Tis the Season

Tis the Season

June 27, 2010

June 27th 2010




Documents show vast cleanup of Plum Island land


GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – Government documents obtained by The Associated Press show extensive efforts since 2000 to remove vast amounts of waste and contaminants from Plum Island, site of top-secret Army germ warfare research and decades of studies of dangerous animal diseases.

Yet some environmentalists remain concerned about the secrecy surrounding the 840-acre, pork chop-shaped island off northeastern Long Island — and they're dubious of any claims that pollution has been remedied.

FILE -This undated file photo provided by the ...

"We are highly concerned that when the government acts alone they may not be doing the best job," said Adrienne Esposito, executive director of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "Every government cleanup needs the public's involvement and independent oversight to ensure its validity."

The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to sell the island 100 miles east of Manhattan and build a new high-security laboratory in Kansas to study animal diseases.


Documents, some obtained by the AP under the Freedom of Information Law, reveal that hundreds of tons of medical waste, contaminated soil and other refuse have been shipped off the island for disposal. Other island sites have been cleaned in compliance with federal regulations, the reports indicate.

Also, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers determined in 2006 that no munitions or ordnance remain from the Army base on Plum Island that once housed as many as 4,000 troops from the Spanish-American War through World War II. And as late as 2007, New York government inspection reports said there is no environmental threat on the island.

Plum Island's remote location, restricted public access, and best-selling books have all helped fuel a mystique about what goes on there. It wasn't until the early 1990s that tours of the facility were given to the news media — about the time the government declassified files revealing secret germ warfare research there in the 1950s. The last media tour was in 2004.

Before the island, its ferry dock and mainland offices can be sold, the General Services Administration, which manages federal properties, is studying the environmental impact of the research activities. A draft is expected by summer's end and public hearings will follow.

"There has been some EPA investigation and remediation," said Bob DeLuca, president of the Group for the East End, which focuses on environmental issues. What has not been assessed — and what we have asked for is — what is the legacy of contamination?"

The Preserve Plum Island Coalition, a new consortium of more than two dozen environmental groups, opposes the sale. Spokesman John Turner said the island should not be developed because it is home to a number of endangered bird species and other wildlife. "We want it (the sale) to be reversed," Turner said. "We think there are very significant ecological, natural and cultural resources on the island."

That's a view shared by author Nelson DeMille, who wrote a 1997 murder mystery with Plum Island as the backdrop. He says it would be best to close the lab and open a nature preserve.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Timothy Bishop questions the wisdom of moving the lab to Kansas. He estimates the sale could fetch $50 to $80 million but says building the new facility would cost 10 times that much. DHS, which took over Plum Island operations in 2003, considered several locations, including Plum Island, before choosing a site at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan.

But questions remain; the Senate last year ordered DHS to study whether operating a lab and studying pathogens in the "beef belt" could imperil America's livestock industry. DHS has determined that an accidental release of foot-and-mouth disease would have a $4.2 billion impact on the economy, regardless of the lab's location.

A 2006 Army report noted how the Chemical Warfare Service researched pathogens in the 1950s that could be used for "both defensive and offensive purposes" on a variety of animals. The island was used because of federal laws banning germ warfare research on the U.S. mainland.

Army records also indicate at least hog cholera virus and Newcastle disease, a virus of poultry and other birds, were "field tested" on Plum Island, but the report noted it was never clearly established "how many other viruses the CWS may have used in their research."

A former Plum Island administrator, David Huxsoll, told the AP that anthrax, a lethal disease affecting humans and animals, was studied for decades in the facility's bio-containment lab. The bacteria can form dormant spores able to survive long periods in the environment. Scientists have also studied foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, and other foreign animal diseases.

Gigi Gronvall, a senior associate at the University of Pittsburgh-based Center for Biosecurity, said there was little need to worry about any residual disease contamination. "I'd say it's extremely unlikely that any pathogens could have been released," Gronvall said. "Those labs are designed to be one of the barriers between the pathogens and the environment."

A 2007 DEC letter confirmed the island's motor pool and nearly 20 other locations on the island had been cleaned to comply with the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. In some instances, sites were excavated and contaminated soil was removed to landfills.

