Tis the Season

Tis the Season

November 30, 2008

Your Reactions to What’s going on with UFO’s and the Chem-trail’s Articles

I recently wrote two similar articles about my experiences with the public when seeing strange lights in the sky and massive Chem.-trails. The events happened about 8 weeks apart this past Sept and October and left me confused at the lack of interest of those around me when I had these major sightings.

In my articles I wrote about the almost obstinate refusal of the public to pay attention to their surroundings. At both the strange lights or possible UFO sighting and the Chem.-trail viewing I went out of my way to try to get the people around me to pay attention to what I was looking at but instead found them determined NOT TO LOOK!

I wrote both articles around the question ‘ what is going on with us as a society?’ Why do we seem numb to these incredible events that take place right in front of our noses?

I wrote my articles in hopes someone would consider my words and begin to look up and pay attention to the world around them. I also wondered if anyone out there felt as I did concerning our numb stance on things we do not understand. I realize that fear may be the main reason so many refuse to pay attention. The idea of the unknown seems to frighten people to the point it distorts their natural curiosity. I also realize that the public's reaction of ridicule and humiliation towards those brave enough to speak out about UFO’s Chem-trails or anything paranormal keeps most people silent who do have encounters.

I think we were trained well to attack these subjects instead of question them. This attack reaction makes the need to disclose on subjects of the paranormal unnecessary. We keep ourselves in the dark! I wonder what a different world this would be if we demanded answers instead of being turned into mind numb laughing fools?

. What I did not anticipate was the amount of emails I received concerning these articles and the issue of the public’s reaction to amazing paranormal events.

It seems I am not the only one who has seen a strange craft or wild set of Chem-trail lines overhead. I am also not alone in trying to point out these things to the people around me to find them ignore it or simply shrug their shoulders and wander off. I also am not alone in my confusion why so many act as they do.

Here are a few samples of the emails I received concerning this subject:

Hi Chris,

I just now read your article regarding chemtrails and an apathetic public and can relate 100%. There are many of us who have tried to get the public, or "Sheeple's" attention, yet it seems instead of people becoming more informed and aware, they are dumbing down and act like zombies or the walking dead.

Those who are doing the chemming in the skies must come forward and be made accountable for their actions. Powdering the planet with aluminum and barium particles is inexcusable. Some of us are trying to get the government to "fess up" as to their intentions for chemtrails.

There is now one weatherman in California who includes chemtrail forecasts in his news broadcast.

Let us not give up,

Linda on the Prairie

Hi Chris

I just wanted to tell you that I read your chemtrail story and I identify strongly with your observations and sentiments. I too wonder what is going on. A lot.

Many of your experiences also resonate with me. I think you are right on, because i lived a lot of your experiences,

Some things I've read about those trails are they are for depopulation, weeding out they weaker one first.

They are said to contain, among other things, "nanoparticules" which induce a kind of "blindness" in us all, or most of us.

During my times looking into these things, I noticed some people can "see" and a lot of us cannot.

We even call this ability to see 'the sight", as opposed to 'the blindness" so many suffer from.

There are volumes i could share with you. For now please accept my gratitude for your efforts and for looking up, and looking

out for all of us. .

My best,


Dear Chris;

I was just saying the other day to my husband, "How do people not seem to notice what is right above their heads." I have noticed heavy chemtrail spraying almost every day this year since February. The only time they stopped for any length of time was for ten days in September during the Kansas State Fair here in Hutchinson. Thank you for addressing this, I am looking forward to more articles.



Hi Chris, I enjoyed your article and I too have noticed the APATHY of people around me. I have had a couple experiences but nothing as visible to others as what you have experienced. However, I have noticed that in trying to sound alarms to people that things just don't seem right today, talking about things I have seen, read, felt, dreamed... people just, as you said, shrug it off. I wonder how in the world can these people laugh at the same stupid stuff on tv and movies... concern themselves with entertainment and no thought to their spiritual lives... no questioning anything that is unusual at all? It's just business as usual, like the Truman show, most act like they are just playing the part they are supposed to play.

You tell them something that shakes up their little world and instead of researching it, checking it out, being amazed, afraid, some kind of reaction... they just do nothing, like zombies. What is wrong with everybody? Have they watched so much mindless television and you-tube videos that they are just numb to reality?

Please keep up the good writing. I am glad to know there are others who feel the way I do! Thank you for sharing your experiences... there are still a few of us out here who are awake and watchful. We haven't all turned into mindless cattle, but unfortunately many have.


Hi Chris. I know how you feel about this UFO sighting where everyone seem brain dead and don't react the way you'd expect them to. It has happened to me. I think this occurs because of the lazy mind syndrome. The TV set does this to too. You watch too many situations of tragic events that blister your mind to the point of numbness. It's the avoidance part too. Their motto is don't bother with it...let it alone. It will go away. I too saw something unexplainable way up in the sky and pointed it out to others without having a response to it from them. This is just crazy I told myself.


I have an email full of messages just like the ones above. I think it is obvious something is going on with our reaction or non-reaction to the unknown that is as strange as the unknown events we encounter!

I think we all need to consider the idea we have been trained, brainwashed, taught, conditioned, whatever you wish to title it, to avoid and reject that which we do not understand. It is as if our natural intelligent curiosity has been dumbed down.

I find those who have witnessed strange crafts, odd lights, a UFO mixed with abduction claims, or the Chem-trail mess extremely strange when they treat it as a ho-hum experience.

This reaction is as paranormal as the actual event or sighting! What on earth is going on with the earthlings?

Please begin to talk and think about these things with a degree of concern and curiosity rather then ridicule or the typical trained reaction to look the other way. Make sure you make your own judgments about these subjects and not fall into the numbed down routine that seems to be taking over our good senses. Lastly and for the sake of our natural curious humanity -keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

November 29, 2008

The Mayans-What Really Went on in History and Why?

We are all familiar with the Mayan calendar. We know it ends on Dec 21, 2012.

