Tis the Season

Tis the Season

September 27, 2010


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Unusual object in night sky baffles Montrealers image not from sighting
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MONTREAL (CBC) - A mysterious object in the sky over Montreal this week is getting a lot of attention, including from a respected Montreal doctor who believes he saw something "out of this world."

Several people in the Cote St. Luc neighbourhood called authorities early Wednesday morning about a strange blinking light hovering high in the sky.

Dr. Cleve Ziegler, an obstetrician-gynecologist, spotted the object when he was driving home from work around 12:30 a.m. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"There were many little sparkly red and blue lights. It had a changing shape, morphing from something that looked triangular to something that looked like a trapezoid. It was not a stable shape," Ziegler told CBC News.

"It was coming closer and [then moved] farther, it was turning and rotating."

He then saw other people looking up at the same thing, including a man who told him his wife was so spooked that she scurried home.

"I'm a guy who spends a lot of time in the country in the summer. I have seen satellites. I've seen falling stars. I know what a plane looks like. None of those things had the trajectory or motion that this did," said Ziegler.

Ziegler called police, who had already received several other calls about the mysterious object in the sky. He forwarded a dark, poor-quality video he took on his cellphone to authorities.

He admits the video doesn't do justice to what he saw.

"What I saw was compelling, unusual and you had this visceral sense looking at it that this is a once-in-a lifetime thing," he said. "At a risk of sounding Hollywood and shlocky, it was kinda not of this world."

Theories about what was in the sky Wednesday night have already started circulating among astronomy buffs and experts.

Andrew Fazekas, a director at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, said the object was likely of this world.

"From the description, definitely I would say it is not something astronomical. It's not a satellite. And it's not a star or anything like that," said Fazekas.

"It could have been some sort of balloon. Strobe lights on a private? A powerful laser?"

Fazekas said the sightings are getting a lot of attention.

"It is starting to make the rounds and getting viral because people are naturally interested in unidentified things in the sky. People are drawn to it," said Fazekas.

Montreal police received several calls about a mysterious object in the sky after midnight Wednesday morning.

Const. Daniel Lacoursière said Trudeau Airport reported nothing on the radar in that area at the time.

He posed another theory. Around the same time, helicopters were buzzing around the site of a fuel spill at the Port of Montreal in the other end of town.

Ziegler said he doesn't believe in extraterrestrial life, but thinks he did see something otherworldly.

"It's not like I want to believe this," he said.

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UFO Causes Delay at Mongolian Airport

For the third time this year, a UFO has been reported in China that temporarily shut down an airport in Baotou in Inner Mongolia last month and delayed the landing of three planes by nearly an hour.

China UFO2 UFO Causes Delay at Mongolian Airport picture

China’s Xiaoshan Airport was also closed down for a few days in July of this year due the disturbing presence of a UFO circling the skies and another such sighting was reported earlier in the summer in Hong Kong.

The most recent UFO was sighted at 8 pm about four kilometers (about 2 ½ miles) east of the Baotou airport. Two flights, one from Beijing and the other from Shanghai, were diverted to neighboring airports.

“The airport received a notice from the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau about the appearance of a UFO. To guarantee security, the aircraft heading for the airport had to land elsewhere. Otherwise, it could have led to collisions,” according to a Baotou airport spokeswoman.

Some sources believe that the sightings of UFOs in the two airports could be related to a Chinese military aircraft. The problem is that no one can say for sure, one way or the other, which leaves a rather unsettling cloud hanging in the air.


AZ USA Oct 2nd 2010

Four of us went to visit White Tank State Park, by car, on the outskirts of Phoenix, AZ, to take photos of cacti, the desert, with a nice background.

I noticed a trail of whitish line in the sky, as we entered the park at around 5:20 pm, and I thought it was a military plane, producing a trail. We spent about an hour in the park taking photos, and as we were about to leave, I noticed that the whitish trail hadn't changed at all, and it was still there.

We couldn't explain what it could be, and I took some photos to have some expert identify it. I've enlarged one of the photos, and I'm enclosing it.
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Egypt scientist explains Pioneer 10 phenomenon

Mysterious force hinders NASA spacecraft

Scientists have been baffled by a mysterious phenomenon that hinders a NASA spacecraft from moving further into outer space and defies all previously-established theories about the universe.

The mysterious force that gently pushes spacecrafts away from outer space was discovered last year when the spacecraft Pioneer 10 launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) since 1972 was stopped in its path by an unknown phenomenon.

Egyptian space scientist Farouk al-Baaz, who worked with NASA and is currently Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, said that this force could be a totally new phenomenon that does not fall under the familiar forces in outer space like gravity and electromagnetic power.

“That is why it is too early to identify this phenomenon,” he told Al Arabiya in a phone interview from Boston. “We have to find a tangible scientific explanation.”

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What Mars May Have Looked Like with Oceans

New Evidence Suggests Icebergs in Frigid Oceans on Ancient Mars
By Charles Q. Choi Contributor
posted: 01 October 2010
08:41 am ET

Ancient Mars once had surprisingly frigid primeval oceans complete with their own icebergs, new evidence suggests.

There are currently two leading ideas for what the climate of ancient Mars might have been like.

One is that it was cold and dry, contending that valley networks and other geological features suggestive of liquid water in Mars' past were essentially results of bursts of heat confined in space and time, suggesting that Mars could not have sustained oceans. The other is that Mars was once warm and wet, implying that it could once have supported lakes, seas and rainfall for long periods.

Now researchers have found evidence of icebergs on Mars, supporting a third idea of the Red Planet's ancient climate — that of a cold and wet Mars, governed by oceans or seas covered partly in ice, as well as glaciers and massive polar caps. [Photo evidence of past Mars icebergs.]

Boulder and craters

To peer into Mars' climatic past, scientists focused on the flat, smooth, featureless Martian lowlands, which some have equated to an ancient ocean basin.

However, images captured by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter revealed the presence of boulders about 1.5-6.5 feet (0.5-2 meters) across, as well as chains of roughly one or two dozen craters measuring 330-1,300 feet (100-400 meters) wide scattered throughout the northern plains. Both these details are hard to reconcile with the notion of fine-grained sediments deposited on a deep ocean basin, and had been used to cast doubts on the concept of an ocean on Mars.

