Tis the Season

Tis the Season

January 31, 2010

WHAT IS THE UFO HERE? Incredible UFO in Bulgaria TV News Report Video


January 30, 2010

The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be 'The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World'. To this day this medieval artifact resists all efforts at translation.
It is either an ingenious hoax or an unbreakable cipher.

The manuscript is named after its discoverer, the American antique book dealer and collector, Wilfrid M. Voynich, who discovered it in 1912, amongst a collection of ancient manuscripts kept in villa Mondragone in Frascati, near Rome, which had been by then turned into a Jesuit College (closed in 1953).



The Good The Bad and The Ugly of the Psychic Connection

I think many of you will agree with me that one of the most abused subjects considered paranormal would be psychic ability.

Over the years I have visited many Internet chat systems to find out what people are thinking and talking about. I have come across numerous chat rooms devoted to psychic readings that are filled with people waiting for the psychic of the day to give them a free reading.

Although this is a form of fun entertainment many people would sit and wait for hours for it to be their turn as the self-titled psychic went about the sad attempt of psychic fraud. To most thinking adults the ability of the so-called psychics in the public chat rooms is obviously not real or being done by anyone with any ability. It is just a place where wannabe psychics practice the con of portraying a knowing intuitive giving laughable drawn out attempts of readings to those waiting on line. If it were not so silly it would be sad.

I will say I have been in psychic reading rooms where one of these fake psychics has said dangerous things to people who were in need of help. I find this to be unforgivable behavior by those acting out the self-agenda need to pretend to have psychic ability.

As in all things in life especially on the Internet you need to understand danger lurks under many different rocks. It was clear as a sunny day that many of the so-called psychics on the Internet are practicing the old profession of con artist nonsense giving generic answers to willing people. It is a prime example to what happens to a subject like psychic ability when thrown into the soup of confusion and chaos known as the World Wide Web.

Since all of this goes on for free and no one seems to take it too seriously I do not feel it is too dangerous or immoral. I do think the second someone takes what these Internet carpetbaggers say seriously or forms a life decision by way of a reading- a line then gets crossed. Until that occurs the psychic chat rooms continue to be fun entertainment and little more.

Like many who use the paranormal as a stage for selling their goods or filling personal agenda’s psychic ability has sadly also been dragged into the mud. I truly dislike those who dirty the path to understanding. It is as I always say the main reason we stay clued in the Dark Ages with subjects considered paranormal. That is what I consider the bad and ugly not only of the paranormal world but of the psychic world too.

Despite all that turmoil psychic ability is a real and powerful gift. It is a tool I wish we all could nurture and learn to use. I have no doubt about the fact REAL psychics walk among us. During my lifetime I have been able to know and watch real psychics with real ability use their gifts to do amazing things. That is why I so dislike the bad and ugly side of this subject.

I am sure we all have the ability to use our intuition far more then we do. I think it is a born sense we somehow lost along the way. The noise of life as we now live it may have suffocated our natural sense of how to bring our natural abilities to a usable place. The need to concentrate, meditate or simply stop and listen as the animals do to our surroundings has been lost to the fast and furious life style of modern man.

This is not the case however in those who have maintained the use of this ability. I think we are over looking and losing out on a powerful and useful ability in exchange for the loud cluttered day-to-day living that happens on a surface level. Depth of emotions and abilities within us all have been stifled and lost.

I had a very unusual experience while surfing the net. While passing along the never-ending assortment of psychic reading rooms I came across a room on the Pal talk chat system called Little flower’s Reading Room. I was extremely surprised at what I found going on in this room.

A woman was giving the people in the room readings by way of what she was being told by her guides. I knew at once this was not the average nonsense. This woman was quick. She would say what she had to say and then move on to the next person. If she did not have anything for them she would tell them. The interesting thing to me was the truth of her readings. It was not the typical prodding for information or general could be anyone type of drivel.

This lady would go directly to a subject with personal insight to each person knowing somehow real things about the people she read. She would hit facts and give advice the people may not have actually wanted to hear. This was a real psychic doing real readings.

I had to laugh, as she would become lost into what she was seeing and become very direct with the people. If they were lazy or selfish she would tell them. If the love they seek was not around the corner or with the one they wanted she would tell them. If they were wrong she told them, and if they were looking for someone to blow smoke up their reading skirts they were in the wrong room!

This was the first psychic I came across who seemed to have real ability on the Internet. I quickly went about the task of convincing Littleflower to allow me to interview her.

Littleflower told me about her life of being born into a family of psychics who from the start nurtured her abilities. Littleflower lived with those who knew how to develop and incorporate her psychic keen ability into her everyday life.

As Littleflower grew up she learned to understand and communicate with those she calls her guides. She explained to me that we all have guardian angels, guides, or spiritual counselors. The difference clearly is that Littleflower has taught herself to tap into hers and knows to listen to their knowledge and advice. We could do the same. Maybe some of us do- do the same but not on the advanced level that Littleflower is capable of.