There have been many theories about the reasons this date ends the Mayan Calendar from major earth changes, pole flips, mankind destroying the world, and a second coming of Christ. I have no idea what if any of these ideas will actually come to be. I do know 2012 is clearly on it way and we will certainly see the outcome of this approaching date in our lifetime.

I realize that actual historical records are often flawed and time confused. The date of the birth and death of Christ seems to be debated making a issue of four years that would bring us to living in the year 2012 right now. It also may be off by 100 years or the year 2012 has already happened. I think the reference to an exact date is not as important as the fact the Mayan calendar seems to give up on mankind around this general time in history.

It is obvious we are in a period on earth where mankind is dealing with many extreme issues. It also seems we are deeply embedded in a time of serious change. I think the one statement we all can agree on past the pain of politics, religion and globalization of this planet is that times are changing like it or not!

As I watch what takes place around us, especially in the area of the paranormal, I wonder if we have been told in history what the changes that are ahead of us will be. I wonder if we did not read the history left to us correctly and have taken paths that were not planned for us.

I have read many articles about history and art .You cannot deny the obvious references left by those who walked this earth before us towards the sky and creatures coming from above. I would think logic would keep mankind more focused on the earth and the interior of it.

I say this as our food, our shelters, our water; all life giving matter is given to us from the earth. I would think it far more logical that people would have developed worship of the earth before reaching to the stars. It has always been the earth that provided for our survival. It is odd to me to see so much of history, all over the planet worshiping the gods from the sky when it is mother earth that gives them life.

I do not see the sense however of the worship of objects or god like attachments to other parts of the cosmos as logical choices.

I was reading an article about the Mayan culture and the gruesome practices of bloodletting and sacrifice that took place in their worship of the gods. I connected it along with the extreme astronomy information they possessed and had a sudden strange thought.

I thought about all the cattle and animal mutilations found in our time all over the world. We read article after article where farmers find dead animals drained clean of every drop of blood. Often Alien interaction is looked at as a possibility to these mutilations.

I was thinking about the Mayans and how they practiced this odd on going offering of their blood to the Gods and had a stunning thought. What if the Mayans also found animals drained of blood. What if the Mayans found people drained this way also. Would that not be the basis of reason, a fear that started the Mayans offering blood to the Gods above? Could the Mayans have been sacrificing in this fashion in hopes of keeping a step ahead of a blood thirsty God? Was offering up what they witnessed them take a hope of being spared and in good grace with such Gods? It is something to think about.

I think it makes sense of many things that did happen in history. I think if we look at many artifacts, art and designs of the past we can conclude that something from above had influence and the eye and minds of those who walked this earth before us.

I have no idea what the answers are to any of these things. I do know we will one day figure it out or simply be enlightened by the very beings that seem to have been with us from the beginning of time. I often wonder if the truth of the past history of this planet involved visitors from another place who were able to freely mingle among us under the pretense of being gods to those too primitive to understand anything more. It certainly would bring logic to many events of our past that otherwise seem confused and illogical.

I believe one day we will have all our questions answers giving us a better understanding of our own past history. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

For now I will continue on my paranormal journey and hope you all will always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey @

The Closet Door and the Reptilian - Long Island 1968

I was 16 years old and had my junior driver's license, which meant I could drive

until dark. It was summer and dusk came late--around 9 o'clock. When we planned our days well and were lucky enough, we would arrange with the 18 year-olds who had full licenses to follow us home to drop off our cars before nightfall. They would then take us out in their cars for the rest of the night.

On a typical evening we would all hang out at the McDonald's in town. As dusk approached we would try to find the 18 year-olds willing to follow us home before the night took hold and the police sorted us out. Anyone caught driving with a junior license after nightfall would lose his or her driving rights altogether. Consequently, the hours between 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock became critically important each evening. If we did not have our "after nine" pals lined up by then, we were home for the night by nightfall.

It was a Saturday night. My parents were off visiting my grandparents. I was allowed to drive my mother's convertible around with my pals until nightfall. I was to return the car to our house by 8:45-or else.

I was out with my two friends, Sally and Sara. We were hanging out with our other pals at McDonald's. My friend Sally's older brother agreed to pick us up at my house at 10 o'clock that night--after I had taken my mom's car home. He agreed to take us for pizza in town. It was a big deal to us at the time as my friend's brother was a 20 year-old. Being seen at the pizza place with him was a feather in our 16-year-old caps.

Time came for us to take the car home and so we headed to my house to meet Sally's brother. I drove the car home and parked it in the driveway in front of the house.. We all rushed to my front door as a few hours of cola-drinking at McDonald's left us all in urgent need of the bathroom. The three of us ran to the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom and laughed as we yelled at each other to hurry up and swore off all additional cola-drinking during future McDonald's visits. I was last in line and rushed into the bathroom as my two friends stood brushing their hair in the mirror.

My friend Sally stood straight up, turned completely white and said to Sara and me, "I have a horrid feeling--we are not alone in the house. I think I heard something." We all froze and listened. I thought I heard a sort of bump, too. I stood up and said, "Let's get out of here!" The three of us blasted through the bathroom doorway, down the hallway, and out the front door. I slammed the door and locked it. Luckily, I had placed my keys into my pocket but I left my pocketbook inside the house. We ran to the car and I backed it into the street. We quickly closed the convertible top and locked all the car doors. We were all in the front seat. We sat there terrified. I could feel my heart pounding with a fear I knew was real and warranted.

After a few minutes we thought maybe we were just suffering from "boogie-man" syndrome. I thought I should at least go back inside and get my pocketbook. Then I could call my parents and have my license and money with me as well. I was getting out of the car to go back to the house when something caught my eye.

s I lifted myself from the driver's seat and stepped outside the car, I thought I saw the front porch light flicker. My friend Sara stood beside me in the street as we looked up at the house. We watched as the light over the front door turned on and off-again and again. I felt a fear I had never before known. Somebody was definitely inside the house and playing with us as well.

