Tis the Season

Tis the Season

April 30, 2009

Dark Ages 101- Reporting the Paranormal

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I was pushed over the edge with this subject after receiving this email from one of my readers:

My name is Khris I'm 36 years old and live in New York. The reason I'm writting to you is that when I was about 14 years old a friend and I were playing in a huge sump near where we lived. We noticed something in the sky that looked just like a UFO from the movies.

It was about mid afternoon- 1 or 2 pm. Here is where it gets weird. I don't remember how but we ended up two miles from the sump with our bicycles with the same UFO above us. It was like on second we were straddling our bikes looking up at this UFO down at the sump and in a blink we were still straddling our bikes but now two miles away from the sump!

We got on our bicycles and started to ride with the UFO following us for a few seconds- then took off really fast. It was almost like they were seeing if we were OK. I felt really shaken up and scared.

We rode our bikes to our local pizza shop and called the police. It was now getting dark. It was the summer so it had to be around 7pm. How we got from late afternoon to early evening was a mystery to us. We were really confused and frightened. When the police came we told them what happened. I think they thought we were playing a joke. But it was no joke. During those 4 to 5 hours between 2pm and 7pm I have no clue what happened or where we were.

The police were not interested and we felt humiliated as they dismissed and ignored us so my friend and I went home. We talked about it a few times but we never told anybody. Things were different between us after this incident occurred and eventually my friend and I we went our separate ways. To this day I have not really told anyone, not even my wife. It's always on my mind.

This is without question the story of two young boys who were obviously taken and returned. These abductions seem to take place regularly all over the globe. What I want to point out with this article is not that of abduction but the reaction of the police who responded to these frightened boys.

In the case of these two young boys who were confused and frightened the fact of the matter is that they were brushed off and treated off handed when they called the police for help. Instead of considering the boys just had a dangerous and dreadful experience they were treated as if they were pulling off a big joke and sent on their way without help or consideration. The fact is that the two boys had just experienced an incredible event just a short distance from where they now all were standing- was just dismissed.

The fact that the police just brushed this event off and ignored these kids has to be addressed. Realize next time it may be your children who find they are in the same situation. Would you want them helped or ridiculed? The police in this instance did not even have the decency to see that the two badly shaken boys made their way home.

When I was a teenager I also had a sighting. It was beautiful and spectacular as well as the most horrifying ordeal of my young life all rolled into one.

I was traumatized and terrified by the event. The last thing I needed was to be told I was insane or to be laughed at and silenced however that is exactly how my family and I were treated.

My parents tried to report my sighting and experience. In my case many others in my town had also seen the strange craft the night I did.

Along with the police the Air Force joined in the visits to the families who tried to report the event. Basically we were all told we should not discuss this silliness any further. The visits and calls from the so called investigating Air Force officials did frighten the parents of those involved and the event was soon brushed under the rug and forgotten. That is how it was handled and no one questioned it or had the courage to fight the response of those who were supposed to be protecting us.

Of course those who were abducted that day or clearly saw the craft that day will never forget the experience however we were all warned not to talk about it. Those who did were quickly dealt with by being ridiculed and humiliated. You were immediately accused of wanting attention. For a shy teenager being placed in such a painful light secured the fact we would remain silent

Soon this extreme event simply slipped away with out questions, investigation or even community interest for a potentially dangerous situation. The publics taught sheep like response to UFO sightings and reports of abduction is to ignore and make those doing the reporting feel ridiculous and embarrassed. This response still stands today.

To prove my point that we have been brainwashed into an insane view concerning those who see and experience the unknown I will add the story of a New York policeman who had a sighting back in the 1990's.

While out in his car patrolling his routine area a young police officer came face to face with a hovering UFO directly over his police cruiser in a deserted warehouse area in a populated area on the south shore of Long Island in Nassau county.

Often during his nightly routine this policeman would drive through the back streets of this area, which was deserted

This particular night in November while on his normal patrol of this deserted area he encountered a huge UFO. The police officer never called in the sighting and refuses to give his name or talk about what happened that night due to the fact he fears it would seriously carry a negative influence on his ability to move forward in the police force if he admitted what he saw and experienced. I think this is the ultimate in ridiculous reaction to this subject.

When the police even refuse to admit what they are encountering due to an embedded fear of rejection and harm to those who do- I think we need to address the fact we are all being controlled. When it comes to the experiences, sightings and abductions taking place in the area we consider the unknown we are in trouble when even the police fear the truth.

As long as we allow this to go on we will continue to be placed in harms way, left to hang on our own with these on- going events that only stay unknown as we refuse to deal with and face them.

We as a society allow this to happen and willingly accept this insane reaction from the very people we hire and pay to protect us from that which may bring us harm.

I do not understand this reaction to something so frightening and unknown by society. Why do we allow our police, military and governments whose mission is to protect us to ignore and harass us during our time of need in these matters is beyond me? Why we allow this treatment when we should be protected is as big a mystery concerning the sightings of these unknown crafts and lost time abductions!

Thankfully we have sites like the one you are reading this article that have taken a stand against this sheep like response to things we need to understand.

I think we can all agree that it is perfectly clear unless we all stand up to this abuse by those who should be actively protecting us all this reaction will remain the same.

Until we stand up and make it clear these events are not silly little sightings- but events where people are being taken without permission against their will. They are also reports of things being in our airspace and communities that do not belong there. Do you all find these things so funny and silly? If it were you or your child would these events be such a laughing howl to you?

I believe the way we now go about these subjects is very dangerous and frankly ignorant. Our handling of this subject matter is far too Dark Ages for my thinking.

The fact we laugh off these sightings and events that are happening to our citizens and children is incredulous if not criminal. I think we need to start to react to this and break out of this brain dead abuse we allow concerning things we do not understand.