DEC spokesman Bill Fonda added that between 2000 and 2007, some 970 tons of medical waste — material that could not be burned in one of the lab's incinerators — was taken from 10 Plum Island sites to landfills in Pennsylvania.

Another building which DEC says was certified as clean was Building 257, the subject of the 2004 best-selling book "Lab 257" by attorney Michael Carroll. He believes Plum Island's mysterious past inspired the move to Kansas.

"Plum Island raised too many red flags," Carroll said. "I think that's why they decided to pick up and move somewhere else."

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Alien or Not a Alien - You Decide- I Sort of Think He Runs Away Like a Typical Human in a Great Costume See what you think

This footage was taken at around eleven or twelve at night in rural Alberta on June 7th 2010. A few days prior to this, me and my brother had been hearing noises from the yard at night and thought we had seen something out the window, so we decided to keep a camera handy in case it happened again. As you can see, the footage we captured shows a tall creature with a strange manner of walking. It had quite large hands with three fingers each and appeared to almost go completely invisible at times. One of the strangest features of this being was it's almost metallic looking skin.

UFOs are commonly seen in Alberta. Real or a clever UFO/extraterrestrial hoax? What do you think?




chemtrailspray.jpg picture by chrisholly_2009

Imagine a family holiday. The house is filled with family and friends. The rooms are filled with the smells of Turkey cooking and apple pies cooling. A fire cracks in the fireplace as everyone gets ready to sit down at a beautiful table set for this wonderful occasion. As the family finds their way around the large table all seems right with the world- until cousin Harry walks in. Harry a rather overweight hairy man well past his prime plows through the room and plops down completely naked in full view of one and all -young and old.

The group of family and friends now have a decision to make that will not only control all future family holidays but all future days in general. If they ignore the fact old Harry is sitting there in all his hairy naked glory chances are he will attend every holiday or family get together in the same way. If they ignore his large nude presence Harry may continue this practice over to shopping, working, and picking the kids up from school, completely naked.

The family has a choice. They can demand an explanation for his behavior and insist he stop at once and find his knickers and sweater or slink away , look away and let Harry destroy the family holidays and perhaps life as they know it.

After all who wants to deal with life with a large daily dose of a hairy naked cousin Harry replacing what should be lovely family memories and moments?

The future of them all depends on how they handle Harry and his naked actions.

This is what is happening to our extended family, our society. Instead of the our ignoring a naked cousin Harry destroying our traditions we are ignoring what is going on over our heads that could possibly destroy our world as we know it.

We all sit as family around our home, this planet , while strange and unexplained spraying of our skies takes place each and every day and no one is saying a thing.

I think the lack of concern to this phenomenon is indifference to that which we do not recognize as a problem that could concern us directly. I think most of your reaction is due to lives filled with stress that simply cannot find time to worry about what is going on over our heads. I think it is easier for most to ignore the sky with so many other things taking our time. I also think we are under the assumption that someone will stop it if it is really bad.

Unfortunately all of that thinking is why we were so shocked when 911 occurred. Sadly that was our thinking when Hurricane Katrina destroyed so much of the gulf coast region. And now we face the fact that this exact lack of care or thinking seems to be the route of the catastrophic oil leak in the gulf that will remain a crisis for a very long time.

It seems to me we all have decided to let cousin Harry walk around naked without control or care until we have a world full of perverted hairy nude dudes running a muck.

People please take a moment and listen to those trying to bring your attention to what is taking place over our heads.

Our skies are filled with aircraft dumping huge amounts of something all over the world. Do not waste your time trying to get out of dealing with this by waving it away with the idiotic idea it is normal exhaust from normal air traffic . What is going on IS NOT con-trails. What is happening is a massive worldwide spraying of some type of substance that lasts for hours and turns a perfectly normal sky into a huge odd covered sky of long lingering cloud like mountains of whatever it is they are soaking our sky with.

There are many people trying to find answers to this ongoing event. The major problem however is the fact the public seems to not care at all. This lack of interest by the masses is why those trying to find answers are met with deaf ears and mute responses from those who should be responsible for our air space. We are simply allowing something awful to happen to us without so much as a question or even a bit of normal curiosity.

