Tis the Season

Tis the Season

May 31, 2009

Lined-Up Galaxy Pair NGC 3314

Lined-Up Galaxy Pair NGC 3314

About This Image

A face-on galaxy lies precisely in front of another spiral galaxy. The chance alignment allows us to see the dark material in the front galaxy, thanks to the glow of the galaxy behind it.

Credit: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

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May 29, 2009


blue alien using computer Pictures, Images and Photos

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May 28, 2009


A man contacted me from Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He told me about an incident that happened to him in 1990. He was with his brother and a few friends. They were traveling along a road on Price Edward Island when they approached a huge craft hovering above them. This is how he described the incident to me:

“When we first saw it - it was floating over the trees. We watched it float by real slow, about 50 feet up. Then it stopped and rotated and took off real slow. The spacecraft didn't make a sound. It was very big and had lights that were big and bright, mostly white and a few red ones that were smaller.

When I saw it I hopped out of the car to get a better look at it. It was big, very big. I couldn't see the overall shape it was so close, other than a lot of texture like ‘deep space nine’, when we saw it rotate and start to leave we ran back to my friends car and followed it. As it took off I watched the back of it. It was a rectangle with parts built up on top and on the bottom too.

We watched it float by real slow, about 50 feet up. We watched as it started, speeding up like 5cm a second then 10cm then 20cm. It wasn't long before it was going Meters per sec. then kilometers. It sped up very smooth and steady. We chased it in my friend's car up Bonshaw hill where there is a TV. Tower on top. When the spacecraft passed this 900-foot tower it was about as wide as the tower is tall. We watched as it accelerated and took off into the night’s sky.”

I spoke to this man again as he wanted to tell me that others in the area had also seen this huge craft and he thought there were rumors it had taken a cow. He then told me he estimated the size of this craft to be about the size of a football field.

Not to long ago I wrote an article about another sighting in Canada where a man had investigated a strange light that was illuminating one of his fields to find a huge rectangle craft the size of a building hovering over his trees in his field. He reported the craft on his land to be at least the size of a big building.

I interviewed a man who witnessed a UFO on the coast of Long Island New York in 1965 who was told by the local police that the ship was reported and seen by thousands of people. The policeman said the UFO was believed to be a mile wide.

I read reports more and more about these incredible sightings and have to wonder how many and how large are these flying crafts. I think many people worldwide have seen smaller UFO’s buzzing the sky above them but we now also seem to be finding many reports of these huge spacecrafts from all over the world.

I can only wonder where our visitors are traveling from or where they are going? I know that these huge crafts are referred to as the mother ships. I think it is obvious that those visiting or passing by are not simply a few sent to investigate but many on a mission in a vehicle built to sustain them for a long journey. Realizing the size of the crafts makes me wonder if they are not moving vans of the cosmos, or space vacation cruise like our ocean liners. These huge building like crafts could be large space labs or even universal colleges that visit the planets as a field trip. There is no end to the possible needs and uses that this immense crafts could be used for.

I have never seen one of these huge mother or building size crafts. I think it incredible that these enormous UFO’s fly around our planet with ease and lightness. It is amazing such a huge vehicle can move without making any noise and can maneuver with grace and speed. The size of these ships make the fact that they are not seen more often also something to think about. I wonder if they are there in the sky but cloaked most of the time?

I believe this adds to my understanding of how advanced and how in control our visitors are of our involvement with one another. Some day when we are in better control of our own planet we may learn more about our visitors. Some day when we can control our own energy needs and weapons without being a threat to our own planet we may be invited openly to know who our visitors are. Someday when we can be trusted with advanced science and not want those who view us from these huge crafts, which hang in our skies, for their technology- then we may be invited to know our shy cosmic visitors.

For now I understand that they are waiting for us to become better beings. For now I will try to understand our basic human makeup and try to work towards a world of light instead of dark and love instead of hate. For now I will try to learn to be a happy, planet loving, kinder earthling. If we are ever going to meet our neighbors we need to learn to live together first! I do believe I have my work cut out for me!

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May 27, 2009

May 26, 2009

Cool Galaxies and Russian UFO? Missle? Whatever?

Interacting Spiral Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163


Video: UFO Captured On Surveillance Cam - Sarapul, Russia - May 22, 2009

NOTE: this was taken at Sarapul, Udmurtia Republic, Russia by CCTV on May 22, 2009 around 3:00 am local time. At first, it looks like a comet...but there have been no reports and the appearance of the secondary object put that into question. If it were a meteorite, the speed would be faster and the object would be much brighter. I suppose it could be CGI...who knows, but the reactions of the witnesses kind of dispel that theory. It's an interesting video nonetheless...Lon
NOTE: I received the following description to this sighting..."This is a test firing of a Russian ICBM. What you are seeing are the ice crystals which form from the propellant reflecting the rays of the sun as the missile climbs in to higher altitude



May 18, 2009

How Neanderthals met a grisly fate: devoured by humans

One of science's most puzzling mysteries - the disappearance of the Neanderthals - may have been solved. Modern humans ate them, says a leading fossil expert.

