Tis the Season

Tis the Season

December 14, 2016


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October 15, 2016

My New eBook!

Strange and Unexplained Encounters with the Unknown: Encounters and Events of those who have come face to face eith the unknown by [Holly, Chris]

 My New eBook filled with stories told to me as true by people just like You!

Imagine you are walking to your car after work one night when the next thing you know you wake up miles away slumped over the seat of your car in a place you have never been before, confused and feeling ill. Or,  You find out your best friends house is filled with ghosts who try to communicate with your friends family and you!  Have you ever talked  to a real practicing witch only to find she lives right in your neighborhood?l

Read about the events, experiences , and encounters with the unknown that told to me as true by people exactly like you

October 14, 2016

A Halloween Horror Encounter


I am going to tell you a story that I have been told is true. Since I did not experience it firsthand I am only able to repeat to you what was told to me.

This event took place in the mid 60's in a small town along the Long Island coast. This little town sits  along the coast of a River . The town looks like many small New England towns you may find along the Coast of the Eastern seaboard t of the United States.

Many of the houses and buildings in this little town  date back to the 1600's. It is an aN old area full of  lots of history.

One of the houses ,  an  old mansion WAS  built around the 1750s,  still  remained  a few hundred yards behind a little church that was built about a hundred years later..

At the time this event occurred in 1960;s the old house ,  church and  old graveyard filled with broken headstones and fallen grave markers next to it all still existed  .  At the time of the encounter the church , graveyard and old house had stood together in this old town for as long as anyone could remember.

Everyone at the time in   this little town  believed  the house to be haunted as well as  the graveyard being   known to have a ghost or two wandering its grounds supposedly seen by many in town.

The church was renovated inside in the very early 1960s. That was the time a  new young pastor took over the congregation. He  was determined to build the church back to being strong and beautiful.   Along with the  renovation of the old church, a lovely little cottage was  built on the grounds for the pastor  to live in.

The old house behind the church was commonly known in the little town as being haunted  and dangerous. Everyone  in town knew to stay far away from that house .  The only ones who went near it  were the  people hired to be  caretakers of the property.

Now and then you would hear a story floating around town that someone in town heard screams or saw strange people looking out of the windows of the old mansion. There were stories that once a very crazy doctor and his witch-like wife lived there . Town legend claims the couple practiced monstrous  experiments on both animals and humans killing and burying the dead on the mansion's property. Claims of seeing both ghostly figures of people and animals wandering the place have been passed on for as long as anyone could remember

. My interest in this old mansion and the church nearby came by way of my cousin who  lived in town  at the time.

My cousin was a few years older than I was . She was in her late teens at the time of the incident. It was October about a week before Halloween when the event happened.

My cousin and her boyfriend were driving around town with a few other friends when one of them brought up the old mansion and all the ghostly tales that were told about it.   They decided it would be fun to take a closer look at the old house and the graveyard on a little ghost hunt of their own. 

Being young and foolish it never occurred to them that this may be a very dangerous even deadly thing to do .  They soon found out that fun was far from what they would encounter on this cool October night.

My cousin,  her boyfriend , two other girls and one other boy all were packed into the ford mustang that belonged to my cousin's boyfriend.  Slowly and silently they entered the dirt driveway of the old mansion that drove along the side of the old graveyard. They parked the car at the  back corner of the graveyard so they were  in between the house and the graveyard.

The group got out of the car and made their way into the graveyard  to see if they could find a ghost and have a giggle. The five teens walked along under the moonlight reading the old grave markers while the wind blew the fall leaves about their feet. It was a typical fall night in the northeast and perfect for hunting ghosts.

 As they walked along the rows of old gravestones the five teens began to feel uncomfortable and a bit frightened.  The two girls in the group started to hear noises behind them as they walked along the grave markers. The one girl insisted she could hear someone or something following them.

The group started to feel very  uncomfortable walking among the dead and decided it may be more fun to venture on to the Mansion to have a look around.

The five teens  had no idea what a dangerous decision this would prove to be.  

They walked towards the old mansion  . They were giggling and acting silly as they continued their ghost hunt.  As they approached the old house one of the girls noticed something in the window on  the second floor  in the front of the house. She stopped dead in her tracks pushing the others to look at the window.

The five kids stood there watching the dark house when my cousin's boyfriend whispered :  "Did you all just see that?"

He too saw something or someone standing at a window on the second floor. The group stood still  watching.

The other boy with them suddenly yelled out   "BOO" which sent the other four kids jumping clear off the ground. The group laughed and continued walking around to look at the side and back of the strange old house.

As they made their way to the back side of the mansion they noticed a broken down shed in the back corner of the yard of the house. The group of five walked towards it to see what the little building was used for. The shed was a small duplicate of the large main house. The teens thought it may be an elaborate playhouse and wanted to take a closer look.

The small building was about the size of an old fashion double garage. Bigger than a single garage of today but not as big as a modern double garage. The little house was exactly like the big one including an open front porch . The teenagers wandered onto the porch and tried to look in the windows. The windows were so dirty and the night dark making it impossible to see inside.