I have been trying to get people to pay attention to the sky and what is happening above them for years. I have had little to no luck at all finding people to show concern to what I consider a huge world event. I have come to the conclusion that part of what they are spraying has to be a form of dummy juice that keeps the public numb dumb and indifferent to the world around them.

I am really confused about what is taking place around us and to us. I think at this point I am even more concerned that none of you seem to care.

I recently read about how the seed companies that supply our farmers the seeds they use to grow the food we eat are being engineered to grow with a tolerance to a list of chemicals used in the fertilizers and pesticides needed for strong crops. I do not know if I am comfortable with eating engineered food. I am not sure what that will do or mean to us in our future.

Shortly after reading that article I read about a group of people who have been collecting what is being sprayed from the chem-trail jets to have it analyzed . To my shock I found that the list of chemicals found in the spraying of the jets was similar to the same list that the seed is being engineered to tolerate. I find this coincidence a bit frightening.

I do not know what is going on in our air space. I do not know why we are tampering with our world with all the added chemical mixtures we are being exposed to via our food supply and sky. I have no answers only questions.

My main question however has to be - Why don't you care?

I do not want to live in a world of naked hairy cousin Harry type men sitting at my dinner table . I know I would throw a robe over Harry and try to make sure it did not happen again.

I am sure most of you would do the same. I doubt many of you with family would allow that kind of behavior to take place during your next large family holiday event.

I am just really confused why you would allow something as odd as your sky being taken over and your world to be sprayed without even a look or reaction. As I said the reaction or non reaction of all of you is the most astonishing part of the chem- trail issue.

I will continue to throw blankets over any Harry I come across and question what is being done to our world. I just wish I did not feel so lonely doing it.

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Water Flowed on Mars More Recently Than Thought
By Staff

Water flowed on Mars as recently as several hundred million years ago when sunlight melted a thin layer of glacier ice, researchers now say.

The evidence lies in dozens of channels on Mars carved by melting glacier water during the cold, dry period that has dominated the red planet for the past 3.5 billion years, researchers said. Such youthful evidence surprised scientists, because it suggests that running water existed on Mars much more recently than previously found.

"We think of [post-Noachian] Mars as really, really cold and really, really dry, so the fact that these exist, in those kinds of conditions, is changing how we view the history of water on the planet," said study leader Caleb Fassett, a planetary geologist at Brown University in Providence, RI.

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This may be something that would bring alien intervention in to the open- I doubt this would be a welcome cosmos answer to the asteroid problem.

Nuclear Bombs Could Save Earth from Asteroids
By Denise Chow Staff Writer
posted: 25 June 2010

If a massive asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and threatening to sterilize the entire planet, blasting it to pieces with nuclear bombs might seem fit for a Hollywood movie. But, it could, in fact, be a viable solution to the potentially apocalyptic event, according to scientists who have studied asteroids and possible solutions to prevent Earth impacts.

There are some strings attached: The interloping space rock would have to pose a definite asteroid threat to Earth in a relatively short timeframe to justify such a drastic option, the scientists said. And blowing up an asteroid runs the risk of creating more debris to worry about later, they added.

If an asteroid was expected to collide with Earth within the next 50 years, using nuclear explosives to divert or disperse the hostile space rock could be the best alternative, explained David Dearborn, a research physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Calif.

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Romans killed dozens of unwanted babies at English 'brothel'

A farmer's field in Buckinghamshire has yielded a grisly secret - it was the burial ground for nearly 100 tiny babies slaughtered by the Romans.

The site is suspected of being an ancient brothel and the 97 newborns could have been the unwanted babies of prostitutes, experts say.

With little or no effective contraception available to the Romans, who also considered infanticide less shocking than it is today, they may have simply murdered the children as soon as they were born.

The Yewden Villa excavations at Hambleden

The Yewden Villa excavations at Hambleden in 1912. Archaelogists have found the remains of 97 babies at the site

Archaeologists believe locals may have systematically killed and buried the helpless youngsters on the site near Hambleden.

Measurements of their bones show all the babies died at around 40 weeks gestation, suggesting very soon after birth. If they had died from natural causes, they would have been different ages.