We all have been pushed, sensed that little voice that warns us or lean us towards certain decisions in our life. Some of us may even ask for guidance and try to feel the answers when making our own way on the road of life. Littleflower has crossed that line of division between her guides or angels and has an open door relationship where she asks them advice and understands when they reply. I am sure many will have doubts about what I am saying. I simply chose to believe in Littleflowers ability by way of watching her work as well as talking to her about my own private matters.

I talked to Littleflower about my feelings concerning the frauds and fakes of the Internet. She agreed with me and explained that she was retired but was being pushed by her own guides to return to the public and to do her work while she can as the world is truly in need of all the help it can get.

Littleflower once again is using her ability to answer what questions she can or help people however she can. She continues to open her room on Pal talk when she is able and is thinking about being a guest on a few of the Internet Radio shows where people can call in and ask for her advice on a subject. Littleflower is one of those I consider the good of the psychic world.

Of course I cannot write about this subject without mentioning two of the best psychics I have personally ever seen or known.

Bridget is a woman I went to years ago who is extremely gifted. Bridget would sit at her dining room table and ask you to count out cards or shuffle cards. While the person being read would be doing as she asked with the cards Bridget would seem to go into sort of a trance.

While in the trace you could not talk or ask questions. She would just start to talk. If she wanted to ask you a question she would however most of the time she would simply talk a non-stop stream of information.

Bridget knew names, would describe in detail a person down to what they wore. She would give you exact events that were due to happen be it good or bad and she was always right. Bridget told me names, events, and my future with an amazing degree of accuracy.

She had an amazing gift that seemed to flow through her like water. Bridget helped me to understand that seeing with our minds eye is possible and made a believer out of me. I did not like some of the predictions, warnings and information that Bridget gave me over the years. I did not always leave her happy or hearing what I had hoped to hear. I will tell you that what Bridget did tell me happened far too many times and exactly as she predicted for me to ever doubt her ability.

Lastly on my list of people of proven psychic ability would be Mildred or her preferred name Millie.

During my life experience Millie is one of the best psychics I have ever known. Millie is an unwilling psychic. Her visions are extremely detailed and complete allowing Millie to witness events fully before they happen. Millie has a lifetime of visions that have shown her catastrophes and situations that she was able to prevent or act upon in time to change the outcome.

I wrote about Millie’s experience with two murder attempts in past articles. Millie will be going along her day when suddenly she will be over taken by a powerful vision. She explains it as being at the sink in your home doing dishes one second and BAM the next your standing in the middle of a movie watching what is going on around you.

This happens to Millie often. During three of these events Millie watched as people she was acquainted with in her life were in mortal danger. Millie has watched in horror as she witnessed people she knew being murdered.

During two of the visions Millie was able to immediately call for help and did prevent two of the murders from happening. Millie was able to call for aid for one friend as the friend was in struggle with her murderer. Sending neighbors to the scene the attempted murder was stopped. The victim in this case was saved with only wounds not her life being the outcome.

Millie was able to intervene in another event just as it started by getting the police to the home of the victim by calling in a murder attempt knowing it was just about to happen. This action by Millie saved the woman in this case.

Sadly the last vision Millie had involved a relative close to Millie. The vision was a bit confusing and Millie was not able to stop the murder from happening. The horror for Millie is she watched in her vision while her relative was killed and was not able to do anything about it. She did know the location of the event. Millie also knows who committed the murder. Without direct evidence other then Millie’s word this murderer walks free to this day. Millie is at ease however as she has told us his day of judgment is soon to arrive. I know Millie will be right about this as well.

Although Millie is extremely gifted she does not enjoy or want to develop her ability because it has become a burden to her during her life. The times she was able to act in time and prevent a happening still do not out weigh the agony for Millie of when she is not in time or misses a piece of information that could have made a difference. Millie may be the most gifted psychic I have ever known yet she also is the most reluctant.

I have no idea what life must be like for Millie. I can only hope she knows that she has made a huge difference in those who lives she saved and hope she continues to use her precious ability to the side of good with the strength to continue to fight against the side of evil.

So there you have it, my thinking on the good, the bad and the ugly of the psychic connection.

One day we may all develop that which we may have lost or will soon be able to connect with our full potentials. I am sure the abilities labeled psychic are tools we will one day use as we continue on our never ending journey along the roads of our universal adventure.

If you are interested in contacting Littleflower to find out her upcoming plans you can email her at

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January 29, 2010

I think I know this dog!

Ghosts Greet Mansion Visitors

Photos: The 'Scottish Man' Greets Mansion Visitors

Sammy Marks Museum Ghost

There is a ghost of a Scottish man roaming this old house in Pretoria, South Africa. Note there are only 21 people but there is an extra hand??? Looks like that of a lady. Also behind on the landing is a face of a man. This Scot was a friend of the Marks family and looked after the children in the 1800's. He later died in his room and now he is said to tease the lady visitors. I was one of them...

