Tis the Season

Tis the Season

November 30, 2011

A Message to Mankind from a Real Time Abductee found below

Tis the Season for Hope and Joy!



Many of you know I have been spending the last year having conversations with a group of six people who are Real Time Abductees.  They are ordinary people who while going about the business of their normal daily routines where taken, abused and  thrown back.

These people were fully awake at the time and taken against their  will.  This has been a life time  ongoing  problem for four of  the six  people in the group.

I have written other articles about my conversations with this group.  I will now  be concentrating on the messages the abductees singularly and  as a group  wish  to   offer  for those  who may be interested in what they have to say via  my articles about them.

I will tell you  the people in this abductee  group  are not like the average people we live with or encounter during our everyday life.   They also are not like the average  abduction  reporting  people found across the internet.

  They do not tell fanciful colorful reports of reptile like or grey looking beings with big eyes  zipping  them  through the night in large spaceships where all can breathe the same air  while conveniently communicating telepathically.  They are never asleep when they are taken and always returned ill and suffering.  Not one of the Real Time Abductees have ever felt love, light or happiness after being kidnapped against their will, and returned as if a sack of wheat thrown back without concern  .  They are different.

The abductees are very bright and very serious about this horrific problem that has followed them for most of their lifetimes.  They have been changed by what has happened to them both mentally and physically.

In this article I will write about the thinking of one abductee  and her ideas on many things she sees that she finds extremely dark and dangerous for mankind.

This woman is by far the most unusual person I have ever met. She is a genius who has been given the ability to use her brain in a way that has changed her over the years.  She has also  benefited  by this change  as it has  aided in her success which helps her live a secure lifestyle reducing her abductions.   This advanced intelligence  is the only good thing that has come from her life time of  abductions.

She thinks differently than your average  person  which obviously is a result of what she has endured or been changed   via her abductions.

Her main warning to mankind  is to stop being so  backwards and stunted when it comes to the unknown.  She told me  she is  disgusted with what she sees and reads concerning the subjects of  UFO's ,  aliens and abduction to the point  she feels there is little hope for our advancement or learning in these areas due to our childish actions and thinking    She told me it is the main reason she keeps what she knows within her  protected  family . 
She  often discusses with the abduction group that she feels the   aliens find humans  extremely stupid and view us mainly as sub standard beings with miles to go before we develop in to thinking beings.

I realize some of you  may take offense  to  that remark .  I also warned you this group will not tell you sugar coated nonsense you want to hear . They will share what they think by way of what they experienced .

 The  fact you may not like  what they have to say is of little concern to them.  They feel  people  can  listen or not listen, believe them or not believe them. It is of no consequence to them.

  They have very little interest in sharing with anyone.  It took me a very long time to get them to agree on meeting and talking to me .  The only reason I was able to convince them to do so is because  I also am a real time abductee.

 As far as this group is concerned they all would be very happy taking what they have seen, lived and know with them to their graves.  They do not see  any benefit for them  in  sharing  their private hells  with a vicious society that has no real interest in what really goes on to  many helpless people all over the world. The fact society has rejected these people  and prefer fantasy to truth is clear to this group of abductees.

  They have no interest in people knowing who they are .   They do not want to be famous or have their privacy invaded.  Their lives  have been invaded enough .

The only leverage I had in getting them to agree to let me write about them was that it may one day help some poor terrified  good person who one day alone finds they too are looking into the eyes of the unknown.  I was able to convince them that what they say  may  somehow one day may  keep others alive.

Understand that past that this group of people could not care less what anyone has to say  who has not been abducted  in real time as they have .   They are not out to win you over nor do they want you in their life in any shape or form.  They will say what they have to say and that is the limit of it.
Having been able to successfully  talk to this group gave me the ability to understand a great deal more about this subject then I did when handling it alone . I definitely  see things differently now that I have spent time with them.

"Humans are just too stupid!."    That is this woman abductees  comment about the alien - UFO subject  and mankind  in a nutshell.  She  will tell whoever asks that the garbage she reads and sees concerning the UFO  alien agenda is mostly pure nonsense produced by ridiculous people who have no clue at all what is what .  

She realizes that fiction can be fun and entertainment is a big part and need of the human condition .  She  however is very concerned how lacking we are in understanding what is real from what is fiction.  She feels  we are not only far from knowing  the truth of the universe  - we are far from deserving to know.  

 In her thinking  the aliens are  delighted we are so ignorant as it makes it extremely easy for them to do what they do , when they want to do it , to whoever they want to do it to.  She feels we are little more than loud smelly stupid animals to the  extremely advanced species that pass by and use us at will.

This abductee understands we are being adjusted,  used for biological material and altered for purposes of pure experiment  that have nothing to do with our benefit. The aliens  are not  bothering with us for our benefit.  It is strictly for their own.

Perhaps the way we test new medical techniques or drugs on mice  and pigs  is how we are used to test new things that will benefit their species.  Exactly as we use part of a pigs heart for our benefit  they may be using our DNA or our physical makeup . Maybe we are close enough in design to them to  be used  for these purposes.  She feels sure some of us are  tagged and used over and over . She simply chalks it up to the fact once they have us categorized as an animal they can use over and over just as we track and tag animals here on earth.  She feels  they do exactly the same thing using some of us  over and over.  It might be some of us are closer to them in makeup, chemistry or in some way we do not understand   and more useful than other humans to them.  Some humans are tagged and reused others are not.

This abductee also thinks the implant issue  is not fully correct.  She feels it may be possible but clearly feels that those abducted over and over no matter where they may be are walking  markers.  She feels the very cells and atoms that makeup those who are repeatedly taken  make them easily to follow and pick up at will. They do not have implants their entire body cell by cell atom by atom is the marker they follow.  It is built in to them .   She feels they alter the people so every cell in their body is the marker making them extremely easy to trace and  collect when needed by their abductors.

The abductee thinks  they may be trying to develop us  to be more like them so we too can travel the cosmos.  It may be the human body is not suited well for this and they are trying to manipulate us to withstand space travel  as well as they can.

There are thousands of reasons they take and use us, a thousand more why they have physically altered some of us.  The one thing she is positive of  is that it has nothing at all to do with any respect for the human race.  We are  just animals on a primitive planet in the early stages of our development.