Airliner Passenger Photographs UFO

Source: Con Nuestro Perú ( and Planeta UFO
Date: June 24, 2010

Peru: Airliner Passenger Photographs UFO

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was photographed during a commercial flight over Perú.

The object was seen in broad daylight on June 18th during a TACA flight headed from Lima to Piura.

The object is visible along with some detail of the aircraft's wing. Around 3:00 p.m., one of the TACA passengers saw the object beyond one of the wings.

Not believeing what he was seeing, the passenger alerted other travelers, and was able to ascertain that they were seeing the same thing.

He then reached for his camera and took these photos, which were turned over to Con Nuestro Perú

The passenger is a renowned attorney who requested confidentiality.

[Aside from the considerable quality of the images, and the corroboration by fellow passengers, the fact that the Piura region has become known for its luminous phenomena is also noteworthy. See "The Piura Lights" entry earlier this year in INEXPLICATA -- SC] found on Inexplicata



MUFON sighting June 19th 2010 UT USA
We were visiting the Golden Spike National Monument in Utah. I took many photographs while at the Monumetn. After we returned home I was going throught the images and noticed that there was something strange in the image I attached. I checked my camara and lenses to see if it may have been on my equipment but didn't fine any dust or dirt on or in the camara or lense.

I was ask by a friend to enlarge the object in the image, which I did and pasted it back in the image for compairsion.

I have no idea what it is, thought it was cool when I noticed it.



UFO blamed for missing plane in African Congo region, Alien seen walking around

UFO blamed for missing plane in African Congo region, Alien seen walking around

The Australian government has vowed to leave "no stone unturned" in its search to find a group of mining executives whose plane went missing in West Africa.

The plane was carrying nine passengers, including Ken Talbot, one of the richest man in Australia. The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said, "This is deeply concerning to all of us." He was referring to UFO seen in the area.

Some tribal people observered that a large spaceship had landed in the area where the plane went missing few hours later. According to one of the tribesman, "A orange color, 8-feet with four limb creature walked out of the spaceship."

However the West African nation has disputed this claim and said that tribesmen could not be trusted as they loath us for mining their forest. There has been some animosity building up between the government and these tribesmen.

"The plane has been missing since Saturday and all they could do is send military personal to search the area," said one of the Australian whose doctor was on this plane. "If my doctor won’t return, I will have to find another doctor, which is rare these days," said the Mr. Wolf.

Aside six Australians, there were two British, two French and one American were also onboard the aircraft.

The space creature was seen walking with the plane on his shoulder. "He is so big that he can pick the plain like a toothpick and carry," said one of the local tribal residents. They have never seen something like this before.

According to UFO experts from Australia as well as US, this is the first evidence of alien being seen with naked eyes. Before this, there were only rumors and now it has been confirmed.

However Australian and Congo Government have vows to get back their plane and men.

UFO blamed for missing plane in African Congo region, Alien seen
Aliens by mauriceguerrieri.

Royal astronomer: 'Aliens may be staring us in the face'

Aliens may be “staring us in the face” in a form humans are unable to recognise, the Queen’s astronomer has said.

Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen, said the existence of extra terrestrial life may be beyond human understanding.

He made the remarks shortly after hosting the national science academy’s first conference on the possibility of alien life.

“They could be staring us in the face and we just don’t recognise them. The problem is that we’re looking for something very much like us, assuming that they at least have something like the same mathematics and technology,” he said.

“I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

Lord Rees used the conference in January, entitled The Detection of Extra-terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society, to ask whether the discovery of aliens would cause terror or delight on earth.

He told Prospect magazine that improved telescopes made the chance of finding extra-terrestrial life “better than ever”.

But Dr Frank Drake, the world’s leading “ET hunter”, told the conference that satellite TV and the “digital revolution” was making humanity invisible to aliens by cutting the transmission of TV and radio signals into space.

At present, the Earth is surrounded by a 50 light year-wide "shell" of radiation from analogue TV, radio and radar transmissions. But although the signals have spread far enough to reach many nearby star systems, they are rapidly vanishing in the wake of digital technology, according to Dr Drake.

The scientist, who founded the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence organisation in the United States, said digital TV signals would look like noise to a race of observing aliens.