Now astrobiologist Alberto Fairen at the SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research Center and his colleagues suggest the presence and distribution of these boulders and chains of craters could have been caused by rock fragments carried by icebergs, a common process on Earth.

They suggest glaciers in the highlands could have eroded the terrain, transporting rock within them and on their surfaces. Armadas of icebergs would have formed at the edges of glaciers as they melted and broke apart, which could then float thousands of miles on the ocean before they disappeared, depositing rock downward.

Also, on Earth, when icebergs scrape against the ocean floor, they can rain boulders down in clumps, which could explain boulder clusters up to about a mile (1.6 km) wide that scientists have seen on Mars. In addition, when icebergs roll along the sea floor on Earth, they can generate strings of dents, perhaps explaining the chains of craters seen on the Martian lowlands.

Seas or oceans

If there were icebergs, then there were open and sizable bodies of stable liquid water on the surface of Mars, Fairen said.

"The size of the water bodies may have ranged from several local seas to a single hemispheric ocean, and they may have been continuous in time or episodic," he told

Some might suggest that the scattered boulders were deposited by so-called periglacial processes, Fairen said — that is, processes that take place at the edges of glaciers. However, such processes cannot give a satisfactory explanation for the boulder clusters that HiRISE also saw, he noted.

Others have also suggested that the crater chains were formed by volcanic processes.

"But our analyses can discard this hypothesis, especially because all the craters within one chain are almost identical in shape and dimensions, and that's neither expected nor usual in a volcanic process, but is expected if all the craters in the chain are carved by the same iceberg," Fairen explained.

Fairen added that scour marks some 0.6 to 3 miles (1 to 5 km) long seen in the northern plains and Hellas Basin of Mars could be evidence of icebergs as well. These could have been carved by the keels of icebergs scraping against the ocean floor.

"The scours are the most clear evidence for icebergs that we are finding," he said.

Fairen and his colleagues detailed their findings at the 2010 Astrobiology Science Conference in April.


Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says
By Jeanna Bryner
LiveScience Managing Editor

An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold — comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced today (Sept. 29).

If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g, would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone — a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface.

And the planet's discoverers are optimistic about the prospects for finding life there.

"Personally, given the ubiquity and propensity of life to flourish wherever it can, I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 percent," said Steven Vogt, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, during a press briefing today. "I have almost no doubt about it."

His colleague, Paul Butler of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, in Washington, D.C., wasn't willing to put a number on the odds of life, though he admitted he's optimistic.

"It's both an incremental and monumental discovery," Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Incremental because the method used to find Gliese 581g already has found several planets most of the known planets, both super-Earths, more massive than our own world outside their stars' habitable zone, along with non-Earth-like planets within the habitable zone.

"It really is monumental if you accept this as the first Earth-like planet ever found in the star's habitable zone," said Seager, who was not directly involved in the discovery.

Vogt, Butler and their colleagues will detail the planet finding in the Astrophysical Journal.

The newfound planet joins more than 400 other alien worlds known to date. Most are huge gas giants, though several are just a few times the mass of Earth.

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Argentina: Report Suggests UFO Flew Over Tandil

Argentina: Report Suggests UFO Flew Over Tandil

The photo was taken during the month of August.

An unknown element was detected in photos taken from the "El Centinela" mountain. These images were subjected to analysis by Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO), concluding that it indeed showed an unidentified flying object (UFO). The event repeated itself in the city of Balcarce in recent days.

"Seeing is believing", goes the old saw, applicable on this occasion in which the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía confirmed through a report sent to La Voz de Tandil that the object seen in the photo is "definitely a UFO"

The snapshot, taken by a private person in August 2010 from "El Centinela", was analyzed by the Fundación, presided by renowned researcher Luis Burgos, stating that Tandil "was an area prone to sightings" of strange elements in the sky. "Whether it was made on earth or in other worlds, it is definitely a UFO," concludes the document.

Burgos' blog further reports sightings of unidentified objects over Balcarce having similar characteristics to the ones detected from the images taken in Tandil.

One day when we are not the dumbo's of the universe we may finally be
able to connect with other planets and other possible life forms. As it
stands we are still just starting to think our way in to being part of our

**************************************************************************** - WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? INFOWARS TRAI Video


Have any of you seen the episode on the History's Channel under the title 'That's Impossible - Weather Warfare'. The History Channel is replaying this episode that originally aired last year.

I missed this program the first time it played . I made sure I watched it this time as the weather has been heavily on my mind these days.

I live on Long Island in the state of New York. Long Island is a long thin island that sticks out in to the Atlantic Ocean.

We have been spared from being hit by a large hurricane on Long Island for many years. We are overdue for one but always seem to luck out!

We fear hurricanes as a category 3 can be devastating for this long thin Island. A category 4 or 5 could wipe us out equally if not worse than Katrina did to the gulf states.

On top of the fear of large storms and the damage to our communities we have the added concern of being trapped on Long Island by way of a large population with limited roads and bridges to evacuate in a timely manner if we were told to do so. We would be trapped on the Island unable to escape.

Knowing these things Long Islanders are happy we have avoided being hit by a hurricane for such a long period of time.

The past few weeks have been extraordinary as we watched storm after storm head straight towards us only to be pushed dramatically away from the coast line to gingerly miss our island.

It seems incredulous that we have not a bad storm for so long especially with so many spinning at us with what looked to be a direct hit.

Do not get me wrong I am thrilled beyond words the storms missed hitting Long Island.

I also am happy that the storms have miraculously missed the gulf of Mexico region which would have been especially problematic .

Chem trails have been a way of life here on Long Island for years now.

At least half of the days each month would find our skies covered in long large lingering white clouds that were being sprayed over our heads.

They would last all day growing as they spread across the sky.

In the past year we have had strange rain storms here that we have not had before.

The storms have been severe causing lots of damage and power outages . We have had tornado's touching which is extremely odd as Long Island simply does not have tornado's. Well, we never did before but we sure seem to be having them now!

It seems obvious to me that our weather is being manipulated and has been for some time now.