One of them twisted the front doorknob and to the shock of all the door flew open as if someone pulled it from the other side.

The teens stood there looking at each other. They decided to just take a peek in to see what was inside. The five of them walked in to find a large open room filled with walls lined with shelves . In the middle of the rooms was a large table .

The place was filled with cobwebs and dirt. The group walked around looking at the shelves which were lined with bottles of different sizes.

The group was silent as they carefully looked around. Finally, one of the girls picked up a bottle and held it to the moonlight coming through the dirty window. She yelped in disgust and tossed the bottle back onto the shelf.

The bottle had what appeared to be a dead animal floating in it.  The group of teens began to look more carefully at the bottles lining the shelves. To their revulsion, they all had what looked to be some type of fetus or partial piece of some kind of living creature. The group was stunned and quickly became frightened .

They decided it was time to leave and quickly ran back out into the yard to make their way  back to the car.  The five teens could not contain their fear and started to run towards the front of the old house towards the waiting Mustang.
That is when it happened.

The two girls and other boy were ahead of my cousin and her boyfriend. They were running full speed towards the car.

As the group ran across the yard my cousin slipped on the fallen leaves and fell hard to the ground.  Her boyfriend stopped running to help pull her to her feet . The other teens kept  running full speed towards  the car.

Quickly my cousin and her boyfriend were alone on the side of the dark old house. My cousin's ankle was badly sprained and she could not walk much less run. Her boyfriend lifted her to her feet and half carried half dragged her along towards the front of the house to make way to the car.

Their friends were long gone and they were alone. Without warning , without any sense, it was coming to my cousin and her boyfriend was hit by a force that sent them both flying into the air.

The two were flown in the air landing about ten feet apart on their backs on the dark side yard of the house .

Before either could react to what had just struck them my cousin started to scream as she fought with the night and her invisible attacker. Her boyfriend   watched in horror as my cousin tried to fight off something that he could not see.

He ran to her side as she punched and fought with the air. He could not believe his eyes. He tried to pull her up from the ground . Each time he would reach down to pull her up he would be shoved back to the ground  a few feet away from her. He could see her face was bleeding as she continued to scream and fight.

The boyfriend made a few more attempts to help her to only be thrown in the air away from her. My cousin's face was covered with blood as were her arms. He knew he needed help and started to run and scream for the others to help him.

The teens ahead heard the struggle and started back towards them when they saw my cousin's boyfriend being thrown through the air like a rag doll. Thankfully one of the girls knew immediately that they needed help and took off at a full run for the pastor's cottage to get help and a phone. 

The girl made it to the pastor's cottage in seconds . She pounded on his door half yelling half crying for help.

The young pastor was home and quickly opened the door stunned to find the hysterical girl at his door. She was able to tell him her friends were being attacked by something invisible at the old mansion and needed help. The young pastor did not blink or think twice. He grabbed three things,  A bat, a large wooden cross, and a bible.

The girl and the pastor ran quickly back towards the old house. The scene before them was terrifying . My cousin lay on the ground covered in blood still fighting against her attacker. The other three teens  were trying to stop the attack to only be thrown all over the yard.

The pastor began to yell as he prayed as he ran to the group of teens fighting this evil invisible thing attacking them. The young pastor ran to the side of my cousin and placed the cross on her chest. It was thrown immediately into the air. The pastor yelled for the others to get it. He placed it back on her body holding it firmly in place with all his strength . He told the boys to help him and they all pressed the cross to her body. The pastor started to pray holding his bible to his heart.  The beating stopped . The pastor was cautious as he pulled my cousin to her feet.

For a few seconds, it seemed as it was over.  The young pastor instructed the group to run towards the church . The pastor and boyfriend were dragging my cousin now badly beaten .

The group was nearly to the churchyard edge when they all heard and felt it coming.

Behind them, they could feel the ground shake as thunderous pounding footsteps  charged from behind towards them.  The pastor screamed for the group to continue running towards the church.

The corner of the old graveyard  that belonged to the little church was only a few yards ahead of them when the pounding earth coming at them stopped. The three teens entered the church owned land first and kept running towards the church at the commands of the young pastor.

The pastor , my cousin, and her boyfriend were right behind them. As they  all passed the line on to the church property they  no longer felt their attacker behind them.  As the pastor and the boyfriend dragged my cousin towards the church they heard it.  From the yard of the old house came a howl of rage so horrifying all five teens broke into tears.

The group made it to the church. The pastor brought all five teens in the side of the little church and prayed over them before doing anything else. He then took them into his little cottage where he called the police . My cousin was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where she was treated for her cuts and bruises and released.

The police wrote this incident up as teenagers assaulting each other . The hospital listed it as my cousin being in a fist fight. The young pastor was laughed at and ridiculed for playing into the fantasies of the teens who let a haunted house trek get out of hand.

My cousin , her boyfriend, and the other three teens along with the young pastor all tell a different story. They tell of the night they came face to face with evil , fought it and won.