^This photo of the 'Scottish Man' was taken during a previous tour of the Sammy Marks Museum

found on Phantoms and Monsters


Project SERPO, Kita Island and the Ebens

Victor Martinez, a former US government employee who coordinates the email communication activity, says that confidential sources who are current and former US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials told him about an unusual meeting.

Martinez reported that his anonymous source(s) stated that on 12 November 2009, extraterrestrials who have been in contact with elements of the US Government for several decades, met with US and international representatives on the remote Kita Island (aka Akau Island by US government).


January 28, 2010

strange sky Cloudy with a chance of UFOs Video

I have no idea what this is but you have to admit even if it is a natural formation it is unlike most natural formations we have seen up to now. The new strange skies are something we all need to pay attention to and to think about

below is a interesting quick view of one of our own solar brothers Jupiter Jupiter the Largest Video

January 27, 2010

For first time scientists uncover colour of dinosaur and it was ... a red-head

Scientists have revealed that the dog-sized Sinosauropteryx - a fast running meat-eater that lived 125 million years ago - was covered with 'russet and orange' feathers.


A reconstruction of two Sinosauropteryx, sporting their orange and white striped tails. Scientists discovered their colour by studying microscopic structures inside fossilied feathers

It's the first time that fossil experts have been able to identify the colour of any dinosaur.

DND, RCMP mum on UFO mystery

People who saw a missile-like object soaring through the sky over a small rural community in Newfoundland Monday night are getting no answers about what it was, although police say they'd gotten to the bottom of the mystery.

Darlene Stewart spotted the object while taking pictures of the sunset over Harbour Mille, a community of about 200 residents on the south coast of the province. She says she started snapping photos.

She then called her neighbour, Emmy Pardy, and the two women, along with Stewart's husband, say they saw three similar objects flying through the air minutes apart, one up close and two farther off in the distance.

"I really did get sick to my stomach, I was shaking when I seen it," Stewart told CBC News Wednesday. "We were just in awe of what we seen."

The photos taken by Stewart show blurry pictures of what appears to be a long, round object, much like a missile, seemingly rising from the ocean, with either smoke or flames shooting out the back end.

Objects made no noise

Stewart said the objects didn't make any noise.

"We confirmed that it was something," Sgt. Wayne Edgecombe told CBC News Wednesday. But Edgecombe said he couldn't reveal what the police investigation uncovered.

He said the focus of any police investigation is on whether something criminal has occurred.

"It's nothing criminal," he said, in relation to the unidentified object.

Edgecombe said he contacted the Department of National Defence and "they gave me some info," but he said that it is up to that department to release the information publicly.

Defence department officials were refusing comment.

The sighting has intrigued people in the Harbour Mille area, with some saying they were told by officers who were in the community Tuesday investigating the sightings, that the objects were test missiles launched from the nearby French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Edgecombe said that rumour is completely false.

The suggestion that the object possibly involved the military has Liberal MP Gerry Byrne, who represents the Newfoundland riding of Humber-St. Barbe-Baie Verte, demanding answers.

"There's a credible body of evidence," Byrne told CBC News, "that suggests there's something spectacular happened off of our shore. Before this goes any farther, I think the government needs to actually respond very quickly with a straightforward, factual statement."

Was safety in jeopardy?

Byrne said if it was some kind of military test, then people should be told whether their safety was jeopardized.

"If indeed this was a man-made object, that it was a missile, was there any potential risk to health and safety from collateral damage should the missile fire have failed?"

Byrne used the mystery to take a shot at the federal government for proroguing Parliament. He said if the House of Commons was opened, he'd be able to question the ministers of defence, transport and public safety about the incident.

"It's cloaked in relative secrecy," he said. "And the only way to get around that secrecy is a special institution called the floor of the House of Commons."

Stewart said Tuesday she has been overwhelmed by the number of calls she has received about the sighting. But she said nobody has told her officially what it was that she saw.

"I would like to get to the bottom of it," she said.

UFO from Russia with love NEW Human_s Extraterrestrial Origins Video Clear UFO Sphere Russia Aliens Greys Video

What do you think? I would consider this excellent footage but have this nagging thing about how the object seems to overlay the clouds instead of mingling among them in a more natural action. What do you all think?

Was mysterious jellyfish in sky caused by space satellite reflecting Northern Lights?

A strange jellyfish-shaped object spotted hanging in the sky over Norway, may have been caused by light from the aurora being bounced off a space satellite, experts say.

If proven it will be the first known case of a satellite reflecting the Northern Lights.

The mysterious phenomenon was photographed last week by amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen over Andenesm, Norway.

The photographer became fascinated with aurorae after working at a rocket launch site in the far north of Norway for 25 years. The northern lights are often visible here because it is so close to the North Pole.