I believe the huge storms coming across the Atlantic Ocean are being being pushed up the coast and away from the United States .

It would be devastating for the country to recover from another life ending- region destroying storm.

I also wonder if the number and size of the storms are not being made by those who may not wish us well.

I know mankind has the ability to do all of these things. I imagine this is the case with all the strange weather changes we now find happening all over the world.

Long ago I questioned the practice of weather manipulation as a tool in a new global cold war. Machines like the three Haarp machines we have in the United States can be found all over the world. I know we have two in Alaska and one in Puerto Rico . Many other nations around the planet also have and use the haarp design machines to manipulate weather all over the world.

It is a frightening idea to know that we are all the victims of those who have the power to manipulate the weather of our planet.

You need to think about the fact that whomever controls the worlds weather patterns controls the world.

Who can grow food or who has a massive flood or years of drought are all possible with this new powerful weather technology that is being used to change jet streams, change the weather in large regions and cause or hopefully prevent horrible disasters .

I consider this ability and those using it the most dangerous people of our time.

I fear the thought of what mother nature may do to correct this new interference . I do not think we can survive what this planet will do to us if it has had enough of our manipulation and decides to clean the slate and start anew.

A chem trail attachment to this seems to be a large possibility as well.

It is as clear as a sunny day that if the spraying we have been watching over the years were simple air traffic contrails we would see it every day.

That is not the case as we have days when the spraying is so intense that it eventually covers the blue of the visible sky and other days you do not see any trails at all. I am sorry skeptics of the world, it just cannot work that way.

I noticed that during the time the last huge storms were heading dead for Long Island that our sky over head was clear and blue and extremely normal.

However, I was sent you tubes and photo's from Boston Massachusetts that displayed heavy spraying during the same days. I would guess the technology used to guide the hurricanes conveniently out to sea involved heavy spraying in that region of the country.

I am now as I have always been very suspicious and concerned about what is going on with our weather.

I realize whoever controls the weather will control the world.

Knowing that this seems to be playing out as we sit oblivious to the sky above us is a sad state of affairs.

Please watch the video's I was able to find concerning the History Channel show on this subject on my site with this article.

I tried to find the episode to run in full but it has been taken down in most places on the Internet.

Like so many things going on around us we remain firmly in the dark lost to the facts concerning our very survival.

I wish I could be more reassuring however it appears we may have many strange days ahead.

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September 26, 2010

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I understand this may be helpful in many ways however I also think this can lead down a road we do not want or need to go. I would not want to be tagged for any reason. - Transhumanism&Microchips PeterJennings on ABCNews Video



Neanderthals were able to 'develop their own tools'

Neanderthals, art work It is still unknown why Neanderthals went extinct

Neanderthals were keen on innovation and technology and developed tools all on their own, scientists say.

A new study challenges the view that our close relatives could advance only through contact with Homo sapiens.

The team says climate change was partly responsible for forcing Neanderthals to innovate in order to survive.

The research is set to appear in the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory in December.

"Basically, I am rehabilitating Neanderthals," said Julien Riel-Salvatore, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado in Denver, who led the seven-year study.

"They were far more resourceful than we have given them credit for."

Vanished culture

Neanderthals were first discovered in Germany's Neander Valley in 1856.

It is believed that they lived in Europe and parts of Asia. Close examination of the found fossils shows that they shared 99.5-99.9% of modern humans' DNA, which makes them our closest relatives.

They had short, muscular bodies, large brains, prominent facial features and barrel chests.

Start Quote

When we show Neanderthals could innovate on their own, it casts them in a new light”

End Quote Julien Riel-Salvatore University of Colorado, Denver

Neanderthals split from our evolutionary line some 500,000 years ago, and disappeared off the face of the Earth about 30,000 years ago.

Since the first discovery, anthropologists have been trying to crack the mystery of the vanished culture, also debating whether or not Neanderthals were evolving on their own or through contact with Homo sapiens.

During the research, Dr Riel-Salvatore and his colleagues examined Neanderthal sites across Italy.

About 42,000 years ago, Homo sapiens and Neanderthals were already living in the northern and central parts of the area.

At that time, an entirely new group appeared in the south.

The researchers believe that the southerners were also Neanderthals, of a culture named Uluzzian.

Neanderthals, art work Neanderthals lived in Europe and parts of Asia

Dr Riel-Salvatore's team was astonished to find quite a few innovations throughout the area, even though the Uluzzians were isolated from Homo sapiens.

Start Quote

We are more brothers than distant cousins”

End Quote Julien Riel-Salvatore University of Colorado, Denver

They discovered projectile points, ochre, bone tools, ornaments and possible evidence of fishing and small game hunting.

"My conclusion is that if the Uluzzian is a Neanderthal culture, it suggests that contacts with modern humans are not necessary to explain the origin of this new behaviour.

"This stands in contrast to the ideas of the past 50 years that Neanderthals had to be acculturated to [modern] humans to come up with this technology.

"When we show Neanderthals could innovate on their own, it casts them in a new light.

"It 'humanises' them, if you will."


The researchers believe that one reason that forced Neanderthals to innovate was a shift in climate.

When the area where they were living started to become increasingly open and arid, they had no choice but to adapt - or die out.

"The fact that Neanderthals could adapt to new conditions and innovate shows they are culturally similar to us," said Dr Riel-Salvatore.

He added that they were also similar biologically, and should be considered a subspecies of human rather than a different species.

"My research suggests that they were a different kind of human, but humans nonetheless.

"We are more brothers than distant cousins."


So we're part Neanderthal. What now?

By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, BBC News

Vindija Cave
Scientists studied DNA from Neanderthal bones found at Vindija Cave in Croatia

So now we know: Many, if not most, people alive today have some Neanderthal ancestry.

This finding, which comes from analysis of the Neanderthal genome, has taken many experts by surprise.

It tells us there was some mating between modern humans - our own lineage - and the Neanderthals before the latter went extinct some 24,000 years ago.

Neanderthals were a different type of human: very like us, though not exactly like us.

These genes might have no effect - they could be neutral. They could have survived just because they were not disadvantageous
Professor Chris Stringer
Natural History Museum

Recent research has done much to debunk the 19th Century view of these ancient people as brutish and dumb - even if that image lives on in popular culture.

