that the excitement of the encounter at such close range could have easily been the culprit.)  Finally, in an element that is often reported in such cases, the trooper watched a jet come from the east, making a wide looping curve to the north before returning to the east. If it was not searching for the unknown craft, its presence and maneuvers were quite a coincidence.  The investigation into this potentially important encounter is ongoing. MUFON is still delving into it, and I have put out “feelers” to some of my own reliable sources in the area in an effort to not only learn more about the trooper’s experience but to possibly locate other possible corroborating witnesses.

 Less than two weeks after this undoubtedly unnerving encounter, a more typical event took place in the community of Sarcoxie, a relatively short distance southwest of the earlier sighting.  The lone witness (gender not specified) had brought their dog outside and noticed a bright white light in the east-southeastern sky. It continued to grow in size until it reached the point of appearing as a luminous white sphere approximately one quarter the angular size of a full moon.  (The witness’ wording seemed to indicate uncertainty as to whether the orb actually increased in physical size or simply appeared to from the object coming closer.)  After moving a short distance to the south, the UFO reversed the process and became smaller and smaller until it was no longer visible. The entire incident had transpired in about one minute.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering












A disc-shaped UFO was reported by an Alabama witness at Huguley. The mysterious object had two bright, tubular-shaped lights, according to the testimony filed at witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The report, which is lodged under Case 61372, states that the classic-shaped UFO hovered over nearby treetops.  The witness first saw the object when he was eastbound on the street near Huguley around 3 a.m. on 2 November 2014. He saw the mysterious object going down at slow speed from the west. The object hovered above treetops along the side of the road for a few seconds. He said that during the strange event, he was on the straight part of the highway and no other traffic, so he clearly saw the object without distractions.  The report says that the witness saw the white lights very clearly, which were side-by-side on the bottom of the UFO and appeared to extend its whole length. However, the witness admitted that he did not saw the outline of the craft because it blended with the dark sky. The witness described the temperature as cool and mild with 45 or 50-degree range and it was only partly cloudy during that time.  The object hovered for perhaps 5 seconds before it went up into the southeast sky with tremendous speed and quickly disappeared, the report says. The witness explained that the disappearance was very quick like it swoop upwards without changing direction and disappeared. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.











The event took place in District Park, next to Energy Australia Stadium in Broadmeadow NSW at 19:40 AEST.  While I was jogging in the park, I looked up at a 70 degree angle in a NE direction where a moving yellowish light shone at me and caught my attention.  I stopped jogging, removed my earphones and stood there to observe this strange light. The stars were yet to be visible and the moon was large and bright. I was more aware of the sky that night because I knew the space station was going to be visible at approximately 20:10 AEST.  I have previously observed satellites and the space station; this was neither. At first I thought it was a helicopter as the Westpac Rescue Helipad is right next to the park.  When I realized there was no sound, I became more concerned. The light was rotating from left to right in sporadic motion while moving up and down as though searching or observing.  When the light was directly above me I could see the light positioned on the side of a matte-black disc object approximately 40 meters in diameter and at a height of approximately 250 meters.  I became terrified and fearful for my safety. The object continued on a general path of approximately 60 km/h towards SE direction, although moving in a jolted and intermittent motion.  At 20:10 AEST the space station rolled across the sky as expected.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.











 10-8-14    ……   NEWBURGH INDIANA



Shape: Triangle – Duration: less than 1 minute.  Very large triangle shaped craft over southern Indiana.  My wife and I watch for shooting stars several times a week. Tonight we saw an orange light coming quickly from east to west.  As it got closer it shifted into three lights. It appeared to be 200-300 feet long and maybe 100 feet wide. It made some sound, but was not loud like a jet.  It looked similar to jets flying in formation, but when it was directly overhead we could see it was solid and blocked out stars as it passed in front of them.  It was maybe half the altitude that the planes fly above our home.  It was maybe half the altitude that the planes fly above our home. When it was roughly 1/2 mile past us it made a 90 degree turn and went northeast quickly.  My 14 year old son also saw it. His take was it looked like a star destroyer from Star Wars.  The two lights in the rear were rectangular and were taller than they were wide. The light on the front was thin and horizontal.  This all happened with a very bright full moon so we could easily see the shape. Needless to say we are all freaked a little.  We got on Google to see if anyone else saw anything and found this site.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.














During a later-than-normal exercise walk I noticed a small, glowing, weird rod-shaped object hovering approximately 30 feet above the ground in th leafy, outer branches of a large tree behind a house in my tranquil, heavily-wooded suburban neighborhood of Stratford Hills in Richmond, Virginia.  I’m 54 years old and I’ve been walking this route nearly every day for ten years and what I beheld at 11:33 p.m. on a very quiet Sunday night was abnormal and totally out-of-place! Most of my neighbors probably were in bed. I was fortunate to view the mysterious glowing object that seemed to be hiding up in the tree and I partially attribute my good fortune to the fact that it was a new moon – the darkest night of the month!  The silent UFO first was rod-shaped with a glowing blue light on the left end and a pinkish-violet light on the right end. It was hovering horizontally in a place where a human could not be. It was not a new-fangled bug zapper and there are no cable-TV or electric lines running near the tree and definitely not at that height. No logic for the uncanny faintly-glowing lights in the tree.  So I stopped and shot video with my iPhone 4S but with no zoom in vid mode I switched to still-shot so I could peer closer. I took 30 pics spanning about ten minutes and during this time the small anomalous cylindrical UFO/entity morphed into an orb which sometimes appeared cobalt-blue and other times violet with a freaky purplish core. Then it morphed back into a rod that was more white colored and appeared to be segmented, reminiscent of a bacterial rod under a microscope. This flying object ain’t one of ours – NOT a drone, stealth bomber, planet Venus, or swamp gas.  I did not hear any sounds coming from the object that night but later when I downloaded the video I was surprised to discover that my iPhone had picked up some intriguing clicking noises and when I showed the video to my neighbor S– she said “It sounds like Morse code.”  So far, I have not shared this with the people who live in the house where the sighting took place because I did not want to run the risk of freaking them out, but coincidentally enough, they started leaving their back-porch floodlights on immediately in the wake of me seeing the UFO in their backyard. I did, however, tell one of their male neighbors and B—– agreed with me that maybe his neighbors who live in the house in question saw the object too and it spooked them?  I’ve been watching for the UFO/entity ever since during my exercise walks but no encore yet, and I wasn’t even going to submit a report because I didn’t know whether this clicking, glowing, morphing rod/orb was an “alien/UFO” or spiritual entity, but then some other odd “occurrences” came to my attention that made me change my college-educated mind:


My sighting in Richmond was at 11:33 p.m. on August 24, 2014 and just four hours later at 3:30 a.m. on August 25, 2014 a motorist on I-295 N near the Hopewell exit, which is only 22 miles south of Richmond, was followed up the road by a bright UFO orb that was moving a lot faster than man made highway traffic. Then the orb targeted another car in the southbound lanes and when the sphere made contact with the other vehicle both the orb and car vanished into thin air! Then the driver of the first car saw the orb reappear, and when it started following their car up the highway again they became “terrified,” put the pedal to the metal, and made a hasty retreat off the next exit in sight. I learned of this at the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Then a few hours later around 9 a.m. on August 25, 2014 a seasoned colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve was killed when his F-15 fighter jet crashed under “mysterious circumstances” in the Blue Ridge Mountains west of Richmond near Deerfield, VA. Coincidentally enough, this was in an area where lots of residents have reported UFOs in the sky and orbs near the ground. They say it took two days to recover the colonel’s body and the official Air Force story was that he was from Massachusetts on a “routine training mission.”  I’m not going to speculate or draw conclusions, but it seems like an awful lot of weirdness for such a small region in ten hours!  Last but not least, a couple of weeks after my “close encounter” in Richmond, Virginia USA I was prompted to discover a seemingly-credible YouTube video of a small blue-pinkish-violet rod-shaped UFO that a man and woman in Ontario Canada videoed while sitting around a campground fire pit and the anomalous silent hovering object looks uncannily similar to the UFO that I photographed in Richmond, VA when it was in “rod mode.” The Ontario sighting was on August 20, 2014, only four days before my sighting in Virginia, and the Canadian couple was prompted to upload their video to YouTube on August 24 which was the same day as my sighting!












OCTOBER 5, 2014  4 PM     ……..     JACKSONVILLE  FLORIDA

 Disc shaped object seen in the middle of the afternoon.

Driving north on highway 17 (Roosevelt blvd) at about 4pm just past NAS Jax towards my left (East) I would say maybe 2 or 3 miles away was a large probably disk shaped object (about the size of my Galaxy s4 held at arms length. I was traveling at about 60 mph and could not tell if this object was stationary or moving but I think stationary. I saw it a few times through the tree line until I reached San Juan ave. then it was just gone.  When I first saw it it was level and the last time I saw it it was at about a 15 degree incline (no idea if it was facing down or up as the shape was very uniform).   I was not the only driver to see it as I noticed other drivers trying to get a picture of it (I tried but was unable to get it without stopping and there was too much traffic to just stop). I honestly have no idea what this thing could have been.  This just happened 25 minutes ago and I fine with you contacting me if you need to. 



 White Disc In the Sky: Viewed From Riverside Avenue

So I had a terribly weird morning. I woke up with strep throat, which had started kicking in last night. I tried all types of medicines and finally gave up and went to the hospital. After being diagnosed and given my prescription for antibiotics and pain meds, I went to a diner and had breakfast while I waited for the pharmacy to open. At the diner I check my Facebook page and I read a message from my sister; Dad has cancer and is not going to do chemo. Then crying. Then pharmacy to pick up meds, call dad, he is too sick to talk, and eventually drive back home.   I am one block from my house though and see this disc in the sky. It is a white disc, oval shaped. At first I just thought, “what a weird shaped cloud”, but then I realized it was moving. I passed my house and continued down the street to catch a better glimpse of this thing. I quickly reach for my phone to take a picture and it quickly flies away.  I park at Memorial Park on the river and try to look for it , but it is no where to be seen.  This is the second alien sighting I’ve seen in the last 6 months, and last time I was with two other friends (all of us sober!) who saw it as well. Last time it also happened that when we brought out our cameras it disappeared, but last time it was flashing different colors and it was also night time instead of daylight .


 We saw 2 large UFOs ‘docking’ in the sky at a 30 degree angle for a long time.

Driving home through downtown St. Petersburg, Fl. Sunday night, we spotted an oval ship, UFO high in the sky NW of the area. It most probably was over the Gulf of Mexico, near Maderia beach or Treasure Island.  It just hung in the sky, about 10,000 feet or more up, was a beautiful pinkish color, slanted on a 30 degree angle.  After our car moved slowly up the street going west, we spotted another UFO near it. Same way. It was not exhaust, nor a cloud or a weather balloon.  Husband got it on video. If it were closer to the ground, it would be quite large, perhaps 3-4 miles large, estimating. They remained stationery and seemed like they were just docked there for the night.

 NOTE: The above image is a rendering.












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