 This abductee along with the other abductees in this group all agree that they feel a few different species of aliens are involved in taking humans . It is not just one alien group it may be many . This would explain why abductees have slightly different experiences . It also would explain why the people in this group feel  humans are taken by a certain type of visitor that does not return them . What happens to those taken in this way can only be  harsh  and should be a concern to all  of mankind.  Again,  it is just washed away from our minds by a good movie or ridiculous paranormal TV show and life for earthlings goes blindly by.

This woman finds in particular  the material she finds in the media or on the net concerning our fighting, taking over,  or having control in any shape or form of our alien visitors extremely distressing.

She feels it very dangerous for humans to be so childish that they comfort themselves by writing ridiculous scenarios where humans fought, or will fight , or have taken over aliens.  She thinks of this as a perfect example of our delusional thinking concerning the alien subject that cements our ignorance concerning  our alien visitors.

We as a civilization are no match, none, not a chance, not a speck of a shot at ever going against those who look at us ,  use us,  and go about their business when done  .  The idea we have conquered any alien  in any way is strictly a big figment of our human minds. This abductee  laughs  when she comes across this thinking as she knows they could rid the cosmos of us in a snap of a finger. They could destroy us with a blink of an eye.  As far as this woman is concerned  but for the grace of god go all of us in this relationship of humans and our universal neighbors.  We go as we are allowed to go,  nothing more.

 We  are dealing with others who know what the fabric of space is, who know what dark matter and energy is, who understand the energy or the universe as well as all the physics of the cosmos and use them to travel and control  what we have yet to come close to understanding .   We are no match, not anywhere close to their level and as it presently stands  seem to insist on  staying that way.

She points out the way we limit our thinking  and growth as a civilization by the hate, killing, war ,  and chaos  of our world.  We cannot find peace or stability on our own planet. We cannot figure out our energy needs or how to efficiently use our planet to sustain our  population.   We are good at panic, ignorant conclusions and refusal to educate and expand.  We seem to be a slow moving  slow witted group of beings that are  really not that appealing to other beings sharing the cosmos.  If we were they would have long ago become more involved with us.  Face it , they are just not that  in to us- why would they be?

The fact we are so destructive  of  not only our own planet but our own species can only be viewed with the same eyes we watch two wild animals fight it out on the  African Plains.   

The abductee talked about how she thinks the aliens may simply be waiting until we completely destroy our own species by way of our own ignorance.  It seems to be the way of our kind. 

She also remarked about our thinking and how sad it is that our civilization is so lacking that we are not able to  figure out how to use our planet or grow our species.   Instead she finds articles about the horror of our reaching the 7 billion mark in population.  What cements our primitive views is finding reference to dealing with this  population mark  by discussing  destroying or removing humans to a lower amount  of population.  She finds this very thinking the very animal level  that keeps our visitors and abductors at arm's length  when dealing with us.

She explained it this way to me: 

" New York City is a place where the population is dense . New York City is also a place where people successfully work, live, raise families, visit cultural centers, and thrive.  It is a  great place to visit and for many a wonderful place to live and work.

If you took the world's population  of  7  billion and placed them in the same density of  those living  and working in New York City they would  fit into and fill the state of Texas. 

Now Texas is a big state but  hardly  a  major  portion of the United States- not to mention the entire world.  

Add to this the fact we have huge amounts of open land closed down to farming , or producing life giving products all over the world due to ridiculous political and economical  stupidity and add in war and hate and you have a planet too dumb to find its way out of a paper bag.

Once we figure out how to handle our planet, our needs and energy requirements as  intelligent beings we will figure out how to  carry a far bigger population without the need to KILL off anyone !  These are  the reasons we  are  seen as the primitive  beings we  actually are by our visitors  "

She reminds me that our planet is only now entering  its middle age years and is in the prime of its life with what is behind it in life span still ahead of it.  It is not our planet  that  is to blame for our inability to handle our growing population it is our small minded lack of intelligence that is the problem. Once we start to think in place of jumping to stupid conclusions and work at solutions instead of fighting we  may then   be considered more than the  savage beings we seem to presently  be.

This abductee  feels we will not  grow beyond our present state  in her life time. She also finds it very humorous that  she finds so much written on the  fact that we seem to be sitting here waiting for some fanciful event that will usher in a new human existence making all our problems vanish with the  swipe of some world event that brings us all to a new species of  human...among other similar  theories.

She feels we are masters of delusion before all else and make up whatever fantasy we  need instead of doing the hard work of growing to better beings.  She is sure from her own journey with encounters of those far more advanced that that  at best we give our visiting kidnappers a good  giggle if little more. Once they have accomplished whatever it is they take or use from  us - they pretty much treat  us as we do mice in a lab .  They throw us back until the next time they need a sample or experiment, or to see how we are doing if we are the experiment.

I listen to the abductees and see the world differently now as they talk about the unknown in a very strong  clear manner.  I understand how we all can trick our minds in believing what is easier to digest and less frightening when it comes to the unknown.  I now know that  delusional thinking and  behavior is what has us the lab rats and other life forms our  superiors.  We  stay in ignorance willingly as it is easier than advancing and changing our primitive ways.

I asked this abductee if she thought aliens were working with  any of the governments of the world. Since she seems to  feel we are  not on the same level as our visitors  I wanted to know what she thought .

She told me she did think that some  of the power bases on earth were working with or contacted by other life forms visiting our planet.  She   told me she shy's away from  talking about this subject as  humans immediately jump to the conclusion  we are working alongside of  alien species.  She  feels without exception if we are aware of and involved with another species it is under the full control of the aliens.  The aliens decide what  , where and how our involvement will take place.  We have no control over this  and have no way to change this. There are no weapons, technology,  known  tactics or understanding  in the human race that can combat,  defend or have even a equal opinion when it comes to our relationship with our advanced  visitors.  We can do one thing and one thing only. Co- operate.

This unusual abductee feels the only message she can pass on to her fellow earthlings is to be cautious about  their surroundings and try to understand that strange things happen to everyday people.

