Tis the Season

Tis the Season

August 30, 2011

A Glimpse Into the Era of 2012 (new posts found under our feature article )

I am sitting here writing today by way of my generator and the fact  my cable service has been restored.  I have no power. My entire area has no electric power.
I live on Long Island New York and am just starting now to recover from Hurricane Irene. 

This was a storm unlike others we have encountered on Long Island. We have had our share of hurricanes over the years as well as tropical storms. We often have Nor'easters  along with what is called white hurricanes.  This is an island and we have our share of  typical island problems with storms.

The one thing we do not have  are earthquakes we can feel or tornadoes that cause devastation. Not until recently that is.

This storm was unlike any other that we have had .  A hurricane usually hits with a furry ,  has a break as the eye passes - then hits again on the back side as it races on to the next location or out to sea.  For us here on Long Island hurricanes are day or even  less events that hit hard and move on.  Not this storm.  Not Irene.

We were told that Irene would hit us on Sunday.  Saturday the people of Long Island were frantically running about trying to finish up last minute details so we could all hunker down and ride out the  approaching storm.   

It did not work out that way.  By early afternoon Saturday  with roads  filled with families trying to stock up on whatever  they needed  strong wind and rain  started to drench the people already forming  flooded road areas and soaking the poor people trying to finish their chores.  Wind was already hitting hard making it dangerous for all as trees and wires swayed as we all tried to finish up what we needed to do.  No one told us the storm was going to hit a day early!

By late Saturday afternoon things were not looking good at all as the bands of this huge storm started to hit  us . By Saturday night my power was out, my cable was out and my part of Long Island sat in the dark.  The wind was blowing hard already and it was pouring on and off  a day before the storm was to hit.

We were really concerned about what was to come if the outer bands of the storm had already damaged us leaving us sitting in the dark waiting for the actual storm to arrive. 
The  people were becoming nervous and acting out by speeding  in their vehicles, cutting people off  and doing extremely dangerous things. They were confused and frankly frightened.  Already driving without  red lights or street lights in drenching rain and hard wind was taking its toll on the public who all were simply trying to get home before the storm hit.

New York was shut down. No trains, planes or normal life could be found.  Saturday without power, or phones  or cable turned in to Sunday and the storm continued but in an odd fashion.  In some areas it was a tropical type storm. It was nasty outside and rain beat at our homes and wind tore apart the trees while the power wire poles  swayed . It was however not causing much damage beyond the loss of power. 

This was not the case a street or two over. On a road a short distance away total devastation was taking place.  ALL the trees were ripped from the ground, ALL the poles with live wires were thrown across the road and across yards or on houses  , downed poles and trees crisscrossed  like pickup sticks down the entire street .

 Many houses were devastated with large trees crashing in to the houses leaving them smashed and drenched from the ongoing storm.  It was a confusing nightmare. Some of the people were spared others were devastated.  It was not typical of how hurricanes have hit in our past history. 

The storm took two and a half days to pass our area. It was huge slow and strange. Word has it that mini tornadoes were touching down which explained the areas all over Long Island of mass destruction while other areas only felt a tropical storm. For us it was a new type of storm.   Something different  from the usual assorted bad weather we have endured.

When it was gone we were left with empty stores,  empty gas stations and no power.  Some places on the Island never lost power but everywhere there seemed to be pockets of complete despair surrounded by others with no damage at all.

I have to wonder if this is a new era of storms which include hurricane forces with many tornadoes which is a far nastier animal .  I know that tornadoes can be part of any hurricane however this was just different. This storm was a different animal.

The  thing I need you all to please heed is how important it is to be prepared for what we may now all  be facing for years to come. The Era of 2012  in my opinion has started. The horrors of floods , storms , earthquakes and tsunamis may  be our path for years to come. 

I  have been preaching for a long time to whoever will listen to prepare for the what may come as we are without question in the Era of 2012 and in full swing of natural disasters and world problems 

Now from firsthand experience I can only tell you being prepared is the only way you will survive. 

When this storm hit life as we knew it for many stopped.  We went from normal easy living to being thrown back a 150 years  in a few hours time.  When a disaster occurs you quickly can find you are sitting alone, in the dark , with a hostile environment around you  with only what you have at hand to keep you going, keep you alive.

I had lots of food and water on hand  so I was lucky.  Other people in my area thought they would wait until after the storm to run up to the local stores to pick up what they needed . What they found were locked dark stores, empty gas stations and dangerous travel as they navigated  around fallen trees and downed power lines.

Many could not get off their street much less make it to a store. Flooded roads added to the danger. A few did drown in their cars as they were swept away  by the rushing water that covered a local road.

If you did not have a generator you sat in the dark without refrigeration or any ability to function at all.  If you had a generator but limited gas figuring out how to keep things going for days and days becomes a huge problem.