We jumped back into the car and locked the doors again. I started the car so we could go call the police and my parents. As I turned the ignition key with my trembling hand, I continued to watch this person inside our house proceeding to light up the living room. As we pulled away, my friend Sally said, "Oh God, he is in your room! He turned on your light!" I felt sick and angry all at once, knowing as I drove for help that someone was in my home, intentionally toying with us.

We reached the end of my street just as my friend's brother turned the corner on his way to pick us up. I blew the horn and told him to pull over. We all started screaming at once. He had brought two of his football pals with him and so we all decided to return to the house for one more look. We both parked in the street and everyone watched as lights inside the house kept switching on and off every few seconds--first the kitchen, then the den, and then over to the living room. The front porch light was apparently turned on and off every time this intruder passed the switch inside. The boys watched this taking place and clearly felt the same fear we did. My friend's brother decided we needed to call the police. He sent one of his friends in his car to call 911. We stayed locked in my mother's car--the three of us girls, Sally's brother, and Sally's brother's friend.

I decided to keep the motor running. At this point I was scared out of my mind. We watched as the light show continued. We sat silently waiting. The air was still. The only sounds we heard were the light chirping of summer crickets and the light hum of the car motor. Nobody said a word. We all knew we were being watched by and played with by some type of madman. Sally finally broke the silence. She said, "Thank God you did not go back into that house." I just sat frozen, ready to drive away if I needed to.

We sat there for what seemed an awfully long time but in truth was only a few minutes. I was very fearful this person in my house would leave before the police arrived. We sat anxiously as the seconds ticked away and occupied ourselves by watching lights turning on--and now staying on--throughout the house. Soon the house looked like a barn fire on a dark beach as every light appeared to be on--including outside floodlights and driveway spotlights. We again sat silently, watching. Suddenly from deep inside the house came this animal-like, wild growling scream. I will never forget this non-human screaming until the day I die.

As this thing screamed it must have been pounding on the backside of the front door or a front wall. The house echoed this wild animal like screaming and muffled banging with such force I began to shake and cry. My friend's brother touched my shoulder from the back seat with his hand and said, "We need to leave. This is way too much for us to handle."

I was shaking so much I could barely place the car into gear. We started down the road but had rolled only a few yards when our friend returned with a police car following right behind him.

Coincidentally, my parents were turning the corner right behind the police car. I stopped my car and waited until the policeman was standing just outside my car door. I rolled down the window and then we all started to tell him what was happening.

The policeman looked up at the house to see the last of the light changes occurring. As the policeman stood looking at the house the creature inside let out one last howling scream. The policeman reached for his side arm and whispered "Mother of God" My parents ran to the side of our car and the policeman asked my father for the keys to the house. He then withdrew his gun, called for backup and started up the driveway toward the front door.

Before the policeman unlocked the front door, another policeman arrived. He ran to the front door to aid the first policeman and they entered the house together. We all stood outside watching as the policemen made their way through our house-this now eery-looking building we girls had been giggling in just moments before. It again seemed as if a very long time passed-maybe ten to fifteen minutes--then one of the policemen called my father to the house.

Again they seemed to be searching the house-this time all three of them. My dad eventually returned to the rest of us, still standing by the cars, and told my friend's brother to take all the kids directly home and to lock his car doors and not stop for anyone or anything.

As my friends drove away, my dad told my mother and me to get back into the car. He got into the car with us and quickly locked all the doors. He then told my mother and me the policemen discovered the back door had been ripped open. He said the person who broke in had taken some of our clothing and makeup and thrown it around the house. My dad then looked at my mother in a way that told me there was something more he was not saying.

By this time there were many police cars around the neighborhood. I saw two policemen with a dog searching the neighbors' yard closest to our house. My friend Kim lived there with her family. We sat in the locked car for a long time. Both of my parents were upset and I was scared to death.

Finally a policeman appeared at our front door and motioned for my father to come back inside the house. My dad left us locked inside the car and did as the policeman directed. My dad talked with the policemen for a few minutes and then motioned for my mother and me to come inside the house as well. When my mother and I walked into the house, one policeman and my dad took my mother by the arm to show her something down the hallway while another policeman tried to distract me in the living room. I wanted to stay with my parents and so I started to walk toward the bedroom area where they had gone when my mom let out a horrible scream and burst into tears. I took off in a full run to where my parents were standing.

They were in my bedroom. I walked into the bedroom myself and saw my parents looking behind my open closet door. The policeman was looking behind the door as well. I leaned forward and pushed the closet door closed in order to see what they were looking at in the space behind it.

On my bedroom floor, no longer hidden by the closet door, sat a little wooden chair my dad normally kept in his office behind the garage. Draped over the chair, as if someone had been sitting there holding it in his hand, was a long piece of brand new rope. It looked as if someone had just let it slip from his hands as he stood up to leave. On the floor beside the chair were a long sharp carving knife from the kitchen and some matches. My makeup had been used to paint strange marks and symbols on my bedroom wall. My nightgown was torn and thrown into the waste basket next to my desk. On my bed was an outline where something had laid on it and left an imprint. Across my headboard on the wall were long claw marks where something had torn into the wall. I also noticed a putrid order lingering in the house. I took it all in despite my paralyzing terror and then I looked one more time at the little chair and rope no longer hidden by the closet door.. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. My mom, crying, came in after me. I knew I had missed losing my life that night by the mere luck of my friends needing to use the bathroom. If I had entered the house alone, my life surely would have been taken. The question was, but by what?

It was a big deal that night. The police stayed with us for hours. They did not pretend the incident was just a robbery or some silly kid staging a prank. I knew clearly, as they did, that I had barely escaped a cruel and untimely death. Police searched the area for hours that night. They scanned the house for fingerprints and took great care in recording the details of all we had seen and heard.

The police talked to my dad before leaving and told him they knew of another incident in the area with similar details. A woman had been lured into her basement by the unexpected sound of her washer and dryer running. She also heard the horrid screams of this vile intruder and ran for help. It was not the first time they had to deal with this, and we could tell the police were both concerned and frightened.