My recent interviews with the group of Real Time Abductees has been incredible. I have been talking with the abductee group of four and have decided to write about each abductee separately before writing about what they had to say as a group.

The group of people I refer to as real time abductees are people who were going along their normal day fully awake and aware of their surrounding when they were over taken against their will . The people in this group all remember the start of their abductions and being returned. They all have little or no recall of the lost time while they were taken. They do have flashes of recall concerning what took place during the encounters.

The group of real time abductees I was able to join together consisted of three women and one man. I recently wrote an article about the man's experiences. I will be writing about one of the three women today.

While living on the east coast of the United States the woman I will be writing about in this article had her first lost time experience as a young professor at a local New England College.

It took place in the late 70's when she was teaching a night course . She lived about ten minutes from the campus where she taught. She followed the same schedule each week. She finished her night class at the same time . She was newly married and made it a habit to quickly leave once the class ended so she could make it home quickly to have some time with her new husband before the day ended.

It was her routine to leave the campus making it home between 8:45 and 9P.M. after her night class. She did not stop along the way home and always took the exact same route.

The night of her first lost time abduction she finished her class on time and walked to her car like she did every other night . She remembers walking to her car with another professor. All at this point was completely normal. She started her car and headed towards the parkway she traveled to drive home. She remembers the highway having the usual light traffic. Nothing seemed unusual up to that point.

That is all she remembers.

Her young husband however was at home waiting for her to return. Her usual time had come and gone and she did not return home. Once she was an hour late he called the school. They told him she left on time . He waited another half an hour and called the police to see if there had been any accidents. None were reported.

Once she was two hours late he started to call family members and friends. He called his brother and asked him to come over to man the phone so he could follow her normal route in case she was broken down on the road.

The woman's husband traced her route but could not find her. He searched the campus as well as every place he could think of that she may have stopped on the way home.

Now nearly three hours late the husband decided to return home and to call the police. He decided to call the local hospitals before calling the police to see if she had run off the road or become ill on the way home.

As he was on the phone with one of the local hospitals he heard her pull in to the driveway.

The young college professor was ill and confused. She was shaking and upset. Her car was burned on the hood . trunk and roof. The inside of the car had a horrible odor of sulfur, mold and chemicals. She was bent over in stomach pain and vomiting. She had a fever.

She remembered driving home on the parkway. The next thing she recalls is waking up in a dark parking lot on the passenger side of her front seat. Her keys were in the ignition however the car was cold dark and not running. She told her husband she was the only car in the lot of what appeared to be a large factory of some kind.

She was dizzy and had a terrible headache. Her eyes burned and she felt ill all over as if she had the flu. She did not know how she got there. She had no memory of driving to this place. She had no idea what this place was . She did not recall falling asleep or feeling ill when she left the campus. She was frightened and confused.

Alone and terrified she started her car and started to drive looking for a way out of the large empty parking lot. She found an exit and could see lights ahead and drove towards them. She did not recognize her surroundings and still had no idea where she was. She kept driving until she found a large sign for a main expressway she knew ahead. She followed the signs and entered the ramp to the expressway. She drove for a few miles before finding signs along the expressway that indicated she was far from her home. She stayed on the expressway for two hours in the direction of her home town .Finally she f found her way back to the highway that took her home. It took her nearly three hours to get home.

When she arrived home her husband had to help wash the awful smell off of her and get her to bed. She was covered with the same smell from the interior of the car. She had a red rash similar to hives on her back . She was weak. sick to her stomach and terrified.

She did not know how she was taken to that parking lot and how she was able to cover what should have been a six hour car round trip car ride in three hours. She had no idea what happened . The ordeal left her so frightened she was not able to stay alone or return to work for about two weeks after the incident.

The burns on her car could not be explained. The smell took days of washing to remove from inside the car. The young professor refused to drive alone at night from that point on. Her husband knew something horrible happened to her yet could not explain what. He drove her to and from work during her night class's and still does to this day.

Over the years this abductee and her husband have both experienced lost time events . They were both taken twice while on vacation . The ordeals were so traumatic it forever ended car trips or visiting locations that are not fully populated .