 She wishes we were not so juvenile in our handling and thinking of the UFO alien subject .  She told me she gave up hope for any true knowledge of  other species  being known any time soon after searching the  internet,  reading the books available  and sitting through a bunch of internet paranormal radio shows.  She feels we are so delusional and childish not to mention  over run by total frauds  throughout these subjects that it  is ridiculous to think we are close to or capable of   dealing with or comprehending the truth of these things. 

She also told me something I felt was a chilling statement.  This abductee who is clearly the  most unusual person I have ever known told me that the aliens watch  how we handle this subject. She  fears for the large amount of people who feel it is a free pass to do, say, write, or make huge false claims concerning this subject.  She also told me  she senses a strange feeling  that they do not like those who tell tales of abuse and abduction that  did not happen and that they are aware of  it and watching how we  handle  the subject of our visitors in such a ignorant manner .  She also told me she does fear for some who may anger the unknown for personal agendas .

I have to wonder if those busy with spending hours making fake photos , fake videos or telling long involved tales of adventures with aliens that did not happen ever considered they may be watched and not in a good way by the very beings they claim to have contact with?    More than that I wonder if any of  the people using this subject for self agenda needs ever consider the fact they may be  annoying or agitating these beings ?

 As one who has looked in to the dark cold eyes of the unknown  I will tell you this is not a good idea.  I know better as I  have  had to deal with  lost time , abduction and strange beings and the last thing on earth I would do would be to draw attention to myself  by way of annoying these creatures  by purposely not being truthful .  I can only conclude those who do these things do not believe  at all aliens exist or are lost in their own delusion .  Otherwise they would never risk what they do  in fear of angering  these beings.   I am lost to why humans do what they do.  I can only warn  not to do it.

The  bottom line  for this abductee to  society is to wise up,  stop living in fantasy and understand there  is a bottomless amount of  information we do not understand about the unknown and it is unwise to shut down to it , make fun of it or refuse to learn about it.  She also thinks everyone needs to  pay close attention to what goes on around them  as anyone at any time could be the next to be called - the abductee.       

I will be concluding my articles about this abduction group hopefully by the end of the year or shortly thereafter .  I do hope somehow somewhere someone will be helped by our sharing what has happened in our lives  while  going about the business of our everyday lives.  We pray it never happens to you.

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November 19, 2011

Now is the Time for a UFO Sighting Found Below

christmas trees Pictures, Images and Photos

The fall and early winter months  have been part of the year that  many  UFO sightings have been reported.. I  have had sightings myself during those months over my lifetime.  I have also  spoken to many people who have told me that they have had clear sightings during the fall / winter months with October being a prime time for a sighting.

I have had a change in thinking about this and think we many  begin to  find the reports of sightings changing with the ongoing change in our climate  going on around the world.. If the cycle of sightings followed seasons we must consider that they too will change as our seasons seem to be changing. 

I know for the last few years our yearly cycle of nature has changed dramatically from four distinct seasons to two.  In  New York  or more precise my area of New York  - Long Island  has now become a two season area.  Come April on we have warmer weather with lush flowers. This continues until one day somewhere around November we wake up one day and it is winter. Flowers one day - cold ice the next. One day warm the next  day cold and boom it is  winter. All the in-between seasons are gone. What normally took place in October where I live now only begins to happen in November.

I read constantly all over the United States where the typical weather is being replaced by new and different cycles of nature. I  have written before that it is my opinion that our weather changes are man-made manipulation . Today however I am not as concerned as why this is happening as I am with the differences it will bring to the world around us.

I long ago realized that UFO activity seemed to be best suited during late summer finding its high point over the fall months winding back down to a normal hum during the other months of the year. I believe this will continue only differently now as the sightings or activity of the ongoing world of UFO actions change to suit the altered seasons of the planet.

I would not be surprised if  the new high time of  UFO sightings now switched over to November as its prime time flowing on throughout the winter months .  I also think backing up the new increased activity  time for lots of sightings to mid August would be in order as our seasons shift and twist as the worlds weather flutters and  changes.

We can be hopeful that with the changes going on with the planet  the humans living upon it may become a bit more involved and aware of what is going on around them.

We are so lost in our own small realities that we seem  numb and dumb to what is going on around us. If we as a life form could become united in our awareness of many things that happen  around us , above us and below us  we would certainly be far more advanced and knowledgeable to our own place on earth not to mention the universe.

Can you imagine if we all looked up while out doing our daily routines what we may begin to see?  Instead we  stay  small and controlled by  our cell phones and iPods.
 If we could be fully present to the reality around us  we would soon learn  a great deal more about  the world and universe around us . Instead  we stay completely  unaware of our own surroundings by way  of being  trained not to be present and instead  walking around rather brain dead in our own little self contained  environments.  ' Not seeing the forest for the trees.! ' best describes the human condition presently on earth.

Maybe this year we will slowly shake out our heads and  shut off  the technology we all walk around with in our hands daily to replace it with conscious observation of what goes on around us each and every day..

Maybe this will be the year we have millions of reports by  many people who decided to  join reality instead of  blocking it out.  Now with so many changes happening  to our earth it stands to reason we will see changes in  the strange and unknown  around us as well.
. Maybe this will be the year when all of us take the time to look up when someone points out a strange light or unknown craft over heard.. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to dismiss the existence of the unknown objects being seen all over the world if we untied and took the time to not only look for them but record them in mass?  Maybe this will be the year we will all smell the coffee and start paying attention with open minds and curious minds?  Obviously our earth is changing. Surely the  odd events that occur on this earth will change too.  If we are now in a cycle of high sightings let us all try to  be aware and pay attention over the months to come over our heads as well as in front of our faces.

Realizing things are changing we all need to be alert and present to  real life around us . Since we are now entering the prime time for UFO sightings I do hope you all take the time to look up and view the sky above you .  Never waste a clear blue sky or a star filled night. Soak in the beauty as well as keeping an eye open for things that just do not seem to belong there.  I believe so much goes on all the time over our heads that it is only time before we all have a true sighting of something unknown. Tis the season to be have sightings.  You never know when it will be your turn to be the one to next see something completely unexplained .

For now pay attention to your surrounding and keep looking up this winter at that clear winter sky. I have a real intuition that  starting November this may be the year for some spectacular sightings of many unknown things.