By statistics I believe most missing people do surface once again making the actual percent of those who are never seen again lower than the total gone missing numbers each year. The problem for me is that there still seems to remain a large number of people who do remain missing and do seem to simply vanish from the face of the earth. I imagine in areas of the world that are suffering from war and chaos these numbers are much higher. I am sure many of these people have been victims of some murderous deed, however I also think a portion of those who go missing never to return have been taken.

Looking at the entire big picture you can see how uncivil we as a society approach the subjects of the paranormal. Those who endure, encounter and experience a sighting or close encounter or abductions are treated as lepers by what is suppose to be a technically advanced society. We seem to be very happy staying dumbed down and numb to subjects we simply are yet to understand. Of course with this approach we will remain ignorant to the route of these things, which in my opinion is very dangerous and simply not acceptable.

If I am taken against my will or see a craft over my house that I know is not from this world - I want help and swift reaction from those in this country who are suppose to protect me. If my child or family goes through a terrifying event and fears what did or could happen to them again I want those I go to for protection to listen and help not ridicule and ignore me or my family. Don’t you?

I think everyone should re-consider the reaction to these situations by those who protect and defend us. It is outrageous when it comes to the area of UFO's and Aliens they simply refuse to do their jobs. It is not the best joke in town and it is not something to scoff at or reject. I would say those actions are reckless, foolish and extremely dangerous for us all- yet these are the reactions we willingly accept ant put up with?

Know in life that it is not always the other guy things happen to and never you! Eventually along this road of life we all have our turn in the barrel and all experience events that seem to take us by total shock and surprise.

This area of unknown craft sightings and alien beings is becoming more mainstream by the day. Millions all over the globe are seeing and encountering things they never thought they would. The odds are you or someone you know and love will be one of the growing millions who encounter these events. Don’t you think it would be better for you and those you care about if this growing area of obvious reality was handled instead of laughed at by those you pay to protect and help you?

The next time someone is treated with distain for calling in a sighting or reporting being taken against their will do not ignore it or worse- join in the witch hunt. Instead stand up and start to pull us all out of this Dark Age attitude and back the person.

Become outraged at those who refuse to investigate or protect the victim and demand a reaction when a sighting is reported that is at least a investigation and not a look the other way response by the police and or military. You and yours may be the next to face the unknown. Do not allow this Dark Age (no response) to continue. Get mad as hell and refuse to take it any longer!

Stand together people and demand better treatment and reaction to these matters by your agencies that exist to protect you not humiliate you. It is up to us all to stand up and move towards truth and safety with these growing issues.

I think standing with bags on our heads while those who should protect us point fingers and have a laugh at those who need our help and concern simply barbaric and backwards.

Consider standing together and demanding the respect and service from those hired to protect us instead of ridicule and humiliation. It is time for us to stand together, wise up and become mad as hell at these things and to simply demand a new day and new way!

Decide when your day comes and you are looking hard and fast into the eyes of the unknown how you want to be treated after you endure your event. Do you really want to be tormented and rejected? My bet is you will want real help and real protection.

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April 28, 2009

Chris Holly Staff Writer at the Seeker!

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American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

Built in 1980, these pale gray rocks are quietly awaiting the end of the world as we know it.

Called the Georgia Guidestones, the monument is a mystery—nobody knows exactly who commissioned it or why. The only clues to its origin are on a nearby plaque on the ground—which gives the dimensions and explains a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and stars—and the "guides" themselves, directives carved into the rocks. These instructions appear in eight languages ranging from English to Swahili and reflect a peculiar New Age ideology. Some are vaguely eugenic (guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity); others prescribe standard-issue hippie mysticism (prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite).

What's most widely agreed upon—based on the evidence available—is that the Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization. Not everyone is comfortable with this notion. A few days before I visited, the stones had been splattered w polyurethane and spray-painted with graffiti, including slogans like "Death to the new world order." This defacement was the first serious act of vandalism in the Guidestones' history, but it was hardly the first objection to their existence. In fact, for more than three decades this uncanny structure in the heart of the Bible Belt has been generating responses that range from enchantment to horror. Supporters (notable among them Yoko Ono) have praised the messages as a stirring call to rational thinking, akin to Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason. Opponents have attacked them as the Ten Commandments of the Antichrist

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April 27, 2009

The Knightzone with Colin Knight!

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April 26, 2009

A Skeptics Nightmare!

Have you all seen this story circulating the net?

Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to fight UFOs!

Interesting. Why would the governments of the world agree or even discuss a subject they refuse to admit exists? Just another brick in the wall of how ridiculous our Dark Age approach is concerning the fact UFO's exist as do the beings who pilot them.

see article @phantoms and monsters

April 24, 2009


I have a close friend who has been part of my life for many years. He and I have been friends since we were five years old. We have been through good times and bad. We have lived through marriages, births of children and deaths of our loved ones. We have been as close as sister and brother our entire lives.

My friend has a sister who is a gifted and sometimes tortured psychic. She has a extreme ability that she cannot control and at times sees without understanding what she is being shown resulting in a miss read of events as to exact location or timing. Most events she sees are usually very accurate but a few times she did not get her facts spot on and interpreted the events with errors. This has resulted in a reluctance to use her gift.

Years ago my friends sister was overtaken with what she has said to be the clearest strongest vision she has ever encountered.

It was daybreak when she woke up this particular morning in October. It was a clear fall morning as the sun began to rise filling her windows with the beautiful colors of gold orange and reds that filled the trees as the leaves turned brilliant colors before dropping for the long winter ahead.

The psychic stood looking out her kitchen window sipping her morning coffee when the vision hit her with a power she never before encountered. She fell to her knees as the flashing events of what she was seeing came over her with an explosion in her head she will never forget.