The controversial suggestion follows publication of a study in the Journal of Anthropological Sciences about a Neanderthal jawbone apparently butchered by modern humans. Now the leader of the research team says he believes the flesh had been eaten by humans, while its teeth may have been used to make a necklace.

Fernando Rozzi, of Paris's Centre National de la Récherche Scientifique, said the jawbone had probably been cut into to remove flesh, including the tongue. Crucially, the butchery was similar to that used by humans to cut up deer carcass in the early Stone Age. "Neanderthals met a violent end at our hands and in some cases we ate them," Rozzi said.

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Conversations – Being Ready for 2012

During the last year I have read a great deal of material concerning what may happen to this earth and the earthlings on it over the period of time known as 2012.

I have talked to many of those who have theories about or study the science behind the fears of the 2012 time period.

My conclusions and those of my family are that we feel something not only is going to take place, but have already actively begun on this earth.

Look at the great storms and natural disasters that have already been hitting this earth causing loss of life and destruction from China to California. It seems something is hitting, burning, or erupting all over the earth at a rather regular cycle.

I know from simply being alive that climate change is a part of our world. I also know we are living in a time of hostile hatred and constant threat of the next world war.

Add into these things the fact we are now due for cycle changes in the alignment of our planets, solar eruptions that will knock out our communications and power and we seem to be far from the light at the end of the tunnel. I would say we are about half way into the tunnel with the most difficult part of the journey yet to come.

I have not mentioned pole flips or many of the other items I could to the list of what is due and natural to come at this time in our cycle of things. Nature does what nature does be it on this planet, or in this solar system or in this universe. The cycles ride and flow and begin and end and we have no choice but to ride along and survive the best we can as nature does it thing.

The good news is that all of these things have happened before and all these things will happen again. Knowing that the earth is still here tells me the earth will continue to stand once again as it flows along with all the changes of the solar system line up and the actions of the sun. This will go on until our sun dies and that is not due to happen for billions of years.

Mankind is here. Mankind was alive the last time we had many of these cycle changes and mankind will survive this one too. I did not say every single human here today will make it through the rough times ahead, I said mankind will survive as it did when the earth went through the growing or aging pains it is now going to enter into again.

We will sadly see many perish as we have in the last Tsunami or earthquakes. We will have people die in war and hate, we will have problems when we are tossed into darkness by hitting solar flares and may even see hunger, fighting and natures storms thin out the masses. It is sad, it is likely to occur and it is real.

It also is apparent that as we enter the new cycles of nature and leave the old- mankind feels a pull of darkness and despair. This darkness before the new dawn seems to have the inhabitants of this planet acting in extremely dangerous ways, which may add to the loss of life that can occur during these natural cycle changes coming at this planet.

This is really difficult to talk about as so much of what is happening, and which may happen, could be handled if we joined together and worked as one with nature through out these coming events. Of course the time for that joint venture is basically behind us. We seem instead to have set our path ahead with blind eyes and ignorance.

Right now this very day you can ask those around you if they have thought about or prepared for the probable problems that the next few years may bring to us? I will tell you the response you will receive before you even ask that question. Most will laugh at you, call you names, and try to make you the fool. Humans do not like to discuss that which they do no understand. It is the earthling’s way to attack, that which is unknown until it is shoved like a brick wall in front of them.

Of course these are the same people who have no idea what 2012 means or have any knowledge on the changing universal cycles coming our way not to mention changes in our sun, which will directly concern us with power and communication problems.

My family and I have never been ones to leave things to chance. We would rather be ready and not need what we have then in trouble and finding we have to fight for survival. For us being prepared is far easier.

I spoke with a group of people who have been studying the sun and cycles of our solar system and asked them what they were doing privately as they are the people who have the first hand information on the events heading towards us.

I had two ideas of how they would respond. I thought a few would tell me they have yet to do anything at all. I truly believed at least one of two would give me that answer. I also thought I may be told they were taking precautions similar to getting ready for a bad storm. Canned goods, a few extra supplies, that sort of thing.

I was told by everyone I questioned on the matter of the world changes that are due to occur that they ALL were far more prepared then I would have ever imagined. They all were going to have three weeks to three months food and life needing supplies at hand. They all had alternate heat sources of either gas or wood or both to keep warm and cook and boil water, and they all had short wave radios. I was told if our communications and electric grid goes down the only way to know what is going on in this world will be by way of short wave radio’s. Sadly I was also informed that they all had some form of protection against others at hand.

I must admit I was shaken hard into reality as I spoke with those I asked. Most of the people I asked were quiet intellectual type people and hearing the words of survival spoken from them with the detail and seriousness they talked to me concerning this subject – made me clearly understand I had to prepare too for what may come.