Nights without power in your area are very dark. There was no moon light for the first few days. You sat in total darkness. Candles were used however I now know how quickly you can run out of them . Battery lanterns , flashlight s and things of that nature are wonderful , however you need a ton of batteries to make it through a week of using them.  

Those who were  prepared are sitting tight waiting for life to return to normal. Those who were not prepared already are having a very rough road . They are becoming aggressive and angry. Life is awful when you have no way to help yourself or your family and many people here are learning that lesson the hard way.

Ignorance seemed rampart during this storm as well.  Once we were without power those of us with generators still were able to watch cable TV as for a short time that was still working,  Other people used battery operated radios to access the news. The news casters were spending time giving out numbers to call and web sites to access?  

How could any of us call anywhere when the phone service was out and the cell phones shut down?  Far more ridiculous was giving out web site addresses for  information to half a million or more people without power or web access.  I think some may have been able to access something with their lap tops however most were dead in the water.  It was all but impossible to communicate with anyone.

One news cast had two giggling idiot young women showing footage of a large tree falling on some poor families home destroying half of the house.  The two morons on the newscast laughed and laughed.  I could not find the humor in a families devastation.  As a society we allow this nonsense of media ignorance to flood our homes and lives.  That needs to stop.

We were truly left to our own devices without the ability to contact anything but a emergency number (IF) we could get that to go through. It was not a good feeling and in my opinion a very dangerous way to do things.

Can you imagine if we are hit with a huge earthquake in these populated areas with only a portion of the public prepared to deal with the aftermath.  It is a frightening thought.  Can you imagine to be caught in a disaster with no way to contact your loved ones and no one to call due to downed communications or sub standard over loaded circuits or help lines?  Instantly panic would take over the population and ciaos and fear would overrule civil  behavior.

Each and every one of you must make sure you are as prepared as you can be so if a natural disaster or man made  one hits your area you will be able to secure yourself and your family  safely in your home for at least a week's time.
It is the only way you can assure you will make it to the other side of what may come without harm. 

Do not think the authorities are going to show up within hours with restored services and a nice cup of hot coffee for you.  It has been days now here where I live and we have not seen one power company truck anywhere in our area. Not one. Trust me we know as the people in my area have been out searching for them as dangerous wires, trees and poles still lay where they fell without any attention from anyone. 

I am sure they will eventually get to us. I also know that a week or two without power is difficult . Those who decided they were not going to prepare are now one very miserable  group of people.  

Things are different now.  The times ahead look to be full of natural disasters as well as manmade ones too  .  I always felt that this time in history will be a time when  many harsh cycles will hit this earth and mankind will be the ones to pay the price. That is what we were warned about, that is what  we seem to be heading towards. 

Make sure you survive without harm. Pay attention to those who tell you to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

I am going to hope tomorrow will be better than today for my neighbors. I also fully understand that from now on my family must at all times be fully prepared for what may come. I will  restock all the supplies we used in this storm as soon as  life returns to a normal state. I will also add more candles, battery lights and a bicycle to my list of things we will need. Once the roads are impossible to navigate unless your fond of walking long distances or own a horse a bicycle becomes the only logical mode of transportation.  You can make  it down the road and back a lot faster on two wheels than you can on two legs!

We also soon found out that long dark nights quickly get longer and darker without anything to do.  We did not run our generator to supply light at night.  We wanted to conserve our fuel so used candles and lanterns and battery lights at night. We quickly found out that reading, board games or playing cards were  impossible for us under the  light of candles only.  I am going to buy a battery operated player and stock up on sale movies to keep so next time we have something to help pass those long dark nights.  After a long day of  doing things  the old fashioned way you will find you are very tired at the end of the day.  A warm meal , a little relaxation and a early bed time is all you will be up for as the next day will be more of the same until your area can be returned to the grid and life as you knew it.

Do not think the new wave of  difficult things you watch on your  TV screen are movies or something that will never touch you. Understand it is only time before your town is being shown as the next new disaster zone. 

Be wise  and realize the Era of 2012 is here and it is your hands and your s only if you survive or not  when it is your turn in the barrel.

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Found this report on MUFON from New York area.

I am not sure at all what to think of this ?  Do you think this is a real capture of a unknown craft?

Last night in New York (Aug 30th) around 10pm I noticed from the apartment windows overlooking the Hudson looking out across to Jersey City from Lower Manhattan a hovering, stationary-seeming airborne object over Jersey City. It had a bright red light flashing regularly underneath. I enjoy aviation and frequently look out of the apartment windows to see what's what. I knew this wasn't a plane from first glance. I looked at it long and hard because it had an odd bulk to its shape. It seemed too big for a helicopter, and probably therefore was a Blimp. My feeling was that it was unidentifiable by the naked eye. It made me pretty inquisitive to know what it was. I watched it hardly moving, maybe progressing but very slow. Logic told me it HAD to be a helicopter, so i got on with other stuff. But when after 10 minutes i saw it was still there and had not changed position much, i decided to photograph it. These pictures were taken with an 8 second exposure. I zoomed one using iPhoto. The object is not something i recognise. It is probably some sort of balloon/blimp. But it would be interesting to know what type, and what it was doing. It continued slowly, progressing inland away from Jersey City for about an hour, the flashing red light very prominent and visible. My friends' kids came in not long after i had photographed it and I pointed out the object to them. It must have been seen by thousands. I am sure there is a sensible explanation.