Aurorae are caused by the interaction of the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field and so are particularly prevalent at the poles where the magnetic forces are strongest.

Mr Mikalsen told the Mail Online: 'I have never seen an object like this before, and I am eager to find an explanation to the phenomenon.'

UFO Hovering Over San Carlos / Redwood City, CA

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo: UFO Hovering Over San Carlos / Redwood City, CA

MUFON witness statement (unedited): San Carlos, CA and Redwood City, CA - 1-13-2010 - I was outside playing with my son on our deck, and noticed a dark shape hovering about a mile south, I went inside to grab one of my cameras and shoot it. However when I went to photograph it I could see it in the view finder but it didn't appear after taking several shots. Soon after that I watched it almost jump over to redwood city, than I went back into my house to grab another camera and was able to take several photos of the object before it vanished.

NOTE: similar in shape / description to several other daylight sightings, most notably the instantaneous acceleration to another location...Lon from Phantoms and Monsters

a wee bit about alien human relations!

January 26, 2010

UFO or Meteor On Security Cam? UFO or Meteor On Security Cam? Video

Earth's twin planet will be found by the end of the year, leading astronomer says

The first Earth-like planet outside the solar system will have been discovered by the end of the year, one of the world's leading astronomers said yesterday.

Professor Michel Mayor, the scientist in charge of the team who detected the first extrasolar planet in 1995, claimed that the chance of finding a planet that is habitable for humans is now imminent.

The astronomer, of Geneva University, said that recent technological progress that allows the observation of planets outside the solar system now makes the prospect of locating a planet of a similar make-up to Earth extremely likely.

Professor Michel Mayor

Twin Earth: Professor Michel Mayor said yesterday that the chance of finding a planet outside the solar system that is habitable for humans is now imminent

Professor Mayor said that Nasa's Kepler spacecraft is likely to be the first to locate the ideal planet to sustain human life because it is carrying the largest telescope to ever have been sent beyond the Earth's orbit.

The telescope, which is in orbit around the Sun, is monitoring more than 100,000 stars every half hour and is focused on a star field in the Orion spiral arm of the Milky Way.

Array RadioTelescope

Professor Mayor said that Nasa's Kepler spacecraft is likely to be the first to locate the ideal planet to sustain human life because it is carrying the largest telescope to ever have been sent beyond the Earth's orbit

More than 400 extrasolar planets - or exoplanets - that orbit stars similar to the Sun have been discovered in the last 15 years, Professor Mayor told the conference.

Read more:


Have you ever seen this Symbol before? If so please email me

We are searching for its meaning and the origin of its design. Help us solve the mystery of this symbol.

January 25, 2010

Visits with a Abductee

To all those who have written to me about my interview with the woman in my article the Abductee I want to both thank you for all your emails and to let you know I have been able to arrange a second visit with this woman which will take place in February. I will try to incorporate some of the questions you sent in during my time with her.

Thank you for your time and visits
Chris Holly

Stone Age surgery discovered after 7,000-year-old man found with expertly amputated arm

Advanced: Stone Age men had more medical knowledge than first thought

Advanced: Stone Age men had more medical knowledge than first thought

Evidence of surgery carried out nearly 7,000 year ago has emerged – suggesting our Stone Age ancestors were more medically advanced than first thought.

Early Neolithic surgeons used a sharpened flint to amputate the left forearm of an elderly man, scientists have discovered.

And, more remarkable yet, they ensured the patient was anaesthetised and the limb cut off cleanly while the wound was treated afterwards in sterile conditions.

Scientists unearthed evidence of the surgery during work on tomb discovered at Buthiers-Boulancourt, about 40 miles south of Paris.

It suggests an incredible degree of medical knowledge was available in 4900BC and the revelation could force a reassessment of the history of surgery.

Researchers have also recently reported signs of two other Neolithic amputations in Germany and the Czech Republic.

It was known that Stone Age doctors performed trephinations, cutting through the skull, but not amputations.

‘The first European farmers were therefore capable of quite sophisticated surgical acts,’ said a spokesman for the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research.

C├ęcile Buquet-Marcon and Anaick Samzun, both archaeologists, and Philippe Charlier, a forensic scientist, discovered the Neolithic surgery while researching the tomb of an elderly man.

The man, who lived in the Linearbandkeramik period, when European hunter-gatherers settled down to agriculture, stock-breeding and pottery, was clearly important.

His grave was 6.5ft long - bigger than most - and contained a schist axe, a flint pick and the remains of a young animal, which are evidence of high status.

The most intriguing aspect, however, was the absence of forearm and hand bones.

Tests showed that the humerus bone had been cut above the trochlea indent at the end ‘in an intentional and successful amputation’.

Mrs Buquet-Marcon said that the patient, who is likely to have been a warrior, might have damaged his arm in a fall, animal attack or battle.

