Tis the Season

Tis the Season

December 30, 2008

Our Readers 2009 Predictions Summary

Many readers sent in their predictions for the New Year. I read them and found that you all came to three main conclusions on three major subjects.

97% of you predicted that the main event to occur in the year 2009 would be a Middle East War breaking out midyear that would control the time and attention of the entire world.

88% of you also predicted a large asteroid event missed by our watchful eyes hitting us causing damage to a populated area but not enough damage to cause worldwide change. I found many emails warning us of a city or town being hit by a wayward comet or meteor.

80% of you felt the economy would be more of the same until February and then quickly turn around. No one predicted worldwide disaster in this area; in fact the opposite was noted by many emails stating the crisis would end sooner than anticipated.

A few readers felt that we would find a slowly growing acceptance of paranormal events happening with increases in reported sightings.

Not one person forecasted any type of UFO disclosure during the year of 2009

One reader sent me this reply, which seemed to sum up this readers view of mankind:

My prediction is... "Man will do as man has always he/she damn well pleases - regardless of whether it is right or wrong."

I feel that we are now entering into a new area of thinking and predict a central heated debate among mankind concerning the earth and all its beings.

Clearly our hatred and greed has brought us to a place of disgrace and war. I not only feel we will be entering into a new dawn of humanity I pray for it. If we do not turn our thinking and world into a better place we will all be doomed. I can only push this karma of needed change out as one person. However, if we all work towards a better way of thinking, a wider educated base of civilization and a kinder view of one another ahead, we may finally evolve past the terrorist, hate filled, greedy animals we have become and or fight.

We all need to understand we will never move ahead by ripping down others , killing or remaining ignorant and lazy. No one has ever built themselves up by dragging someone else down. The only road to growth is by way of hard work, curious advancement and spiritual kindness. Without it we will remain on a planet kept in the dark and considered uncivil and primitive by those more advanced . It is no mystery why we are not part of the universal intelligence. We cannot get along as occupants of this beautiful planet. Why would any other beings want to openly be part of our civilization. Would you want to go live with cavemen?

If we do not make an effort to move forward and continue on this slide back to the dark ages, there will be no need for disclosures, dreams or hopes for the future. Only we can make our tomorrows bright. May we all find the courage to stand for what is right and may we all continue to move forward towards the advancement of mankind and a kinder smarter civilized planet

Happy New Year of 2009 to All!

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December 29, 2008

Your Emails on UFO and Chem-trail Public Blindness Keep On Coming!

I have been swamped with emails from my readers concerning my articles about UFO and Chem-trail blindness. I find I am not alone with my reaction to the numbness society is showing concerning these issues. I have decided to let your emails write this article for me. Many of you have sent messages to me that I could not have said better if I tried. Thank you for your thoughts. I hope you all enjoy what your fellow readers have to say and are thinking.

Dear Chris,

After years of more than just curiosity regarding the mysteries (especially phenomena) in our midst, I became yanked away early in this decade from my passions regarding these arenas to become only more fixated on our nation's political orientations. After reading your article this morning in UFO Digest, it brought to mind my similar contemplations about how our American public can be witness to so many treasonous incidents without bringing the perpetrators to any accountability. It seems to me that all of our nation's (humanity's) health, ills and evils come to become manifest as a direct result choices we all make in both our individual and collective consciousness. With your "Something is Wrong..." article, it is clear that either something is definitely wrong..., or something of a process continues to be underway. And, it seems that there are a few entities within informed circles, and powerful because of it, who already understand significantly how directing the focus of our masses is the way to get what is wanted.

Mark California

Hi Chris. I know how you feel about this UFO sighting where everyone seem brain dead and don't react the way you'd expect them to. It has happened to me. I think this occurs because of the lazy mind syndrome. The TV set does this to too. You watch too many situations of tragic events that blister your mind to the point of numbness. It's the avoidance part too. Their motto is don't bother with it...let it alone. It will go away. I too saw something unexplainable way up in the sky and pointed it out to others without having a response to it from them. This is just crazy I told myself.

Jim San Diego

Hi Chris, I've experienced the same phenomenon as you. People will not only not look up; they act very uncomfortable if you even mention Chem-trails. What with the vast amount of Chem-trails subliminal on television, car ads, news logos etc, it looks like the mind control is working pretty well - very sad.

I've been documenting these anomalies since 1999 in the Santa Monica area, and there's a lot going on up there in addition to the Chem-trails.