Their stone tools were just as efficient as those used by early modern humans. They were able to exploit marine resources - such as dolphins and seals - for food.

They apparently used body paint, keeping shells to mix and store pigments.

Living people from Eurasia and Oceania overwhelmingly trace their ancestry to a small population of modern humans which left Africa 50,000-60,000 years ago.

But some 2% of the genomes of non-Africans are Neanderthal.

Added to the mix

"I think we just need to step back a bit now for a while and see what this means for the big picture of modern human evolution," says Professor Chris Stringer, head of human origins at London's Natural History Museum.

"Certainly, I had moved away from the idea that there was one single place in Africa - a 'Garden of Eden' if you like - where modern humans originated at one point in time, and that most of our features appeared at that point.

Neanderthal (SPL)
A different form of human to us; lived in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia
Genomic data shows Neanderthals diverged from our evolutionary line 400,000 years ago
The last known Neanderthals died out in the Iberian Peninsula roughly 24,000 years ago
Stocky and muscular, with a barrel chest, large brain and prominent facial features.
Neanderthals were first recognised from fossils found in north-west Germany in 1856
DNA studies show they were probably capable of speech and some even had red hair

"I doubt that happened. I think it's a much more gradual process. I think modern humans were assembled from different populations contributing genes and behaviour. Now we may need to add a bit of Neanderthal to that mix as well - outside Africa."

The ancestors of Neanderthals diverged from our direct evolutionary line some 400,000 years ago.

The Neanderthals then mainly evolved north of the Mediterranean, while modern humans mainly evolved south of the Mediterranean.

So where and when did their close encounter occur? Neanderthal populations had probably been in decline for thousands of years by the time the "moderns" migrated out of Africa some 60,000 years ago.

Somewhere along the way - not too far from their homeland - modern humans may have encountered a population of Neanderthals and interbred with them.

Researchers have suggested that modern human males could have drawn into their fold some Neanderthal females, who subsequently bore them children.

Then, as the modern human population grew in number, so did the Neanderthal genes, spreading far beyond Africa.

Alternatively, there may have been an earlier period of mixing. Early modern humans were in the Levant - at the sites of Skhul and Qafzeh in Israel - some 120,000 years ago.

This was an early, failed foray out of Africa, unrelated to the event which would lead to the colonisation of the world 60,000 years later.

There is also evidence that Neanderthals were in the region 70,000-80,000 years ago.

It is unclear whether the two groups overlapped. But if they did, it is possible they also exchanged genes.

Signal scatter

The Skhul and Qafzeh modern humans appear to have died out in the Levant. But their descendents might have retreated south, to the Arabian Peninsula or North Africa, perhaps taking a proportion of these Neanderthal genes with them.

"We know there were people in Arabia between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago making stone tools. The stone tools are very similar to the ones made by the Skhul and Qafzeh people," says Professor Stringer.

When modern humans once again left Africa 60,000 years ago, crossing the Bab-el-Mandeb straits to the Arabian Peninsula, they might have encountered this population and swept them up in the migration.

Modern human remains from Skhul, Israel (SPL)
Do fossils like those from Skhul hold the key to the mating mystery?

John Hawks, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says the discovery of Neanderthal genes in us has several implications.

"One implication is that Neanderthals are not a different species from us. Species are things that interbreed and have fertile offspring. That's us and Neanderthals," he told BBC News.

Despite the small number of genes which made it through, the Neanderthals did go extinct in Europe, western Asia and Siberia - for reasons which remain unclear.

Dr Hawks says research should now focus on the processes which led our ancestors to win out: "Does this population [modern humans] succeed because of some cultural trick they have? The Neanderthals are surprisingly sophisticated."

He adds: "The advantage the [modern humans] had - maybe it's disease; their resistance to something they carry with them. Like the squirrels in Britain. Or maybe it's social organisation, or maybe it's communication issues. But whatever it was, it was real important."

Researchers will now want to determine what the Neanderthal genes that are in us do and what, if any, significance they have for the biology of present-day people.

"We really don't know yet; these genes might have no effect - they could be neutral. They could have survived just because they were not disadvantageous," Professor Stringer speculated.

But future research is also likely to focus on the 70-plus amino acid changes that distinguish modern humans from Neanderthals.

"The idea is that you're going to identify the things that make us human," says John Hawks.

"The cool thing is that there are so few of them."

**************************************************************************** - ufo sucks up water from lake Gosford Video

********************************************************************** - THE KELLY CAHILL UFO ALIEN CLOSE ENCOUNTER Video


Meet Mazlan Othman, the United Nations ambassador to extraterrestrials

Meet Mazlan Othman, the United Nations ambassador to extraterrestrialsThe United Nations has appointed Earth's ambassador should aliens touch down in the near future. Their selection? Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, who heads the UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs. Othman will discuss her duties in Buckinghamshire, England next week.


During a talk Othman gave recently to fellow scientists, she said: "The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials [...] When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination."

Professor Richard Crowther, an expert in space law and governance at the UK Space Agency and who leads British delegations to the UN on such matters, said: "Othman is absolutely the nearest thing we have to a ‘take me to your leader' person."

Congratulations to Dr. Othman on representing the whole of the human race should aliens decide to park in our backyard. No pressure! Also, does this job come with a Ceremonial Flamethrower? It's the least you can do for the person who's responsible for keeping our species out of a Kanamit cookbook.

****************************************************************************** - Astronauts on UFO sightings Video



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I was taking pictures with my mom's camera of the plaza lighting. I did not see these objects in the air while taking pictures of the fire works. i have more photo's if interested. visit link below to see enlargement of craft.

MUFON report KS USA seen Nov. 2008


We have been searching for years to find the meaning of this symbol or image.

It is involved with a long time abduction case and hope someone else has seen the exact image and can help us discover if this has a meaning or has been seen by anyone else. If you have any information on this symbol please contact us at

thank you



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Recently I was a guest on the blog talk radio show Nocturnal Frequency. The hosts of the show Steve and Alex were talking about different odd creatures being reported around the world. At the very end of the show Steve told me he had an odd experience with a strange creature on a Bridge. The show ended before I could find out exactly what happened to Steve. My curiosity got the better of me and I called Steve to find out what he had seen while crossing a bridge in Canada.