I felt it my human obligation to say my part on this subject to those who take the time to read what I write. I do not want to be an alarmist but on the other hand I would die of guilt if I did not at least say something on this subject so others out there may have the chance to look into or maybe prepare for what may be heading towards us over the next few years to come. You can always chalk me up to being a fool or laugh at me. I would rather have you do that then for me to say nothing and know if that day comes- that you needed to be warned and prepared- and I did not speak out. So to live with myself I am writing this essay on what may be coming this way hoping you too consider preparing for the worst of times yet hope for the best instead.

I would think it a well-known subject by this point in time, 2012, but to my amazement many still do not understand it. I mentioned the fact that many world cycles and events are due to hit our planet like pole flip and solar flares in one of those big Internet chat rooms a few days before deciding to write this article. I wanted to see just how much if anything the average public knew or thought about this subject. That is when I knew that it was not really understood or talked about at all outside of the paranormal world.

When I tried to explain that we could lose our power grid the people responded by telling me they would use their computers to find out what was going on. I guess they do not realize that computers, TV’s, radios, cell phones, land line phones, every single thing you plug in, street lights, red lights, all will be gone with we lose the power grid. I was stunned at how I was ignored and felt very sorry for so many who may walk into the unknown of our future completely unprepared. During this experiment of bring up 2012 in an area that did not typically discuss these things a man did make a very snide remark to me that there were always smoke signals that he could send out. Everyone had a good laugh and I realized I was wasting my time with this particular group of people.

I did find it almost astounding that the very next day that the smoke signal comment was made I found an article on the Internet that told of a study researching Navajo smoke signals! It was suggested to me that having knowledge of these things might not be such a bad idea when being faced with a sudden collapse of our modern day communication systems. I will include the link to this article at the bottom of this page.

I often wonder if the increased sightings and showing of their existence the past few years by other visiting life forms is due to the fact they understand what is coming and are watching over areas of the cosmos to ride the changing cycles along with us. I would love to know what involvement with our governing powers really includes knowledge being received by way of our visitors?

I also wonder if these coming events and earth changes are related somehow to those large encampments being built all over the country. I often wonder about many things I do not understand. It is what keeps me alert for that which I can understand and keeps me one foot closer to moving along the road of the unknown.

I do not think for a moment nor did any of the people of science I spoke to that we are coming to the end of time or life on this planet. In fact I have a personal problem with those who use this for their own agenda’s and proclaim nothing but doomsday and death when discussing 2012 when it fits more closely into natural cycles and seasons of the universe.

My opinion is simply we may be headed for a few rough spots in the road that we need to prepare for. I think mankind and the earth have traveled this road before and we both will to do it again. We may need to buckle up while the ride gets a bit bumpy but if prepared this too will all pass.

In my private life my family and I have taken measures to secure for what may come with supplies and heat sources and a short wave radio. Whatever we feel we may need we will do. We look at it this way, if we need it we are ready, if not we have nothing really to lose as there are always storms or black outs so nothing will go to waste. I would rather in this case be safe rather than sorry. It is the old wisdom of I would rather have it and not need it rather then need it and not have it.

What ever you decide is your own life choice. I simply needed to take this time to offer this warning so I can soundly sleep at night knowing I did.

May we never need a thing we prepare for, this I will pray for us all.

Smoke Signals article can be found @

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May 15, 2009

Are We Alien Starter Yeast ?

With the increase of UFO sightings and people talking about being abducted or having lost time events happen to them comes an increase in the questions of why all of this is happening?

The debate goes on day after day- what do beings from another place want with us? Why are they here? What do they do to those they abduct? The realization aliens seem to have been here, taking us at will seems to have gone on from the beginning of mankind.

When looking at all of these things you come up with certain facts that just cannot be avoided.

Aliens are here and have been for a very long time

Aliens keep to themselves

Aliens decide how much contact they do or do not want to have with us

Aliens seem to want us for something

Aliens do not want to openly interact with us

Aliens take what they want and do not ask

Aliens can remove our memory of our time with them

Aliens are in charge of our relationship with them

Aliens do not want a relationship with us other than what it is they use us for

As cold as this all seems to be I think it is the basic truth of our interactions with these technically superior beings. They seem to want what they want but socializing with us is not part of the agenda!

Many people focus the reason for our lack of knowledge concerning alien beings on the governments of the world. I never adhered fully to this theory. I do not think our governments can control or decide what the visiting alien beings do any more than you or I can. Remember we are being the ones visited by beings while we are barely able to explore our own solar system much less galaxy much less other solar systems in other galaxies.

The alien life forms visiting our planet are far advanced past the primitive civilizations living on this little blue ball. In intelligence and technology we are to those visiting us as monkey’s and lab rats are to us! I do not think any government on this planet is able to compete, frighten or control those who visit us from other parts of the cosmos. At best all we can do is try to get along with and try to keep our relationship with others as non- evasive to mankind as possible. Beyond that I doubt the governments of this planet have too much say in our relationship with other worldly beings.