She described it as being locked inside a movie you cannot get away from and could do nothing about other then watch what she was being shown. She could not shake it off or make it stop-in fact in this case she could not even move from where she had fallen on the kitchen floor.

She sat frozen on the floor as the horror before her eyes unfolded. She could see what looked like her sister. The woman in her vision had her back to her so she could not see her face. From the back it looked like her sister with her sisters hair and body.

The woman had on a black jogging suit with white stripes on the pants and jacket. The woman in her vision was running on a road along side a beach area with high beach grass and reeds along the side of the road where she was running.

It looked like a deserted sandy road lined on each side by over grown swamp. As the woman ran she passed a broken down sign that read Beach Grove something or other.

All of a sudden the psychic realized that someone was chasing this woman who looked like her sister. She could see a tall man with long blond hair wearing shorts and a blue sweatshirt gain on the woman in the jogging suit. The man caught the running woman grabbing her with enormous strength from behind. He picked her up and threw her into the swamp area off the side of this sandy beach road. The woman in the black jogging suit was screaming and begging with such gut retching terror that the psychic began to shake feeling the same heart pounding fear that the woman was feeling.

The woman was screaming for the man to leave her alone. The psychic began to cry and moan while frozen on her kitchen floor watching this scene without being able to stop what was happening or stop the horrid vision. The fact it appeared to be her sister was tormenting and terrifying as the vision continued.

The man flipped the woman over so he was face to face with the woman on the ground. The woman began to plead that she would never tell anyone as if she knew the man attacking her.

In seconds it was over. He grabbed the woman’s head and with enormous strength snapped her neck. The woman fell silent and lay lifeless on the ground.

He checked her quickly for life then pulled a knife from the back band of his shorts and without hesitation drove it straight into the woman’s heart.

She was dead and the attack was over. He stood over the body for a second before grabbing her by her arms to drag her about ten feet off the road deeper into the overgrown beach swamp. He grabbed at reeds and beach grass throwing them over the body until the swamp consumed her. He had his back or side to the psychic in agony as she continued to view this brutal vision. He exited the swamp and turned towards the direction he came and ran at full speed away from the scene. The psychic blacked out and her vision was over.

As soon as the psychic came to she began to panic. She was sure the woman in the vision was her sister. She knew her sister liked to take walks near the beach. She also knew that there was a road with the name of Beach Grove in her sister’s village. She raced to the phone and called her sister.

Her sister answered the phone annoyed at the early morning call. She listened as the psychic told her of her vision in detail and demanded that her sister not walk alone by the beaches. The psychic asked her sister if she owned a black jogging suit. The sister told her that was really strange to ask as she had just bought one the day before. The psychic asked her if it had white stripes on it and her sister told her it had.

The psychic described the man in her vision but her sister did not seem to know anyone who fit that description. The psychic was insistent that her sister stop walking alone along the beach area of her town. Finding the entire vision of her gifted sister upsetting the sister fully agreed to not walk anywhere alone, especially in her new black jogging suit.

The psychic felt better about this horrid vision and hoped she had stopped this terrible event from ever becoming a reality. However the vision continued to haunt her.

The man who is the brother of both of these women told me all about this the day it happened. He also told me his psychic sister made him pick her up and drive her to the Beach Grove Road she had seen in her vision that was located in her sister’s town.

He told me that when he took his psychic sister to the road she became very upset saying over and over that it wasn’t the road and something wasn’t right.

She remained very anxious over this vision for months after it happened. She remained nervous about allowing her sister to walk alone after this vision occurred. This continued for months and then it happened

The family got a call from an uncle that one of their cousins had gone missing. She was about the same age as the sister that the psychic had the vision about and looked very much like her as well.

Both cousins were the same height and body style and had the same colored hair, which they both styled in the same way. The family was told she had actually been missing for a few months but did not alert the extended family, as she had been known to do this before. She was in her late twenties and had left a few times before without notice only to return a month or so later with little or no explanation. My uncle felt she was once again off on her own but did report her missing this time as she was missing longer than usual.

No one heard anything more about the missing cousin. A year passed then a few others as the family mystery continued. No one knew where she had gone or if she was ever going to return, She had been missing since the same fall the psychic had her vision, and that was now three years past.

The family read it in the morning papers before the phones started to ring. A body of a woman was found in the town where the missing cousins uncle lived. The skeleton of a woman was found with the remnants of a black jogging suit on Beach Grove Court.

Beach Grove Court ran along the beachfront in the town the psychic’s uncle and missing cousin lived.

When the psychic read the newspaper report she began to sob as she realized she had witnessed her cousins murder not her sisters and was not able to understand the difference or do anything to stop it. Her gift had been exact to what had happened that day but she could not distinguish her sister from her cousin and never realized there could be two different roads with the same name. The one in her sister’s town was the wrong road. The one in her cousin’s town was the right one. Knowing she watched her cousins murder crushed the psychic into deep despair.

The police were not able to find any evidence of murder after all the years of the body being left in the swamp. They did find some clothing and ID but other wise ruled it a natural death.

I guess they felt she ran off the road, covered herself with swamp reeds and grass and died a natural death at the age of 25.

They certainly seemed happier with that idea than the vision of a psychic that occurred years before without evidence. The event was closed and forgotten.

The psychic was deeply affected by this event. She viewed her ability to be more or a burden than a gift and began to block her visions to the best of her control rather then see things she could not prevent or understand.

I think it is sad that this woman had to view the murder of her relative without any way of helping or stopping the event from happening. I do know the fact she had a look at this man has been a torture to the woman who continues to hunt for him each day she is near groups of people. She feels as if she has this death and this murderer walking free as a burden she is forced to carry.