I believe my cousin of course . I know her to be a logical well-balanced adult who had lived a productive good life. I will tell you she stayed in contact with that pastor her entire life.

That haunted house was fenced off at the pastor's insistence shortly after this incident. The old house was finally taken down about  20 years ago. It did continue up until that time being known as the haunted house behind the church.
Who knows what evil  lurks in dark places ? My cousin will tell you only that it does exist.

♥ Copyright © 2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved 
Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown- 

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Enjoy your Halloween

October 1, 2016

Our Crazy Relationship with the Subject of UFO's

Over the last few months, I have been sent a steady stream of emails from people all over the United States telling me that they had a UFO sighting. I have had reports of silver oval crafts , groups of bright lights moving at incredible speeds and Orbs, mostly red Orbs.

People continue to see strange things in our sky daily all over this planet. You would think by now we would know what they are seeing and from where these things originate. The truth is we are exactly where we were now from where we were years ago when I first started to write and interview people about this subject.

The people who contact me when they have seen something that they realized was not like anything they had ever seen before all hold one thing in common. Every single person is stunned and wants me to have an OMG reaction to the fact they saw something considered unknown or unexplained.

They also think that now that they saw something that it should be front page news. The fact that people have been reporting UFO's , and having encounters with these unknowns from the start of time seems to  be completely lost to people who have a sighting with their own eyes. It is clear to me that our society is so backwards and lacking in  any knowledge about this subject that they are stunned when they see one with their very  own eyes .

 They learn very quickly what it is like to be on the other side of the coin and now the one looking for acknowledgement that they did see something that was strange and unexplained, They also know what it is like to look  for protection and understanding to instead be laughed at  and told  it was a plane and turn away from them when they know they had just seen a damn UFO. Funny how we act towards one another with this subject.

When they contact me I tell them they are now part of  the club of millions worldwide who also have seen a UFO and that they now have the knowledge that they exist.

I often get back emails wanting me to be more stunned or shocked or shout in a hysteria that they actually did see a real object in the sky and do not understand why I do not do something. I explain that I have seen UFO's and I know that they exist and have spoken to many people who also have seen UFO's . It is not earth shattering news to me that yet another human looked up to find something they did not recognise looking back down at them.

I ask the people that have this type of reaction why they are so shocked that they finally saw something? The answer always is that they really did not think they existed.

I have to wonder how so many can still be walking around this planet when the internet, TV and media, in general, is covered with videos, stories and photos of UFO's from all over the world? The fact we still are so reluctant to understand this is part of our reality on earth for me is actually frightening.

How is it we are so blinded and kept controlled by something so huge and seen by so many?

How is it that the people do not demand answers and are far happier to stay on a UFO rat-wheel of ignorance never wanting any answers? We have  millions reporting seeing a strange object. Our reaction is to say wow, maybe look at the photo or video and then just  yawn and walk away. Is it me or are we a bit insane not want to know more? Honestly, what the hell is wrong with us?

I often have people ask me where is the official place to report a UFO sighting. They seem to think there is some government agency or organisation that is seriously dealing with this issue. I think at times that society thinks that somewhere someone who knows what they are doing is taking care of all of this UFO stuff so they do not have to worry about it.  Well gang, sorry to be the one to tell you, but when it comes to UFO's it is everyone for themselves as you are on your own with this issue.

Other nations have department's or government agencies that do collect and keep data on the UFO issue in their country but we here in America are NOT one of them. If you call the police you do not get anywhere. If you call the military you get nothing.  We are set up to shut up and shut down people who try to discuss what they are seeing. Using ridicule and laughter has worked for years to silence the public on this subject and obviously continues to work as we are still locked on this rat-wheel of stupidity with this ever growing issue of UFO's flying all over our country and nothing being done or explained or addressing the problem at all.

I had a man complain to me that he placed his sighting on MUFON but nothing happened. I asked him what he wanted to happen? He thought a big truck with white lab coat researchers would show up at his location to investigate his encounter.

I hated to be the one to tell him MUFON is a privately owned website, no hangers or buildings involved and the guy who owns it , well who knows what he does with the reports. It is not connected to any agency or government or military in any way so hs should stop waiting for any official reaction from them.

It is not the guy who owns MUFON or the TV shows making a fast buck off of our curiosity or the media or the thousands of internet pages that talk about this subject it is us, you and me to blame for our rat-wheel approach to this serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Why do we want to look at the subject as we do? Why do we treat is as  a scary movie but not want to digest the fact that these things are real and flying over our heads often? We may be in deep trouble and real danger yet we refuse to look up or ask why these objects are watching us. I fear them and I know you should too. Why are they here? What do they want? Who are they? Are they ours? Good God I think we need to know.