Lets face it we cannot join them, nor fight them, we cannot even figure out where they come from - unless they tell us. We are the little stupid humans being viewed and they are the giant eye behind the viewing glass. Our government powers may try to benefit or involve our world with these beings. It is obvious however who is running the human – alien show!

If you continue to have a difficult time with this theory keep reminding yourself who is visiting who?

With all that said the question that constantly nags at me is why? Why do these beings seem to be so drawn to this planet? And why are they constant and insistent on taking what they want of us when they see fit and returning the rest back where they found us when done? Why all the abductions? Surely by now over the thousands of years they have been viewing and examining us they know how we work, understand how we are made, what makes us tick. Why then do they keep taking us?

I have heard thousands of ideas and theories. Most have a human slant or human thinking attached to them. I listen to all the human suggestions and ideas and do think some have a chance of being true to the reality of all this visiting and abducting. I also think some of the reasons humans feel they are being taken by aliens are ridiculous and far too fanciful and fantasy movie like in thinking.

I think we need to focus on a far more basic and logical view concerning all of this.

What if we are just walking living thinking vessels of alien biological material? What if we are the big laboratory refrigerator of living test tube biological material that other alien life forms need to use and our planet and species a perfect storage unit? What if this planet and all the living creatures on it are a living shelf of biological material they can draw from when needed and left to reproduce on its own so they always have fresh new biological matter at hand?

If other life forms in this cosmos are older, more advanced and evolved then we humans most likely their physical form has changed too. It would seem logical to me that the more advanced life becomes the more it would lean towards becoming more energy forms of intelligence and light. They may have grown past the need for our heavier slower, messy human type forms.

Maybe some of the aliens visiting us have advanced to a physical form, which only needs small amounts of biological material to create and hold their present forms.

Perhaps humans are the perfect animal form to keep this material growing and reproducing so they do not have to. Maybe our heavy human form is far less able to travel the cosmos yet we contain the building blocks of life that they still need to continue on as a species. Maybe it became easier to simply let us continue on as the vessels that contain and constantly re-supply these materials for them.

What if our life form is the starter yeast of life and this planet the keeper of that precious starter dough?

What if this idea carries over to other alien forms that also have changed needing less of what we are made of and find it useful to shop at this planet for things like emotions, spirituality, love or reproduction?

Others still may feed on our warm-blooded mammals or seek the sea or mountains for certain aspects or qualities we have yet to understand or have long forgotten?

We may be used to try to form combined life forms from the cosmos or simply used as a rest stop to somewhere so incredible we are not able to understand or comprehend what or where it is they all travel to.

Whatever it may be from a pit stop on the cosmos highway to starter yeast of the universe I do know we, humans have not reached a place to be considered or invited along. We still remain those visited, those unwillingly taken and they the ones uninvited yet here visiting and sampling when ever, where ever and who ever they please.

I believe that once we join together on this planet as one growing working evolving planet, we will be able to start to consider our place in the universe. Until we can work together with out killing one another and stop our own self destruction, we will remain the animals of the cosmos used at will without the same consideration they seem to have for each other. Again we are visited and they do the visiting. While we continue to keep our focus in the dark ages of hate and destruction we will stay here and they will travel the cosmos. We are the Jurassic Park of the Cosmos.

One day far far away I am sure this too will change, but for now- do not blame your government. What are they going to tell you? There is nothing we can do about it, but aliens visit when they want, take what they want, and refuse to have any more to do with us. They could add on that there is nothing we can do about it but I think that would just rub salt into the universal wound of our realizing we are low man on the pole!

I guess all any of us can do is try to be careful out there, continue to learn all we can and with what is the best of us- try to stop hating and fighting so we have a chance of climbing up that universal ladder to join the rest of boys of the universal community!

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May 14, 2009


Hubble’s New Views of the Universe Zoo of Galaxies 8/4/05 - Gazing deep into the universe, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has spied a menagerie of galaxies. Located within the same tiny region of space, these numerous galaxies display an assortment of unique characteristics. Some are big; some are small. A few are relatively nearby, but most are far away. Hundreds of these faint galaxies have never been seen before until their light was captured by Hubble.

May 13, 2009


Mexico: Really Big Footprints

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid's site features some very interesting photographs of footprints clearly belonging to something

from the Cenozoic (or thereabouts!). A letter from Ing. Narciso Rodriguez, who discovered these impression in the

northern Mexican state of Coahuila some sixteen years ago, states that the footprints are specifically located in

the outskirts or Arteaga, some 20 minutes away from Saltillo, the area's largest city. Photos have been sent to the

local anthropological museum. Our thanks to Prof. Cid and Ing. Rodríguez for these images.
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May 12, 2009

Visit The Alien Seeker News!

The Alien Seeker News one of the best Paranormal sites around!