Knowing this story and this family I have seen another view of what can be part of those who are gifted with these psychic abilities. They are for the most parts wonderful gifts but they can be difficult too. As with many things in life this gift also has many sides.

I find the world of psychic ability a fascinating subject. I often think it may be either a sense we all had and lost or is part of our future and only now starting in mankind to turn on. With so much of our brain not being fully used or understood the gift of telepathy and or psychic abilities remains part of the paranormal that remains unknown.

I do know that this overpowering ability in this woman has been both a gift and a burden. Maybe in time she will be able to harness it to a degree that is easier for her to understand and maybe one day it will allow her to find the man in that awful vision.

I am sure there are many stories of this nature out there. This was just one of them that I personally watched happen and know to be true.

To all who possess this gift of seeing I wish you the power of using it for good things and the ability to control it to the best of your ability. After all is said and done I guess that even gifts come with burdens. It is up to the gifted to learn the road less traveled with the gifts they have been given. Whether these gifts are a look back to our history or a view into our future is yet to be understood. Maybe a psychic would know!

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April 21, 2009



If you have had a UFO sighting, a lost time experience or suffered an Alien Abduction of your own - email me about your encounter and I will write an article to share your unknown event with the world.

Knowledge of the Unknown by our sharing our experiences is the only road we have to understanding the subjects we consider the paranormal. Help educate the world on the important facts being overlooked by so many by speaking out and telling us what you know about these issues. Who knows- what you have to say may one day save the life of another!

I am well known for protecting those who share their stories with me. I understand the present reaction of the limited thinkers and fearful to these subjects yet realize unless we continue to speak out these things will forever be kept in the dark ages along with our growth as a civilization. I will hide your identity , Ids , and emails however ask you to step forward and share your experience . It is the only way we will step out of the shadows and into the light of the paranormal.

Chris Holly

April 18, 2009

Through Alien Eyes!

I was at a Spring Fling party with a group of friends recently. I was minding my business enjoying a bite to eat sitting in a corner with my plate resting upon my knees.

I was listening to a conversation when an obnoxious fake laugh followed by a belittling comment lifted loudly over the conversation concerning a comment someone made about a recent UFO sighting recently seen over the ocean.

The loud scoffing man made the woman who brought up the UFO sighting feel humiliated and she immediately backed down. It was a scene that plays out over and over all over the world by those who experience these events and the dunder heads that refuse to accept or understand the world and space they live in.

I usually take dunder heads to task who do this to those who have a healthy curiosity about their environment but this night I just continued to enjoy the snacks on my plate. . I made this decision frankly as I had met the loud mouth who was insulting this woman before and knew I had a better chance of finding intelligent life in the wooden chair I was sitting on. So I kept chewing.

A friend of mine who also heard the rude exchange over the UFO remark sat down next to me as I continued to taste my assorted snacks. She leaned over and whispered to me -

" Can you imagine what the aliens must think of us, honestly we are so dumb- we must give them a real laugh”. My friend then gave me pat on the arm and got up and went back to the party. I thought about her comment and knew she was never more right about anything than she was with that remark.

Years ago I knew a writer who told me of an experience she had that she called her ‘Mission in Life Event'. This writer was a lost time and abductee survivor who I met at a small gathering of people who had shared similar experiences in my area.

This group of experiencers was only able to meet a few times before the members split apart due to re- locations, illness and other normal life happenings. During the meetings I was fortunate enough to attend I often spoke with this woman who was the retired writer.

She told me she was going to come out of retirement and write about her opinions of where our society was heading. She told me it was not really her own idea but that of the aliens she encountered who suggested strongly that she should do this.

I was extremely curious to what she had to say as I found her to be a level headed extremely intelligent woman and really wanted to know what her abductors had directed her to write about.

She was a bit reluctant to tell me the details of her experiences but did admit that the aliens she had encountered where not happy with the course the human race was taking. She told me they felt we were far to violent as well as ignorant compared to other life forms in our universe. She added that a main reason the visiting Aliens keep us at arms length is the fact we are so naturally violent and primitive. She claimed they had been visiting for a very long time but did not see any great headway in our becoming less aggressive and warlike. She claimed the aliens suggested strongly to her that we have to start to take control of our own fate and people like her were being asked to start taking action by talking or in her case writing in order to reach society before it was too late.

I found my conversations with this woman very interesting. I know she started to write small articles for our local town papers on the condition of the human race. However I moved to another state shortly thereafter and lost all contact with this woman. I found out that she passed away a few years after we had that conversation but never did forget what she told me.

I think about the enormous differences in technology and science that stand between our civilization and those advanced enough to visit us. We are barely able to move beyond our own back yard as we now begin to reach out to space in our own solar system.

I cannot begin to conceive of how advanced those who freely travel the universe must be compared to us. I have been a long time believer that much of the technology we have developed came by way of a helping hand of these advanced civilizations.

Considering the idea they may view us as primitive killers may be the reason we are given a helping hand with our technical advancement in small increments. I am sure seeing how we behave towards our fellow humans has them concerned. They must wonder how we would get along with the rest of the universe if given the ability to reach them! I believe that is why although we have made incredible advancements in the last hundred years we are still keep in the dark concerning the entire Alien activity and or agenda on planet Earth.

I often wonder if we are the lowest level of intelligent life in the cosmos or if there are cave men or tribes somewhere else giving us at least one foot up on the ladder of intelligent life forms? I wonder about these things more and more as I watch the news each day. I also wonder how many other life forms also struggle with the same killing instincts that take place with mankind. I wonder often what we would do as a species if we were forced to face and fight other beings for this planet. Would we be able to stop fighting each other in order to save our own kind from another form of life?

