Tis the Season

Tis the Season

August 12, 2016

The Prestigious Huntington Revue Bookstore now selling my new book

I am delighted to report that my new book has been accepted into the prestigious Huntington Revue Bookstore in Huntington New York in their independent author section.

Journeys with the Unknown by People Like You and Me
by Chris Holly

The people written about in the book share their unique experiences. Imagine you are home alone one evening and decide to take your trash out and place it at the end of your driveway for morning pickup. Now imagine the last thing you can recall is a bright ray that surrounded you as you placed the trash at the curb. Three hours later you awaken on the front lawn of a strange house in someone else's clothes sick confused and alone. You cannot remember what happened to you or how you arrived in a strange place. You hurt all over and are terrified.

Or perhaps you are enjoying a wonderful hike out in the wilderness when you suddenly find you are trapped looking at a huge UFO right in front of you. Isolated in the middle of nowhere you try frantically to figure out what to do.

Maybe you are 16 years old and return home to find you are alone with your family all out for the night  and the house dark when you hear something in the house and discover that  a creature is in the house, hiding, lurking behind a half-open closet door waiting to capture you.

It could have been you packed into a small vehicle with family members on the way to a special day together when you come upon a strange craft hovering over the road ahead of you and thousands of red eyes about a foot above the road. The red eyes of the strange aliens begin to chase after you as you turn around and try to outrun them in your small car. You speed towards town with the large group of alien red glowing eyes chasing close behind you.

These are some of the real events that have happened to people exactly like you and me. Frightening, however, told to us by those who lived these encounters. The real fear, however, is that it may only be time before it is your turn to be the one who finds they are alone looking into the cold dead eyes of the unknown.

This collection contains the stories of those who have had encounters and experiences with the strange and unexplained who lived to share them with us.

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