May 11, 2009

Hubble Photographs Giant Eye in Space

This Hubble image of planetary nebula Kohoutek 4-55 was taken by the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 on May 4, 2009. The colors represent the makeup of the various emission clouds in the nebula: red represents nitrogen, green represents hydrogen, and blue represents oxygen. K 4-55 is nearly 4,600 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Credit: NASA/ESA/JPL

May 10, 2009


The Continued Story of Turmoil and Success of the Tortured Psychic

I wrote the story of a Psychic I know (The Case of the Psychic Who had the Right Event on the Wrong Road) who had the unpleasant experience to have a clear and complete vision of a murder.

She confused some of the things she had seen in the vision including the wrong town yet the right street name and the wrong relative. The psychic thought she was watching her sister’s death but as fate would have it she witnessed, by way of this incredible vision, the murder of her cousin who looked very much like her sister. The psychic watched by way of this horrid vision: a tall strong blond haired man run up behind her cousin who was out running, grab her, snap her neck, stab her and throw her to the side of the road. He covered her up with beach grass and reeds and quickly ran away.

This case is very hard for the family involved. The family members are fully aware of the gifts this family psychic possesses. They understand this woman’s gifts are not to be denied yet of a nature no one will believe unless her visions included them!

When the body of this family’s cousin was found on the street the psychic saw in her vision the family knew at once she had been murdered by the man seen in the family psychics vision.
Of course the police would not entertain the idea and closed the case as that of a natural death. The fact that few young strong healthy women, who while out running, drag themselves to the side of the road into a swamp, cover themselves up with reeds and beach grass, before dying from a natural cause- never seemed a stretch for the authorities who handled this case.
To be fair to the law enforcement people enough time had passed before the body was found of the murdered girl to leave anything to build a case with or investigate. The only evidence of foul play was the psychic’s vision, which of course would not be considered by the law enforcement people investigating the discovery of the body.

The psychic’s family is a large one consisting of many members living in the town where this sad incident occurred. Like many towns on the coasts of the Long Island area people tend to know most of the people who are town residents.

Also a fact in this area is that most towns and villages across the coasts of Long Island have local town or village associations. The people living in the assorted towns use the associations for civic programs, and projects to charity events and social gatherings. That is where it took place. At one of the social town association parties that took place the summer after the murdered cousins body was found.

One of the psychic’s family members who was fully aware of the horrid murder and vision that ended in the death of one of the family’s members was attending her local towns association Spring Fling Dance.

The last thing she had on her mind was the sorrowful death of her cousin the year before. She was out with her husband for a night of fun with her friends and neighbors. The night was clear and the Spring Fling was being held on a huge covered veranda facing the Great South Bay. It was a lovely night filled with happy faces and laughter.

This family member had been standing with her husband talking to friends when she began to pick up a few words from the conversation behind her of a small group of people from the village in which they all lived. She was drawn to what they were saying when she heard her murdered cousins name brought up a few times by the group. She moved a bit closer to the group of people to hear the conversation.

They were standing in a closed circle talking so that that she could not see who was speaking. She heard a man talking in an off-handed way about her late cousin. He was saying horrid things about her. He rolled off insult after insult about the dead girl including that she was wild, had multiple lovers in town, had a drinking AND drug problem and on and on. The thing about this is that none of what he was saying was true.

The family member pushed her way into the crowd to see who was saying these terrible things about her dead cousin. As she wiggled her way into the group of fellow town residents she was finally able to see this vicious speaker. There before her stood this tall blond man who had on a sweatshirt indicating he belonged to the towns running club. The moment she laid her eyes upon him she knew she was looking at the man in the family psychics vision. She was looking at the man who murdered her cousin.

She did not know what to do. He was continuing on with his list of unpleasant remarks concerning her dead relative. Finally she found her voice and in a soft but strong tone said to him:” How did you come to know all these things about the deceased?” He looked over his shoulder at her and replied in a slightly annoyed manner- “It was in all the papers at the time”. He kept talking when again low and slow the relative said to him sternly this time “NO, - none of the things you are saying were in any of the papers at the time and none of what your saying is true.”

Now everyone in the group was looking at this woman and the man. He stood motionless for a few seconds stunned that he was being confronted and far more stunned that anyone would figure out his game. He glared at her for a while. He got hold of his composure as the family member and this man stood staring at each other and simply said- “Oh I must have confused her with another case.” The woman now filled with rage snapped at him “Yes I think you have and would appreciate you not saying things like that again about a perfectly lovely nice woman who was murdered by some living walking scum”.

The room now stood silent, as the two people were the attention of everyone at the party. The woman’s husband who caught the end of the conversation between his wife and this man quickly figured out what was going on as he too realized how perfectly this man fitted the description of the man who killed the murdered cousin the year before. Stunned by the entire event and not sure exactly what to do the only thing the husband wanted was to remove his wife from this awkward scene. He wrapped his arm around her as they made their way across the party to leave.

The party quickly returned its attention to the festive night and the group of people standing together during this exchange broke apart and wandered off to other parts of the room. Her husband escorted the woman out of the party where she immediately became hysterical and angry. They knew that the man could very well be the one who killed their cousin yet they also knew they had nothing that could prove it.