‘I don’t think you could say that those who carried out the operation were doctors in the modern sense that they did only that, but they obviously had medical knowledge,’ she said.

A flintstone almost certainly served as a scalpel.

Mrs Buquet-Marcon said that pain-killing plants were likely to have been used, perhaps the hallucinogenic Datura.

‘We don’t know for sure, but they would have had to find some way of keeping him still during the operation,’ she said.

Other plants, possibly sage, were probably used to clean the wound.

‘The macroscopic examination has not revealed any infection in contact with this amputation, suggesting that it was conducted in relatively aseptic conditions,’ said the scientists in an article for the journal Antiquity.

The patient survived the operation and, although he suffered from osteoarthritis, he lived for months, perhaps years, afterwards, tests revealed.

Despite the loss of his forearm, the contents of his grave showed that he remained part of the community.

‘His disability did not exclude him from the group,’ the researchers said.

Scientists to dig up Leonardo Da Vinci's bones

London, Jan 24 (ANI): A group of scientists is seeking permission to open the tomb in which Leonardo da Vinci is believed to lie, in a bid to reconstruct his face and discover whether his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is a disguised self-portrait.

Leonardo is laid at Amboise castle, in the Loire valley, where he died in 1519, aged 67.

The team from Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a leading association of scientists and art historians, wants to exhume the remains of the great painter to be able to throw new light on his most famous work, reports The Times.

( ahh come on boys leave Leonardo alone!)

read full article on Yahoo News

Aliens might not be friendly, warns astronomer

Do aliens exist? And would they be friendly?
Do aliens exist? And would they be friendly? Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The caution comes as more experts argue that the search for intelligent life should be stepped up.

Mr Marek Kukula, public astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, said: "Part of me is with the enthusiasts and I would like us to try to make proactive contact with a wiser, more peaceful civilisation."

But he warned: "We might like to assume that if there is intelligent life out there it is wise and benevolent, but of course we have no evidence for this.

"Given the consequences of contact may not be what we initially hoped for, then we need governments and the UN to get involved in any discussions," he told The Sunday Times.

read article in full @ Telegraph UK


I do not believe the the earth will end on December 21, 2012. I understand that is the given date for our planets to align in our solar system. I know many fear this event as the end of all things but I am not one of them.

My fears are for a time on earth that I refer to as the Era of 2012. I believe that we have placed many real facts and real science in a bag with many unknown facts and uncertain fears which has confused the facts with fears and keeping the subject in the world of the paranormal. I do think in this case the mixture of this thinking is a devastating situation as it has given many who are skeptical about things paranormal an easy out concerning the real and proven era we are entering.

There is no mistake that our earth goes through cycles that repeat. These cycles have been known and understood by science for a long time. We know volcanoes erupt. We know that earthquakes occur. Look at the horrid circumstances going on in Haiti from the 7.5 earthquakes that devastated the area and cost so many their lives.

Tsunamis are part of life on this planet as we learned watching the last large one take over a hundred thousand lives in Indonesia. I think it is obvious that we are entering the cycle of devastating earth changes that I consider the era of 2012.

Many things are due to happen as nature cycles through its normal routine. We have not been riding the surface of this planet long enough or have been able to record clearly what happened before our new era of technology. We are not experts yet on the facts of our history but have learned enough to know that we have had many huge earth changes before and are due to have them again.

For mankind the normal happening and routine of this planet still seems awkward and new. The earth however has been around for billions of years and it is going to do exactly what it needs to do. The fact we may not be able to handle the natural happenings is another story. I need to re word that and say the fact we may refuse to get ready and ride the natural cycles of things to come- that refusal is not the earth’s problem it is our problem.

For a time now we have known that hell is getting ready to hit earth as it throws it self into what it does and has done from its start. The earth moves its crust, earthquakes hit and they can be devastating. It is something we need to learn to handle. I do not think building large cities along active earthquake areas was our best idea knowing only time would be between the earth in those areas staying solid or quaking with great force. The same thought has to be given to volcanoes, flood areas and tornado lanes. We know it is going to happen yet live in denial becoming deer locked in head lights when they hit.

Yellowstone is one of the world’s biggest super volcanoes. It has blown in the past and it is timed to blow again. We know this, we know it is becoming active, and yet we seem to sit around in denial that this world event is something we need to contemplate and deal with. I do admit that I do know two different men of science who took a trip to Yellow stone. Both returned back to their homes located close to that part of the country and sold their homes, found new jobs and moved to the eastern section of the United States that is considered a safe distance from the destruction area that this volcano would destroy.

I listen daily to those who quickly dismiss, laugh at or ridicule those who try to discuss the 2012 fear. I understand that since 2012 has had many hands trying to use the subject to cause fear for profit the subject has become confused. Of all the paranormal subjects 2012 has been bounced around by both the world of science and the frauds of the paranormal leaving 2012 with a bad name.

