Tis the Season

Tis the Season

February 29, 2016

Orb Encounter by Reader

I was sent this email by a man who describes his encounter with a strange Orb. The images are the ones he included in his email


          I have seen some of your articles on orbs and one I read said the orb looked as though it was liquid inside. I saw this thing in Poplar, MT last October 8, 2015. It was about 500 yards from my home.

 The weather was bitter cold. I took out some trash and the dogs were barking so I turned to look. I had my Samsung S6 in my pocket but I had thick gloves on. I dropped the trash and yanked off the gloves and pulled out the phone. I clicked on the camera and pointed it at the object. I zoomed the camera to the max and hit the button as soon as it focused. Before I could snap off another shot it had accelerated out of view at accelerated(warp) speed. This photo is not the original photo but the cropped version of the original that I have as a background on my phone.

 I had just purchased this phone and had not used the camera feature but two or three times. I think the camera was in focus when I got this shot but I think it is surrounded by steam. What I think I saw was an object 15 feet across in the center mass and 25-30 feet across at the steaming edge. There is intense energy within the mass that is "cooking" the humid air surrounding it. Because it was so cold out, I got a shot of it "steaming". I also tried an experiment with enhancing the saturation level of the color in the photo and "discovered" various colors showing differences in its spectrum. Essentially showing the center mass emanating more energy from the side it was traveling too. Guided? Who knows. It wasn't some small ball of light dancing in the night sky, but a large liquid-like object emanating enormous energy and under some sort of controlled guidance. No noise, no wind, not possible
 No one has been able to tell me if this is ours or not. I'm thinking not ours because of the speed at which it left the area. I know another witness who was a few miles away in his car with his family at the time. He saw this picture and asked me not to show it to his kids. He said they were shaken enough by it. I have no doubt what I saw was from a technology we can't duplicate at present.