I slept on the floor in my parents' bedroom that night. In fact, I slept on their bedroom floor until my dad fitted all the windows and doors of the house with either heavy-duty locks or steel bars. I refused to go outside by myself or drive anywhere in the car alone. I was terrified.

We were sitting at the kitchen table when he finally came back. I could tell by one look at my dad's face something once again was terribly wrong.

My father sat down and told us that my friend Kim had been sitting in the family room watching TV. She was home with her mother and little brother, sitting on the couch beneath the family room window, when something from outside the house grabbed the window--frame and all--and ripped it right out of the side of the house. I could not understand what he was telling me. I asked my father what he was talking about. He repeated--someone or something with incredible strength grabbed the window frame and ripped the entire thing out of the wall of the house. Kim jumped up screaming as an arm swatted for her from outside the window shell. Kim claimed she felt what seemed like a claw skim across her neck. Her mother heard all the noise from another room. She grabbed her husband's loaded rifle and ran into the family room where she saw the window ripped out of the wall and this arm reaching for Kim. By this time Kim was on the other side of the room screaming. Her mother took aim and fired at the space where the window had been. She could not tell whether she hit it. What ever it was ran away when she fired the gun.

Once again the police searched the area. Dogs were used. Police cars covered the streets. Once again this creature escaped. I remained terrified the rest of that summer. I refused to leave the house without another family member accompanying me. I refused to drive alone in my car. I never stayed home alone and progressed only as far as sleeping in my bedroom with the door open-provided my brother (who was home from college on summer breaks) or my parents kept a bedroom door open as well.

I went away to school the following year. I would never again spend time alone in that house. If my family went away, I would go out too and stay out until they returned. I never again felt safe in that house.

As far as I know, whatever entered our house that summer night was never caught or identified. I do know he or "it" intended to tie me up and hurt me. I do know he or "it" had little fear and enjoyed terrifying us that night. I also know he or "it" was beast-like and far from human given its loud haunting screams and incredible physical strength. I will always believe the monster that ripped the window and frame out of Kim's wall was the same monster that intended and tried to kill me.

I am thankful I ran out of the house that night, that I did not go home alone, and that my friends were there with me to help me think things through. Sometimes our fate is just a slight degree from being something we can or cannot survive.

That night fate gave me a helping hand. Many a day since I have pondered how lucky I was to survive that horrifying period. It haunts me still as I continue to wonder what type of creature I could have faced alone that night. We all often wonder from where did it come? And where did it go? I often think about this experience as one of the greatest mysteries of my life.

Remember; always be careful out there. One never knows what lurks behind the closet door!
Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly

November 21, 2008

What’s Going On? - The Sky is filled with Chem- Trails and NO ONE LOOKS UP!

A few weeks ago I wrote about an experience I had in September when I witnessed a sighting of odd lights over the Atlantic Ocean and not one person with me cared. They would not even look. The experience haunted me as extremely odd. I wrote about it and tried to forget it.

October rolled around and I returned to walking on the boardwalks that line the coast close to where I live. I always bring my binoculars to look out over the ocean and the great open sky.

I finished my walk and was sitting on a bench overlooking the beach. I noticed the sky filling with chem trails. I was very interested in this as they once dominated our skies here but recently seemed to stop. We were enjoying a period of normal blue skies with normal clouds for some time now. This day however I was very interested to find the chem trails were back.

I sat and watched as small white squat like plane type crafts with small little wings kicked out huge long trails that feathered out into sky covering clouds. As they did in the past the crafts filled the sky so that the entire blue sky looked like a rug covered with pick up sticks. It is an incredible sight – an abnormal sight.

I was waiting for my son to join me at the beach as we planned to have hot chocolate and hot dogs at the boardwalk food bar. We did this often on beautiful days. It is a way to enjoy the day and catch up with each other.

I saw my son coming towards me on the boardwalk. I stood up and waved at him from where I was sitting on the bench and pointed up to the sky over the ocean. My son immediately stopped walking and looked up. At once he saw the display of crafts and trails and stood still looking straight up to take it all in.

I watched him standing there looking up while dozens of people walked by. I found it fascinating that all of them walked past this man standing in the middle of the boardwalk looking straight up into the air and not one person was curious enough to glance up to see what he was looking at. Memories of my friends ignoring the UFO sighting came to mind.

I decided to test how much they would ignore before glancing at what we were looking at. I stepped out into the middle of the boardwalk and started pointing up to the sky in large hand movements. I yelled out loud and clear, “check that out – look at those chem trails, can you believe it” I kept pointing to the sky and commenting loudly about the crafts and designs and speed at which they were polluting the entire sky. I yelled out once towards my son “ Did you see that? A plane cannot do that!” I then stood in the middle of the Boardwalk pointing out over the ocean up to the sky where the large display of chem trails was spreading.

My son walked up to me continuing to watch the sky. When he reached me he said” Wow, they are going wild up there today.” I looked at him and gestured to the groups of people walking by “Tell me why none of them seem to notice?” He looked at the people passing by us and watched as they all went about their business. “Hmmm” my son hissed as he watched the people all look everywhere but up. We stood there a moment looking at the wild lines being drawn across the sky and the boardwalk full of people ignoring them.

My son then walked into the flow of the people walking by and yelled out “ Have any of you people looked up in the sky today? Can any of you tell us what those lines are up there?” The people looked away from my son; walked to the other side of the boardwalk, and picked up their pace away from the both of us. They did everything but look up!

It was so ridiculous we both burst out laughing. I imagine a dragon could land on the beach, blast fire onto the drift wood laying about while leaving a 400-pound egg it had lain on the sand and that would go unnoticed as well!

I was convinced that something was very wrong with the public. They were without question numb to their surroundings. It is as if they have been trained to live in a tunnel vision world. The only thing they seem to be able to focus on or even recognize is what is directly in front of them. Their natural surrounding seems to be lost to a very narrow view of the world. They all seemed to be closed and cut off from what is going on right in front of them. I found it odd to say the least that not one person glanced to where we were pointing. Have we been trained to walk along blinded to what is going on right in front of our faces?