 Why is it we will see a UFO and still just go about our business as usual? Why do we just want to NOT KNOWN what the hell these things are and why do they fly around watching us?  I will not even address the fact that they take some of us. The question has to be what is wrong with all of us. We can sit and listen to an hour-long radio show on this subject, yawn and go to bed and give no thought at all to the fact that maybe we all need to know what is going on with these things. It is almost insane in my thinking that we are content to do nothing at all about asking questions of those who should have the answers for us. We should in mass be demanding our government and military tell us what these objects are and if we need to fear them. I want to know , I really am fearful and want to know, don't you?

For now, I will watch as we run round and round on a large UFO rat- wheel of blissful ignorance refusing to get past the point of chatting about the issue and stay locked in the dangerous dark ages of  looking away , ignoring or denying  what and who  it  is that is flying our skies and watching us as we ignore it all in ignorance bliss. Maybe we are hypnotised or brainwashed or drugged to be so complacent about this serious subject, I just do not know  I will pray for us all.

♥ Copyright © 2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved 
Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown- 




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This video shows what I feel is a real sighitng of something unexplained. I it was seen close to vhere I live in Sept 2016.


September 13, 2016

Abduction The Lost Life of a Tortured Man

This is the case of a man who suffered from odd encounters and  strange lost time events since he was a small child

His name is  Brian . He is a tall attractive man in his mid 40's. He is well spoken and friendly. He lives in a small town in the Pacific North West of the United States with his wife and 4 children.

Brian's ordeal began when he was about four years of age He was living with his family in a small sleepy New England town at the time. He recalls waking up in the middle of the night screaming and frozen in this bed unable to get up to run to his family for help. He recalls the terror of this so strongly it has stayed with him his entire life.

The events always occurred at night when his mother was working a night shift and he and his siblings were alone at home with his father.  He recalls that his father admitted he could hear his son screaming for help  on occasion yet when his father tried to help him he found he was not able to move from where he was as he suffered a strange paralyzed sensation.

His father would remain  paralyzed during these encounters unable to move his arms or legs . When he could finally rise he would run in to the room only to find Brian alone terrified and crying.  These encounters  remained a family mystery as they never did understand what was happening to them during those strange night time events. Brian would scream for help and his father would not be able to move his body which would be  frozen in a strange state. The family felt the encounters only lasted for a few minutes but really never were sure about anything that took place during the strange events.

Brian's life continued on as a typical little boy on all other levels beyond the strange events at night  until he  was in his 8th year. He has a clear memory of an incident that happened to him when he was 8 years old.

 He was alone in his room playing when a very tall ( at least 7 feet tall ) being entered his room. The strange creature was more of a shadow like being  as Brian cannot recall it having any clear features other than wearing a robe type garment. The being had light behind and around it. Brian  will never forget the crippling  fear  he felt as this being came towards him while he sat playing in his room. He recalls the fear was so overpowering  he was not able to yell or move. He only remembers up to this point and has no memory at all of how the encounter ended.

The fear he felt during this encounter was so horrific that he can still feel it to this day. He told me he thought his heart was going to pound out of his chest he was so terrified at the being standing before him. He does not recall anything other from that point on.

Brian  lived his childhood and teens in constant fear of having one of these ongoing strange encounters . He often experienced the feel of a rush of wind pass over him leaving the sound of  being in a wind tunnel in his ears.  During this stage of his life, he would also suffer from a pounding vibration in the front of his head . During these experiences he can recall being touched by hands on his wrists, and eyes. He could recall the sensation of floating during these episodes and being trapped in a dimly lit environment.  He  would feel extreme fear after one of these events which would last with him for a very long time. Life was not secure or happy for Brain as a child.

Brian grew up and went about his life as normally as he could despite the strangeness of his child hood. He joined the military and went about the business of being a soldier. His life seemed to remain on the road of normal as he went about the work of his military service. He was discharged after his enlistment ended and returned to the ranks of civilian life.

After the military, he married and quickly had four children. He had difficulty holding jobs and found he had to move his family often due to his need to constantly  change jobs which were becoming the ongoing way of  Brian's families life. 

He also found he was having strange lost time events that were causing him terrible problems with his wife and employers. Brian would go out to buy milk or do an errand for a boss and be gone for hours instead of the short time the task actually would ordinarily take to do. He told me that he would start out going about the business of what ever it was he set out to do and end up waking up as if he had taken a nap in a strange place a few hours later with no recall at all how or why any of it happened.

 He thought he was having extreme mental issues which terrified him and had no answers for his odd disappearance. These events did not take place often but did occur enough to cost him two jobs. 

Brian also was aware that after these strange experiences he would suffer a few weeks of illness with stomach issues  that  also made it difficult for him to hold a long term job. His stomach issues became more serious with each event until he ended up in the hospital dealing with them.  

His marriage was also suffering from the strangeness of his life. He was barely able to support his family and was ill to the point  with odd health problems that he was not able to be much of a father to his children either.

 One ordeal really damaged his marriage when Brian went on a fast errand to buy milk and bread before dinner for his family and did not return for two days, 

He could not recall at all what happened or where he had been. All he knows is that he set out in his car for the market a few miles from his home but woke up two days later to find he was sitting on the town Library steps. He was just sitting there. He came around confused and feeling sick as if he had the flu. 