Thanks Rick

Chris, I have been observing these since 1998 or 1999. My friends and family think I am crazy to keep mentioning them when I see them. Recently, I have shifted my focus from ‘why are they doing this’ to ‘why is it that most people just don’t see these as being odd?’

I am starting to wonder if there is a global hypnosis thing going on. If so, who is behind this and how do they do it?

Anyway, nice article.

Curt WI.


Nice article. I think your quiet friend had it nailed. An awakening does seem to be happening, but it is happening much too slowly for some. When one examines the history sources the various scientific fields of study and examines the entire picture on the subject of these unusual visitations or the ‘watchers’ as some call this phenomenon, it seems fairly clear that this is nothing new. A few conclusions do seem to be that

  1. Either more visitations are happening at this time or
  2. More people are looking up and paying attention due to the increased awareness or awakening in progress or
  3. A disclosure may be coming in a way other than what we might hope or expect from our government who allegedly represents us?

Thanks Wes

This is a sample of what you our readers are thinking and writing about. I have to agree with the over all theme of something not being exactly right with our reactions to incredible events taking place right in front of our eyes. Why so many refuse to deal with, look at or think about these subjects is beyond me.

As always, pay attention to your surroundings and keep looking up!

December 26, 2008

December 19, 2008

What Are the Aliens Waiting For? The Answer is My Resolution for 2009

What is keeping the Aliens from simply landing on the White House lawn and introducing themselves to mankind? Why do they seem to ride our skies under the cloak of confusion and continue to remain a mystery?

I think about that and find the answers in mankind. I believe that disclosure is as much an Alien decided subject, as it is mankind. I do not think it is only the governments of this world that enjoy our distant relationship with other beings but the Aliens as well. Lets face it, if you can find your way to this planet, keep cloaked rather easily to the planets inhabitants. If you can abduct humans at will, keep the powers of the earth at bay and keep your existence your own business right under our noses, you are a great deal more advanced than we can imagine.

We earthlings still spend our time debating the Alien existence while the Aliens spend their time coming and going as they wish often right in front of our faces. We being a trainable bunch who willingly stay in our taught mode of looking the other way. We accept we should fear any connection to this subject and allow whatever that is going on- to go on.

I think about this arrangement we have with other beings and realize it isn’t our decision as much as it is the other beings. It is their wish to continue visiting our planet cloaked in mystery and hidden from the masses. It isn’t us being standoffish- its them!

I like history. I know that from the beginning of human time we have been a warring species. We have spent as much time killing each other as we have in advancing our kind. We have been at war with one another non- stop somewhere on this earth from the first day we were able to figure out how to use a club!

Today the planet seems to be at a hateful fevered pitch. The news, the inter net; even our entertainment is all filled with killing hatred and aggression. Why on earth would any species want to cozy up to beings like us? Even if they too were aggressive killers -banging heads with us, if avoidable, would be the preferred road to take. Obviously we are not to be envied by other cosmos beings when we can barely get along with each other.

My thoughts are that until we become a bit more advanced and a bit more in control of our own planet, we will be passed upon as wanted members of the universal group of civilizations that do interact with one another.

I am sure we are not the only ones out there not being sent invitations to the Universal Ball of the United Forms of Life! I am sure there are others out there in space also struggling on the road to being a more tolerant civilized life form. I am however sad we do not seem to be moving ahead in terms of our own civil growth. In fact it seems we are at times moving backwards. Until the hate stops and peace grows I guess we will just remain on that galactic blacklist of don’t invites. I am sure the Aliens will continue to ignore us until we can become better beings.

For now I am sure we are a interesting place on the universal space map to take a look at for amusement and curiosity, use for whatever purpose they may need and then pass by until next time they need something of ours or want a look at the primitive beings of planet Earth.

I am only one person and I can only do what I can to try to be better at this human game. I have decided that as of 2009-(actually starting this very moment) to be a better person.

In the past I reacted with a swift hand to aggression and hatred. I would slap back at it and cut those producing it to the quick before moving on. For my new year I am going to refuse to deal with hate. I am going to walk away. If you come at me with hatred I will turn off your show, or leave your chat area or turn my back and walk away from you. If you send me (which are very far and few) hateful comments I will simply block and ignore you. If you are a mean spirited hater, you will not fill my moments or take up any of my precious time.

I wonder if we all did this, just walked away from the hate what would happen? Who would the bullies torment if they did not have an audience, who would argue with a fool if no one was there to listen, who would ruin your day if you simply walked away and did not tolerate it?