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November 13, 2011

Describe a Real Time Abduction


This is one question my readers have asked me  since I have been writing about the Real  Time Abductee Group I am part of.

I decided the best thing for me to do is simply describe a few abductions experiences as told to me by the real time abductees .  I am not going to color it up or  fluff the event with fictitious details to make it more appealing .  I am going to simply describe what I have been told   concerning  lost time or abduction events by those who were minding their business going along a typical day until that day was invaded.

Let me start with an event that happened to a lifelong abductee . She  was about 15 years old when this event took place during the mid 1960s

 She was shopping after school along her small towns Main Street.. This  event happened in the month of  November .  She remembers that it was about 5PM and already dark outside by the time she finished shopping .  She had a 15 minute walk home from town.  Not wanting to be out alone too long in the park she hurried on her way   with her package of  magazines,  nail polish and school supplies  in our arms.

She was dressed in  the style of the times which included a short skirt,  high boots and  fishnet stockings.  She laughs as she recalls clearly that she had on a hat  all the kids wore at the time  which was a  cap styled after ones the Beatles  were wearing.  She  was a typical kid Beatles cap and all.

She  tried not to be out late as she had  a  history of strange events including lost time events and was frightened to be out alone in the dark.  Now with the night coming earlier with the change in daylight saving time she was caught walking home  by herself  this dark evening.  There were lots of people around town  so she thought she would be OK as she  quickly headed back towards her home.  She knew she would be home right on time  for dinner as she briskly walked along Main Street towards her neighborhood.

She turned off the main road heading down the side streets  lined with the houses of those who lived in her town.  Her house was  located  at the end of  two long streets that  were  sparsely lit and which made her a bit anxious as she picked up her pace towards her house.  

She was only about a block away from her front door when it started. The young abductee first felt a strong sensation  of  blacking out. She remembers dropping her shopping bags on the ground as she stumbled thinking she was going to fall.  The next sensation she can recall is being bathed in a strong white light.  

Without  explanation the  teen abductee next found she was only a few hundred feet from her house  walking with her bags in her arms.  She felt sick and was very cold.  

She entered her house by way of the front door to find her parents frantic. It seems they had  been out looking for her as she was two hours late and they did not like the fact she was out so late in the dark alone.

Her parents realized at once that something was wrong with their daughter. They took the packages from her hands and  pulled off her coat to get a good look at her.
She was shaking and complaining of being very cold.  When they asked her what time she thought it was she told them  it could only be about ten minutes after 5PM.

Her parents were concerned as it was 7:30 PM and their daughter looked pale and ill.  As they  looked more closely at her they realized she had thrown up as her shirt and skirt were covered  with the mess.  Her mother took her in to her room to help her out of her soiled clothes so she could be cleaned up. 

As the mother helped to undress the abductee she became distressed to find that the young girls fishnet stockings seemed to be burned to a crisp leaving them brittle and  crumbling to the touch.  She  pulled the destroyed hosiery from her daughters legs to find they seemed to have left a pattern on her legs as if she had been out in the sun and been sunburned.  She had the X pattern of the fishnets clearly sunburned on her legs.

The young abductee did not remember anything but the light and walking up to her house. She had no idea where she had  been for the missing hours.  Her parents were upset as they had been searching for her along the route she claimed she had been walking but could not find her. They were getting ready to call the police when she  came walking from the dark street up to the house. 

The abductee felt weak and ill as if she had a bad flu. Her legs hurt and she had a terrible headache.  Her parents put her to bed and kept a close watch on her. She stayed home from school for a few days before returning to her previous good health.  Her legs  healed from the slight burn . 

Since this was not the first and sadly for this abductee not the last event of this type the only thing her parents  knew to do was  insure their daughter never be out alone again at night.  That was the last time she ever  went out after dark alone.  In fact it was one of the last times she ever went anywhere completely alone.  Without question a hard way to live a long life.

The next abduction  is also typical of what takes place in the life or a real time abductee.  Ordinary people going about the business of their regular day when something  uninvited  invades their life and kidnaps them unwillingly. 

The abductee in this instance is a man.  He  has been struggling with lost time events since he was about 19 years old.  

This abduction took place when he was 30 years old.  The man  usually returned home from work  by 6PM  .  On the night of the event he had worked a few hours overtime and  which brought him home closer to  9PM.  

He  worked about 10 minutes away from his house and followed the exact same route each day.  He would leave work return to   his home town and then  would   follow a few residential side streets to his street.  

On this night he followed his usual route arriving  on his street  around  9:15 PM.

He had made the last turn through the neighborhood  onto his street and was about 1000 feet from his driveway.  As he headed towards his house he confronted a dense white fog in the middle of the street .  He  brought his car to a stop as he tried to figure out what the haze was that was blocking him from his home. 

As he looked ahead into this  fog or haze he realized that forms of people where walking towards him from the haze.  He remembers seeing the shape of  beings with heads , arms and legs walking from the fog towards him and then-  he remembers nothing at all.

The next thing the man knew  he was laying across his front seat of his car waking up.  He felt awful . His head ached and he was sick to his stomach.   He looked at his watch to find it was just before midnight.  

He got out of his car and looked around to find he was parked at  the edge of a dock  by  a River a few towns away from where he lived.  

The man got in his car and drove home.  He had no idea where he had been or what had happened to him.   His back and  legs hurt him  and he felt like he had a bad flu. The next morning he called in sick to work as he was throwing up and too ill to leave his home.  He checked his car and found the hood covered with a dust and the paint  on his car  having  a  sanded effect in areas.  His car also had a foul smell  that lasted a few days even after being washed inside and out.

This event was like others this man has had .  Although he does recall small portions of the lost time events he is not willing or wanting to share them .  He is a typical example of a real time abduction.

Lastly  I will describe the abduction of an elderly couple who were on a vacation  traveling through the state of  Maryland during their ordeal. The couple had reservations at a  motel   they were due to arrive at  within the hour to rest for the night.  They never traveled  in the dark and always plotted their routes so they were safely snug in a motel before sunset. 

The couple were driving happily along when suddenly things just went blank for them.   The next thing the couple remembers is waking  sitting in the front seat of their car.  It was two hours later yet they had no recall at all of driving or had any idea where they were.  They were parked on the grass along side of the highway.