The story becomes even more frustrating for this family when they learned that this man was only a summer time visitor who shortly after this event decided to cancel his rental for that season. To date they have not been able to track down his where abouts but word has it they will never stop trying nor will they stop wanting justice, one way or another. I believe this part of this story will also remain unknown!

The woman in this family who has the psychic abilities continues to center her gifts to benefit and protect her blood relatives. The psychic recently had a vision that this time was in time and did stop a tragic event from happening.

The psychic’s sister has a daughter who recently got married. The young bride lives with her husband in a condo complex on the edge of town. It is a large complex that consists of connected town houses and parking lots arranged around big open lawns. It is new and often during the day deserted.

One afternoon the psychic was home with her husband having coffee and watching the news on the TV in their living room when all of a sudden the psychic dropped her cup on the floor and stood straight up looking as if she had just been shot!

She stood there frozen as her husband tried to call her name and snap his fingers in her face to get her back to this reality. She shook her head and immediately in absolute panic started to yell for him to get the phone. She began to scream at him to call the police, call the newly married niece and to get in the car and drive as fast as he could to her new condo. Her husband shook her and demanded for her to calm down and tell him what was going on. The psychic told him she clearly saw her niece standing in the living room of her new condo with a strange man who was going to rape and then kill her if they did not stop it. She pleaded with her husband to leave at once and speed over to the condo while she called the girl and then if needed the police. She told her husband if he went right now and got there quickly he could stop it.

Knowing his wife’s gifts were real the man grabbed his car keys and headed for the door yelling to her to call the girl and the cops if someone was there.

The psychic called her niece who answered the phone sounding a bit shaken. She did not say hello or any of the usual banter when calling a loved one – she got right to it. “ Is there a man you do not know in the house with you?” The girl replied in a meek voice “yes” the psychic told the girl to tell him it is her husband on the phone saying he is just about to pull into the complex. The psychic could hear the girl do as she was told and then she explained to the girl that her uncle (the psychics husband) would be there any second and that she was going to hang up and call the police. She also told the girl to try to make her way to her front door and to get outside of the house if she could or at least unlock the front door.

The psychic called the police and reported an ongoing break in knowing that it would get them to respond quickly. Within seconds of hanging up the phone the man in the girls condo became agitated and aggressive towards her. She was struggling in her living room with the man when the psychic’s husband arrived. The girl was not able to unlock the front door open. When the uncle arrived and peered into the front window he saw the girl fighting with the man and immediately broke the large living room window to enter the home.

The man attacking the girl was startled which gave the uncle the advantage of landing a few fast punches that subdued the man enough for both the girl and uncle to hold him down until the police arrived.

It was soon learned that this man was going to all the new developed complexes like this young couples and ringing doorbells until he found a woman alone. He then proclaimed to be part of the complex building and up keep department and would talk himself into the apartments or condos where he would then go about his business of attacking the women.
The psychic was right on and right on time this time. The man was arrested and the only real harm for this family was one large broken window.

I realize there are many people out there who do not believe in psychic ability. I think this may be one of those areas you need to experience first hand to accept.

I also know there are a flood of people who play the psychic game and continue on with the ridiculous parlor tricks of ‘is there someone with the letter J in your life’ silliness. I understand all of this and I also find those people annoying and really in need of something worthwhile to do in life.

However- I know this family. I watched with awe the ability of this psychic over the years and frankly have only known of a few others who share this wonder often-torturous gift of foresight.
I have seen her tell others not sort of or maybe but the exact names of and events around them to be wary of. Her gift is something she tries to live with and does not want to use it for the sake of entertainment or money. She fears it would be taken away or made into a monster she could not control if she used it for anything other than the protection of those in her visions.

I do not know how or why she is able to do what she does. I do not know how she can travel in her mind to other places and watch events she is nowhere near but she does it.

I imagine there are many people out there with similar gifts. Maybe we are all able to do this but have not learned how to turn that part of our brains on and they have. Maybe it is a gift given to certain people for a specific reason we do not understand. Maybe she is different from the rest of us somehow or maybe just a step up the evolutionary ladder to what we may all become.

I do not know any of the answers to these real and powerful psychic gifts. All I do know is if this lady ever calls me and tells me to do or not do something I will be all ears!

For now, this family and what has happened to them has been another step for me into the place we call the unknown.

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

May 9, 2009



If you have had a UFO sighting, a lost time experience or suffered an Alien Abduction of your own - email me about your encounter and I will write an article to share your unknown event with the world.

Knowledge of the Unknown by our sharing our experiences is the only road we have to understanding the subjects we consider the paranormal. Help educate the world on the important facts being overlooked by so many by speaking out and telling us what you know about these issues. Who knows- what you have to say may one day save the life of another!