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August 24, 2011

The Return of the Hum- A Super Annoying Mystery plus Senior Citizens , Pets and Abduction


For the past week or so the people in my area have once again been hearing the mysterious Hum .  It starts for no reason and leaves without logic.

This time the annoying noise is being heard late at night. Somewhere around midnight until about 4a.m. in the morning is what I am hearing from those in my neighborhood.

I am one of those who have been kept up at night by way of  the low rumbling vibration and noise that we have come to call  'The Hum'.

In the past this noise sounded very much like a diesel truck off in the distance idling .  The problem is the sound of this mystery truck will go on for hours . Many of us living in the area have taken to driving around the area searching for this truck  without  luck. 

It was soon realized it was not an idling truck which sent those hearing it driving endlessly around their neighborhoods trying to find the source of this noise.
To date what is causing this noise has remained a mystery. 

Since I started to write about this  low annoying hum I have received many emails from all over the world telling me that they too have heard and searched for the source of this strange noise to also come up empty  to what is causing the annoying noise.

I had not heard it for awhile here on Long Island , New York and was hopeful it was forever gone .  The low vibrating sound would distract you after listening to hours of it so concentration and sleep became impossible.  I was happy that it seemed to be long gone and the normal sounds of life fully restored.

That hope was dashed about a week or so ago. 

The summer here has been very hot  leaving my air conditioners running over time. At night I would keep it running so the house was cool enough to sleep.  This was the way of things here until we got a break in the weather

Much cooler weather moved in making it possible for us all to turn off those air conditioners and throw open our windows .  

The nights were  lovely with the sound of summer crickets chirping above  the quiet of the  country making for lovely sleeping conditions.  

I was fully enjoying the beautiful summer nights until it came back.  One night while trying to fall asleep I made the disgusted discovery to find that not only the Hum was back- it was back  in a new form.

As I lay in bed I once again was listening to the low  vibration  type sound of a muted diesel engine idling in the distance.  I knew it was not a truck or local sound but a  noise coming from nowhere from nothing but without question there!
As I lay there trying to ignore the noise I realized it now had two new twists to add to its over powering annoyance  level.

The Hum now came in waves. It was the same sound but now in a wave pattern which without question is far more annoying than the old  nonstop version of this irritating noise. 

Along with the new wave pattern in the background  a constant nonstop new sound was added to the problem .  Along with the Hum  there now  was a whine  which sounded like a small airplane  in the distance. Sort of like a hive of bees.
The new sound never left and never changed. It was like a small plane that  never flew further away or closer simply lingered in the same place whining away.

It does not take too long before you simply cannot stand this annoying combination of  sounds making any hope of sleep or relaxation impossible.

I did the usual things. I looked around outside even laid out on my grass in my yard to try to get a sense of where it was coming from . The results were the same. I could not figure it out.

One slight difference was that while laying on my lawn at 2 a.m. I did seem to sense a slight vibration from the ground.  I am not sure about that as it could have also been caused by the glass of wine I had with me!

I was ready to post this article as it reads above when  today brought a new experience to my neck of the woods. Today we felt the earthquake that hit along the east coast.  

I was sitting in my living room with two of my family members in a big wooden rocking chair. All of a sudden the house started to shake  in what seemed to be a back and forth  motion.  My rocking chair with me in it started to shake hard along the wood floors moving it and me all over the living room.  My family all shook where they sat as well. We jumped up to run out of the house as we did not know if the house was going to collapse.  I understand people all over the world deal with this type of thing often but here on Long Island it is not known to have an earthquake strong enough to shake you or your house. It was very odd.

After the shock of it was over I started to think about that  Hum noise  the week before. I had to wonder if  it had been a warning from mother nature that this was going to happen.

Long Island sits in the Atlantic Ocean. Could the motion  that was going on deep within the earth have  caused that strange noise. Could the water surrounding me on the Island  have developed a wave pattern from the shaking below its floor forming a vibration that we could pick up over the Island?  I do not know if this is possible but  since we cannot find any other answers for the strange noises I guess I feel anything is possible.

To make all of this even stranger something else that has never happened before here on Long Island happened tonight.

The population of Suffolk County New York  all, in every household,  received a phone call tonight from Emergency County Services . It was a recording telling us that the earthquake occurred and if something else happens to call the police or a list of other numbers.