I knew that whenever I brought up chem trails in the past to other people that they usually agreed on one fact. That fact is that they never looked at or took notice of what was going on in the sky. I wonder when we all stopped looking up and why?

I told this story to my brother. He also has been watching the chem trails for about the last year. He also is aware that no one ever knows what he is talking about when he mentions them in conversation. My brother listened to our experience on the boardwalk and agreed it was very odd.

The next day my brother went to Home Depot to buy a few items for a home project he was working on. He was pushing his cart full of assorted merchandise he purchased back to his car when he noticed a large formation of chem trail lines right over the Home Depot parking lot. He stopped and stood looking up with his hands on his hips. He watched the other people walking by and noticed not one looked to see what he was looking at. My brother then started to greet the people as they walked by him by saying “ How are you today- just looking at those things in the sky. What do you think they are?” To my brothers amazement the people would maybe smile, but not one of them looked up. They just kept walking. Finally an older couple walked towards him and my brother repeated his greeting. They stopped and did look up. My brother pressed on “So what do you think those things are?” he asked them. The old man looked for a few seconds and said “I don’t know what that is, but if it was anything somebody would do something.” He then simply walked off, back to his own small reality.

When my brother returned home he called and told me his story.

We talked about it and cannot figure out exactly what is going on out there. We do know it is not natural to have no curiosity at all about your world or your surroundings. The lines and designs seen in our skies now did not exist a few years ago. They stopped for a few months but once again they are back. If they were from normal air traffic we would see them all the time and would have for many years. They are odd, they are made from crafts that make impossible maneuvers and they are over our heads. How is it the public is not interested in them at all?

Something isn’t right here. Somewhere something happened to us and we act more like hypnotized cattle then curious human beings. I am beginning to worry that something much more is at play here. It cannot only be due to the fact we have busy lives. I think some how some way we have been made numb.

I hope all of you who are reading this start to pay attention to what is going on around you, near you and over you. I also hope that if you notice the same complacent actions by those around you please try to snap them out of it. We cannot walk past the forest for the trees. We cannot ignore the UFO for the fear, and we should not ignore the trails being spread across our skies because we are busy!

I will continue to try to point up and write about what I see. And for sure I will always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone.

November 19, 2008

Something is Wrong- That was a UFO and NO One Noticed!

I went to a great party in September. It was an end of the summer bash held at a beachfront home overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on east end of Long Island.

It was a beautiful night. The stars were bright and clear. The moon was nearly full while shinning across the rolling ocean. It was one of those perfect nights you recall forever.

The hosts of the party have a huge deck on the second story of their beach house. After dinner we all faced our chairs over looking the ocean to enjoy the lovely night while we talked, laughed and looked at the ocean and stars.

We were sitting there for a while when I glanced out over the ocean while talking to one of my pals. I was talking and laughing and looking when it occurred to me that a few stars seemed to move. I stopped talking while the others carried on with the conversation and followed the lights.

At first I thought they were planes heading towards me. I thought that would make them appear on an angle to give them a star light look. As I watched they stopped moving. I looked away as I figured they were stars and I was mistaken. I started to talk to the group again and looked back out over the ocean to find the lights were now only a short distance out over the ocean. This time I stood up and walked to the edge of the deck to get a good look. Again I figured it was some kind of aircraft. I yelled for my friends to look at the lights.

Three of my friends walked over and looked at the two lights. As we stood there one of the lights took off at an enormous speed and made a hard right turn. The speed never altered. I stood there and said more to myself than to my friends “ A plane cannot do that”. With that the remaining light went from a dead stop to incredible speed and shot straight up into the night sky and was gone. Poof, the thing just vanished. It was amazing.

My one friend pointed out to the left of where they had been and said “oh there they are” I looked and there were the two balls of light side by side far out over the ocean.

We watched them for a few seconds and like a light switch had been flipped – they were gone. The night was black and empty in the spot they hovered just a second before.

I stood there flabbergasted at what we just observed. I could not believe I was so lucky to have had a deck full of friends to share this incredible sighting with. I turned towards the three who had been watching this display with me and said “ My god, did you just see that?” They looked at me and sort of shrugged.

I looked at them and then turned to the rest of the party and yelled, “Did you guys just see that?” A few acknowledged they did, but not one of them thought much of it. I could not decide what was stranger, the lights we just watched or the reaction of my friends to them!

I could not let it go. I walked over to the table they were all sitting around and questioned them. “Wait a minute guys, did you just see what went on out there with those lights?’ They looked at me as if I was crazy. “It was just some lights Chris, probably a couple of planes.” I turned towards the three who witnessed the strange maneuvers of the lights with me and asked.” Have any of you ever seen a plane do what those lights just did?” To my complete amazement they just sort of looked at me blankly.

I looked around at the table and realized that the people were just numb. They had just experienced a once in a lifetime event and could not be less interested.

I was shocked into silence and fell into my chair. If I had known they were going to act so strangely I would have run for my phone to snap the lights with its camera. I could not believe what had just happened.

I walked inside to look for my purse and phone incase the lights returned. One of the partygoers followed me into the house. He followed me into the living room where I was rifling through my purse for my cell phone. He is one of those friends who always stands or sits to the side of the crowd and watches the party more then joins it. He walked over to me rubbing his hands together and said, “ I saw them Chris. You are right- they were really strange.” He walked me further away from the open doors to the deck so no one else could hear us. “These people can be strange. I knew at once what we were all seeing. I also watched them glance over at the lights and return immediately to the chips and dip. People are a bit brain dead Chris. Just let it go or they will be talking about you until next summer.” I looked at him in confusion. I couldn’t understand the reaction. “Why do you think they just fluffed that incredible sighting off?” He looked at me and said, “Because it upsets their little world and they have been brainwashed to laugh it off or ignore it. Tonight they ignored it”

That night really weighed heavy on my mind . I have seen other strange lights, odd crafts, and had many paranormal events during my life. Seeing another was astounding. Every time I see or experience something unexplained I am stunned and (to say the least) pay attention. To see a deck full of people find this to be more of an annoyance then curiosity was as mystifying as the lights themselves.