I am well known for protecting those who share their stories with me. I understand the present reaction of the limited thinkers and fearful to these subjects yet realize unless we continue to speak out these things will forever be kept in the dark ages along with our growth as a civilization. I will hide your identity , Ids , and emails however ask you to step forward and share your experience . It is the only way we will step out of the shadows and into the light of the paranormal.

Chris Holly

May 8, 2009

Tiny Skull With No Answers!

A Tiny Hominid With No Place on the Family Tree

STONY BROOK, N.Y. — Six years after their discovery, the extinct little people nicknamed hobbits who once occupied the Indonesian island of Flores remain mystifying anomalies in human evolution, out of place in time and geography, their ancestry unknown. Recent research has only widened their challenge to conventional thinking about the origins, transformations and migrations of the early human family.

Indeed, the more scientists study the specimens and their implications, the more they are drawn to heretical speculation. To read the complete article about this tiny hobbit skull see:

May 6, 2009

Family Lines of Those Taken and Confused Events of the Unknown

Talking to abductees and lost time encounter people you find similar threads that seem to run along the stories. For a long time we all have been aware that abductions and lost time events tend to occur in family lines. You will often find that a few members of one family have experienced unknown events. These family lines can follow generations having members continue in the line of those who have been taken or encountered lost time events for decades if not longer.

I know two sisters who live on Long Island New York. Both sisters have had paranormal events occur since their childhoods. Both sisters have suffered lost time events; and both have suffered physical problems after their events.

One sister has been abducted about four times during her lifetime. The other recalls only two. They are interesting people who do not openly talk about their encounters nor do they look for attention in any way due to their experiences.

Recently I spent the afternoon with both sisters. During our time together we talked about how experiences of the unknown seem to follow along family lines.

The sisters told me that their father was clearly an abductee who lived his entire life time never figuring it out!

The sisters had known of his plight since they were young children but knew that their father was terrified of the idea of UFO's and Aliens. The family never dared to suggest to him that all his highly unusual experiences were most likely connected exactly to what he feared most.

Now they realize that their Dads extreme fear of UFO's and Alien visitors came from what he had been experiencing his entire life. His denial concerning these things was his way of rejecting any connection to him and that, which terrified him. Their dad lived his lifetime giving other explanations to the strange events he encountered.

The sisters told me the story of their father’s experiences, which started in his life around the age of 14.

He was working on a barge during his 14th summer as a water boy for a bridge building construction project off the Ocean coast of Long Island. The year was 1931.

One summer’s night he somehow was left on the barge over night when the construction crew forgot to wait for him and returned to the mainland without him.

The man (who was a boy at the time) sat alone in a shed type covering trying to sleep until morning when the work crew would return. He told his daughters that as he sat looking at the night sky he noticed a big ball of light coming across the ocean towards the barge. He did not know what it was and crawled as far into the only covering he had to try to protect himself against what he thought might be a approaching rain and lightning storm.

He only recalled a blinding strike of light from that point forward. The next thing he recalled was waking the next morning lying out on the open deck of the construction barge.

His shirt was gone and he was cold and sore all over his body. He had a small burn on his back but otherwise seemed to be ok. He was sick and threw up over and over.

When the construction crew arrived they listened to the half naked boy standing before them with the burn on his back, still vomiting and decided he had been hit by lightning.

The men decided the lightning must have burned his shirt right off of his body. They gave him a buttered role and cup of coffee and told him he could rest until they were ready to leave that night. The man slept that day on the barge and returned to the mainland that night with the work crew. No one seemed to be concerned or consider any other explanation besides lightning for what had happened to the boy that night alone out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The sisters father accepted that explanation and often told people the story of how he survived a lightning strike that burned his shirt completely off his back!. Of course people would listen to the story and just look at each other. Few ever felt he had been hit by and survived a freak lightning strike that night.

The man then claimed to have had other similar lighting strikes hit him at other times over his lifetime.

Once when he was walking down the street one beautiful summers night on his way home when he was in his early 20’s.

He was walking along when all of a sudden out of nowhere a bolt of lightning came out of the sky hitting him and knocking him out cold.

He woke up about a hundred feet down the road with his shirt lying next to him and his shoes nowhere in sight. Again this man told others that for a second time lightning hit him from no where - ripped his shirt off his back and blew his shoes off with such force they were never seen again!

He felt the lightning was so powerful it lifted and threw him the hundred feet down the road. The fact he was not burned or harmed did not seem odd to him. He also suffered severe vomiting for a week after this encounter similar to the event when he was 14.

This man was convinced this event was also from a lightning strike. Without any other answer available his explanation of what was happening to him was mostly met with blank stares and confusion.

During his lifetime of over 84 years this man encountered other events. One such event occurred while sitting in his yard with his wife on a clear summers night. As they sat drinking ice tea enjoying the lovely evening a hula-hoop sized orb of blue light blasted through the yard circling them before heading straight up and out of sight. Once again the only reason that was considered was lighting, this time ball lightning.