I wonder how we must look to others viewing our world as they watch us in a constant state of conflict, war and hate. I feel embarrassed for mankind as I learn of the last attack or bombing, last horrific murder of a child or group shooting of some nut that decides to wake up and kill those around him over his bad grades or language difficulties at work.

I visit the Internet and listen to groups of fellow humans spewing long sickening rants of hatred about every subject from religion to politics and beyond. We seem to have evolved into a mass of hate filled ranting foul animals that want only to attack scream and demand instant gratification. Somewhere along the line we lost our ability to think or want to work for a better life, world for our children or continuation as a species. Can you imagine what those who are able to visit us from other places in this universe must think of us?

I watched Michio Kaku give an interview on a TV news show. He talked about how we are just now starting to understand and develop the science to use teleportation, like in Star Trek. as a real concept. He talked about our entering this area of science but also made it clear that it may be decades before we are able to fully understand or use this as a working method of moving objects through space.

I have listened to and spoken with enough humans to know that many have no idea we are entering this type area of advanced science. Many humans have little or no understanding of their own solar system or galaxy much less teleportation of matter in the fashion of Captain Kirk! I find it very hard to imagine that with us being so behind those that are visiting us technology wise that we have much chance of being considered more than a passing colorful primitive planet. We are the same to ET as we would be to a planet that is covered in rain forest and populated with dinosaurs or cave men. We may be an interesting view out a porthole window- but not a place to want to spend the night.

I do not know if with the advancement of technology comes a decrease of violence and hate. I do know that I have been told on my own journey through the paranormal by more than one person that have had encounters with other life forms that we are considered a highly dangerous species.

I am sure that many areas of this universe have species that also are violent and considered dangerous. I doubt we are alone with that title. I am sure there are many others who have evolved past those aggressions and watch in curiosity those who continue to struggle.

However I cannot help wish we were one of the civilizations of the cosmos that were able to climb past our barbaric and uncivil ways. I think that type of civilization would be a much better world to experience life. That is just my opinion, as I have grown tired and weary of both the hate and violence. It disgusts and shames me.

I think we can all imagine how we appear to Alien eyes if we are honest and truthful. I think we all can understand why becoming an active part of our civilization is not top on the alien ‘Things to Do- list ‘

Maybe years from now if we begin to rise above the killing and fighting we will become advanced enough to deserve more attention from the other advanced life forms. For now I think the aliens like things just as they are.

The Aliens visit our planet and will continue to do so at their pace. They will continue to examine and interact with us on their terms. I realize that we are being visited and abducted for reasons known only to those taking us. I also think that this may not change until we change. I see no reasons for them to increase contact with us as they seem to come and go as they please. They abduct us when needed and keep us firmly kept in the dark to more information or contact with them. I do not think we are as important to the Aliens as we seem to think we are. They come and go, take and toss back what and whom they want. I do not think we are very important members of the cosmos at this point in time. I believe they deal with us for whatever reasons they may need. Past that I think most visiting life forms look at us- shake their heads and move on. I do not think they are anxious to join the civilization of man until we stop being our own worst enemy.

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April 17, 2009

Update on My Interview with a Vampire- My Mistakes Corrected

Recently I was sent an onslaught of emails from very angry Vampires in connection to the article I wrote about my interview with a vampire.

I had angered this group to the point that I was having a difficult time figuring out what I had done due to all the uproar. The massive amount of emails was like being in a room with everyone yelling at once. I knew I had to sort it out and fix whatever had everyone so upset.

Once the initial hullabaloo was settled down I was able to work with those who emailed me so I could figure out what exactly seemed to bring about this upheaval. The last thing I wanted was to have the Vampire community angry with me!

Quickly I found the common thread that seemed to be most offensive to those who practice the Vampire lifestyle was the fact I connected them to the world of the IPV's or Internet Psychic Vampires.

The Vampires explained to me that the description of that group of people had nothing to do with what they practiced and in fact they did not know anything about the IPV's other then that they had nothing to do with them.

I realized I had made a huge mistake by including those who I refer to as IPV's with this group of people who practice their Vampire lifestyle without any connection at all to those I referred to in my article as Internet Psychic Vampires. It was my error to group them with the Vampires who explained to me that they had nothing to do with those on the Internet and are in fact two complete different groups of people.

Clearly this was a huge error on my part. I realized those who abuse the people on the Internet are people who are aggressive and dangerous as a group and need to be given a title all of their own such as Soul Controlling Attack Monsters of the Net. I now understand that the Internet hunters do without question need a classification of their own.

I received different assorted comments about my article from the Vampire Community. I found the opinions and statements sent to me extremely varied coming from this community. I read them all but found one email that seemed to fit across most of the subjects that the majority of my mail covered. This email reads:

One thing that you failed to mention about psychic vampires is that many of them can feed on various forms of metaphysical energy, such as elemental energy (which such feeding has zero impact on our fellow life forms), or ambient feeding where the psychic vampire feeds on the spent energy that people shed, so it's not taken, it 's more akin to picking up a dropped penny.

In the vampire community, the succubus vampire is more commonly referred to as a tantric vampire... using succubus as an adjective makes it sound too make believe, where as tantra (aka sex magic) is a known phenomenon that when used as an adjective suits the description without giving that fantasy stigma.

Sanguine vampires are in a sense also psychic vampires who, for some reason, need a more direct method, and use a variation on blood magic to feed. With blood magic, one sacrifices a SMALL bit of one's own blood to provide energy for the given spell. So instead of using that energy for a spell, it's used to sustain the vampire.

When you break it all down, a vampire is an individual with a metaphysical condition that requires getting energy from an external source, and the different types of vampires are not really different types, but rather different means of (feeding) or finding that energy from a external source.