The couple was confused and feeling faint .  They decided to  get back on the road to drive to the next exit so they could figure out where they were and what had happened.

The couple quickly found a rest stop and were amazed to find they were  in Florida!  The old couple could not believe what they were finding. How could they have traveled over 800 miles or so in 2 hours time and not have any recall of it?  

It was impossible to travel that distance in their minivan in that time yet that is exactly what had occurred. 

The elderly couple felt drained and knew they needed to find shelter for the night. They also knew what had happened as the woman had been abducted many times before in her long life. This was however the first time her husband had been involved.

She knew the best thing for them to do was to find a safe place near lots of people where they could rest until morning.  They found a large well populated  chain hotel  where they stayed until the next morning.  The following day they started early in the morning sun and finished their trip to their destination arriving a day early.

The senior couple paid to have their van driven home after their vacation and opted to fly home .  

The couple thought that the abduction events had stopped for the woman as it had been years since she had been taken. Obviously this was not the case and they realized they had to go back to being extremely careful about where they went and what they did  to try to prevent any future events from happening.

The abduction events I wrote about here today are very similar to what many real time abductees go through.  Real time abductions are events that take place  while the abductee is fully awake going about the regular routines of their life when suddenly against their will , without their consent , they are taken by beings of the unknown.  They  are  returned without fanfare often sick, hurt and frightened.  Sometimes they are replaced back in the same areas they are taken sometimes they are returned in unfamiliar spots  leaving them on their own to find their way home.

The real time abductees are very similar in other ways also. They do recall parts of the lost time they suffer but never have full recall of any event. Many times the memory of what took place returns in flashes but not right away with many finding the pieces coming back to them after weeks or months of the event.

All the abductees are reluctant or refuse completely to discuss this strange part of their lives.  All the abductees seem as suspicious and fearful of their fellow humans as they are of those who abduct them.

About half of the real time abductee people I have talked  to  agree that humans have some type of connection to their abductions.

 As far as similarities I have found Real time abductees by large percent  have   RH negative blood type .  They also  by percent have blue or light eyes, fair skin   and seem to be above average in intelligence.  I am not sure if they started out this way or if their  intelligence is somehow related to their abduction experiences.

 The only message from the group for mankind is to be careful of your surroundings.  They warn against making yourself an easy target and suggest you stay away from places where you can be easily taken especially if you are alone.

I understand how awful it is to be taken against your will, abused and thrown back without regard only to find you are alone  and rejected by your own kind after the event has happened.  Maybe one day this will be different .  For now those who live this nightmare do so on their own and defensive against a world  where they walk unlike others with one hand  in real time daily life and the other defending against the unknown.

The real time abductees do not  want to discuss this subject as they do not trust or care about a society that has often turned its back on them.  I am fortunate they have talked with me on many subjects and can only hope that my articles about this group can bring a new view of this subject to those who are looking for truth.

Please be careful out there. You never know when it will be your day to find you are alone looking in to the cold dark eyes of the unknown!

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November 9, 2011

Pilots and Strange Objects They Have Encountered


I have  three close friends who  happen to be pilots. 

Over the years I never found the right time  to ask  them if they had ever seen anything unknown during their years of flying.  This summer I decided to change that and went out of my way to find time to talk alone with each of them.

It was long overdue for me to ask my friends if any of them ever encountered something they considered strange or unknown while flying.  I did not anticipate much of a response as I have known the three men  I am writing about for many years and not one of them ever mentioned anything  at all  along the lines of  unknown crafts or objects.
I thought it would have come up in conversation over the years if any of them had seen something they could not explain so  did not think I would get much of a response to my questions .  However I did want to ask  each one of them to satisfy my own curiosity once and for all.

Obviously  I was wrong and my pilot pals  had seen strange things during their years of flying.

The first man I spoke with  was  a pilot for a very large corporation in Canada.  After ending his career with the military he became a pilot for this corporation flying a private jet  across  North America to transport the executives  in the company.  

He told me that occasionally he and his crew would have to fly empty back  across Canada in order to pick up a new group of passengers to transport across the continent.  He told me when they did this he would fly high and fast to make up time.
During one of these trips,  in the early 1990s ,  over the  wilderness portion of Canada  he and his co-pilot and two other crew members noticed a  group of strange lights keeping pace with them .   When they first noticed the lights they were  far away from them but at the same altitude and speed.  

The lights kept  their distance for about 20 minutes before closing the distance between them.   Within seconds they were close enough so   they could  make out the defined shape of an enormous  rectangle shaped  ship  speeding along  next to them  at a distance of about a half a mile.  The  pilot radioed  to  find out if  the strange object was being picked up by radar.  At first he was told yes and  then told it was not.  

The crew of the  private jet could not determine what this strange enormous craft could be  and decided it best to drop in altitude to try to avoid any further contact  with the unknown object.

The pilot changed course and became frightened as the craft also followed his changes.

Again the jet requested to  change course  and again they were followed.  The pilot then requested to  land at a nearby airport and not continue on with his flight. 

The  pilot and crew prepared to change course for a third time to ready for a landing.  Finally the  huge craft changed its course and headed upwards away from the jet at an enormous speed .

The crew landed the private jet  shaken and confused on what it was that was  following them over the wilderness of  Canada.
Of course  nothing came of the incident other than the fact my pilot friend did all he could to not  fly that  path again during his career.  He told me did not want to chance another encounter with something he did not understand that could out maneuver  with  extreme speed anything he had ever seen before.  

I thought his encounter was very interesting  but I must admit I am not at all surprised this sighting took place over the Canadian wilderness.  I think there are many strange  things  that find a  haven in  the wilderness of Canada.  It could be a place where   a base or  gathering  area is located for   unknown crafts.  So much area in the Canadian wilderness is without population  yet  located  close to  the large population of  the United States and the Canadian borders where most of  Canada's population  is located.   Using this wilderness would be  a perfect  destination  for those who wish to  visit  us  without  being seen.  Especially large crafts that  have the ability to fly high and fast.  They could come in and out of our  planet via the protection of the wilderness as well as fly high and fast to avoid  most air traffic.  