I think about this often. What happened to us that would make us so complacent? What is really going on for people to become so disinterested in something so incredible? Is there truth in the warnings that we have been brainwashed and controlled to accept without question things we should be questioning? Is there something going on with our society we are not paying attention to? Have we become numb because we have closed our sight and minds to a limited internal circle- closing out what goes on around us?

I now wonder what else goes on right in front of our faces that people simply choose not to notice? I wonder if we have allowed ourselves to be completely brainwashed into looking the other way and purposely ignoring events we should be questioning?

Maybe disclosure isn’t a mainstream issue because we have been trained to look the other way. Maybe we have been programmed to laugh or deny by way of the fear of ridicule and humiliation. Maybe the reason we do not know is because we so willing agree- to not know!

I do not know what to think about that night. I do not know what to think about people who are so disinterested in the world around them that they would rather concentrate on the cheese platter and miss the huge UFO’s dancing around the night sky – right under their noses.

This is one of those moments you throw your hands in the air – shake your head and say, “I give up!”

I will continue to want to know all that we do not understand even if those around me do wear bags over their heads. And I will always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

November 18, 2008

I was sent this email by a friend that I would like to share with you. He is writing to me about my article listed above ' SOMETHING IS WRONG -THAT WAS A UFO AND NO ONE NOTICED!'
which is listed above this post. I got a kick out of his email and hope you will too!

Dear Chris,

Thanks for sharing you experience but it is not that unusual. It’s amazing how many people don't want to know. This reminds me of a very credible military pilot report about a close encounter where a UFO saucer flew right next to his plane everyone on board both civilians and military witnessed the object, even the compass was reacting to it. The pilot had the co-pilot take over and walked in the back to check out some equipment. On the way he passed a Dr. of psychiatry who was catching a ride. The pilot said to him, “ Did you see what was flying next to the plane?”

The good Dr. replied.”Oh, you mean the flying saucer- I don't believe in them.” This is a true story and emphasizes how people just do not want to know. Even if it is right in front of them. I read the attacks on honest UFO witnesses every day by people that are just too afraid to contemplate this is real. Instead they attack the messenger and completely miss the message!

Joe Capp

November 17, 2008

What I Think the 2012 Predictions Are About

I know we have all been listening to and reading about the various predictions and prophecy concerning 2012. I have read about the Mayans, other ancient cultures, and modern day predictors all giving us their thoughts and warnings.

I have a different view on this entire subject of apocalypse happenings bringing the end of the world.

I do think we will have an earth-changing event occur. I am doubtful it will occur in 2012. I also think we are now in a cycle where other earth changing events are in a timed cycle to happen once again.

On my list of events that are due to happen on earth are earthquakes, volcano eruptions and a magnetic pole switch or flip. I realize any or all of these events could be catastrophic for mankind however I do not think they are going to be the event that the ancient prophecies are warning us about.

I am not a fan of Planet X or Ancient Aliens coming to drag us into slavery. I do not think we are going to have a massive rising of souls over an apocalypse day. I do think however we will face near extinction and I think it has happened before.

I believe the earth and mankind will one day be thrown back into the dark ages with only about 10% of the population of the world surviving to continue on the species of the human race. I think during this time of world collapse a new way of thinking and culture will arise. I also think Alien interaction might be part of our survival and new development.

I think our earth will one day be hit with a Short Gamma Ray Burst that will nearly destroy the planet.

I believe this Short Gamma Ray Blast event will be caused by two Neutron Stars that spin around each other in obits so strong that they smash into each other causing incredible explosions that send out blasting Gamma rays into space that will one day hit us here on earth.

We have many neutron stars in our own galaxy, which means it is only a matter of time before this event occurs. It has happened before and may be the reason life on this planet has been wiped before in our earths past.

If a Gamma Ray Burst hits our planet the first thing we would notice would be a huge flash of light. If we were looking towards this blast directly we would become blind. The next unusual thing that would tell us we were in for big trouble would be that another sun would seem to appear in our sky. We would see two suns. The earth would then be hit with a huge blast of ultra violent radiation. This burst would burn off about 40% of our atmosphere, our ozone. A brown haze would cover the earth. Our skies would appear green in spots and of course the sunlight would be reflected back into space causing temperatures to drop. Winter would begin and be harsh.

Winters would carry over into summers. Warm climates would now be snow-covered lands. Crops would fail. Hunger would cover the planet and many would succumb to starvation. We would quickly run out of food to feed the population. The oceans balance would change as the radiation and atmosphere kill the oceans. Fish would die; the oceans would turn reddish and all in them would die.

The first thing we would lose would be our communications, as the Short Gamma Ray Burst hit would fry our electronics and wires. Our infrastructures would fail and we would be thrown back into the dark ages.

I do not think this is due to happen to us in the near future. I do believe that the predictions left for us from the past are warning us of this very real, very dangerous cosmic occurrence.

I believe that the Mayan calendar ending had more to do with what was happening to them in their time on earth rather than what will happen to us in the next few years. I think they simply were lost to disease and war mixed with climate difficulties. I find it amazing they lasted as long as they did. The Mayans lived in atrocious conditions where temples and cities were covered in blood from ritual and sacrifice all in scorching hot temperatures. The growth of bacteria and disease must have been incredulous. I am sure many if not most lost their lives to their dangerous life styles and conditions. Those left were chased away by invaders or finished off by the diseases the invaders brought with them. I think the predictions left by the Mayans were part prophecy and partly their own circumstances of the time.

There is no denying that the same predictions for mankind’s future can be found all over the world. I know our outcome has been seen as one of disaster mixed with near extinction for the human race. It is obvious this impending doom has filled the thoughts of many for centuries leaving us with theories, prophecy and predictions from all corners of the globe. I think there is a mass consciousness, awareness in mankind that something is ahead. I think we know as humans that we will need to survive something that is greater than our tribulations so far. I just think we are lost to what it may be or what we need to do to deal with it.