First let me say that I have known Steve for a while now and have done a few shows with him. I have talked with him long enough to know he is a bright , logical man who looks at the subjects of the paranormal with an eye for understanding not fantasy . Steve is a level headed guy which is why I found his experience intriguing .

Steve told me that during the year 2002 he was working a night shift job that had different shift hours during the week. Steve is also a hiker who takes advantage of every opportunity to be out in the world walking . During his work weeks he would have nights where his shift ended about 2:00 a.m. Steve would use these work shifts as a chance to walk home late at night when the world was asleep and the night his to enjoy.

During one of these star bright lovely nights Steve's shift ended and Steve started his hour plus walk home. He listened to his music, enjoyed the beautiful clear quiet night and started his journey home.

Steve's route took him across a river located near Mississauga in Ontario Canada. One night Steve set out for his long walk home after finishing his shift that ended at 2 in the morning which took him straight over the river.

The river had a two lane bridge over it that Steve walked across on his trek home. The bridge had a grassy knoll down the middle of it that separated the lanes of the bridge.

Steve was starting his way across the bridge when he noticed something ahead of him in the dark. He clearly saw some kind of large animal run from one side of the bridge into the middle of the grassy knoll.

Steve stopped dead in his tracks and instinctively did not move at the sight of something in front of him that he could not identify. Steve stood motionless as he looked at the large silhouette in front of him. At this point the only thing he could distinguish was that the thing was very large.

Steve stood perfectly still trying to see what stood about 30 feet in front of him in the dark . As he stood there peering into the night the thing in front of him began to rise from its four legged stance until it stood straight up as a human does on two legs.

The thing before him was large , at least 6 feet 5 inches when standing fully erect on two legs. It did not take the stance of a bear or any other animal Steve had ever seen. It looked almost human when standing fully up and still. Steve could make out the semi human form of this thing as they stood there in the night peering into the dark at each other.

Steve did not move . The thing did not move either. They stood still for what seemed a very long time to Steve but was only a minute or so. There alone on the bridge Steve stood with this thing peering back at him in the night watching and waiting to see what the other would do next.

Steve could not make out if it had fur or hair or any features on this creatures head. The night would only silhouette the creature by way of the natural light that the stars gave off. It was Canada , near a wooded area over a very dark river in the middle of the night. Only Steve and this thing were to be found out at this time of night. All Steve could see was the dark strange shape of something he had never seen before.

Finally the thing dropped down to all fours without a sound and took off to continue on its way across the grassy knoll to the wooded area across the other side of the bridge.

Steve watched as this large creature continued on its way running in form somewhat like a dog would run. It ran into the woods back into the night.

Steve stood there motionless for a few moments waiting and listening to see if the thing left the bridge area. He could not see it or hear any movement and carefully continued on his way across the bridge and away from this strange encounter.

Steve felt he was being watched as he made his way as quickly as possible over that bridge and away from the area.

Steve had no idea what he had just seen. He knew there were no bears in the area. The animal was far too large to be a dog or cat type of animal. He did not know of any animal that size that was able to stand erect like a human yet drop to all fours and run like an animal. Steve was also haunted by how this thing looked when it stood up on two legs. Its body was proportioned more like a human form than an animal form. The thing did not have shorter thin looking legs with a longer body like a deer. The thing did not have the silhouette of a bear. It was far too big and looked nothing like a large dog or cat. Steve knew he has just seen an unknown creature and felt shaken to his core.

Steve has never forgotten this encounter . He has considered over the years trying to form an investigative team to find out what exactly it is that may be living in the woods in that part of Ontario Canada.

Steve also would like to know if anyone else has ever had an encounter with a creature that fit the description of the thing he saw on the bridge that night.

Steve and Alex host the blog talk radio show Nocturnal Frequency which can be easily accessed on the blog talk radio site. If you have any information concerning the thing Steve came across that night please log into the show and contact Steve.

I have been receiving more reports than usual lately of strange creatures over the last year. I am presently trying to talk with a woman who sent me an image she drew for a group of people near where she lives. The people claim they are seeing a strange large creature in their pastures. The report comes from those living in middle America who are seeing a large vicious terrifying beast in cow pastures stalking the animals. They refer to this creature as the 'cow pasture monster'.

I am trying to find out more about these sightings however to date find the people involved reluctant to discuss it.

It appears to be obvious that we are seeing many things that can only be categorized as unexplained not to mention very strange.

I know I often tell my readers to be careful out there as well as paying attention to their surroundings. I think now more than ever it is especially important to be alert and aware that there are many unknowns out there and it is only a matter of time we may all find we are the ones looking into the eyes of something we do not understand.

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the tunnel monster as seen by another witness


Nocturnal Night Shots - The Credit River Creature from Steve Genier on Vimeo.



I was 16 years old and had my junior driver's license which meant I could drive
until dark where I lived on Long Island in New York.

It was a Saturday night. My parents were off visiting my grandparents. I was allowed to drive my mother's convertible around with my pals until nightfall. I was to return the car to our house by 8:45-or else.

I was out with two of my girl pals . We were hanging out with our friends at McDonald's. One of the girls with me was able to get her older brother who could drive past dark to pick us up at my house at 9 o'clock --after I had taken my mom's car home.

I brought my parents care home with my two friends in tow to wait to be picked up by my friends brother. I drove in front of my house and parked so I would not block the driveway to the house.

My friends and I l rushed to my front door as a few hours of cola-drinking at McDonald's left us all in urgent need of the bathroom. The three of us ran to the bathroom across the hall from my bedroom and laughed as we yelled at each other to hurry up and swore off all additional cola-drinking during future McDonald's visits. I was last in line and rushed into the bathroom as my two friends stood brushing their hair in the mirror.

My one friend suddenly stood straight up, turned completely white. She looked at us and said

"I have a horrid feeling--we are not alone in the house. I think I heard something."

We all froze and listened. I thought I heard a sort of bump, too. I stood up and said, "Let's get out of here!"