The second friend I talked to was a Capt in the Air Force who flew bombing missions over Vietnam  in the mid  1960s.  He flew many missions  during his military service giving him many hours in the sky.

I did not think he would have much to say on this subject as he is a very black and white kind of man without any room for fantasy or abstracts.  I was a bit nervous to even bring up the subject knowing how he thinks and reacts to life.

During the summer  I found myself sitting alone with my friend on the beach. We were talking about our families and life when I decided to just go for it and ask him if he had ever seen anything unusual while flying  in the military.

My friend shocked me by quickly responding  :
"You mean like UFO,s and stuff like that ?" Oh hell yeah,  they followed us all the damn time".

He then told me that it was not common but not unusual at all for the  pilots who flew the missions at that time  to be followed or escorted by objects that were  part of the military or any craft they had ever seen before.  He told me he had a few very plain   gun metal  oval  shaped  objects about the size of a  school bus  fly along side of or above him as he flew in and  out of  battle.  He told me they never stayed long or approached  too closely and  were only seen for a few minutes at a time.  He said he tried , as did the other  pilots who saw them , to get  away from them as they did not know what they were.  He also told me they were very fast and could climb , turn and dive unlike anything we had that he knew of at the time.

I found it  stunning that this particular friend was so matter of fact about something I found to be so extra ordinary.  I asked him if he reported it and he simply laughed and said ,     " Hell no we all wanted to stay flying, so we just never mentioned it and neither did the military - it was just part of the job".

It  shows that  even in the  mid 1960,s the code of silence already was strong as far as the subject of  UFO's were  concerned .

The last pilot I talked to is a very close friend of mine.  He told me about this event while staying with me this summer.  It  is a very interesting report to me  as I know this man to be of high character and extremely logical and intelligent.

This friend also was an Air Force pilot during the  1960's .  He was a  FAC or Forward  Air Controller pilot  in the Vietnam War. 


After he finished his service to his country my friend  became  a  private pilot flying out of  Northern California. 


He told me of a very odd experience he had during a flight in a small airplane while transporting one female passenger over Sacramento  California in 1974.


He was flying over   Sacramento  California one afternoon with his female passenger approaching the  Capital Building .  As my friend and his passenger flew closer they both noticed a large  red orb  about 1500 ft over the  Capital Building just hanging there  silently .  My friend had never seen anything like it before. 

File:Sacramento Capitol.jpg

  He radioed in asking if anyone else had reported the strange orb. He was told no one else had.  He  was fascinated by this strange object and radioed back that he was changing course to circle this object to see if he could figure out what it was and how it was  just hovering in mid air .


He and his passenger flew a  semi circle around this object to get a better look at it.  He said it was about the size of a Volkswagen.  It  was a perfect sphere hovering about 1500 feet  directly over the Capital  building 's  dome.  It was an incredible sight he told me as it  had a liquid  plasma  moving interior. 


My friend described the orb as nothing he had ever seen before. He told me it was completely silent and did  not move at all beside the motion of the plasma material in the center of the orb.  There was no obvious  method  of  how this object was able to hover in mid air.   He and his passenger  flew around  the object as to make sure it was not a reflection  or  something that  was a projection of some kind. 

It appeared to be equal  all around and  a solid object hovering in place over the Capital  building. 


When  my friend and the passenger  returned to their planned  course  they radioed in the sighting to be met with  a dull response that no one else is reporting the object.


They landed shortly after with the anticipation all the news all over would be covered with the  fact this large red orb was hovering over the  Sacramento Capital Building in Sacramento California.  To their utter astonishment there was not one word of it anywhere.  It seemed incredulous to him and his passengers that thousands of other people  out and about  the Sacramento area did not notice that huge orb  hovering directly over that building.


He watched the news for about a week without any other report of the object. This my pilot friend found as strange as the sight of the object.  He told me he never got over that day and wonders often what it was he saw hovering over that building. The only reasons I can come up for this is either the craft was cloaked from the ground so those below it could not see it or that the world just does not look up. Even on beautiful days in Sacramento.


I find this encounter very interesting.  I too witnessed a  strange red orb with the same plasma type material moving within its borders.  Although the one I saw was much smaller it too hovered silently in mid air.  Interestingly the red orb I saw was also in the mid 1970s.


I have been carefully reading other reports of similar objects and think one theory worth considering is that these orbs are secondary objects being released from much larger mother type ships.  They may be used  for the purpose of surveillance or some kind of connection with our planet that we do not yet understand.  I came to this conclusion as I did come upon a few reports that mentioned second larger ships  at  a greater altitude  seen around  the area of orb sightings.  I see no reason to discount this theory or any logical explanation  concerning  the  reports all over the world of orbs over  houses , buildings, towns,  and cities.  These objects are doing something,  We just do not know what it is!


I was glad  I took the time to privately ask each of my pilot pals about this subject as they  were the ones up there  with the objects  when they  sighted them. The idea of it being  lanterns,  balloons,  birds,  swamp gas, or other planes was wiped out by the close view and expert eyes of the pilots flying along with these objects. 


I know after talking to those I know who fly the skies  that I will pay far more attention next time I am traveling  by air.  Who knows what may be found if we just pay attention and look!

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November 4, 2011

Ordinary People Living Extra Ordinary Encounters


During my time  writing about the paranormal I too have received reports that can only fit into the area of extreme high strangeness..  

I have written  in the past about  a few odd experiences people have told me about which I will include later in this article. 

I decided to bring these things back to my readers attention due to an event that occurred to me while I was visiting an old friend who I grew up with recently .  She lives on the North Shore of Long Island New York  on the east end of Long Island close to Montauk Point.  The locals call this area the North Fork section of Long Island.

Her house is located on a long country road with only a few  houses  along a wooded area mixed with farmland and  wineries  with acres of grape vines  set in never ending rows.
It is a beautiful area that is sparsely populated. 

I have been spending time on the North Fork recently as Fall is the best time to visit this area. When I do  head out on the Island I always make a point of visiting my childhood friend.

During my recent visit with her we were able to enjoy a beautiful fall night sitting around her fire pit which is in the middle of a huge deck  that wraps around the back of her house.  It was about 10PM  as we sat with  a group of  my pals friends  enjoying the  fire on the  big open deck under the  star lit sky sipping  a glass of a local wine .