If you investigate on your own the many predictions found about 2012 you will find many of the very same events listed as those I listed as a result of a Short Gamma Ray Blast. I have not mentioned a Long Gamma Ray Blast hit, as nothing would survive a Long Blast. I realized that if the earth remains with any population at all, it could only be from a Short Gamma Ray Blast.

Read the vast predictions made from all the theories out there and you find world population decrease, massive climate change, and even two suns mentioned in many of the predictions. I realized immediately that all of the ideas and predictions listed the very results a Neutron Star Gamma Ray Blast would cause. The fact that these blasts have happened before and will happen again sealed the deal for me as far as what it is this planet and mankind will one day face.

I think that with every passing day the planets scientists are gaining in the ability to find and understand when this danger will present itself to us. I also realize we seem more occupied with killing or fighting with each other than we are with saving ourselves as a species. I wish we lived in a world where we prepared for disasters instead of causing them. If we would civilize enough to join the other cosmic civilizations that must populate the universe we might be able to survive Then maybe we could easily defend against real catastrophes if we used our brains for things other than greed and control. Can you imagine how advanced we would be if we had been smart enough to find alterative energies long ago. Can you dream how well we could survive problems like natural disaster or global ones like Gamma Ray Blasts if we had kept our food supplies local and advanced enough to provide growth even in winter? Can you imagine how great we could have grown to be if we had not given way to hatred greed and power as our most powerful forces for motivation?

What about UFO’s and Aliens? I was asked that question when I brought my theory up to a friend of mine. Wouldn’t they help us or stop this Gamma Ray thing from happening? My answer to this is two fold. First, I do think an event as large as a Neutron Star explosion, which is second only in size to the big bang, is something Aliens could control. I think it is too large even for advanced Aliens to deal with.

The second part of this question- why they do not help us? Well, why should they? We have proven to be dangerous bloodthirsty and vicious so far, what about us do you feel needs to be saved in mass? I am sure aliens would or will be there to help us what ever way they can. However I think for us to survive in large would mean a entire different way of life across the entire planet. Hot houses that can run on whatever energy local regions can muster, small towns easily accessed by local communities instead of big cities, smaller homes and less of everything being used by absolutely everyone would be needed. We do not live that way or think that way. How can an outside Alien being readjust an entire civilization?

This is my theory of what all the predictions have been trying to warn us about. I do not think this will happen in the next few years to come, but I could be very wrong too.

There is a good side to this horrid event if it does happen. In about a decade the earth would begin to renew and life would have a chance once again to rebuild. The fact this has happened before is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. I do not think this will happen in any of our life times. I do think it would be wise if generations ahead thought about a new way of life. I think it is obvious that our way of things is not working out for our chances of being an ongoing species.

I do know that I have decided to treasure my days and not give in to lost time given over to anger hate or to waste my hours with things that are not worth the precious gift of time on this earth. I will enjoy those I love and step over that which is unkind, evil or hate filled. Life on all levels, for me, is just too short to waste.

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

November 15, 2008

We Are Our Own Time Keepers

The subject of time keeps coming up in my conversations with people. I constantly hear that time isn’t like it use to be. I know time seems to move quicker as we age. All of us recall those long lazy days of childhood when a day lasted a week and a summer seemed like a lifetime.

Now summer starts, we get in a swim or two, and before we know it we are covering our grills and raking up leaves. Christmas, it is here again, but wait – didn’t we just pack away last years Holiday Season?

There is no question time seems to be racing faster and faster. Our days seem shorter filled with more to do and less time to rest or relax. Our weeks spin into months and then years without our being able to sort out the passing days. It is as if the world is spinning faster and we are simply trying to hold on for dear life!

I just returned from the food market. Hating to shop I sent my beloved into the store refusing to help or take part. I will drive the car, put the food away, cook the food, clean it up, but I will not shop. I will Internet order- but I simply hate stores and shopping.

I was able to park directly facing the store, which allows me to people watch as I wait. I was watching the people come and go when I realized more than half of them were on cell phones talking as they walked in the parking lot right into the store, talking every step of the way.

One young woman really caught my attention. It was just turning into night and I first noticed her getting out of her car because her blue tooth was shinning its blue light making her look eerie in the dark. She was talking loudly in a deep conversation while lifting her baby from the child seat and positioning the child into the shopping cart. She never looked at the baby. She stuck a pacifier into the little kids mouth and took off towards the store. I watched as this little kid looked at its mother for some type of interaction while sucking away on her pacifier (which I might add) the child was much too old for. The mother ignored this little kid while in deep conversation on her blue tooth. The little kids sad face will remain with me for some time to come. This mother was sacrificing her time with her baby to her blue tooth while the child went neglected. That is time lost that can never be replaced. I wanted to grab that blue tooth and crush it into the parking lots surface.

I then watched the people and their phones. All of them were half in the time of shopping and half in the time of the conversation they were having on the phone. They did not notice what was going on around them or fully what they were doing while in the stores. They were dividing one time into two. They also looked mechanical and drained. I think I now realized what is going on with time and today’s world.

Because of technology we can now fit more events into one day. We can talk to more people. Be in touch with others all over the world in a touch of our keyboard. Talk to whomever we wish to anywhere on the planets surface, and work 24 hours a day.

The problem is many of us get caught up with this never-ending spin of time and get lost in it. I know I have worked straight for 36 or 48 hours in my life. I would get lost to what day it was or when I last slept. Time would be different for me as I neglected the boundaries of night and day. I would develop my own week of longer time periods for work and end up losing what was a traditional week.

If you add in air travel, constant computer communication, non-stop phone usage- time starts to spin out of control.

Add into this mix a change in gravity, a difference in our sun, the pull of a pole shift plus many other elements and time seems to be a lost constant in the reality of our existence.

I think time is as we use it. If we went to a lovely island with no phones, computers or televisions we find time slower and longer. If we got up with the sun and removed stress from the day we would find days return to those of our childhoods. If we lived a day in a full 24-hour rotation instead of whatever technology allows us to jam in, time would return to a more manageable constant.