I often write about the fact I do not think the earth will end on December 21, 2012. I think those who sit in fear of that exact day or think living past that exact day is all needed are not thinking this out clearly at all.

It seems obvious to me that this earth and its place in this solar system in this universe is going to do what it has many times before and shake itself, slap its self around and cause hell for all living things upon it.

Along with all the internal changes and natural weather cycles due to take place on the earth we have the additional concerns of the sun and its cycles, which for earth can be problematic.

We have lived through the sun blasting our planet with flares before without too much damage or concern to mankind. The difference for us now is that during those explosive events on the sun we were not an energy driven society of technology.

We were living with fire and horses as our energy sources. We rose at sunset and went to bed at nightfall with hours of hard work in-between as our survival method.

We did not have communications, air travel, cars, refrigeration or any of the technologies of modern life. However, that is not how the world spins today.

Solar flares could wipe out our energy grid. We would be without electric, phone, cell phones, communications, air travel, transportation, and every other modern convenience our society uses to survive today.

We would be thrown back 200 years in a day’s time. This would bring hysteria, hunger, panic and survival of man to a place it has not known and is not equipped to deal with. It could take three or four months or three or four years to re-establish any degree of return to a normal energy grid. The question is can any of us survive that considering our present lifestyles?

Along with these natural earth and solar concerns we have other items to add to this era of 2012.

I watch the sky over my home every day. I watch as the continuation without hesitation of odd spraying goes on over the New York area. I watch as the planes zig zag in odd patterns precise lines that work together to build a sky full of fake clouds and large masses of stuff that hovers over our heads doing whatever it is it does in our atmosphere.

I am hopeful that this incredible undertaking that has been going on for many years is a attempt to keep the earth and earthlings alive and able to weather that which may be due to come. I am hopeful that all the spraying is a method of counter acting the effects of extreme weather changes or tremendous damage from a sun timed to hit us with its fury. I know that there are many ideas of why this spraying is taking place. I can only hope it is for the good of mankind. We certainly do not need anything else stacked against us at this time in history- in this era of 2012.

I have written about all of this many times before. I keep trying to get this warning out about this 2012 era which may have started around 2000 and mayl last until 2020 or longer. I keep trying to get those who read what I say and toss it aside with a yawn as boring or ridiculous to wake up. If you do not believe me go research all the things I have talked about. Read the facts, find the sources and then decide if your yawn is worth your life? For those who consider this all-paranormal nonsense I dare you to do the same. To all the skeptics among you- I especially suggest you use all your science links or connections to test what I am telling you before you laugh this off or feel it is not your concern.

Not understanding your place on this earth may be a sad and fatal mistake during this era of 2012. It is a time to prepare for what may come to the best of your ability.

It is a time to have a family plan for disasters. It is a time to stock a light source and try to have a heat source for heat and cooking. It is a time to have extra food and supplies. It is a time to give these things some thought and action. It is without question not a time to sit and do nothing. The future may be the days of those who did and those who did nothing being the difference in survival or not.

I realize some of you are well prepared. I also know many of you do nothing at all to help you or your family as far as disasters are concerned. All I can tell you is to look to those who now face horrific circumstances like the earthquake in Haiti and ask your self truthfully how you would fare if it were your city, your town, your home and family in that disaster. I promise you those with a shovel, those with some water and food; those with light at night are those with hope for a tomorrow.

Stop falling into the mold of the numb and entertained and understand that the era of 2012 is not a fairy tale; it is not a silly internet story- it is real, it is here, and you are the one it is about.

I hope nothing bad ever happens again on this earth. That statement is truly unrealistic and sadly impossible. I can only warn you that slacking off facts and ignoring all warnings as ridiculous is not the road to secure your welfare during this juncture in History. I think the key to life on earth during this time is to be aware of what is going on around you and prepared for what may come.

I hope every word I have written is wrong and we all live in happy peace and safety in a healthy way. I hope come 2025 someone finds this old article and laughs how silly this writer was to think any of those things would happen. I will gladly be a fool if all of you will trust to the side of safety instead of sorry when it comes to the era of 2012.

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January 24, 2010

Strange Places on Mars

Visit the site on Wired Science to see all the other interesting photos of Mars

well done video UFOs and voices of believers Video

January 23, 2010

Interesting video of object over Haiti and Incredible possible Bat migration UFO Over Haiti After Quake Video

This video is very interesting as I am pretty sure I know what it is. I use to see this all the time living along a river that was connected to two huge state parks which had miles of forested areas. This is a BAT migration. Until you see it with your own eyes you cannot believe it. This is exactly what I think is being seen on this video. They sort of fly banging into each other as they migrate from one area to another. They move in these strange wave like large clouds. It is amazing to see. What the heck is this? Video

January 22, 2010

She Was Saying Goodbye...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The following is a true personal experience:

In 1977, it was confirmed that my great Aunt Lydie was suffering from lung cancer. The prognosis was not good and the doctors stated that she had very little time to live despite the fact that her illness didn't slow her down. After a stint in the hospital, she returned home and continued her normal routine.