This phone call upset everyone as we all assumed the odd event of this earthquake was over and would most likely not happen again for at least a few hundred years.

This phone call  did not happen when we had other far more serious events happen to us in New York.  Having it happen today really has the population on edge.

Is it simply a new policy to call every household now when something happens that  really did not cause any great harm to the citizens ?  Or, was this a heads up  that another strange event is on its way and we all need to know what to do?

I know this may be way out there  in thinking however I had to wonder if in any way those horrid weather manipulation HAARP machines were at play here.

Was that quake by the hand of mother nature - or was it by way of a power struggle  via man on top of this earth?  I know the technology to do these things exist.  Could it be that it was used?  The fact Washington D.C.  and  New York City were in the sights of today's events did not give me much comfort.

I hope I am wrong about everything I wrote about today.   I would not want to live in a world where anything as power full as an earthquake could ever be used as a weapon.

I will leave the earthquake to those who are the experts in that area . I will also continue on paying attention to that   Hum . Maybe one day we will have the answers to all of these things

Be careful out there and now more than ever pay close attention to your surroundings 

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About five years ago I talked to a very frightened young woman who was a North American Indian. Her family lived in a isolated part of the West in the United States on a reservation.

She belonged to a tight knit family who were very protective of one another. She was very shy and very nervous about talking to me. It took some time but I finally convinced her I would never use her name or location and would not write anything that would cause her family harm.

She then told me the story of what happened to her grandparents while they were on their weekly outing to do their shopping and errands in the town closet to their reservation and home.

She told me they were both in their late 70's. The couple had a weekly ritual of going to town to shop and do their errands making sure they were back home well before dark . They were nervous being out at night as age made driving and the long dark deserted roads from town to the reservation frightening for the couple.

This one particular trip to town was like most all other trips to town. They started off early with their beloved dog in tow. They took care of their errands and stopped for lunch at their favorite spot before packing up their truck for the trip home.

The older couple and their dog were happily driving back home along the winding deserted roads common to their part of the country. It was only 3 in the afternoon leaving them plenty of time to make it back home before nightfall.

Suddenly a small deer came bounding out of the woods and clipped the side of the old couples truck. The couple , dog and deer bounced around before the old man managed to pull off the road.

They got out to inspect the damage and found the truck was incredibly barely touched however the deer was dead. The old man his wife and dog all stood on the side of the road next to the wide open wilderness that surrounded them.

The elderly couple decided to pull out their tool box to try to butcher whatever they could of the deer so the meat would not be wasted.

The old man was busy pulling out what he needed as the woman tugged and dragged the deer off of the road . Their dog was busy sniffing around and wagging his tail rather happy with the entire event.

As he wondered about the edge of the woods the dog suddenly began barking and growling almost in a rage. Both the man and woman stopped what they were doing and called the dog over to them behind the truck on the side of the road.

The dog came running to them with his tail tucked tightly beneath him. The old couple comforted the dog . The woman heard it first , a strange noise like a low hum coming from the woods.

As the couple stood by their truck with their dog they could see what appeared to be a bright white light coming up from the ground making its way towards them and the road.

At once the couple decided to leave the deer and threw their tools in to the back of their truck. They pushed the dog into the cab of the truck between them and took off down the road. All three of them were terrified at what was coming towards them from the woods.

The next thing the couple remembers is driving into the reservation and pulling up in front of their daughters house. It was 10 P.M at night.

The family had been out looking for them and were frantic about where they may have gone. They always were home before dark and never went anywhere the family did not know about.

The family heard the old couple pull into the driveway and went running out to greet them and to find out where they had been.

The old couple seemed dazed. The old man was completely disoriented and confused. He felt weak and needed help getting out of the truck. When questioned to where they had been he seemed confused and could not answer. The old woman had been asleep. When they woke her she said her head hurt and did not know where she was. Laying across the old woman was the couples beloved pet. He was dead.

The couple had no idea where they had been or why they had lost hours of time. They were crushed to find their dog had died and had no idea what had happened to him.

The old couple told their family about the deer and the strange light coming from the woods towards the road. The old man described it as if the sun was rising from the earth and streaking across the woods towards him. The old couple were heartbroken that their dog had died and had no idea why the perfectly healthy pet died on the way home.

The couple felt ill for a few days after this event. The man had a decline in his health after this encounter .

They do not understand what happened or where they were during this lost time event.

The family does not want this made public or for the old couple to endure any discomfort due to this story becoming known in their area.

I do not know why I never wrote about this incident before. I have thought about it often but kept it on my list of things to get to until now.

I recently received a phone call and the story of this elderly couple came clearly back to my mind.

The phone call came a few weeks ago from long time acquaintance who wanted to tell me about a very odd experience that happened to her parents while they were on vacation.

It seems her parents both in their late 70's decided to go on a last minute trip to Maryland to visit old friends who were living there.