Their shared encounters were very much like that of the first one she had driving home from the college campus. They would be driving to a destination and could remember when they started out and what they were talking about as they were on their way when without warning they would find themselves in their car miles away from their destination in places they did not know feeling ill and disoriented.

The time they last recall before the encounters begin and the time they wake up in a strange location usually is about three hours of lost time. The distance away from their original starting point also has been further than it would have been possible for them to have driven in the time that was lost.

The college professor and her husband decided to end all car trips after their last lost time event which occurred in 2003. They refuse to make it easy for these frightening disturbing events to take place.

This couple is very concerned about their privacy concerning these events. They both hold positions that could be damaged seriously if they were labeled as people believing they were having abduction encounters.

The few times this couple tried to discuss their abduction events with family or friends were met with rejection, insult and warnings for them to stop mentioning ridiculous things. Without any support at all this couple has had to keep this part of their life hidden.

Both of them fear being known in connection with the lost time events as much as they fear the actural events . It is sad that those being taken must live this way without help due to the public and media's reaction and abuse to those suffering the ordeals. We have a great deal to learn on this earth.

This woman is the most traumatized of all the abductees I have spoken to concerning her encounters. She is so fearful of what has happened to her and her husband that she becomes extremely upset and emotional when discussing their experiences.

She is terrified someone will try to hypnotize her against her will and is determined to never recall any of what happened during her lost time events. Her terror is so over whelming that she lives in constant fear that she may recall what took place.

She is angry at those involved with researching or reporting the paranormal as the first thing they try to do is expose the privacy of those enduring the events followed by wanting to hypnotize the abductees to fully recall the abduction. She feels that the selfish motives of those in the paranormal field is based first and foremost on personal gain or fame with the last consideration being discovery or truth of what is happening to so many who are taken. She also fears being thrown in to one box with those who report false experiences. She knows that they are a main reason she has been laughed at and warned not to discuss her experiences.

She fights all attempts of recall and quickly shakes off any flash of memory she may have. This woman is absolutely horrified of what happened to her. Her fear is so powerful she has blocked all recall in order to prevent facing what happened to her during her encounters.

She has suffered many odd physical problems over the years. She has had many miscarriages including unexplainable massive bleeding as well as finding she has severe damage to her reproductive system. She also suffered strange weight changes going from being obese to thin in a short period of time without any changes in her eating habits.

She is extremely fearful of talking about her encounters. She fear that being honest will only bring her ridicule and career problems. She also feels that the medical community may turn their backs on her and refuse to help her if she ever mentioned her lost time abductions encounters.

This woman has closed down completely to who or what has been taking her. The only thing she will say is that they are so horrific she cannot allow her mind to ever go there .

This woman lives in constant fear and does not trust anyone or anything. She believes the government is not a protector of the human race and that they are powerless against those who do take us.

This woman has been deeply and seriously wounded both emotionally and physically by whatever has been taking her over the last 30 years.

I can say that her message to humanity is to brace for impact as she feels we are all in for some very difficult times. This woman has warned me that we should never feel that creatures out there are here for our benefit . She does not feel they are here to take over the world or do the planet extreme harm . She does believe they are here for self motivated reasons only. Her feelings are of fear and anger for being taken against her will and used like a lab rat.

I have no idea what or who is taking this woman but will tell you that I know fear and this woman's terror is real.

She does not seem to have any sense of communication or mission from her kidnappers. She sadly seems to be only terrified by them.

I will talk more about the thoughts of this woman as I write about my time with the abductee group.

Meeting with this woman has been difficult as I do not wish to bring her any harm or upset. She does have many opinions on the subject of UFO's and those interfering with the human race without permission . I will be writing more about that after I have completed my articles about each of the four abductees I was lucky enough to group together and spend time talking to.

For now please pay attention to your surroundings and be careful out there .

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He Watched Yet Said Nothing- The UFO Crash of 1992

In year 1992 the newspapers on Long Island New York reported a suspected UFO crash on November 24th in South Haven Park located in Suffolk county. You can find reports on this event with an easy Google search.