At first, he had no idea where he was. He was disoriented, ill and worst of all wearing clothes that were not his.  He had no idea where he had been or what had happened to him since he left his house  two days prior or how  he ended up wearing someone else's clothes right down to the shoes!

Brian began to panic as he was afraid he was having a breakdown of some kind and went to a nearby hospital for help. He told them what had occurred and they admitted him for observation. They helped him with his flu-like symptoms, however, found nothing else wrong with him and released him. They told him his ordeal may have been due to stress. Brian knew differently but had no idea where to go for help .

Brian simply pulled himself back into life and hoped against hope that nothing like this lost time event would happen to him again.

This event did, however, have differences from the others in his past. It was obviously much longer but this time, Brian did have some residual memory of others around him. He had flashes of memory of a woman with him for part of the ordeal as well as creatures he could only describe as part human and part something else that he thought may have been examining him and the woman. He recalled being in a small room with silver walls that seemed to be made of light, unlike any walls he had ever seen before. 

He also was able to locate his car about 6 miles outside of his small town parked behind an old warehouse. The car  had burn marks on its hood and trunk. A pen and a cheap Bic lighter left on the dashboard had been melted into a pile onto the dashboard and the car had a nasty odor. 

Shortly after this event occurred Brian was home with  wife and kids when he decided to take a shower before going to bed. His wife was in the bedroom when he entered after his shower to get ready for bed. His wife took one look at him and started to yell at him in a rage . 

Brian had no idea what had set her off as she blew up at him and started to accuse him of cheating on her. She pointed at his private parts and demanded to know how he became so  black and blue and bruised? 

He looked in the mirror to discover he was indeed covered in bruises and realized he had been sore and uncomfortable in that area for a few days. He thought little of it until he viewed the extent of the black and blue marks that covered his groin.

Although his wife knew that he was the victim of something beyond his control she became frightened for her children and her own safety and his wife packed up the children and moved across the country to live with her parents leaving him broken with  a feeling of total helplessness to his situation.

The above story was the last contact I had with this man which was years ago. I was contacted by a mutual friend of us both. He told me that Brian continued to suffer from stomach issues and continued to have problems keeping jobs due to his occasional lost time events. He also told me that Brian was  able to recall more about the strange beings that were taking him and told our mutual friend he knew they were draining him but could only remember what they looked like and still had no recall of what fully took place during his abductions.

 Brian was now able to recall a bright light hitting him just before the lost time events occurred and now had a second car that was burned and smelled oddly after one of these events.

The hardest news to hear  was that Brian never was able to return to his family. Brian became extremely ill after one very harsh lost time event. He was able to drive himself to an emergency room and sadly I am told that is where Brian died. He was 49 years old. 

I know many of you will say he was simply crazy or a secret drug user or have many other reasons to explain the strangeness in this mans life.

 I can only tell you what happened and what those who knew him think happened to him. His family, friends and those who knew him all claim that the lost time events and horror of Brian's life were true events and these events are the cause of his death.

During my years of talking to those who have had similar abductions and lost time experiences, I have learned that most of those taken have stories very much like this man.  The people I have interviewed talk about the aftermath of these events including illness and spine and neck problems that worsen as the events continue in their lifetime. 

I have to admit that in my findings broken bodies and frustrated hearts are an ongoing theme among those who are taken against there will physically harmed and returned to society who view them as liars , insane or attention seekers. 

Going through a terrible ordeal is hard enough for these people  To return and not be able to find any help at all does cause these people to become bitter and closed off.

 I wish I could be one of  those who report all wonderful things by way of abduction but sadly I have found only hardship, and difficulty for those taken  which adds another layer of abuse cast upon these people. When it comes to the unknown in the area of abduction we humans fall on our faces and only further abuse those enduring these events.  

I feel sad about it all. I also know that Brian is not the only one who has had his life end too soon due to the interference of those who are involved with these lost time abduction events. I do know that after years of writing about it I am sure Brian is not the first nor will be the last to have his life ended in this fashion.

 I wish we as a society could stop being so ignorant and arrogant about things we do not understand and start wanting to know what really is going on out there before we allow any more to be sacrificed to the unknown. It is time for us to  understand. The real mystery and question for me are why we refuse to want to understand?

  Copyright ©  2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-



August 24, 2016

Below find The Roommates and The Spaceman of Ocean Beach

Join Holly and Maugans discuss all the current topics of the Unknown, you may agree or disagree , we just give  our thinking on it all

The Roommates and The Spaceman of Ocean Beach

written by Chris Holly

I received an email from a lovely woman who had a UFO sighting when she was living in Ocean Beach, California. She was 18 years old at the time. The year was 1980. The women, along with a roommate were living in an apartment in the San Diego area one block from the Ocean. Together they watched a UFO over Ocean Beach.

The woman told me that one foggy night along with her roommate she became compelled to get in her car and drive to a beach about a mile away from her apartment. This was odd, as they could have walked to a beach in about five minutes, as one was located right down the block from their apartment.