I know the Aliens think we are uncivil and primitive. I do not want to continue that road and yet I can only change my own actions. So, come on 2009. I am determined to meet you with a strong heart and determined mind and continue to try to make my way to one of those Alien parties, just once before the end of my time!

Happy New Year to my wonderful readers and all they care for and love!

Chris Holly

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December 15, 2008

The Cop- The Ghost and The Strange Encounters

A New York City Policeman told me a strange story recently. We know each other for many years and I will tell you this man is a skeptic on most things paranormal. His view is simple, if it didn’t happen to him he doesn’t believe it!

A few years ago this policeman pal of mine went on a camping trip out West in the wilderness of Montana. He and his buddies were going to spend a week bonding with nature away from the big city.

The group consisted of five other cops from New York City and a local man from the area where they were going to spend the week in the wilderness. They hiked for a day into a remote area of Montana and set up camp. All was well as the men were enjoying a break from city life.

One afternoon they decided to hike to a near by deserted mine area to have a look around. The local man knew the area well and took them there along an abandoned road. The men were all walking along the road when they noticed a figure walking towards them from the direction of the old mine area.

As the men walked they could see that the person coming towards them was an older man carrying a sack like bag over his shoulder. As he grew closer they could see this man was dressed in old style overalls, a worn out old hat with a long unkempt gray beard. He looked as if he just stepped out of a hundred year old photo album.

The group of cops stopped and stood silently as this old man walked past them on the opposite side of the road. They were rather shocked to see this old gent out here alone with only an old sack of items throw over his shoulder. They stood and looked at him as he walked by. The old man simply tipped his dirty old hat to the groups and muttered “Good day to you boys” and kept on walking.

The local guide stood perfectly still watching the group of New York City Cops watch this old man walk by.

Quickly the old man made his way past the group of men and around a bend in the road. They watched as he walked out of their sight still surprised to find him up here alone.

My friend turned toward the local man and asked “So, does that old timer live out here alone?” The local guide started to smile and threw his nap sack down on the ground. He looked at the men and told them to do the same. “This looks like a good resting point men, lets take a break.”

The men all dropped their gear and sat down to rest. The local man then looked at each of them and said, “Well boys, you just got your first look at ole Joe the ghost of the mine road.” They all laughed and continued to do so until they realized he was serious. One by one they stopped laughing. “Seriously guys -that was ole Joe”.

The local guide then went about telling the group that the old miner has been walking that road for about one hundred years greeting all he passes with the same tip of the hat. No one knows why Joe walks the road and why he makes himself so clearly visible, but he does and they just saw him with their own eyes.

The next day the group once again was on the old mining road heading back to their base camp. Again the men were walking along the road when they saw the image of a man walking towards them. This time they all stopped in their tracks and waited.

There he was in all his glory, old hat, old bag and worn out overalls –walking on the opposite side of the road. This time the men tried to talk to him. They yelled out a “Hello there, and how are you doing buddy”. The old man did exactly as he did the day before, he tipped his hat and said “Good day to you boys.” The old man walked a bit off the road this time into a wooded area and seemed to simply disappear.

The men went across the road and looked into the forest area but could find no sign of old Joe. The guide simply shrugged his shoulders and said. “ Guess he likes you boys for you to get a double visit like that, “ He also told the men he felt it was wise for them to pick up their pace in order to make it back to base camp before nightfall.

The trip ended and the Cops returned home to their normal New York life and routines. They talked about the ghost of old Joe for many years after. It was an experience they could not forget.

My friend told me the story more than once over the years. He never admitted that old Joe was a ghost. He just said he did not know who the old man was or where he had come from or gone to out on that deserted road. He also told me the old man had the oddest bright green eyes he had ever seen.

Skip ahead about ten years finding us at the start of October of this year. Just a few weeks ago I ran into my policeman friend shopping in town. We decided to grab a coffee together and sit on the bench in front of the local coffee shop and catch up. We talked about our families and friends while we drank our coffee and then both went on our way.

A few days after our sharing that cup of coffee my friend called me on the phone. “Chris you have to hear me out, I had a experience at work yesterday. I think something really strange happened to me”. My friend then told me an incredible story. My once skeptic pal seemed shaken and perplexed.