I remember the event as I lived in Suffolk county New York at the time and recall all the talk and newspaper reports around this event. It seemed to be the main topic of conversation for a short time but soon lost its interest as the holidays were just starting and the UFO story seemed to lose its headlines to Santa and the Malls.

Years passed and the interest in this crash got lost when the topic quickly seemed to vanish from the public 's eye.

During the late 90's I joined a weekly group of women who would walk together in the malls early in the mornings for exercise. It was a trend at the time and very popular during the long cold winter months.

One of the women I walked with I knew from School. She and I would walk and talk daily catching up on our lives. She told me about her new love relationship with a man who lived near the South Haven Park.

She talked lovingly about this man but secretly I was a bit concerned at some of things she told me about her new found love. This man lived in an old cabin in a very rustic rural area. He made very little money and was fixed on remaining that way. His theory of living was to survive off the land and not to get caught up with the rat race of society. I found her stories about this man a bit disturbing but could see she was very taken with him so just listened and smiled and was happy she was happy.

When I met my friends new love he matched what I had anticipated. He was a tall man who had long dark hair to his waist worn in a ponytail, old worn jeans and a torn washed out flannel shirt. He wore worn out boots and drove a beaten up orange pickup truck that always seemed to contain some kind of firewood over flowing from its bed.

During the early fall my friend and her new man hosted a dinner party held in mans extremely rustic cabin. The cabin was a very old dilapidated three-room building that he was holding together with duck tape and hope.

Two large wood burning stoves heated it with his water supply borrowed by way of hoses from his neighbor’s barn. I do not recall if he had electric or not as the party was lit by candles. I do know he heated water on his stoves to wash dishes and take a bath every few days. It did have a working bathroom- sort of.

He lived off the land, which meant he helped himself to the local farmers crops taking his vegetables and fruits from their farms at night by way of flashlight and climbing fences. He also hunted in restricted areas, fished often and always killed the ducks in the area for his seasonal dinner parties. He would brag openly at how little he actually purchased to live or entertain. I found him to be a cheap and a thief.

Our dinner party consisted of stolen vegetables and fruit and freshly killed ducks. The old house was blazing with candles.He used his grandmothers china to set a hand made huge table in front of his large wood burning stove. Strangely it was a interesting enjoyable night.

The man's cabin was located near South Haven Park. At the end of the evening we were sipping coffee and sharing the homemade fruit pies when the subject came up about the UFO crash in the nearby park years before in 92.

As the man who lived in the cabin devoured the homemade apple pie, he interrupted the conversation mouth full and grunted something about seeing it.

One of the guests heard what he had said and stopped the conversation and asked what him what he had seen? “I saw that crash” he said as if it were a off handed comment about the weather.

At once the people around the table became silent and turned towards him and asked. “What do you mean? You saw the UFO crash in South Haven?” He kept chewing while his girlfriend picked up the subject for him. “Oh I guess we never mentioned it before. He was out gathering wood that night in the park and saw the whole thing.”

As you can imagine every set of eyes in the room were now focused squarely on the pie-eating cabin dweller. Finally he looked up from his pie plate to a room full of people waiting for him to explain more.

He looked around the table knowing he had to confess now as all ears were waiting. He sat back in his chair and said “ OK, I will tell you but you cannot talk about this as I will deny it. You know you're not allowed to take wood out of the park but there were tons of it just laying there rotting. I wait till nightfall. I can get in to the park from the back roads easily so I go in and gather up what’s laying around.”

Knowing this guys way of life no one was at all surprised that he did this. In fact we knew that he most likely hunted there at night too. I think it was a favorite area for him to collect meat for his winter house parties!

He put down his fork, looked at us all, and nonchalantly as if telling us about a walk in the woods told us his story.

“ I was out for a wood haul in the park. It was early around 7 at night I think. I parked my truck on a back road like I always do and was getting out my ax and

basket to carry the wood back to my truck. I first heard it, like a huge rushing air sound with a high-pitched whine. I looked around and didn’t see anything at first.

It was getting louder. My senses just made me look towards the noise and I saw it coming in out of the night sky down towards the woods. At first it looked like a big fireball. As it got closer it changed direction and dipped lower coming in over the park. It was a huge dark colored UFO craft coming in on its side. It was partly on fire across the one side of it. It was really moving fast.