They packed up their minivan and their little dog and took off for a visit with their friends. They were leaving from New Jersey and planned to travel down the east coast via the long scenic route with less traffic and less large trucks to deal with .

They were driving along when they decided to stop for lunch around noon.

Nothing unusual took place . They ate lunch and continued on their way. The elderly pair and their little dog drove for a bit longer when they realized they needed to stop for gas.

They were now driving along roads that were lightly traveled and no longer saw many other cars.

The couple stopped for gas . Both the woman and the man and dog got out while filling up to stretch their legs and take the dog for a short walk. As they walked along the side of the gas station with the dog both of them mentioned to the other how odd and bright the sun had become.
They could barely see even though both of them had on sunglasses.

They got back into their car with the dog sitting on the woman's lap and started off down the deserted highway towards their destination. They had just entered Delaware.

They recall taking off in the car and driving along the road away from the gas station.

Hours later the couple's first memory is of pulling over to the side of the road . The man who had been driving was confused and disoriented . The woman was slumped over her seat in a deep sleep.

The man got out of the car and began to walk around the front of the car confused and disoriented. He started to call out for his wife. She heard him calling and started to wake up. When she finally was able to shake herself awake she saw that her husband was pacing back and forth in front of their van calling her name. She looked down into her lap to find her little dog limp and gasping for air.

She opened her door and called to her husband. He seemed to snap out of his pacing and ran over to her door.

The woman and the old man tried to figure out where they were. They were at a loss to what had happened to them . They both felt ill and weak. The couple was very concerned about their now extremely ill pet.

They had no idea where they were and decided to get back on the road and drive to find a sign or town .

They drove a few miles to find a sign telling them they were somewhere in North Carolina.

The couple knew that was impossible as their watches told them only three hours had passed yet they had traveled a huge distance to a place they had never been before. The little dog was barely alive.

The old couple found the next town and first veterinarian they could to try to get help for their little dog.

The vet was kind and took the old people right in to see if she could help the little dog. The vet told the old couple the little dogs lungs were filled with liquid and his little heart was failing. She could do no more but make the little guy comfortable as he was dying. The old couple was devastated.
They stayed with the dog until he passed away. They were overcome with the sorrow of losing their little pal in such a strange way.

The old couple found a motel and stayed overnight in this North Carolina town they did not know.

In the morning they still felt ill and confused. They had the body of their little dog in the back of their van and wanted only to return home where they could bury him in their own backyard.

The elderly couple knew something horrible had happened to them as they had lost a period of three hours and traveled miles of distance in an impossible amount of time ending with the death of their beloved little dog unexplained .

The trip home was long and difficult for this old couple. It took them 13 hours to cover the same distance they did the day before in 3 . They just wanted to go home.

The old couple took turns driving only stopping for gas on the way home. When they returned home late that night they called their daughter and told her of their bizarre trip.

The man in this story had a turn in his health after this trip and has been weak with many different health issues since. The woman remains frightened and confused to what could have happened to them during this strange day of events that seem to be impossible yet happened.

The old couple is mourning the loss of their little dog and do not understand at all what caused the animal to go from perfectly happy, active and wagging to limp and dying in a few hours time.

I found the similarities in both of these cases chilling. I find the accounts of both these older couples to be strange lost time events that certainly lean towards abduction.

Both couples talked of strange bright light and both couples have no memory at all where they had been or what happened to them during the missing hours.

It is not the first time I have had the death of a pet reported to me as a result of a lost time or abduction case. It may be that the transition that takes place during these events are simply something a dog or cat cannot survive. I tend to think it is lucky that both of these senior couples were returned alive and basically in one piece.

The experiences of the older couples years apart , miles apart are remarkably alike. I have not heard nor could I find any other reports as similar as these reports were to each other.

I realize that there may be many other cases like the two of these that just have not been reported . I also realize the longer I do this work that we are very limited in our knowledge to what really is going on all over the world to people on every part of our planet.

I cannot help but wonder if odd lost time events like the two I reported here are happening to the senior citizens of the world . I realize that many elderly people are careful not to report a strange event in fear that family members or society in general will consider them unable to handle being alone or continuing on as productive citizens.

They fear the reaction of the rest of the world making them more inclined to keep an incident like the ones in this article to themselves.

I feel a deep sadness knowing that there may be older people all over the world dealing with lost time or abduction without feeling they can look for help in fear of losing their freedom or facing unkind ridicule .

That is the nature of our society and we are all to blame for it. We have made these subjects a joke. We clearly decided as a society not to deal with it .

This decision has left us alone if we find we are the one looking in to the eyes of the unknown. Trust me nothing on earth can make one feel more alone.

I have only heard of two other events where pets where involved in possible abduction cases and in all of the cases the pets did not survive. I have no idea what goes on during the encounters with the unknown. I do know not everyone or everything taken is returned or survives. A sad side of the reality of the unknown but one we need to understand.