The three of us blasted through the bathroom doorway, down the hallway, and out the front door. I slammed the door and locked it. Luckily, I had placed my keys into my pocket but I left my pocketbook inside the house. We ran to the car .

We quickly closed the windows and locked all the car doors. We were all in the front seat. We sat there terrified. I could feel my heart pounding with a fear .

After a few minutes we thought maybe we were just suffering from "boogie-man" syndrome. I thought I should at least go back inside and get my pocketbook. Then I could call my parents and have my license and money with me as well. I was getting out of the car to go back to the house when something caught my eye.

I lifted myself from the driver's seat and stepped outside the car, I thought I saw the front porch light flicker. My friend stood next to me in the street as we looked up at the house. We watched as the light over the front door turned on and off-again and again. I felt a fear I had never before known. Somebody was definitely inside the house and playing with us as well.

We jumped back into the car and locked the doors again. I started the car so we could go call the police and my parents. As I turned the ignition key with my trembling hand, I continued to watch as who or whatever was in the house started to from room to room in the house turning the lights on and off.

As we pulled away, my friend said, "Oh God, he is in your room! He turned on your light!"

I felt sick and angry all at once, knowing as I drove for help that someone was in my home, intentionally toying with us.

We reached the end of my street just as my friend's brother turned the corner on his way to pick us up. As he pull up next to us we all started screaming at once.

He had brought two of his friends with him. We decided to return to the house for one more look.

Both my friends brother and I parked in the street . To my amazement and horror the light show was still going on inside my house.

We watched as lights inside the house kept switching on and off every few seconds--first the kitchen, then the den, and then over to the living room. The front porch light was apparently turned on and off every time this intruder passed the switch inside. The boys watched this taking place and clearly felt the same fear we did. My friend's brother decided we needed to call the police. He sent one of his friends in his car to find a phone to call for help.

The rest of us stayed locked in my mother's car--watching this from the road where I was parked in front of my house.

I decided to keep the motor running. At this point I was scared out of my mind. We watched as the light show continued. We sat silently waiting. The air was still. The only sounds we heard were the light chirping of summer crickets and the light hum of the car motor.

No one said a word. We all knew we were being watched by and played with by some type of madman.

One of my friends finally broke the silence. She said, "Thank God you did not go back into that house to get your pocketbook." I just sat frozen, ready to drive away if I needed to.

We sat there for what seemed an awfully long time but in truth was only a few minutes. I was very fearful this person in my house would leave before the police arrived. Now who or whatever was in the house was keeping all the lights on .

We sat anxiously waiting for help to arrive watching my house now fully aglow with every single light on. A blaze with every light on inside as well as outside too the house stood out clearly against the dark night.

We sat silently, watching. Suddenly from deep inside the house came this animal-like, wild growling that quickly turned into a long terrifying scream. I will never forget this non-human growling howl until the day I die.

As this thing screamed it must have been pounding on the backside of the front door or a front wall. I began to shake and cry as the house echoed as this wild thing screamed as it continued pounding with such force I knew it was not human. My friend's brother touched my shoulder from the back seat with his hand and said, "We need to leave. This is way too much for us to handle."

I was shaking so much I could barely place the car into gear. We started down the road but had rolled only a few yards when our friend returned with a police car following right behind him.

Coincidentally, my parents were turning the corner right behind the police car. I stopped my car and waited until the policeman was standing just outside my car door. I rolled down the window as we all started to tell him what was happening at once.

The policeman looked up at the house to see the last of the light changes occurring. As the policeman stood looking at the house the creature inside let out one last howling scream. The policeman reached for his side arm and whispered "Mother of God" My parents ran to the side of our car. The policeman asked my father for the keys to the house. He then withdrew his gun, called for backup and started up the driveway toward the front door.

Before the policeman unlocked the front door, another policeman arrived. He ran to the front door to aid the first policeman and they entered the house together. We all stood outside watching as the police made their way through our house.

Finally one of the policemen came to the front door and called my father up to the house.

The police and my father went back into the house. My dad eventually came back outside to the rest of us standing by the cars. My father , and told my friend's brother to take all the kids directly home and to lock his car doors and not stop for anyone or anything.

As my friends drove away my dad told my mother and I to get back into the car. He got into the car with us and quickly locked all the doors. He then told us the policemen discovered the back door had been ripped open. He said the person who broke in had taken some of our clothing and makeup and thrown it around the house. My dad then looked at my mother in a way that told me there was something more he was not saying.

By this time there were many police cars around the neighborhood. I saw two policemen with a dog searching the neighbors' yard closest to our house. My friend Kim lived there with her family. We sat in the locked car . Both of my parents were upset and I was shaking with fear.

Finally a policeman appeared at our front door and motioned for my father to come back inside.. My dad left us locked inside the car and did as the policeman directed. My dad talked with the policemen for a few minutes and then motioned for my mother and I to come inside the house as well.

When we walked into the house one policeman and my dad took my mother by the arm to show her something down the hallway while another policeman tried to distract me in the living room.

I wanted to stay with my parents and so I started to walk toward the bedroom area where they had gone when my mom let out a horrible scream and burst into tears. I took off in a full run to where my parents were standing.

They were in my bedroom. I walked in to see what my parents were looking at. They were looking behind my open closet door. The policeman was looking behind the door as well. I leaned forward and pushed the closet door closed in order to see what they were looking at behind it.

Behind the closet door sat a little wooden chair my dad normally kept in his office behind the garage. Draped over the chair, as if someone had been sitting there holding it in his hands, was a long piece of brand new rope.

It looked as if someone had just let it slip from his hands as he stood up to leave. A long sharp carving knife from the kitchen and some matches were laying on the floor next to the little chair.

My makeup had been used to paint strange marks and symbols on my bedroom wall. My nightgown was torn and thrown into the waste basket next to my desk. On my bed was an outline where something had laid on it and left an imprint. Across my headboard on the wall were long claw marks where something had torn into the wall.

A putrid order lingered in the house. I took it all in and ran to the bathroom and vomited. I could hear my mother crying. I knew I had missed losing my life that night by the mere luck of my friends needing to use the bathroom. If I had entered the house alone my life surely would have been taken. The question was but by who or what?