I imagine all the events that occurred to this man over his lifetime could be chalked up to his incredible attraction with lightning of all kinds sizes and shapes. However the fact he also attracted ghosts makes his encounters a bit more obvious when thought of with today’s understanding of the paranormal.

This man reported three separate experiences during his adult life when he became face to face with what he thought and described as a ghost.

He reported the first encounter while walking along a beach where he was working during the construction of the original Robert Mosses Bridge that was built between Fire Island and Long Island in New York.

He was walking alone along the beach front when he saw a white glowing form walking towards him about a hundred feet in front of him.

The man stopped in his tracks and immediately decided he was looking at a ghost. Without hesitation he turned around and at a full run - ran back to the jobsite and the other men on the construction site. He told the men that he saw something very ghostly walking along the beach. The men all had a laugh and teased him yet no one would agree to return with the man for a better look.

Years later this man was once again working along the coast of Long Island. This time he was with another man who was helping him set up a machine that was needed on another construction site along the waterfront.

The two men were working when they both noticed a figure walking along the beach again about 100 feet away from where they were working. This figure was a woman who at first seemed to be dressed in a white flowing summers dress.

As she got closer to the men they could see that the woman appeared to be blond and also transparent? At once the men both realized they were not looking at a human and both became extremely frightened and started to yell and run back to where they had their cars parked in a nearby parking lot. The men piled into the closest vehicle, which belonged to my friend’s father, and roared away from the site as fast as they could drive.

Both men were really shaken by this event and both refused to return to this job site as they felt it was haunted and the sight of that ghost so clear and real terrified them to the point they would not return.

Towards the end of the mans life in the 1990's this man and his wife were on winter vacation on the eastern coast of Florida. The man and his wife reported seeing a bright light from their balcony over looking the ocean. Under the light stood what appeared to be a strange man on the beach directly below this bright light.

The old couple told their family the light seemed to be suspended like a star but was round and rotated changing color from a pastel pink to white. Under this light they reported watching a strange tall thin man dressed in a white divers suit walking in long fast strides along the shore until all of a sudden he simply disappeared before their eyes. The bright light in the sky just slowly started to dim until it was gone.

The two senior citizens did find this a very strange event to witness but were not sure it was alien in nature. Again they considered ghosts or angels.

The daughters of this man and woman understood that their parents processed the strange events they encountered in life with the reference and knowledge they had to do so. For them to understand what was happening they used spiritual, ghostly or Mother Nature’s lightning to reason out what was happening to and around them.

The mans overwhelming fear of the subject of UFO’s and Aliens made it clear to those aware of his dilemma that there was much more to this story. This is where family ties come into the picture as the problems this man had during his lifetime carried on to his children. His children continued on with his legacy with the unknown.

All of his children reported encounters with other beings and crafts from childhood until the present time. They all have experienced lost time events and have sighted strange lights and objects during their adult lives.

Two have physical wounds resulting from lost time events. The difference with the man and his children is that they understand they are not dealing with lightning or ghosts. The children of this man understand they seem to have inherited a family attraction to them via the same beings that apparently followed their father through out his lifetime.

This case brings forth two interesting parts of the Alien UFO agendas and the human race.

The first is this case seems to add to the list of those who have been telling us that aliens seem to attach them selves to and follow family lines.

The other is that many lifetime encounters with humans and aliens may have gone unknown or easily missed due to the fact the encounters were misinterpreted as other things.

Obviously in the case of the sisters father chances are great that the man had been abducted and taken more than once in his life as well as encountered aliens. It was considered what people at the time could reference to and so labeled ghostly or lightning.

It makes me wonder how many stories or facts left to us by our ancestors which report objects and beings from the sky were alien in nature yet explained in the only way those seeing them could make sense or reference to them with their limited knowledge of the unknown. We all process what we see with the knowledge of the world and universe around us. If our knowledge is limited so is the understanding of what we are experiencing.

I wonder how many of us know of similar stories that they have heard that may also be confused descriptions of abductions, or alien interference with the human race?

Of course we have many areas of the paranormal that we are yet to understand however I think in time we will be able to categorize many of these things into visitation by other life forms. I also think that in our future Aliens will be part of the known spectrum of life forms and the universe clearly understood. What we now consider scary sci-fi movie material will one day be common knowledge.

My hope is that one-day we will all decide to face these subjects as science we are yet to understand and stop living our Dark Age approach to them. It is time we move head first into that which we simply do not understand. If we are being taken I think it is time for us to understand by who and why?

Keep in mind next time you see something you can not fit into your realm of known objects or creatures that you may be seeing something or someone we have yet to identify or understand. I would always approach the unknown with great care and safety but consider many things to come not monsters under the bed as much as science we do not yet understand. With that said never place your self in danger or walk blindly into a situation you do not know. Radiation is science we understand and it is deadly to a human. Realize much of what we yet do not understand may be equally as dangerous and always handle the unknown with respect and care.

Be careful out there and pay attention to your surrounding and always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved


Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-
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