They did not usually go out of their way to go to other beaches. They could not explain why but were driven to go to the beach a mile away that night. It was late in the evening for a beach visit and they really had no reason to want to go to a beach a car ride away, however, something compelled them to go.

It was not a beach night as dense fog covered the roads, but the roommates were compelled so strongly they decided to get in the car and drive to the beach about a mile south of them.

The fog was so thick they could barely see 10 feet in front of the car. They continued on carefully crawling down the road to the beach parking lot they were drawn to. They parked the car and headed straight through the fog for the water.

Once they got about 20 feet from the shoreline the fog broke exposing a crystal clear corridor that was approximately 150 yards wide by about one mile in length.

The girls heard a faint humming sound. They followed the sound looking up to see a UFO a few hundred feet above their heads. It was gliding smoothly moving parallel to the shoreline. They found themselves looking at around iridescent looking craft.

This is the point they think they lost a bit of time. They seemed to have some confusion from the point of first seeing the craft, to the point when they once again recall it moving over their heads. The woman does remember getting a very good look at the UFO as it moved across over their heads.

The next thing she remembers is watching the craft move away. About a half a mile down the shoreline it stopped for several seconds then it vanished in the thin air - almost as if it disappeared into another dimension.

One of the really odd things about this experience was the point when the UFO stopped before vanishing. It stopped and hovered right next to the beach house owned by an elderly man nicknamed the Spaceman of OB (Ocean Beach). He was a retired artist, a painter who claimed to have contact with aliens and UFOS.

The girls knew about the spaceman artist. Everyone in the area was familiar with him. They never thought much about him before, however, now found it very odd that they were seeing this craft so close to his bungalow on the beach.


The Spaceman Of Ocean Beach was an artist named Clint Cary. Clint was an excellent artist who pioneered painting with black light technique. He was known for his beautiful art pieces of alien cities and alien life.

The Spaceman claimed he had been taken to other planets by alien beings where he was shown cities where the people of earth would be taken by beings of light to be saved from an earth-ending event.

Clint Cary lived and painted along Ocean Beach from the 50’s until sometime in the early 90’s before giving way to blindness and a lifetime of alcoholism.

The young women who had this sighting near this artist’s bungalow decided to visit the artist the day after their sighting.

They did meet the man and did ask him if he had seen the craft they had the night before. He told them he had not seen anything and was not overly eager to talk to them about what they had seen over the beach near his cottage.

The girls did get to see some of the Spaceman’s artwork. The woman told me that his paintings of the space cities were extremely beautiful and without question one of a kind piece of art.

This woman told me that she and her friend recalled seeing other people along the beach that were watching this UFO fly over the beach that night. She often wondered if anyone else has come forward who witnessed this sighting that night in 1980 at Ocean Beach, California?

I was able to research that Clint Cary was indeed called the Spaceman of Ocean Beach. He was famous for his claims of alien contact and wonderful artwork of alien cities. The strange thing that I cannot find one image of any of his alien works of alien cities anywhere. I searched for a long time and only found later works of his, but not one sample or copy of any of his extensive alien city pieces.

I found this sighting to be very interesting. The women involved will never forget that night or the UFO that seemed to lull them to the beach located along the same stretch of coastline that the Spaceman lived and painted scenes of places so extreme that those who viewed them never forgot them.

I also found it odd that I was not able to find one of these paintings anywhere or in any article written about his man. It seems all his incredible paintings of alien life and cities are lost. I tried but found them impossible to find.

Finding information on the Spaceman and his claims of alien abduction has been very difficult. I found one article about the spaceman written by Mike James on the Out of Bounds site on the net. Mike James wrote the following about the spaceman:

During the summer of 1977, my brother Pat and I had our first encounter with the Spaceman of Ocean Beach. Artist and musician Clint Cary, The Spaceman, lived in a cottage at the entrance to the Ocean Beach Pier.

The Spaceman claimed to have traveled to other planets, other dimensions. His otherworldly friends from the planet Rillispore transported him there. He first began his journeys in the late 50’s after first meeting the Rillosporians in the desert near Joshua Tree.

Later the Rillosporians would appear in his Ocean Beach bungalow to take him on these mini-vacations from our time and space.

As a painter, Clint was inspired by these journeys and created wonderful “cosmic art” masterpieces.

During our time with the Spaceman, he gave us “Spaceman Cards“. They were to be our tickets to travel on a giant spaceship. We would be deposited on the 3rd-dimensional planet Lycillus Apum. The relocation would save us from the cataclysmic destruction of the earth when the magnetic poles would shift.

I think it is clear that all who came to know the Spaceman of Ocean Beach will not forget him - especially the women who encountered the unknown right in front of the Spaceman’s home!

We will never know what was going on along that area of coastline at Ocean Beach California during that period of time. I do know this woman and her friend will never forget their encounter with that UFO or the man known as the Spaceman of Ocean Beach and his art.