It was a big deal that night. The police stayed with us for hours. They did not pretend the incident was just a robbery or some silly kid staging a prank. I knew I had barely escaped a cruel and untimely death. Police searched the area for hours that night. They scanned the house for fingerprints and took great care in recording the details of all we had seen and heard.

The police talked to my dad before leaving and told him they knew of another incident in the area with similar details. A woman had been lured into her basement by the unexpected sound of her washer and dryer running. She also heard the horrid screams of this vile intruder and ran for help.

I slept on the floor in my parents' bedroom that night. In fact, I slept on their bedroom floor until my dad fitted all the windows and doors of the house with either heavy-duty locks or steel bars. I refused to go outside by myself or drive anywhere in the car alone. I was terrified.

A few weeks later our neighbor called and asked for my Dad to come over.

My mother , brother and I were sitting at the kitchen table when my father returned from the neighbors house. I could tell by one look at my dad's face something once again was terribly wrong.

My father told us that the girl next door who was my age had been sitting in the family room watching TV.

She was home with her mother and little brother. She had been sitting on the couch beneath the family room window when something from outside the house grabbed the window--frame and all--and ripped it right out of the side of the house.

I could not understand what he was telling me. I asked my father what he was talking about. He repeated--someone or something with incredible strength grabbed the window frame and ripped the entire thing out of the wall of the house.

The girl jumped up screaming as an arm swatted for her from outside the window shell. She claimed she felt what seemed like a claw skim across her neck.

Her mother heard all the noise from another room. She grabbed her husband's loaded rifle and ran into the family room where she saw the window ripped out of the wall with an arm reaching for her daughter.

The mother took aim and fired at the space where the window had been. She could not tell whether she hit it. Whatever it was ran away when she fired the gun.

Once again the police searched the area. Dogs were used. Police cars covered the streets. Once again this creature escaped.

This time during the search the police and men in the neighborhood spent a great deal of time

searching the open tunnel drainage system that ran directly in front of my house.

The tunnels were open in many areas and big enough for a man to fit in if he bent down. Anyone 5 ft tall or under could stand up in the huge pipes. This tunnel system ran for miles across the area dumping in to a nearby river which connected out to the open Atlantic Ocean. I believe they felt the tunnels were the entry and escape of this creature to my neighborhood.

I remained terrified the rest of that summer. I refused to leave the house without another family member accompanying me. I refused to drive alone in my car. I never stayed home alone and progressed only as far as sleeping in my bedroom with the door open-provided my brother (who was home from college on summer breaks) or my parents kept a bedroom door open as well.

I went away to school the following year. I would never again spend time alone in that house. If my family went away, I would go out too and stay out until they returned.

As far as I know, whatever entered our house that summer night was never caught or identified. I do know he or "it" intended to tie me up and hurt me. I do know he or "it" had little fear and enjoyed terrifying us that night. I also know he or "it" was beast-like and far from human given its loud haunting screams and incredible physical strength. I will always believe the monster that ripped the window and frame out of Kim's wall was the same monster that intended and tried to kill me.

I am thankful I ran out of the house that night, that I did not go home alone, and that my friends were there with me to help me think things through. Sometimes our fate is just a slight degree from being something we can or cannot survive.

That night fate gave me a helping hand. Many a day since I have pondered how lucky I was to survive that horrifying event It haunts me still as I continue to wonder what type of creature I could have faced alone that night. I often think about this experience as one of the greatest mysteries of my life.

Remember; always be careful out there. One never knows what lurks behind the closet door!

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Strange Encounters of Ordinary People

People send me emails telling me about odd events that have occurred to them as they live their everyday life as normal people.

Many of those who have had a strange happening occur in their life are uncertain if their experience was truly odd of if others have been reporting the same events or encounters happening to them too.

I read often about the growing number of strange sightings all over the world of creatures that just do not fit the spectrum of known animals. I do not think that people all over the globe are making up stories of odd looking beasts or creatures. I think people all over the earth are seeing things we do not understand and have been reporting them more openly.

With the help of the internet we are able to share what we are seeing without the in interference of the media or government agencies . The word is finally getting out there that we are seeing things and we do not know what they are.

I often receive emails and phone calls from people who tell me about the odd things they have seen. Recently I had a call from a man who read my article concerning the strange creature a man encountered on a bridge in Ontario Canada.

The man who called also lives in Canada He called my contact number I have listed on my site. I was typing at my desk when the phone rang. A man's voice asked if I was Chris Holly. I told him I was and asked how I could help him. He was nervous and clearly wanted to have his say and be on his way. The man simply said:

"I spent a lot of time on the Credit River too and I saw that thing that guy saw. I think it is still there"

That was all the man said before he hung up . I tried to see if I could call him back however his number came up as unknown.

I have to wonder if this man was a crank caller or if he really did see a creature wandering around that River in Ontario?

Another reader wrote to me about a frightening experience that happened to him somewhere in the Idaho wilderness while on a camping trip.

It seems this man and his friend were hiking on the trails around the camping site where they were staying when they became disoriented and became lost in the woods.

The two young men took a wrong path and ended up miles away from their campsite. They knew enough to find and stay on the hiking trail but were stranded in the woods for the night.

The two young men set up a make shift campsite right on the trail for the night. They started a fire as they were without any extra clothing or sleeping gear. The two men sat close to the fire trying to rest until morning.

As the one young man laid close to the fire on his side facing the woods he noticed what looked like glowing yellow eyes peering at him from the wooded area next to the trail.

He watched the eyes as they were looking directly at him. In his mind he was trying to figure out what the animal could be. He realized that the eyes were too high and far too large to be the typical small forest animals that are normally found in the woods. They were high enough in the woods to belong to an animal as tall as a human if not taller.

If it were sitting in a tree it had to have an enormous head as the eyes were very large . He thought of an owl but quickly ruled that idea out as these eyes were slanted and far too oblong to belong to an owl.

He asked his friend to look at the strange set of eyes. As his friend turned towards the eyes they closed or moved or disappeared. His friend only got a very quick glance at them . His friend thought they may be fire fly's . The man knew that fire fly's were not native to the area. He also recalled his father telling him that fire fly's flickered on and off and were green. What he saw were clearly two slanted large yellow glowing eyes.