One day if we change our thinking and approach to these subjects we may understand what the truth is concerning our place in this universe. For now all I can do is report to you the encounters of those who are good enough to share what happened to them as they alone faced the terror of the unknown.

Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.

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A man walks beneath an unusual cloud formation
An unknown factor is affecting the rate of aerosol formation in the atmosphere – and hence the creation of clouds. Photograph: Dario Lopez-Mills/AP
 ( HAARP - The new worry of our  time and biggest possible  concern for the future of mankind - Human interference with Mother Nature . Know he who  controls the weather controls the world)  

Cloud formation study casts a shadow over certain climate models

One of the most detailed studies of the particles that seed clouds has revealed shortcomings in our picture of how they arise

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When  you least expect it - something unknown shows up.  Happy on a fishing trip a UFO is captured watching the fun!

August 20, 2011

Ghosts of the Canadian Battlefied and How "They" Control Us- Warnings of the Abductees


 Richard Palmisano is in my thinking one of the best Ghost Hunters out there. I say this as he is one of the few that goes about looking into this part of the unknown in a logical careful manner using the best methods and people he can find.

When Richard takes on a case it is given time and hard work . Richard and his ghost hunting group  known as  'The Searcher Group ' conduct a full investigation before making any judgment or report on the case at hand.  Richard and  his team do not visit a possible haunted area for a few hours and call it an investigation. The Searcher Group take whatever time is needed to work out what is going on in a place considered haunted.

It may take days or even as along as a year to figure out what is happening . This paranormal team does not jump to conclusions or spend a few hours falling over themselves before making incredible statements. Richard and his team of investigators do the work the right way in careful methods until they can find the answers to the areas and events they are called to investigate.

Richard has been working on a new book “The Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition”. This was a long term in-depth investigation into the grounds and buildings of one of Canada’s most recognized locations.  This book will be coming out this July and can easily be found on Amazon.

 Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition was a 13 month investigation of one of Canada’s most iconic locations. The Searcher Group investigated the grounds and buildings discovering this location is by far one of Canada’s most haunted locations. The book is packed full of information on the spirits who roam the buildings in this investigation supported by over 30 photos.

I recently talked to Richard about this long interesting investigation of an area in Canada long known to be haunted to see if he found evidence of  things unknown.

 Richard told me that he and his Searcher Group did encounter many odd activities and experiences that seemed to give them reasons to feel the areas they spent time looking at were indeed  haunted. Hearing this from a man who is the most logical skeptical investigator of  all things considered  haunted - I  knew this had to be an interesting investigation.

While talking with Richard I asked him if he encountered any events that were solid in his thinking or involved any concrete proof. He told me in fact he  had . During his yearlong investigation for his new book he spent a great deal of time at a site that was  once a battlefield.

Not only was this area of land a battlefield it also served as a burial ground for those who were killed during the battle. It was a case of the men being dug under where they were slaughtered.  The battle on this land happened  during the war of 1812.

The battle took place when General Pike attacked Fort York during the war of 1812, The battle itself on this area of land took place in the year of 1813. During this battle many men died yet their remains were not given, at the time, the respect or dignity that a military man would ordinarily receive. The remains of the fallen military men were simply buried down where they fell without fanfare or markings. It was a sorrowful sad time for all involved.

The battlefield years later  in 1860 was turned into an official Military Burial Ground. However the men who fell and were buried there from the war of 1812 remained  without care or concern.

During the research for the new book that investigated this area The Searcher Group spent time in this battlefield/cemetery

The Searcher Group had been told many strange things had been heard and seen in the battlefield / cemetery site for many years.  The group spent careful days looking into these claims. During their research of this site  The Searcher Group brought one of their gifted mediums to the area for input.

The medium told the group a strong sensation of injustice was coming through from the site.  The feeling came from the injustice done to how the fallen men of the war of 1812 were discarded during the battle of 1813 when Pike over took York.

Although those who fell since 1860 when the site became an official Military Burial Ground were honored those who fell before it were left in shallow unmarked graves. The sensation of their injustice was clearly and powerfully felt by this medium.

The Searcher Group of investigators were together in a group standing in the middle of this battlefield/cemetery discussing this with the medium when to everyone's astonishment one of the teams members , Richards brother Paul, was hit in the head with a flying object of some kind.

The man reacted to the ping in his head with the others watching as the item flew from nowhere and hit him upside his head.

The group watched as the object fell to the ground.  Paul bent down and  picked up what had just pinged him in his head. The group was astonished at what he found.

There before them on the ground was the item that hit Paul which was a British half penny of  lower Canada dated 1812 with King George the third on one side and Lady Justice on the other!  

Can this be a anything other than the injustice of the past hitting this group directly in the head?  I think not!