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Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-
the link above to:   Clint Cary - The Spaceman of Ocean Beach
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Brad Steiger and Randy Maugans Book Reviews

Book Review Journeys of the Unknown by People Like You and Me    by Brad and Sherry Steiger

Highly recommended but best read before bedtime.

Chris Holly is one of those remarkable authors who makes the readers feel as though they have been invited into her home for a cup of coffee or tea. After a bit, when everyone is comfortable, Chris begins in more serious to ask, "Do you believe in ghosts?" or Have you ever seen a UFO?" or "Did I ever tell you about the time there was a monster waiting in our house to do me ill? Even the policemen we called were frightened by this strange creature. And no one knows what it was!"

And now you are hooked. You aren't going to move until she finishes the story.So it is with her new book Journeys with the Unknown by People Like You and Me, a book of chilling accounts with ghosts, UFO's, Aliens Abductors, Bigfoot, Vampires, Past Lives, Strange Creatures, from out someone's Nightmares, and Psychic Sensitives--- All of which happened to " people like you and me "

A word of advice: Sherry and I have been investigating haunted houses and haunted people , conducting exercises when demonic activity so warranted and encountering UFO intelligence across the USA and overseas for decades, but the inexperienced may find some of Chris Holly's accounts more than a little unsettling . Be forewarned: This book is not bedtime reading-- or you will be awake the rest of the night jumping at shadows.

Brad and Sherry Steiger, authors Real Visitors ,Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions

Chris Holly: The Curious Observer-Real Time Paranormal Experiencer
By Randy Maugans

Chris Holly is a long time veteran journalist in the paranormal realms of the internet. Both her personal perspective and her passion for capturing authentic stories that involve real people, have distinguished her from the standard "woo woo" fare of blogs and YouTube channels. The stories she presents mix urban legend, disturbing event, with a wry wit and a twist of psychological “whodunit”. Her voice is one of both the curious observer and involved participant, mixing empathy with a distanced reasoning facility.

These stories are "real"---not because we can prove them---but because they spring from the collective mirror reality that merges “fiction” with hardcore life experiences. Chris chronicles the events, small and large, that go unnoticed by the average person. These temporal synchronicities we call the "paranormal" are reflections of the human psyche---"snapshots" of the collective dream we call life. Many of the experiencers you will meet in these books are "normal", stable, everyday people who stepped into the dark zone of a life unbidden. Chris, as always, focuses on the HUMAN aspect: the part of us that both rejects and embraces the fantastic; and in doing so, she invites us into another world, where we can choose to become magnificent creatures of light and spirit, or merge into the shadowlands of the horrifying.

Randy Maugans is the creator-host of OffPlanet Radio/TV. Since 2009, he has explored the fringes of science, technology, the paranormal and human experience under the operative: “The Truth is out there, it is INSIDE you.” The shows and blogs can be found at



Sex, Aliens, and Humans,-- Lets Have a Talk

I could not sleep one night and ended up watching videos on youtube to see what is new in the subjects considered unknown or unexplained. I was entertaining myself when I came upon a video in which an interview was going on between a young man who was a self-proclaimed UFO/ Alien researcher and what looked like a typical older woman. She was a pleasant looking woman well into her 60s who looked like many grandmothers out there. She was sitting in a living room that looked like a grandma living room that was located somewhere in a hot desert like area of the United States.

It did not take long for this to turn from a scene f''rom Nana's sofa into something completely bizarre and disturbing. I listened and became stunned at the conversation going on between this young man and this older woman.

The premise of the conversation was that by way of  messages she gets from different places like the radio and television that she plays in reverse aliens have conversations with this older women. Of course, she also receives messages via telepathic methods from aliens too. She claims she has long detailed conversations with the aliens who talk to her about what they are doing and how they do it. Her conversation with this young man was a bit strange as it was very sexual and made my skin crawl a bit I will admit.

At first, I thought this was a joke. Sadly it was not. It was a serious interview. The old woman went about telling this young man who hung on every word how aliens love to come and take over our bodies so they can have sex, drink alcohol and use drugs as well as smoke cigarettes and gamble. They love Las Vegas and often take over our human bodies to do all of these things on weekends at Vegas getaways.

I started to laugh, it was so ridiculous. She went on to claim that the aliens do this to have lots of sex with humans so they can impregnate humans or collect male sperm in order to produce a bunch of half alien half human babies.  I waited for the young host to question how this could be done but he only swallowed each ridiculous word this old woman told him as truth and never asked one question.

The  woman claimed that the aliens would pick out the humans they wanted to use for the purpose of drinking, drugging , and to have sex among other things and would remove the human's soul and place theirs into the human body while going on a joyride to Vegas. A huge amount of questions immediately came into my mind yet the young inexperienced host asked nothing at all concerning this soul issue.