“I was at work last night. I was bored and was wandering around an old site on the upper west side known for problems. We had a routine call and I was standing near an ally between two buildings and decided to walk down it and take a look around. It is a bad area and I should have known better to wander off without telling my partner but thought I would only be gone a few minutes. I was walking along the ally when all of a sudden out of nowhere this guy rushed me. I knew he wanted my weapon and cash and also knew he was going to try to stab me. I pushed him off and he came at me again. All of a sudden out of absolutely thin air appears this old homeless guy pushing a shopping cart. He was right there- instantly there!

He pushed the cart between us mumbling something as he walked along. It shocked my attacker as much as it did me. This old man simply pushed his cart between us distancing my attacker and breaking apart our shuffle. By the time the old man passed between us I was able to right myself enough to subdue the guy and cuff him. I looked at the old man as he passed between us and once as he walked off. He looked right at me, not more than two feet away from my face. Chris, I am telling you, I swear this is true that old man was the same old man I saw years ago on that mining road. I swear it was old Joe. I know this sounds crazy but I will never forget that old mans face, or his bright green eyes. That homeless guy who pushed that man off me was the same man I saw on that road years ago. I am absolutely positive of it. “

My friend told me that after he was able to subdue the man he found a knife and knew he came close to being stabbed in his fight with this man. It clearly was the old man and his cart that gave him the advantage to take control of what could have ended in a deadly confrontation.

My friend looked that night and many nights to follow around that area for that old man. He told me that the night this took place he searched for hours the streets and alleys around the area but could not find the old man or his cart. He told me that there was no one else in that alley that day besides him and his attacker until the old man was there out of thin air. He told me the old guy seemed to disappear exactly as he appeared, miraculously!

My friend had no explanation for what occurred in that alley. He is positive it was the same old man he witnessed on that road years before on the camping trip along that deserted road. He also knows that there was no reason for that man and his cart to be there that day in that alley. Certainly there was no reason for an old homeless man to walk into a dangerous fight.

My friend has no idea who that old man was, is, or why he turned up on that deserted road years ago and again that day in the alley. He does know something extraordinary did happen.

I listened to the story of old Joe and how he helped my friend that day in the alley. It appears to me that this man looks over my friend. I have no idea who he is or why he was there for him, I am just happy he was, and hope from now on he walks with him down all his alleys!

One never knows what the answers are in the paranormal; I guess it has to be enough sometimes simply to accept these experiences as the unknown. I hope we all have an old Joe walking with us along all our paths!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey @

December 9, 2008


I want to thank all my readers, work friends and many others who have sent me their predictions for 2009. I have been collecting your thoughts for the New Year and will be publishing your predictions Jan 1st 2009. I hope you all will continue to send in your ideas, predictions, intuitions or thoughts concerning what this New Year will bring.

I am not using anyone’s name or ID’s, as I want you to feel free to express your thoughts without any interference or reactions. I also will be compiling similar predictions to see if the overall view of the people will combine into a universal consciousness that provides the future to us by way of asking as many people as possible one question and then finding that one recurring answer. In this case that question is what do you think 2009 holds in store for us?

To my astonishment I am finding one prediction is so far being sent to me in mass. I have people from all walks of life, from all over the world, sending me predictions with the incredible finding of one subject turning up daily with the same outcome.

Please all of you send me your predictions for this New Year. I promise your identity will be kept completely confidential. Send your predictions for 2009 to

Thank you all and to everyone I wish a blessed and Happy Christmas and Holiday Season

December 2, 2008

Christmas Decorating and the Ghost is Right on Time!

A very average American family lives here on Long Island New York in a very average neighborhood in a very modest comfortable home on a friendly street. All is well and all are happy but for one slight intrusion.

Every year around this time, for the last 40 years, this one family deals with a ghost who visits their house.

The story goes that a family that consisted of a young couple, two kids and a grandfather built the house. The grandfather lived on the second floor and loved his new home. He had a sitting room on the second floor with a bedroom and private bath. Outside he kept roses and flowers that he loved and tended with care.

Both the young husband and wife worked full time jobs. The grandfather watched over the children until the couple returned home at night. The family seemed typical to the other families in the neighborhood. The granddad was happy to be with his family and tend his roses. He was content with his life. Often you could find him smoking his pipe waiting in his rocking chair on the front porch for the children to return from school. Life seemed to be working smoothly for all.

It started during one hot summer. The young couple began to fight. The young man started to drink heavily. Often you could hear yelling and loud arguing erupting from the house. The neighbors began to talk about it and eventually call the police when the fighting became too loud or violent. You could hear doors slamming and furniture being thrown against walls. By the fall of that year gunshots were heard a few times and the police were a constant fixture at the home. It was sad knowing the family was dissolving. Neighbors felt sorry for the old grandfather caught in the middle. It was a difficult time.