  As we sat there talking we all  suddenly  stopped what we were doing  and became silent as   a loud blood curdling scream came blasting from the woods that surround her home.

We all stood up first in shock mixed with the natural reaction of fear at what we just heard. Before any of us could ask what it was we just heard it happened again.  The scream was unlike anything any of us had ever heard before.  

The screams were extremely loud and intense. We could not judge exactly where they were coming from.  It seemed  as if they were surrounding us  rather than coming from one direction. The men  with us who knew the woods were shocked as they never heard anything like it before.

My friends husband fetched a rifle from his house so he and the other men could walk around the border of the property to see if they could find a source for the screams. They took large flashlights and walked the land to see if they could figure out what was howling the horrid ripping screams coming from the dark cool night. 

 As the men walked the east side of the land the screams seemed to be coming from the west. On the west side they sounded as if they were coming from the east. Quickly it was determined that the power behind this loud screaming was not able to be fixed. It just seemed to be coming from everywhere.

The intensity of  the howling was so horrific that we could only imagine a large living animal being ripped apart by something in a slow cruel manner.  It made your hair stand on end and your knees shake.

The neighbors came over as they too were listening to this extreme torturous screaming and  were confused on what it could be or why they could not figure out where exactly it was coming from.  

At first the men wanted to walk in to the woods to search out the source. The women however crushed that idea at once. Not only was it foolish to tackle the woods in the dead of night - it would leave all the females alone facing the unknown howling on their own. 

My friend called the local police.  They did not have any other calls concerning the screaming. They  did say they would stop by  to see if they could find out what was happening.

The screaming went on for  a about 30 minutes. As suddenly as it started it  stopped. 

The next day  four of the men did search the woods surrounding the two houses on this country road. They did not find anything unusual but did  find  what seemed to be strange tracks in a few muddy areas that they could not clearly identify.

I have no idea what was screaming in the night.  I do not know of any animal that sounds like what we all heard .  All the people who heard the screams were country people who were familiar with the sound of the woods and the animals in the area. The screams did not sound like an attack  or fight between animals. The sound  was not localized nor did it have direction.  The odd howling screams filled the night from every direction all at once. It was one of the strangest  experiences  all there had ever encountered.  The locals who live on the country road    were clueless to what was screaming that night. They  never heard anything like it before in their area.  For us all it was a strange unexplainable event.

The police asked us if it sounded as if two animals were fighting or if one was killing the other in an attack.  That would be a logical explanation to what we heard.  The strange noise sounded much more like  one animal yelling or howling however it was not any animal any of us ever heard before in this part of the world.  The intense volume of the screaming also was something none of us have ever encountered before.. It was as if  the blood curdling scream was form everywhere, above you, behind you, form the side of you, just everywhere all at once.

After experiencing this unsettling event I went back to my notes  and found the encounters others have shared with me that I have written about . I  have a renewed respect for what these people have encountered after listening to the awful screams of something unknown on my friends deck  . Below find the reports of other unknowns experienced by people just like you and me.

Let' start with the strange case, reported by a very reliable source,  of the Credit River Creature.

I wrote  about the Credit River Creature by way of  the  radio show host of  Nocturnal Frequencies  radio , Steve Greiner.  Steve   came face to face with a very strange  creature during his routine walk home from work one night. 

Steve was crossing a bridge over the Credit River  in eastern  Canada very late one night  after his night shift at work. Steve did this routinely without any problems.

This night as he was  half way across the bridge Steve noticed a large shape coming from the opposite side of the road climbing up on to the bridge.  As Steve watched he clearly saw a large hairy beast almost human size walk on to the bridge to cross over to  climb back over the other side continuing along his way.  The beast was on all four legs however did stop to raise up and stand as a human would as he made his way across the bridge.

When Steve got a good look at what stood before him in the middle of the grassy section dividing  the  traffic lanes he froze in his tracks. There less than fifty  feet ahead of him was something he had never seen before.  The creature also stopped and stood up like a human does to look at Steve. 

The creature was standing straight up as a man would. He was not as big as Steve but not much smaller either. His arms were long and his body like a cross between a ape and a man. He said it sort of leaned back on his legs in a sort of upright sitting position like a squirrel might do but was in no way any kind of animal he had ever seen before.  It was not a bear, not a monkey or ape and not a man.

The beast silently stood sizing up Steve.  Steve  stood there sizing up the creature. Both were concerned about what was going to happen next.

Slowly the strange man/beast like creature lowered to the ground and ran in long leaping strides on all fours to the opposite side of the bridge.  The beast did not run like a monkey or bear. The strange creature ran more like a greyhound dog . It was unlike anything he had ever seen before.  The creature climbed over the railing and onward down the side of the bridge towards the river and woods  below.

Steve waited to be sure the creature was gone before continuing his journey home.
To this day Steve does not know what it was he encountered on that bridge. He did go back with a small crew to try to find clues or signs of the beast but did not find anything. I know he has plans to return with a bigger research team to do a larger search for this creature.

Another reader wrote to me about a frightening experience that happened to him somewhere in the Idaho wilderness while on a camping trip.

It seems this man and his friend were hiking on the trails around the camping site where they were staying when they became disoriented and became lost in the woods.  The two young men took a wrong path and ended up miles away from their campsite. They knew enough to find and stay on the hiking trail until day light  but were stranded in the woods for the night.

The two young men set up a make shift campsite right on the trail for the night. They started a fire as they were without any extra clothing or sleeping gear. The two men sat close to the fire trying to rest until morning.

As the one young man laid close to the fire on his side facing the woods he noticed what looked like glowing yellow eyes peering at him from the wooded area next to the trail. He watched the eyes as they were looking directly at him. In his mind he was trying to figure out what the animal could be. He realized that the eyes were too high and far too large to be the typical small forest animals that are normally found in the woods. They were high enough in the woods to belong to an animal as tall as a human if not taller  If it were sitting in a tree it had to have an enormous head as the eyes were very large . He thought of an owl but quickly ruled that idea out as these eyes were slanted and far too oblong to belong to an owl.