Without question the past came to life on this battlefield by way of this  old strange penny arriving out of nowhere and landing directly into the hands of this investigative team. The Searcher Group has no doubt that they were informed that the fallen and forgotten of this battlefield/ cemetery made it clear they indeed have been laying in wait to expose their feelings of disrespect and lack of honor by way of their tragic burials.

I have attached a photo of the actual penny that the researcher Paul was hit with at the battlefield/ cemetery. If you look closely you will notice a small hole drilled into the penny. As a history buff  I know that it was common practice at this time in history  for the soldiers to commonly drill holes in their coins so they could place them on a cord or string to wear securely around their necks or around their wrists. Uniforms at the time were not designed to keep safe the coins of the military men so this practice of small holes in the coins was the preferred  method of carrying money. I immediately realized hole in tact on the coin that this most likely was a real treasure find of The Searcher Group during this investigation.

I asked Richard Palmisano if he had given the penny over to any of his trusted medium contacts to see if any further information could be arrived from the strange coin. He told me he was not able yet to do so  but will keep us updated if anymore can be found via the teams mediums from the coin from nowhere that invaded our space and time to make a point!

The group soon found they were drawn time and again to this mysterious haunted field of battle now graveyard where they had other strange encounters and events occur during their investigation.

Richard told me that once while the group was walking through the cemetery  they encountered a strange glowing mist develop in the trees that came from thin air out of nowhere and just as suddenly disappeared. They could not find or figure out the source of the mist but where able to capture a photo of it seen below.  

Richards  investigations with the unknown are always first on my list of encounters I want to learn about. I know that his team really researchers with care, time,  equipment and proven experiments the truth in  his area of the paranormal.
I will try to keep updated on  The Searcher Group and will continue to write about their uncanny real encounters with the unknown of haunting and ghostly activity. 

Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition

The Searcher Group
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Many of you who have been following my articles know that I have been talking to a group of real time abductees . During our conversations the group has  discussed many issues that they feel are important .  Warnings to mankind are talked about by this group. 

This article will be one of a few  articles concerning the thoughts of those taken . The abductees have discussed so many things with me I am unable to fit them into one article. I also find working with them and writing about the things they wish for me to  communicate to whoever may read my work exhausting and draining. 

For those who are not sure what a real time abductee is let me first give a quick explanation. A real time abduction is one where a everyday person is fully awake , going about their daily life when suddenly they are interfered with by a unknown source and taken against their will. 

These people generally remember the beginning of the event and the end when they are returned but have little or no memory of the lost time that occurs when they are abducted.
I  refrain from declaring the abductions are purely alien in nature as  the real time abductees I have spoken with have faded recall of humans or human like creatures around them during these events. The common feeling is that aliens are doing this but some feel humans are somehow also involved.

The subject that I am going to write about today came from a long discussion that took place among the abductees who were gathered together during one of our visits together .
I will try my best to express the worries  of this group regarding  what concerns  them . You will find that this group of people ( real time abductees)  do not think like others who claim to have had abduction experiences. They do however think alike . I will add that the abductees I have spoken to are all well above average intelligence which they openly contribute to their multiple abductions.

One of the things that  the group has talked about is how " they " control us.
It seems the abductees feel  mankind  has been and still is manipulated and controlled by something else.

They are not sure what that something else is but they are sure it exists and has been the secret over lord of how society and this world thinks, acts and behaves. 

The group mentioned many possibilities of what or who "they " may be.

 They talked about a secret group of super power humans, or a world government designed long ago to push us around for their own desires and wants. They talk about a cosmic connection or alien interference controlling what we think- as well as making sure we stay controlled and in line with how they want our civilization to be maintained. 

 The group included the idea we are but a huge game of some highly advanced life form and our world little more than a game board. They talk about whatever  any one could imagine could be doing this however the one thing they are positive of is that it is being done.

They feel we are trained and react to our commands easily. The main thing discussed was their fear of our losing our humanity to those the group describe as "they"

The group agrees that before technology hit the earth we were far easier to control . Once radio , movies and television hit our civilization and our world population grew  we became a bit more difficult to  deal with. "They" needed to increase their control.

This is the time in human history the group of abductees think was the  turning point when   interference with earths civilization started to intensify . The human addiction to entertainment made it simple to point our wants and needs and thinking exactly where "they" wanted it to be.

Being transmitted directly into our homes made entering our minds with subliminal , images and obvious brain washing via ads, show themes, etc very easy. Knowing that those who visit or interfere with us without our awareness make it obvious that their ability to use our technology to their advantage obvious and for them easy. Who knows what we all have been subjected to since the radio and television sets have hit the living rooms of people all over this planet.

The abductees agree that a huge change in using our growing technology increased the interference with our society starting in the 1950's.

This is the start of the end of families that united in tight family groups that sat together each night around a family dinner table and shared meals while talking to each other about life around them. 