Lydie was my mother's aunt, my grandfather's sister and would always open her home and kitchen to the family. The fact is that she practically raised my mother since my grandparents both worked. Her and my uncle owned a well-kept home in the south central Pennsylvania countryside that was surrounded by cornfields and woodlands. When I was a boy, I would take long hikes along the dirt roads as well as hunt for squirrel and deer in their woods. When I'd return to the house, my aunt would have a big hug and food on the table. I was very close to my Aunt Lydie.

I had been married to my first wife about a year and was living outside of Baltimore, MD. My mother also lived in Maryland but about 15 miles from me. The family kept daily contact with Lydie and we all continued to visit her to make sure the house was maintained even though we lived an hour away. Lydie seemed resilient and didn't let her illness get her down.

One late night, my wife and I were in bed asleep when 'something' woke me. I rolled on my back, opened my eyes and noticed that the room seemed to be illuminated somehow. By that time, my wife had also awaken and was wondering aloud as to why the room had lightened.

We sat up and looked around the room in amazement. I was just about to get out of bed to check on my baby daughter when suddenly, a white billowy apparition started to materialize by the foot of the bed. The form was about 5 feet in height and continued to take a distinct form. Little by little, the spectre developed into the likeness of my Aunt Lydie.

As I looked at the apparition's face, I could see the mouth and eyes moving. It looked directly at me as it seemed like it was trying to tell me something. Both arms started to raise as if it wanted to hug me...the same way my Aunt Lydie would do when I'd walk through her kitchen door. My wife was motionless, shocked and scared out of her mind! She jumped out of bed and ran into my daughter's bedroom, slamming the door behind her. By this time, the apparition started to dissipate and was completely gone after a few seconds.

I sat on the bed utterly astonished. Honestly, this wasn't the first ghost or phantom I had seen but it definitely was the most unforgettable. Then it struck Aunt Lydie was dead.

I looked at the alarm clock which read 2:33am. Just then, the telephone on the nightstand started to ring. I picked up the receiver and it was my mother calling.

"Lon...don't get upset. But, did you see Lydie?" I acknowledge to her that I had. She continued, "Well, Mom (my grandmother) called me and said Lydie had come to say goodbye to her and Daddy (my grandfather)."

Well, by this time, I was totally freaked out. The fact that we all lived in separate locations many miles apart and that the spectre of my Aunt Lydie had visited us at the same time was mind least to this, then, 20 year old.

In the morning we were told that my aunt had been rushed to the hospital a little after 2:00am and had died in the emergency room at 2:27am after suffering a massive stroke.

That night is emblazoned in my mind and I'm grateful Aunt Lydie had the opportunity to say goodbye.

Written by Lon of Phantoms and Monsters

January 21, 2010

Will 2010 Be the Year of the Perfect UFO Photo?

I have a friend who is very interested in UFO’s aliens and all that goes with it. This friend has been watching the paranormal world for many years. He watches for all the newest video’s and photos that he can find on the subjects. He reads all the popular sites and watches all the popular specials and shows he can find.

I often talk to him about the latest sightings, as my main interest in the paranormal is UFO activity and other life forms visiting us here on earth.

My friend and I were talking about how many people we both know in our private lives that have had sightings of UFO's. We were amazed at how many of our friends and relatives had seen what is considered a UFO or USO.

We were discussing the huge amounts of sightings across the world over the last few years noting that the sightings seem to be increasing with each year. My friend then asked me a question that I really could not answer. He asked me why we really do not seem to have many really clear good photos or videos of these things considering how many people all over the world see them, photograph them or catch them on a video?

I thought about his question and did not have a good answer. He was right. We have tons of photos from a distance as well as video’s. The one thing we do not seem to be able to produce is a clear detailed crisp shot of a UFO or its inhabitants taken during the past few years of all the increased sightings.

Years ago we rarely walked around with cameras much less equipment that could record a video. The chances of seeing an unknown craft or creature while armed with the right camera or video device were rather low. We were having sightings but we were never prepared to catch them on a camera.

Now that we live in a world of constant communication and technology there does not seem to be a time people are not without a camera or video device slapped somewhere on their body as they walk through daily routines. It is also a time of increased information sharing and attentions being given to topics like UFO’s due to the inter net and cable type mass media.

The reports of people seeing, taking photos of or video's of strange lights and objects in our sky has increased. However the quality of what is captured always seems to be questionable. It is a fair question to ask why no one seems to be able to capture one clear pure no questions asked lovely shot of a UFO and its inhabitants.

I can suggest reasons but I have to be honest and say it really remains the one open door of skeptical thinking that we have no answer to.