With that said, I realize that the mistake for me was combining those who hunt prey in Internet Chat rooms with the Vampire community. Although confusing when not given the time to understand the differences - connecting the activities of the Vampire community with those of the ruthless Internet hunters was a mistake. What I witnessed on the Internet was not thought out careful or considerate in any shape or form towards those involved. The Internet predators are in a class all of their own.

I hope this makes it clear that I now understand that the IPV's who hunt the Internet Chat rooms for victims and feed upon them without discipline care or mercy are not the same as those who practice a Vampire life style that does include controls and frankly has nothing to do with those that have been given the tag of IPV's.

I realize my error and understand how upsetting connecting the two has been to those who live the Vampire lifestyle.

I think I need to find a new name for those monsters who still to this day are hunting the Internet for victims and remove them from the vampire status and place them in an area all of their own. I do know mixing apples and oranges never works out especially when the oranges point out I have mixed them with some really rotten apples.

Thank you to the Vampire Community for helping me address this error.

Chris Holly

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

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April 14, 2009

ufo Pictures, Images and Photos

April 13, 2009


NASA's Chandra Observatory colored the X-rays emanating from a nebula around the pulsar PSR B1509-58 blue, to reveal a ghostly hand, reaching for a cosmic light (coming from neighboring gas cloud RCW 89.) []

April 6, 2009


Sometimes Readers Send Us Cool Stuff.. This Email is One of Them

Concerning your article "Just When I think I should move on I see huge black chem trails" on UFO Digest, I thought I'd share my perspective. It's the first time I've shared it in this much detail with anyone.

I've been viewing Chem trail activity in Southern California for a couple of years or so and have noticed profound oddities. I am a 'thinker', and try to apply reason and thought-process until I find a personal solution to a problem. As years go by, there seem to be more odd questions than answers - especially in the field of the broadest possible search for objective Truth.

* Firstly, there seems no apparent rhyme or reason for the Chem trail activity itself - some days have no spraying, others have a great deal. I have noticed that there is an almost 100% certainty of spraying prior to rain moving into the area, but there is spraying when rain is nowhere in the forecast. The presence of Chem trail activity prior to forecast rain is frequently obvious, and I have consistently noted a pattern of anticipated rainfall falling short of actual rainfall. Tests on Chem trail components show a presence of Barium - know to absorb water. Perhaps it is of little surprise that predicted moisture/precipitation falls short directly after Chem trail spraying. Of even greater concern is the overall effect of reduced precipitation in this area - as well as others. Drought seems to be an increasing worry as water collection falls dramatically short in needed areas, while abundant in wetter climates. The drought situation seems to have escalated since 2000; near the time of initial spraying. Weather modification itself is a frightening yet credible proposition when addressing one of the purposes of Chem trails, and more worrying - it is not possible to identify any motivation/intention of human good figuring into the equation.

* I agree that sharing observations does not meet with mutual 'approval' or interest. Some folks laugh at any suggestion of organized spraying; others believe that the trails are natural contrails and won't even accept a suggestion of anything else. Many also explain trail length differences as resulting from natural atmospheric changes - even when shown illustrations of Chem trails and Contrails in the same photograph.

* I believe that on the days when no trails are appearing, there is either a 'sufficient' build-up of particulates in the atmosphere already, or a limited program of light misting (instead of heavy spraying) may take place to add to a 'required' level. I do have to acknowledge that the days without obvious spraying are much clearer, and the horizon can be seen - instead of a white barrier of sky-mist and 'Chem fog' within a 360 degree radius of anywhere between 8 and 20 miles. I believe it is hazardous to human health to be actively breathing the air when a clear horizon cannot be viewed - and certainly when Chem Fog obscures viewing beyond 10 miles.

* Common Chemtrail patterns are linear and cross-hatching. This appears to aim for maximum sky coverage from horizon to horizon, BUT I have - only today - witnessed and photographed CIRCULAR spraying in a dedicated area of the sky; I could not view this pattern being conducted anywhere else within the sky at the time, which begs the question - why THAT area of sky, and why at THIS time? This fact would oppose any theory that proposed any spray program being conducted by anything other than DEDICATED jets engaging on a DEDICATED program - at least in so far as the jets laying circular trails are unlikely to have sympathetic passengers on-board! I would therefore not agree with your proposition that additives could be added to the regular jet fuel being exhausted from passenger airplanes. It is also noteworthy that some Chemtrails are intermittent in their spraying - leaving a trail which may only extend over a portion of the sky; I have witnessed that type of spraying many times before, and even today - where aside from the dedicated circular section of sky, many other inconsistent linear trails have also been laid. In the instance of viewing inconsistent linear trails, it may be possible to assume that that particular cocktail tank may be low, and that some switching to another tank may be necessary when the next trail is laid by the same plane.

* I have viewed other pre-formed CIRCULAR trails in my area, and an odd aside seems to be that there is a 'droplet' effect in the middle of this circular chemical blanket - somewhat resembling a drop/ripple effect in water - as though something had penetrated the mist-blanket and had left a noticeable, lingering imprint. I have seen a very well-defined image of this online, and could not rule-out a notion in my own head that the image appeared to be UFO-like in the center of the circular trail haze. Since I believe that there is some likelihood of Chem trails being laid for weather modification, energy transfer, and defense 'grid'-like monitoring, I can't rule out the notion that these trails may have the capacity to transmute into a chemical blanket for the purposes of indicating atmospheric 'penetration' to any station capable of monitoring such a 'grid'.

* Flights on passenger planes reveal that Chemtrails appear to be released at lower altitudes than higher-altitude passanger planes. I have been on a flight which descended through a chem trail blanket, down to regular clouds - noticeably different, I must add (even though it apparently goes unnoticed). Also, at 37,000 feet, there is a noticeable widespread haze which can be viewed from continuous horizon to horizon in the planet's atmosphere. I have seen this on satellite imagery also. I had never witnessed this decades ago, and had noticed penetratingly blue skies in airplane journeys, as a child.