The couple divorced. The wife took the children and moved away. The young husband placed the house for sale. The grandfather had to be placed in an old folks home. Word had it his heart was broken.

That was 40 years ago. The family now living in this home is a lovely happy normal family. They raised their kids in the house, kept the house up ,even replaced the bathrooms and kitchens a few times along the way. They also put up with grandpas ghost!

It is said that the old man did not make out too well once he left his once happy home. He hated the old folks home and only lasted a few years before he passed away.

Coincidentally, a few years after owning this house, the new family started to notice odd activities around the home. It would always seem to be noticed the most around the holidays. The family would be sitting in the dinning room eating when they would hear the front door open and someone walk up the stair case to the second floor. The family would call out to see who was there without any reply. They would then search the house to find it empty but for the family sitting at the table.

The family would hear someone slamming doors or footsteps overhead as they sat in the family room of someone walking around on the second floor. They would search only to always find an empty house. The worst of it all was the smell of the burning pipe. Each time this would occur the house would fill with the smell of a freshly lit pipe being smoked. At times the odor of the pipe would be so overpowering the family needed to open windows and doors. This ghost has visited this family now every year for the past 40 years.

I ran into the woman who owns this house recently in Macy’s while Christmas shopping. We caught up on our families and neighbors. Before we parted I asked her how she was making out with her yearly ghostly visits of the old grandfather?

“Oh he is with us again this year. He is a bit unhappy with us as we are doing renovations on the house and he always hates when we work on the house. He has picked up his visits to daily explosions up the staircase and marches around in the bedroom above the dinning room as usual. The problem is that this year he visits every day and always has that darn smelly pipe with him. We know he is really annoyed, as he now has added the new event of slamming the cabinet doors in the kitchen when we are in the den watching TV. ”

I was stunned at how matter of fact my fellow town dweller was taking this ghostly invasion. I wondered if they ever feared this ghost or were concerned he was changing his activity? I asked her if she ever thought about bringing in a ghost hunter?

“No, we are not fearful at all. After 40 years of walking around the house and up the stairs we all feel he is harmless. For some reason he likes to be in the house during the holidays. He also refuses to move on. We think he still is tending his roses and smoking his pipe. It doesn’t interfere with our lives so we just let it be. Anyway we never touch those roses yet they get bigger and more beautiful each and every year for the last 40 years. Why spoil a good thing? Once Christmas comes and goes and I take down the tree and he leaves till the next holiday arrives. We don’t mind, we are use to him.”

I must say I am envious on how easily this family deals with an obvious and ongoing journey with the paranormal. I am not sure I could just shrug my shoulders as ghostly footsteps invaded my staircase and filled my house with smoke from the other side. I know I could not handle it with the ease and grace this family does.

As I wished my neighbor a good holiday I glanced into her shopping cart fill

ed with Christmas tree ornaments, and bright red stockings with the names of the family members printed across the top of each stocking. I could not help but notice that the second stocking down had the word Grandpa written across it. They are a kind and good family.

I truly wish them a very Merry Christmas…and you too Grandpa!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey

December 1, 2008

Unexplained Events of Abduction and Lost Time -Long Island, New York

Since I have come forward with the stories of my own lost time events that occurred in my own life I have had other people contact me here in New York concerning the strange experiences they also endured in this area.

A woman contacted me and asked to meet with me locally in order to tell me about a very strange happening in her life about 22 years ago in the mid 1980’s. This woman was teaching in a night course in a local college at the time. Her class ended around 9pm each night. She would leave the college campus located in the Farmingdale area of Long Island and drive home the exact same way each night. It would take her about 10 minutes to arrive home. She followed this routine without deviation arriving home by about 9:15 pm.

One night this woman recalls following her normal after class routine. She recalls the entire night up to the point of the nights drive home. She remembers she was about to take one of her last turns towards home, which was a rather deserted stretch of road, before hitting the last main road towards his house. Her memory fails her from this point on.

Her husband started to become concerned as he waited for her that night as 10pm; then 10:30 pm came and went without any sign of his wife returning home on time. At this point he got in his car and followed the path his wife took home each night from the college. She was nowhere to be found. Concerned he returned home. He decided to wait another hour before calling the police.