It could be a simple case of being stunned and lacking in the skill to operate our cell phone cameras and video abilities that make so many or them questionable and sloppy.

It could be that the objects are often too far to capture clearly. It could be most sightings occur at night or under cloudy conditions. It could be the objects are cloaked and only seen for such a short time that reacting with ones camera is almost impossible. It could be many things I am not able to think of. The one thing that is clear is that we really do not have those perfect no denying it UFO photos.

Part of the problem with the have with the believers and non believers of UFOs and aliens is wrapped up with the fact we do on seem to be able to pin down one perfectly clear no denying bigger then life photo or video by a reliable source of a UFO or its inhabitants.

Add to this the devastation done to this subject by all the childish attention seeking frauds producing fake photos and videos and the subject of visiting life forms and crafts remains dark, dumped on and depressed.

Maybe today’s population spends too much time attached to the machines and the technology of our time and not enough time looking around, up at the sky or for that matter outside at all. How many spend hours in front of some type of screen either working or being entertained. I find it astounding that now we hook up to yet more screens to simulate playing games or exercising instead of going outside and playing the game or exercising.

I think if we mastered our tech ability to take photos and videos and actually spent time outside looking around we would come up with fantastic proof of what is going on around us. Think about this the next time you walk to your car while texting a pal or with your cell phone attached to your ear. I wonder what you would see if you simply walked along looking around and watching your sky.

I also know many have sightings when they least expect them. A good friend of mine and I saw a very strange light over the Long Island Sound this summer. I was not able to do anything about it as I had taken a bad fall in her yard and we were on the ground dealing with my twisted leg when we noticed a large diamond shape object hanging over the water. It was an incredible sight yet I was not able to catch it on my phone cam as I was flat out on my back trying to get to my feet at the time. I also know that if I had been able to fumble in my pockets to figure out if I had my phone with me it would have been too late to catch the object before it took off. I am a failure at figuring out how to operate my cell phone camera or video ability. Maybe others like me also have had incredible sightings yet were ill equipped to capture them.

I am hopeful that with the New Year of 2010 we will start to pay attention to what lurks around and above us and someone somewhere will finally get that one perfect no denying it photo or video of that which hovers above us all over this planet.

I am going to pull out my directions and fight with my own cell phone camera and video option until I master the darn thing. I want to be ready when I see incredible chem.- trails or strange things mixed with our clouds and night skies. We have to be a bit less consumed with our technology and more consumed with our surroundings. Who knows what we can learn if we hang up our phones and keep our eyes to the skies, dark nights and mysteries that stand all around and above us.

Maybe you will be the one to take that fantastic photo or video of that we think of as the unknown. Be careful out there and keep looking up.

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January 20, 2010

A Very Good Show on The Crop Circle Subject Crop Circles - The Best Evidence Video

this is a full show but very interesting on the subject of these fascinating formations found all over the world.

Mexico: Airbus A-320 Flies Near UFO

Photo's below found on Phantoms and Monsters

January 21 2010 found on Inexplicata

On Monday, January 18, 2010, a Mexicana de Aviaciaon Airbus-A320 flew close to a UFO as it went over Xochimilco, according to Alfonso Salazar (UFO researcher and aviation technician)

This occurred as the airliner made its climbing maneuvers to achieve an appropriate altitude for a straight and level flight. The time was 11:55 a.m.

The Mexican airliner flew some 200 meters form a spherical, seemingly metallic object that changed colors (from aluminum gray to brilliant red). The aircraft was heading east of Mexico City while the object headed south.

According to unofficial data, and under excellent meteorological conditions, the UFO was detected visually as it flew at an approximate altitude of 10,000 meters.

Personnel from MCIA (Mexico City International Airport) had access to the information. It is worth noting that this area, particularly the one near Xochimilco, has become known for its reports of similar objects: metallic spheres that fly over the water, nearly touching the canal's surface.

UFOs were recorded on previous days (January 16 and 17) in the air corridor near the Airport:

January 18, 2010

Body With 'Very Long' Fingers Discovered On Plum Island

wpix - An alleged mutated human body washed ashore on Plum Island, a small island where the U.S. Government typically studies dangerous animal diseases.

A security guard on foot patrol reportedly discovered the clothed decomposing body Thursday afternoon on the southwest beach area of the island, where access is restricted, police said.

The body was described as that of a white male about 6-feet tall with a large build and "very long" fingers. According to authorities, there were no obvious signs of trauma.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Suffolk County medical examiner in order to determine an exact cause of death.

Plum Island, which is located about 100 miles northeast of New York City in the Long Island Sound, has been called a potential target for terrorists because of its stock of vaccines and diseases.

found on Phantoms and Monsters

Always Keep Looking Up!


January 17, 2010

January 15, 2010

A Giant Video GIANTS the secrets & the myth Video

this video is very long however something different that is interesting in a BIG way!
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