The man continued to watch the woods. Within a few minutes the two glowing eyes once again glowed from the wood side without flickering or blinking. They simply looked at him for a few seconds and once again disappeared.

The young man felt he was being watched all night and knew that the eyes looking at him were not the typical thing one sees at night in the camping park.

As soon as day break arrived the two men quickly found their way back to the regular camp site. They told the others at the campsite of the eyes however no one at the campsite had any idea what they may have encountered. The men ended the camping trip and never returned to that camping area again.

The two men were very confused at what had been watching them the night before. They have no idea what it could have been and have no desire to meet up with those eyes again while lost in the woods at night.

I have no idea what animal could have been watching them from the wood side that would be large and have yellow slanted glowing eyes. I think the two young men may have been lucky that night as the creature watching them seemed to want to keep a distance between them. That is not the case however in this next report.

While I was visiting an old friend he told me a story that has haunted him for over 40 years.

He told me that shortly after he returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 he had a encounter in the woods surrounding a lake located in upstate New York. This event has haunted him his entire life.

He and his girlfriend where double dating with another couple. The date was winding down and the two couples decided to end the night by spending a little time parking at the local lovers lane that surrounded a nearby lake.

The two couples were sitting in the car with the radio playing . It was summer time and they had the windows rolled down in my friends pride and joy which was his 1959 Chevy Impala. The foursome had split a six pack of beer. My friend decided to leave the car to relieve himself in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. The other young man with him decided to do the same.

My friend told me he and his friend walked over to the edge of the woods to take care of what they needed to do. He could hear the girls laughing in the car and remembers what he thinks was 'Jumpin Jack Flash' by the Rolling Stones playing on the radio.

Suddenly, as he faced the woods ,he thought he heard movement very close to where he and his friend were standing. He stood absolutely still and just listened. Having just returned from fighting in the jungle this man knew the sounds of the night and could recognize the difference in how animals and humans move in the wild. He knew instinctively something was there and something was watching them.

His friend was oblivious and continued to go about his business talking endlessly without a clue anything was wrong. My friend punched him in the arm and signaled him to be quiet and listen. Both young men stood motionless listening to the night.

Without warning something large and fast started crashing through the woods towards the two friends. It was large and it was coming straight at them. The ground under them vibrated as this large heavy thing came slamming through the woods towards them.

The two friends ran to the car yelling for the girls to roll up the windows. The young men frantically locked the doors and rolled up the windows. The girls helped as well.

They barely got the last window up and all the doors locked when the thing from the woods hit the car. My friend had started his car with the intention of speeding away from the area. As he gunned his tires he realized they were spinning and he was not moving. The thing was holding on to the car.

Whatever it was that had chased them was now on the back of the car pounding on the trunk of the 59 Chevy. The car rocked up and down as it pounded on the rear of the car. All four inside the car where screaming in terror as the vehicle shook and heaved up and down.

My friend kept gunning the motor . He thought if it hit the ground while in gear it would surge forward away from whatever was attacking them.

As the car bounced my friend realized the thing was lifting the rear end of the car off of the ground enough to prevent the car tires from being able to grab the ground enough to pull away.

Suddenly my friend stopped spinning his tires and threw the car in reverse. The car snapped backwards enough to loosen the grip of the thing holding the car from moving. As soon as he did this my friend immediately threw the car into drive and nailed it.

The grip was broken and the car took off like a bullet down the old road of the lovers lane. The foursome in the car kept screaming as they could both hear and feel the heavy pounding footsteps of this thing chasing them as they sped down the road.

My friend hit the gas without looking back and placed as much distance as he could between the car and the thing from the lakes woods.

My friend told me he will never forget that night nor can he stop from hearing the 'Mama's and Papa's song 'Dedicated to the one I love' - in his head when he thinks of that day. That song was playing on the radio the entire time he was having the tug of war with the thing attacking his car.

They did not stop until they were back in town near a populated area. When they pulled over they got out to look at the back of his car. The Chevy had large V like wings as part of the 1959 Impala design. One of the wings had been bent or folded over. The trunk had been pushed in where the thing was pounding the car. The foursome also recovered long strands of hair that appeared to be caught on the wing of the car as the thing bent it.

The two couples searched the Main Street of the town until they found one of the local policemen. The two young men tried to report the incident to the policeman. The cop was rude and laughed at the report of the lovers lane creature . He told them to find another story to explain the damage to the car.

The policeman decided instead of taking the report to cross question the young returning veteran about his tour of duty in Vietnam. This dog of a law officer then decided to accuse my friend of horrific crimes while serving his country . The cop and my friend nearly came to blows with the other young man and the two girls managing to end the episode .

The two couples decided to leave the event alone with the promise that none of them would never go near that lake or wooded area again.

The next day my friend and the young man that was with him the night before tried to lift the back of the Chevy off the ground enough so that the tires were off the ground as had been done by the creature the night before. They could not do it. They had two other strong healthy young men join them in trying to lift the car just enough for the tires not to spin. It took five men to lift the car for a split second off the ground just so the tires were not in contact with the ground.

My friend has no idea who or what he encountered in the woods that night. He does know it was terrifying and unexplained.

I have to wonder what it is that we are experiencing all over this planet with so many unknown creatures causing so many unknown encounters with so many ordinary people.

I think now with the resources of the Internet we are realizing that these events are taking place all over the world with many different people with many odd creatures.

It is time we understand that we are completely lost when it comes to many areas of the paranormal due to our own lack of interest or knowledge to what others are enduring.

When I hear about the experiences of the ones I have written about here it becomes clear that we all need to pay attention to these reports and acknowledge that there are just too many things we are letting slip by without demanding serious investigations of so many unknowns.

I for one would like to know what lies beyond the wooded edge as well as what is flying around over my head. I am tired of being told it is all nonsense and living forever in the dark ages concerning that which we simply do not yet understand.

All I can say is please be careful where you go and what you do as none of us ever know when it will be our day to look straight into the eyes of the unknown!

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Reports of orbs like this one have been reported seen in tree's before and have been linked to lost time events.

seen on MUFON


now this is a frightening idea
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