He asked his friend to look at the strange set of eyes. As his friend turned towards the eyes they closed or moved or disappeared. His friend only got a very quick glance at them . His friend thought they may be fire fly's . The man knew that fire fly's were not native to the area. He also recalled his father telling him that fire fly's flickered on and off and were green. What he saw were clearly two slanted large yellow glowing eyes.

The man continued to watch the woods. Within a few minutes the two glowing eyes once again glowed from the wood side without flickering or blinking. They simply looked at him for a few seconds and once again disappeared.  The young man felt he was being watched all night and knew that the eyes looking at him were not the typical thing one sees at night in the camping park.

As soon as day break arrived the two men quickly found their way back to the regular camp site. They told the others at the campsite of the eyes however no one at the campsite had any idea what they may have encountered. The men ended the camping trip and never returned to that camping area again.  The two men were very confused at what had been watching them the night before. They have no idea what it could have been and have no desire to meet up with those eyes again while lost in the woods at night.

I have no idea what animal could have been watching them from the wood side that would be large and have yellow slanted glowing eyes. I think the two young men may have been lucky that night as the creature watching them seemed to want to keep a distance between them. That is not the case however in this next report.

While I was visiting an old friend he told me a story that has haunted him for over 40 years. He told me that shortly after he returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968 he had a encounter in the woods surrounding a lake located in upstate New York. This event has haunted him his entire life.

He and his girlfriend where double dating with another couple. The date was winding down and the two couples decided to end the night by spending a little time parking at the local lovers lane that surrounded a nearby lake.

The two couples were sitting in the car with the radio playing . It was summer time and they had the windows rolled down in my friends pride and joy which was his 1959 Chevy Impala. The foursome had split a six pack of beer. My friend decided to leave the car to relieve himself in the wooded area that surrounded the lake. The other young man with him decided to do the same.

My friend told me he and his friend walked over to the edge of the woods to take care of what they needed to do. He could hear the girls laughing in the car and remembers what he thinks was 'Jumpin Jack Flash' by the Rolling Stones playing on the radio.

Suddenly, as  he stood facing the woods ,  he thought he heard movement very close to where he and his friend were standing. He stood absolutely still and just listened. Having just returned from fighting in the jungle this man knew the sounds of the night and could recognize the difference in how animals and humans move in the wild. He knew instinctively something was there and something was watching them.

His friend was oblivious and continued to go about his business talking endlessly without a clue anything was wrong. My friend punched him in the arm and signaled him to be quiet and listen. Both young men stood motionless listening to the night.

Without warning something large and fast started crashing through the woods towards the two friends. It was large and it was coming straight at them. The ground under them vibrated as this large heavy thing came slamming through the woods towards them. The two friends ran to the car yelling for the girls to roll up the windows. The young men frantically locked the doors and rolled up the windows. The girls helped as well.

They barely got the last window up and all the doors locked when the thing from the woods hit the car. My friend had started his car with the intention of speeding away from the area. As he gunned his tires he realized they were spinning and he was not moving. The thing was holding on to the car.

Whatever it was that had chased them was now on the back of the car pounding on the trunk of the 59 Chevy. The car rocked up and down as it pounded on the rear of the car. All four inside the car where screaming in terror as the vehicle shook and heaved up and down.  The thing was lifting the car enough so the tires could not make contact with the ground to engage enough traction to pull away.  My friend kept gunning the motor . He thought if the tires  hit the ground while in gear it would surge forward away from whatever was attacking them.

Suddenly my friend stopped spinning his tires and threw the car in reverse. The car snapped backwards enough to loosen the grip of the thing holding the car from moving. As soon as he did this my friend immediately threw the car into drive and nailed it.

The grip was broken and the car took off like a bullet down the old road of the lovers lane. The foursome in the car kept screaming as they could both hear and feel the heavy pounding footsteps of this thing chasing them as they sped down the road.  My friend hit the gas without looking back and placed as much distance as he could between the car and the thing from the lakes woods.

My friend told me he will never forget that night nor can he stop from hearing the 'Mama's and Papa's song 'Dedicated to the one I love' - in his head when he thinks of that day. That song was playing on the radio the entire time he was having the tug of war with the thing attacking his car.

They did not stop until they were back in town near a populated area. When they pulled over they got out to look at the back of his car. The Chevy had large V like wings as part of the 1959 Impala design. One of the wings had been bent or folded over. The trunk had been pushed in where the thing was pounding the car. The foursome also recovered long strands of hair that appeared to be caught on the wing of the car as the thing bent it.

The two couples searched the Main Street of the town until they found one of the local policemen. The two young men tried to report the incident to the policeman. The cop was rude and laughed at the report of the lovers lane creature . He told them to find another story to explain the damage to the car.

The policeman decided instead of taking the report to cross question the young returning veteran about his tour of duty in Vietnam. This dog of a law officer then decided to accuse my friend of horrific crimes while serving his country . The cop and my friend nearly came to blows with the other young man and the two girls managing to end the episode .

The two couples decided to leave the event alone with the promise that none of them would not ever go near that lake or wooded area again.

The next day my friend and the young man that was with him the night before tried to lift the back of the Chevy off the ground enough so that the tires were off the ground as had been done by the creature the night before. They could not do it. They had two other strong healthy young men join them in trying to lift the car just enough for the tires not to spin. It took five men to lift the car for a split second off the ground just so the tires were not in contact with the ground.

My friend has no idea who or what he encountered in the woods that night. He does know it was terrifying and unexplained.

I have to wonder what it is that we are experiencing all over this planet with so many unknown creatures causing so many unknown encounters with so many ordinary people.

It is time we understand that we are completely lost when it comes to many areas of the unknown due to our own lack of interest or knowledge to what others are enduring. When I hear about the experiences of the ones I have written about here it becomes clear that we all need to pay attention to these reports and acknowledge that there are just too many things we are letting slip by without demanding serious investigations of so many unknowns.

I for one would like to know what lies beyond the wooded edge as well as what is flying around over my head. I am tired of being told it is all nonsense and living forever in the dark ages concerning that which we simply do not yet understand.

All I can say is please be careful where you go and what you do as none of us ever know when it will be our day to look straight into the eyes of the unknown!

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