I wonder what time is like in other parts of the universe. I am sure the arrangement of time is always somehow based on a daylight or dark period of events. I also am sure in places where technology is millions of years ahead of us time may not even exist. If we make time what it is for our days, maybe the future will remove the constriction of time altogether. We may all end up one big non-stop walking blue tooth!

For now I am going to learn to control my time. I will no longer work ridiculous hours. I will not take a phone call over the conversation of the real time human standing before me and I do not look forward to a world of walking drained exhausted blue shinning machine slaves!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

November 9, 2008

Mt. Misery Road and Kings Park Hospital- A Paranormal Visit

I took a group of four people with me for this investigation. I had a skeptic, a psychic and a non-commented sensitive along with me on this trip. We were armed with cameras and determination to see what the interest is in both of these paranormal locations.

Our first stop was Mt Misery Road in Huntington, New York. To get to this location you drive through the average populated built up areas of Long Island until you are in a more country setting. Following the directions you start to turn off the main roads and wind your way back into the less populated areas of the Island. As we followed the roads deeper into the countryside we finally found ourselves driving along very narrow very country rural looking roads. The area was filled with very old houses along with horse farms and paddocks.

Driving deep into this country area we found ourselves finally on the infamous Mt. Misery Road. It was without question a very odd place. There were no telephone poles or cable lines, no streetlights or signs of 2008 anywhere. It was driving back in time.

As you enter this road you feel as if you ride out of our century and back a few hundred years. The surrounding spotty homes located mostly on one side of this narrow long winding rural road are extremely old. Many had wooden signs giving their history. On the other side of this narrow road stands a heavily wooded nature preserve. We were the only car on the road. It was so isolated we felt as if we were the only people on the planet. The place was strange and uncomfortable.

As we drove along the road we noticed at once how odd the environment seemed to be. I drove to the side of the road. We opened our windows and turned off the car motor. The silence was the immediate thing all four of us noticed. Not a leaf or animal or bird moved. It was dead silence. We drove the car to three or four locations doing the same thing. We wanted to see if we could find a spot that had the normal sounds of a cool fall day. Each time the silence was so severe it made your hair stand on end. Nothing moved or made a sound. It was like being in an oil painting of a 200 year old scene.

While sitting in one location an investigator remarked, “ Funny how it is silent but for that train sound and whistle” All at once the three of us asked “ What train whistle” He looked at us as if we were crazy, “ Don’t you hear that train?” We all quickly replied “No”.

I wanted to pull off the road a bit more and saw a house with a wooden sign listing its history ahead. I pulled over so others could pass to read the sign. It was the house of Walt Whitman’s father. It was a very old building. All of us were looking to the right when out of no where I heard a horn blowing and turned my head to find a man in a car right next to my drivers window. He was but a few inches from my face. He looked oriental, and outraged. He was shaking his fist at me as he drove by our car. I had no idea why he was so angry as there was more than enough room for him to drive by my car. He drove past and I turned to the others and said, “What’s that guys problem?” Without out turning towards me all three remained focused on the house and said things like, “Wave him around” or “Tell him to go around”. I said, “What are you talking about he is gone. He was right here. Didn’t you see him?” They all looked at me perplexed. They did not see him and had no idea what I was talking about. The one investigator who heard the train whistle thought he saw something black out of the corner of his eye, but they never saw the man.

We figured he quickly turned into the driveway next on the road. I felt nervous and decided our trip to this unpleasant road was over.

We then drove to the deserted Kings Park Mental Hospital site. This area is a huge complex built on the most beautiful countryside around Long Island. It is waterfront and the entire place has spectacular views of the Long Island sound.

It is another site that your immediate reaction is to feel uncomfortable and at ill ease. You have a combination of nature in all its beauty dotted with these gloomy cold ominous old brick building with broken barred windows soaked in sadness and despair.

We rode around looking at the buildings. We stopped and took a few pictures of the empty structures and then all agreed we wanted to leave this bleak place.

I felt that the trip was uneventful and was going to leave it at that. I said my goodbyes when we returned to my home as the investigators ended our visit together for the day.

The one-team member, however, stayed. Once the others drove away he turned to me and said. “We have to go back, I heard that train and I want to find it” I looked at him, he was completely serious. So I got back in the car and said. “Get in.”

It was getting late and light would soon be gone so I did not want to waste any time. We drove back to Mt Misery Road. I pulled over where he thought he heard the train a few hours earlier. We rolled down the window and turned off the motor. We sat there in silence listening for no more than five minutes when I heard it. Clearly, as if were next to the road, was the whistle of a train. It was eerie and terrifying. There were no train tracks or trains in that area. I do recall reading a train did bring civil war wounded to a civil war hospital once located on the site. That afternoon however, there was no train!

We rolled up the windows, turned the car around and headed down the winding road carefully. Night was about to fall and the place was dead, dark and disconcerting. I wanted out. I watched as I drove past the Walt Whitman house to see if I could locate a driveway my phantom outraged driver from that afternoon could have driven into. Of course, no driveways were to be found!

A few days passed with life pulling me in ten different directions and I nearly forgot about the photos taken at the deserted Kings Park Hospital Site. I decided to download them into my computer to take a look.

At first glance they seemed to be simple photos of the buildings. I had a magnifying glass on my desk and decided to look at the detail on one of the Georgia style porches on the one building. As I scanned across the wooden porch a piece of a window next to it caught my eye. I looked at it, and the window next to it. I looked again. It appears to have someone or something standing in one of the windows. I know nothing was there when the photo was taken as I got out and carefully looked at that building and its windows when we were there. I cannot explain what looks like a shape of a human standing inside the one large window. I am not an expert on these things however did show it to everyone I could at my office. They all too saw the image.

I have no explanation for the train, the angry man who simply vanished or the image of the person in the dilapidated building. All I can do is report what occurred on our trip to these locations.

I will tell you that there isn’t any way on this earth this woman will ever return to either location. !

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

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