* I believe Chem trails are being laid everywhere, although some comments have been made that China sees little - if no - Chem trail activity. Photographs of very quiet and isolated areas that I am familiar with feature 'transmuted' Chemical cloud-cover from numerous trails. In locations which have heavy rainfall, it is identifiably the case that the same spraying activity continues ABOVE regular cloud (also observed throughout a plane journey) where there is less elemental interference, but the program nevertheless continues.

* I have witnessed some of the 'black Chem trails' you mention. I must say that I think that these are frequently shadows of other previously-laid Chem trails at slightly different altitudes - reflecting through daylight (not necessarily SUNlight). This may not be the case 100% of the time, but I have definately observed Chem-shadows onto other Chem trails and these appear as black Chem trails.

* I have noticed the eerie visual presence of Chem trails in a vast number of television, movie, and magazine ads. Some of the greatest culprits are automotive advertisements which frequently show their vehicles with obvious Chem trail patterns. It may be that it's simply difficult to source a sky in 2009 which is trail-free, yet you have to ask the question why all of the technical manipulation software is being put to good use to recreate the haze-free days of old. If you observe TV/magazine ads closley, it truly is difficult to believe there is not a form of desensitization in progress. I have even seen a Chem trail sky illustrated in the background of an allergy medicine ad; it seems as though the masses are being played as fools.

* It has been mentioned that Chem trail spray planes are unmarked, unaccounted for, and apparently need no obvious refueling. This may be the case - even though one must question how a program being operated in such a way is possible - but it must also be considered that there is no apparent attempt to conceal the presence of the trails, and it would seem credible that less people would question a 'logical' mystery that was actively concealed, than one which was openly viewed/represented and threw-up 'illogical' mysteries, causing a much greater chance of 'wildfire' curiosity and questioning to spread.

* I believe Chem trails have multiple purposes. There is much evidence to suggest that sprays contain elements/particulates which may have varied applications. Clifford Carnicom's research has received significant attention from a diverse range of companies, organizations, and bodies. We must ask why giant organizations are interested in the research of one man with limited tools?

* Chem trails clearly induce global 'dimming'. I cannot understand why people do not have the capacity to view the mass transmutation of trails to form a haze which reduces sunlight to the earth - over the course of a couple of hours. The clear effect is a reduction of sunlight. Based on Clifford Carnicom's observation that medical companies show an interest in his site, I am obligated to wonder if there is a link between Chem trails, cancer, and sunlight exposure. It has been proven that sunlight is a great provider of vitamin D, and that this plays a fundamental role in cancer prevention. It would naturally be in the interest of a commercially successful medical corporation to reduce the ability of citizens to protect themselves from a widespread fatal disease through simple/natural means. It has - of course - been claimed that even limited sunlight exposure causes more trouble than it does good, so those convinced by a 'harmful sunlight' perspective may view global dimming as a positive thing; indeed some may view Chem trail activity as force against 'global warming' - while others may argue that it is the VERY CAUSE of it and the fear which is resulting. How can we make peace with such a notion?

I too, have tried to turn my attention elsewhere, thinking it more beneficial to believe that the spray program has peaked and is now on a form of down-turn. I appreciate and recognize days when the air is clear as a result of an absence of spraying, BUT just when I think that the program's decision-makers have realized that the desired results have not been produced or that the money spent to keep their planes in the air is not worth the results produced, a day of heavy trailing follows as if to spite me.

Like other interested parties viewing the sky, I listen to, and have a number of theories. Unfortunately, none of these thories identify Chem trail activity as a logical force for good and I predict very dire consequences. More and more I am attempting to live in the moment since we are existing in the most strange of times with the most bizarre signals and signs appearing.. My most significant worry is for the future generation(s?). I am old enough to remember a blue sky, plus the REPRESENTATION of a blue sky. It's amazing to me how many people from my generation have forgotten!

I believe it's a biblical quote which states that all signs of change will come from the skies. It's hard not to see the truth in that.

Thank you,
Stranger Than Fiction

April 3, 2009

A Sighting Re-Visited Long Island in the 60’s a UFO Central!

During the 60's Long island was a wealth of paranormal events and UFO sightings as well as reported abductions and lost time events.

One of these sightings took place in Bayport, a small coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean coast side of Long Island by a young man named Jack Stampfel and his friend Steve.

I wrote an article about this sighting called- The 60's A Hot Bed Of UFO Activity for Long Island New York.

In the article I told the story of two teenage boys who encountered a huge UFO over Long Island while returning their boat to its dock on the Long Island coast.

Jack and Steve were approaching the inlet where they docked coming home from Fire Island on Jacks speedboat across the Great South Bay to their hometown of Bayport. The night was black as pitch with a sky full of bright stars.

As they made their way across the bay they first noticed a odd light overhead like a yellow light bulb that stood still for a few minutes, then took off straight up until

it mingled with the stars and was gone.

“ We were looking up when we saw 4 of these things to the left and 4 to the right. We stopped the boat. One from the left formation changed color from yellow to green and began dippingslightly from its level position.

With incredible speed this thing crossed the sky and joined the 4 objects on the right. What was even more amazing is that it then came to a complete stop and just was standing there still with the other 4 on the right.

Watching this made Steve and I really nervous as we afraid we might be abducted and wanted to get out of there as fast as we could. “

The boys sped towards Bayport creek as fast as that boat could travel thankful that the water was calm and windless that night.

“We entered the creek proceeding down it a lot faster than usual. I finally throttled down and came to a stop. No one was around. We were hoping there would have been someone.

We also saw that the formation of 8 yellow lights were gone which made us feet a bit safer.”