The woman told me that the next thing she recalls about that night is driving down the road towards home and then waking up slumped over in her car. She found herself lying across her front seat, groggy and disoriented. When she sat up and looked around she had no idea where she was. She knew it was a deserted parking lot of some kind but did not recognize it. She started her car and drove out of the lot and followed the roads until she found a main road. When she started to drive she found signs that told her she was in Far Rockaway, close to New York City, about an hour and a half away from her home. She had never been to Far Rockaway before and had to drive around until she found a highway she knew to drive back towards her hometown on Long Island.

This woman told me she arrived home about midnight terrified and confused. She told her husband what had happened. She then began to vomit and feel faint. Her husband helped her to bed and noticed she had a bright red rash on her arm. She fell into bed and went into a deep sleep.

The next day she woke up feeling ill and shaken. Her stomach hurt, her head hurt and she was frightened. Her husband searched the car and found what looked like something had sandpapered the back trunk section of the cars paint. He also thought the car had a very sour chemical smell inside.

The woman has no recall of what happened to her that night. She knows she did nothing but try to drive home and that something interfered with her journey. To this day she has no idea what happened to her or her car that night. I found her to be a very intelligent rational woman and cannot offer her an explanation other than it fits into many other stories I have heard concerning lost time in our area.

I found a man who like this woman had a similar event happen to him in one of the coastal towns of Long Island. He lived in the Islip area of Long Island that runs along the south shore coast. It is a lovely small town filled with a Main Street, schools and people living along tree lined streets. Two state parks, the coast, which runs out to the Atlantic Ocean, and a river that runs into the interior of Long Island border this area of Long Island. I always considered it a paranormal heaven as it provides a perfect set up for entry into the population yet offers cover by way of the surrounding parks and waterways. I was not surprised to find this the location of this poor mans ordeal.

The man, a perfectly normal man in his early 40’s, was driving to his house one night in 2001. He arrived on his street and was nearly home when he noticed a cloud like bright fog ahead of him. Before he knew what was happening this fog seemed to surround his car. He stopped his vehicle to find four small beings standing in front of his car. He described them as silver gray small human like creatures with huge eyes. He has no other memory of what happened after that. He does have an extreme terror about the night that has him living with fear and trauma.

The man next found himself a few hours later in the town of Lake Ronkonkoma, which is located in the middle of Long Island, about 30 minutes by car away from his street. He has no idea how he or his car got there. All he can recall is waking up on a strange street in a wooded section of Lake Ronkonkoma. He was not familiar with the area and needed to drive around for a while to figure out where he was. Eventually he found a main highway and was able to return back to his street and home.

When the man arrived at his house he felt ill and exhausted and fell sound asleep until late in the morning the next day. When he awoke he had a pounding headache and backache. He also found a strange rash across his back. He checked over his car and found the paint burned on his hood.

This man does not know what happened that night. He is extremely terrified by this incident and does not want his identity known. He is fearful of the area and moved to another town. He does not want to discuss this night and does not want to undergo any type of regression to bring up the memory of what happened during the missing hours.

I found both of the incidents of this woman and man to be very similar. I think it is probable that there are other people on Long Island that also may have had similar events happen to them. I believe the fact that these incidents go unreported keep them swept under the carpet and unknown to the public who live right in the areas these events are occurring.

I do know that since I have been writing about my area of the country I have received emails daily from people telling me they too have had a strange unexplained paranormal event on Long Island. I have had a lifetime of experiences I cannot understand since childhood here on Long Island and feel this is a highly active paranormal landscape that goes unknown due to the fear of reporting the events by the people having them.

I have built my reputation as a paranormal writer on the fact that I will protect the identity of those I write about above all. I know what it is like to face a public who have been trained to turn away from things they do not understand or deal with them with ridicule. It has become the brainwashed response by the public towards that which they do not comprehend . Of course this is sad and unnatural. Curiosity and solving the events of the unknown would be a far better choice.

If you have had a paranormal event happen to you, please contact me. I will always do my best to provide the information to those who are interested in the experiences of others. Realize that if you do tell your story it can help ease us from the fear and bring us closer to the light of truth concerning these matters. It could also give people a framework on how to deal with a paranormal event, or even teach them how to survive one.

For now I can only report that people are coming to me daily with stories of strange encounters. I will continue to tell you what has been happening to others in hopes it will help educate you. Knowing someone else has walked a path you may one day find yourself on can only make your own journeys easier and more understandable.

Remember to pay attention to your surroundings and always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey @
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