The first thing I wanted to know was where did the human's soul hang out while waiting for the alien to return to his or her own alien body? Did it just float around at home or jump into a closet and wait in there or binge watch some TV while the alien took off to gamble , drink , do some coke and have huge amounts of unprotected sex with those they found willing to do so with them?  And, what happened to the alien body when it had its soul leave and jump into the human's body?  Just little questions but ones I wondered about

 Here is the real biggie for me. If the alien was in the human body in soul only using the human's body to do all these things wouldn't the alien be using the human body to have sex and using the human's eggs or sperm to impregnate all those it had sex with? So all those babies would still be all humans and not half alien unless I am missing something.

The fact of the matter is the entire thing was so stupid and insulting to anyone who could think that it could only be considered an insult to one's intelligence and a giant joke.

 Then I read the comments. Thankfully there were many comments like my own talking about how ridiculous the  video was, however, there were also far too many who took this garbage seriously and believed it.  It was obvious to me that the old woman had major sexual dysfunction issues going on and the silly kid making believe he was a researcher a pair who should have never been matched up.  However, many people actually  took this trip to fantasy land as something that  really happened.

I started to look around and found far too many other  video topics like this one where alien-human sex is discussed on the level of a bad cheap movie where they make up all kinds of silliness to entertain and make a fast buck. It is incredible that people just blindly think any of it could be true, but sadly they do.

Now I feel the need to throw my two cents into this subject matter about alien / human sex before we all get lost in the world of  bad movies , ridiculous videos and trashy papers sold at the cashier's stand where we shop.

A dog and a cat cannot sneak under the porch for some private time to make and then have a barking kitten baby. An elephant and a duck cannot have a walk in the woods alone and end up with a duckphnat  baby, A fish and a bigfoot cannot have a night in a treehouse and have a little hairy fishfoot baby. A human and an alien most likely cannot have a weekend in Vegas and have a baby either.

 Different species cannot mate and have an offspring. Different species may not even have the same type of genitalia. Some species may lay eggs, others give birth, who knows what an alien might do. It is very possible aliens do not mate at all and divide in two like giant cells instead of reproducing like we do. Maybe they have special members of their population who lay thousands of eggs or have litters of hundreds of  little critters, or maybe they are produced  full grown and built by machines. The one thing I know is that unless they are the same species or human like us we cannot reproduce with them by having sex. I doubt we have the same equipment to have sex with in the first place.

I know we all have heard stories of women who claim they have carried hybrid children made by way of sexual encounters with aliens. I think unless the aliens were  humans this is a bit impossible. I also think if it were an advanced human group  needing a woman of today to mate with that they would keep the woman not return her. It is possible that human pregnant women have been taken and returned without their growing human fetus. I think this is a terrible part of abduction but admit that it is possible. Aliens may want to use a human fetus for experimentation or as living material. I realize this is a terrible thing to think about or write about so I  will leave this said and pray it is not a common occurance.

 I watched a show where two very out of shape women claimed they carried hybrid babies for months before being taken and having the babies removed to be completed in alien labs. I think this again is insulting our basic intelligence yet taken as truth by people who are not thinking it out.

 Why would aliens go to the trouble of taking women who were in terrible shape, to begin with , spend the time to do the splicing and extreme biological procedures needed to impregnate them to then return them to earth?

The women could take medications or eat badly or smoke or drink or many things that could destroy the mission at hand. They would either keep the women or just take what they needed from them to develop what they wanted to make in their controlled lab and throw the women back to earth until they wanted more human material. That is what I think goes on but I do not think human women carry, have sex as we know it or give birth to alien children. All of that would be done in a very controlled science lab by aliens.  I do believe some humans are used like human farms for biological material for hybrid development but past being used for biological material all else is done in tightly controlled alien science labs. An experiment like that would be done under strict scientific controls without question,

I am sorry but I think that all of this is simply science we do not yet  understand and logic is needed when thinking about how this would be done by those far more advanced than we are. I believe they are trying to or do make new species that may be used to populate the universe but it is not in the way these silly people looking for fame and fortune describe. We suffer from a rabid case of Hollywood and media brainwashing fantasy in a massive form that provides complete confusion and delusion  concerning all of these things leaving us stuck in the dark ages instead of reaching for logical answers.

I know one day in the future we will understand all of these things as well as  other topics we now consider unknown. We are only now entering our way out of our horse and buggy world and have a long road of learning ahead of us before we can catch up to or understand our more advanced cosmic neighbors. We are surely very primitive to those who can travel this universe with ease. Keep in mind who is visiting who if you start to feel we are even remotely equal in any way to those far older and more advanced. We are barely out of the caves.

We would get there much faster if we used the information we do have in a better way and could stop the ridiculous frauds and fakes from clogging our path.
Sadly that is not our way or  how we seem to want it. We go out of our way to stay deaf , dumb and blind to anything we do not understand.

 With that in mind, I say someday we will know, but for now, we will dream of green lovers who visit and take us on flights of fancy and will remain stuck in stupid just a little bit longer. Oh well, I try, So many have so much good data to share but are shy to come forward due to those like sex crazy Nana and her alien pot smoking, beer drinking alien  Vegas gang.  Until we clear them out and correctly collect the real truth from good people we will remain as is ,  lost in space.

  Copyright ©  2016 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey with the Unknown-