At harbor speed the boys slowly cruised about half way down the creek near to Jacks docking

space on mirror smooth water along that dark country creek. That is when it happened! Jack described what they saw:

“Out from behind the trees that lined the creek came the most perfect saucer anyone could ever dream they would see. It was directly in front of us.

At the end of the creek the trees dipped in the middle, like an old tree lined road. As this happened I first veered left and crashed into the reed bank. But seconds later something changed in my mind and I reversed my boat, straightened out and proceeded slowly towards this thing hovering over the waters edge. I don't know if Steve agreed with this decision but he stayed in the boat anyway.

It was large and I realized much further away than I thought. It had a yellowy green glow around it, which stood out against the black of a dark night. It was perfectly clear. I've seen it many times since in my minds eye.

Most peculiar was a flat topped (truncated) black pyramid shaped door or scanner part of the craft that slowly moved around the top portion. I have estimated it took about 45 seconds or less for this part to make one complete circuit. We kept moving towards it till it slowly banked and tilted to the left revealing maybe 6 glowing lights underneath towards the rim. It then slipped from view behind the trees and was gone.

As my memory serves we were a bit stunned and after the UFO floated behind the trees and out of sight we just turned the boat around and motored to my dock. We tied up, got out, and went home. I can't remember talking much about it to Steve, but we must have shared something.

He went to his home about a mile away and I went into my house to find I was home alone.

I picked up the phone and called the police to report the sighting, but first I asked whether there had been any carnivals with Ferris wheels passing through Middle Road (the heart of town) in Bayport that night? The answer. Was no so I gave my report about the huge UFO on the creek to some desk clerk and went to sleep.”

The next morning Jack woke up about 10:00 a.m. A police officer knocked on the door. His cruiser #310 was in the driveway.

He asked if Jack was the one who phoned in the report. The police officer and Jack sat at Jacks dining room table while the policeman wrote down Jacks report about the sighting.

Jack gave the details of his sighting to the policeman who told Jack that the police had over 1000 calls from others who also witnessed something.

Jack asked the police officer if the craft had been over his small town of Bayport and was stunned when the policeman told him that it actually seemed to be about 10 miles away over the center of Long Island.

The policeman told Jack that they thought it was estimated at somewhere like a mile in diameter. It was proceeding eastward down the center of the island. He told Jack they thought the UFO’s course took it over Brookhaven National Laboratory along the electric power lines, down the center of Long Island till it went out to sea past Montauk Point. Thousands more were suspected to have seen it that did not or could not call in to leave a report.

When Jack shared that story with me I was fascinated as I too saw a UFO the year before that in 1965 about 7 miles from the location he did.. I too noticed a revolving top on the craft and I too reported the incident as was told many others had called in the sighting from my hometown.

I knew that Jack was haunted all these years by his clear outstanding sighting of this huge UFO. I also knew Jack was going to try to contact others that also may have seen that large craft that night.

I recently heard from Jack. He sent me the original drawings he made for the police that day in 1966 of the UFO he saw that night. For me it was a extreme event to view Jacks drawings of what he and his friend Steve had seen that night as the UFO Jack drew was nearly identical to the one I saw in October of 1965 the year before and only a few miles away from where Jack and Steve had their sighting.

The ships were very similar especially the top moving section. The main difference for me was a band of windows that ran across the center of the ship I encountered. Otherwise they were alike. Obviously we were all viewing the same type of craft along the same area of Long island during the same time period.

Jack not only sent me the drawings that brought my own sighting clearly back to me- but found another witness to the sighting he had on the same night.

Jack joined classmates, the site used to find those you went to high school with, and was contacted by a woman who remembered jack as one who reported the UFO sighting over her town the summer of 1966. The woman told jack that not only did she see the same UFO that night but so did her entire family and neighbors.

Pat told Jack that she recalled the exact date of this event as being August 14th 1965 and that the craft had been almost directly over her house that night. She told Jack that no one had the guts to phone in a report of the sighting, which I found to be very strange reaction to a huge UFO directly over your house, but one that seemed to be common at the time.

Jack did call in his sighting and Jacks report ended up on the front page of the SUFFOLK COUNTY NEWS ON SEPT 1st 1966.

Jack was amazed to find that the father of this woman had saved that article for the last 44 or so years, which I have included with this article.

It is clear that Long Island had a surge of UFO sightings in 1965. The 60s were a time of active paranormal activity for Long Island including the big east coast black out that was filled with many reports of UFO sightings and abductions in the New York area.

During this time Long island had a working Air Force base, Brookhaven National Lab. Plum Island as well as being a landmass that sticks out to the open Atlantic Ocean. The 60s was also a time when Long Island was made up of a great deal of unpopulated land along the coast line and miles of undeveloped land around the above listed labs and bases making it a understandable area to anticipate UFO sightings.

I think visiting UFO’s would be seen all over this country and most of the entire world if we were not as brainwashed to stay numb and dumb and disinterested in our surroundings.

Few of us spend time sitting under the open sky watching what goes on above our heads. Not only have we become a willing numb society to this type of event we have been trained to ignore or laugh at those who do notice strange events and taught to ridicule those who have the courage to report them.

We would be far more advanced and far more knowledgeable about our own reality if we all had the brave and honest approach of Jack Stampfel.

I am pleased to have Jacks artwork of what he saw that night and the actual article of his reported sighting. I wish we all had Jacks courage and instincts in handling these things. Jack documented his sighting and reported it.

With the tools available today to us all be sure to take a photo of things you see that seem strange to you so you have proof to back your words. If you do see something or encounter something, say something. It is the only way we will ever break free of our Dark Ages approach to the unknown and become aware of what truly is going on around, above and below us!

Pay attention to your surroundings, keep looking up and always be careful out there.

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

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