Within seconds I heard it hit the ground. It sounded like a big splat rather than an explosion. I just stood there a minute kind of shocked and kind of frozen in fear. I thought I heard some kind of movement coming from the park from the direction of where this thing hit.

I was really terrified as I didn’t have any hunting gear and no one knew where I was. I threw my gear in the truck and tried to start my truck. The damn thing wouldn’t turn over at first. I was thinking about making a run for it back to the main road and my cabin. I tried one last time to turn over my truck and she kicked in. I backed down that dirt road in record speed and got the hell out of there. I think I was just crazy scared and cant swear to it, but I thought I heard yelling or screaming coming from the crash area.

I knew I was going to be in trouble if I was caught in there at night so I took off. When I hit the main road I saw all the red lights coming towards the park. I knew I had to get home and lock myself in and that’s what I did. I drove home and locked up the cabin the best I could. I stayed awake all night with my shotgun, just in case whatever was hollering in that woods found its way to my place.”

We all looked at this man in stunned silence. Finally one of the other guests began to question him. " Did you ever tell the police what you saw; does anyone from the government know you saw the thing crash? Were you able to get back into the woods to see what was going on?"

The answer to all of the questions was no. He was so afraid of being caught over his sticky finger habits and illegal behaviors that he never reported his sighting to anyone other than my lady friend and now us.

He told us that he watched the next few hours as trucks, jeeps and helicopters flooded the area. He watched as emergency vehicles entered South Haven Park. He told us that flat bed trucks that looked to be military would drive in empty and come back down the same back road with a load on it that was covered in green canvas.

He said the next day he tried to walk his old hound down the road close to where all this activity was going on only to be told to go home and stay there until further notice by men in what appeared to be orange hazard suits. He did not know if the phones were knocked out as he did not have one at the time but did say his truck would not start easily for days after the incident.

Finally after about a week passed the people, trucks and helicopters were gone and the park seemed to stand barren and silent.

“I can’t explain it but the park seemed dusted of even dirt after that happened. It was like they came in and took every twig and log and leaf that was lying around in the woods. It was as if the whole place had been swept and a false fake wooded area was left behind."

I was still frightened of the place and since they took all the wood out there was no reason to go back. Funny I haven’t been back there since”

The conversation then turned towards others who lived in the area who remembered losing phone service, electric service and having car problems that week. Everyone recalled seeing the trucks and helicopters around. Thanksgiving weekend was a day or so after this event followed by the holidays. Interest in this event seemed to simply get lost due to the time of year it occurred.

I think about this strange man living out in his cabin unwilling to share his watching this craft crash right in front of him. I wonder how many other people have similar reasons that also prevent them from reporting incredible encounters for rather simple human reasons?

Over the years I have spoken to many people who live or lived in that area near that park who also witnessed that craft fly over the town and bank a turn into the park where it crashed. Many watched as the clean up took place and the craft removed yet for some reason this amazing event passed by us all rather easily.

I guess we are creatures of our own habits traditions and needs. A UFO crashing over the holiday season when people are caught up in hectic preparation for the holiday Christmas traditions is a perfect time for something like this to be kicked under the carpet.

I will never forget the fact that this man's need for a frugal life style and his fear of being caught doing shady things was stronger than the fact he witnessed an incredible event. He simply did not want to get involved. I wonder what he will do if one summer night while stealing peaches from his neighbors trees he comes face to face with whomever or whatever was flying one of those crafts. No one would know what happened to him as he never tells anyone when he slips off to fill his basket with stolen fruit!

I haven’t thought about this event in a very long time. I wonder how many others clearly watched as that craft crashed that November night in 92?

I wonder how many people are walking around with similar stories who remain silent in order to protect their identity from those who expose those like them for personal gain. We need to find a way for those who have seen things to be able to report them without the fear of ridicule or abuse by the media for the purpose of a good story.

I think we are really a confused society who forever seem to insist on staying firmly planted in the dark ages when it comes to things unknown. It is incredible we have come as far as we have in science and technology as we basically are our own worst enemies when it comes to all things not yet understood.

Be careful out there, you never know what you may see while stealing apples!

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