This is the time families started to disintegrate into broken homes as divorce swept with ease across our society and family life fell to the wayside. The way of life was forever changing brought clearly in to our homes via access to  instant news, programs designed to move towards this new way of thinking as narcissism was being pumped into our minds , before our eyes and filling our ears. The me generations of family destruction were in full bloom.

The abductees agreed that this was the beginning of the  easy control of society. The first rule of collapsing any strong unit is to divide and conquer. We made that simple for them by following the way of self and giving up and marching  away from strong families or united family life. 

It was the start of our destruction . Once a family is broken it is far easier to deal with the members who have lost their solid center of a strong family unit. Willingly and blindly we marched along the road of what was shown to us on our televisions or told to us via our car and home radios not to mention the ongoing moral decay   of  Hollywood's view of life. It was a continuous feeding of a new way to live that was short on family and big on self. It also made us weak and declining. 

This is also the time that big families declined and the one , two or no children family unit was formed doing away with the old large untied families.

Television was the end of community as well. Instead of meeting for gathering in town churches or halls TV became the total entertainment. The neighborhood living when families knew each other and communicated with each other was drawing to a close. The days of  Sundays spent with your family perhaps with church  as part of the day or at least a big family Sunday dinner were over.  Separation was building where once unity of family and community once lived.

Ads being fed to us constantly over our technology brought stores open 7 days a week along with malls to support our new need of self wants and the need to have everything we saw on that TV screen.

 We were being herded like sheep to do as we were directed by the images we sat  silently digesting day after day. We stopped talking replacing family conversations with TV  tray  tables and silent dinners with the family stuck like zombies in front to the bright light of our blaring television screens. How easy we were making it to disconnect from  our fellow humans. All that was needed was moving pictures and flashy images to move us apart and to where "THEY' wanted us to be.

I can remember when I was growing up how our relatives, friends and neighbors would visit over a pot of coffee and an apple pie . We would sit around the dining room table talking or playing cards or board games . The house was full of people and voices making it a comforting place for all involved. 

Today I have been invited to people's homes  while the TV was never turned off or down. The visit would consist of trying to break into the show playing to yell a fast remark or question. It also was a time that  good conversation was hard to come by and visiting became just a new living room or play room with just another blaring television.  

At other times I have been invited to visit someone I have not seen in a long time to sit and watch a movie with them. I understand some movies are nice to share however at all these invitations after the movie the visit was over and no communication was shared. I left not knowing how the friend was or what was going on in their life. 

I do not take part in that type of  visit any longer  and never have the TV on when I have visitors. We talk to each other. Something that is being a  lost art. 

Realizing that this new way of things is to realize it is also the way to desensitize us from  each other. Once you stop looking at , talking to or sharing your life with those around you - you begin the start of the downfall of our society.

The group of real time abductees share a common life style of very little television as well a limited list of movies that actually interest them. They feel the disconnect with reality and fantasy also is a byproduct of being fed  fantasy as reality which has blurred the lines for many humans to what is and what is not true. 

I will tell you that sitting and talking to this group of people is like night and day from talking to the rest of the people in my life. They are far more thoughtful, interesting and curious than those I know who spend hours in front of the TV screen. 

They feel that  some television is entertaining and fun. They also think that once the need to sit and stare blindly at the boob tube becomes more important than talking to those in your life you are in deep trouble. I came to this conclusion years ago and limited TV viewing in my household.  As a result my children are able to have conversations with those they come across in this world. I am so happy I realized this years ago and fought to maintain the human traits of  family unity and communication.  We also, until this day,  eat our dinner without the TV or radio and actually talk to each other every single day.

All of this has taken us to a place that has produced a society that is dull and withdrawn from the very things they were born to experience. Humans are meant to communicate with other humans, create families that are untied and love each other via communication and sharing. We were not born to sit and stare at a boob tube that has twisted our minds and controlled our habits and thinking. We are social animals that are being re programmed to be controlled by technology by those who benefit by this control. 

Easily we have been divided and turned to roads  that are not natural to us. Do you really think people,  especially children are happier now in small or broken families who do not communicate well, do not share meals together and at times do not even sit in the same rooms together?  I think the abductees are right and "They" have changed us and have done so for their private agenda's not our good.

I will end this article by telling you that this is  just part of what the abductees want to warn their fellow humans about. 

I will continue to write their warnings and hope you will continue to read them and consider some of what they have to say. 

I think this is the way of the abductees to force all of you to face the fact that the unknown forces who have taken and abused them may be in all our lives and that it may not be a very good thing.

Right now I am going to go read a book. No television for me , especially before bed- who knows what odd thoughts or ideas could be sent to me without my conscious knowledge. I will read and think and be happy I am the only one in my head with me !

Be careful out there, one never knows when they will be the one to find they are alone looking into the eyes of the unknown! 

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